7 Stellar Free One Page Website Builders

Update:  June 14, 2024
7 Stellar Free One Page Website Builders

A free one page website is your online presence wrapped neat and pretty in a single, well-designed webpage — and it costs you nothing! This means free website templates and tools to help you make an impact. 

It also means visitors don’t have to trudge through multiple linked pages to get to what they’re looking for, easily scrolling down to find the information they need.

We know the struggle of tackling technical jargon, the intimidating world of coding, and web development. That is why we’ve come up with a list of extraordinary free platforms to simplify the whole process without it costing a fortune. 

Among these free website-building gems is an advanced QR code generator with logo integration, an email-centered marketing platform, and more.

Any of these intuitive tools will equip you to make captivating digital narratives, so keep on reading to find out what they are! 

Top-notch free one page website builders 

Here are seven of the best one-page website makers: 


Best landing page builder

This is, first and foremost, a leading QR code generator with advanced QR code solutions. Over 850,000 brands have worked with this remarkable platform to produce some impressive QR codes for marketing and optimizing workflows. 

But what does it have to do with one-page websites? Well, one of its many dynamic QR code solutions includes the HTML QR code that allows you to make beautiful landing pages for free!

Its freemium plan gives you access to some fantastic features like generating highly flexible dynamic QR codes for remarketing efforts, adding passwords for safeguarding sensitive information, setting an expiry date, and more. 

The custom QR code landing page itself can be personalized with slider images, different header sizes, videos, or links. It also boasts a library of professionally crafted templates, serving as a diving board for your creative ideas.

QR TIGER being an all-in-one QR code platform, offers a ton of creative QR code ideas and conveniently helps propel your landing page into the limelight, capturing leads, promoting your ideas or events, and building excitement for a new product launch.

You can try the H5 QR code to make your own one page website examples to see how it looks and how it really works.


GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing platform that centers on email marketing but also dips its toes in automation, webinar hosting, and–you guessed it–free one-page website building. 

First, by choosing a template or feeding prompts into their AI-powered builder, you get a general idea of how you want your site to look. Their templates, in particular, are easily changeable, wherein you get to tweak fonts, switch images, and add new elements. 

Its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features are somewhat limited, but on the bright side,  you can include custom code, such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript in the page header. 

GetResponse’s free trial offers all its generous features on a silver platter for 30 days, like changing button shapes, size, alignment, border styles, and color schemes. 

Overall, this platform is ideal if you’re looking to create a decent-looking one-page website while upping your email marketing game at the same time.


Website builder

With Wix, web design has never been easier. This free one-page website maker is an easy-to-use service with everything you could ever need to create, manage, and maintain your page. 

In what feels like just a snap of the finger, you can build your little corner of the internet in no time. This powerful platform has a wide range of features you can play with and gives you the freedom to explore your creativity. 

Wix also has a ton of integrations, like Hubspot, Privy, and Google Analytics which will make your digital marketing efforts worthwhile. Moreover, it builds websites with SEO in mind, equipping your created sites for search visibility. 

The cool thing about Wix is that it’s very customizable, letting you add forms, a blog, chat, online store, or make custom videos. It also has over 900 template designs that you can easily adjust to fit your desired aesthetic or branding. 

Once you’ve made a stunning new website, you can even go ahead and work with an advanced QR code generator to create a Wix QR code to help drive traffic to your website. It’s a techy match made in heaven! 


Dorik is a website builder best suited for more experienced designers, allowing you to create either an entire website or a free landing page. If you’re just acquainting yourself with the world of web design, this builder may be more on the challenging side. 

With Dorik being one of the best landing page builders out there, you can make a landing page from scratch, select one of the 39 templates, or make your ideas a reality with its AI-powered website, image, text generation, and language support. 

Upon your first edit with Dorik, it walks you through each setting. A drag-and-drop feature lets you make new sections, add various elements to your site, and over 250 UI blocks (i.e., rows and columns). 

One thing we find especially helpful about Dorik is its SEO settings, which range from title and description to FAQ schema and analytics.


Weebly primarily caters to making fully-fledged websites with multiple pages and has paid plans for elevating e-commerce and creating custom domain names. 

While it now specializes in building multiple-page websites, its free plan still gives you the option to make elegant one-page websites, offering modern one page templates. 

These templates are organized into categories to fit the needs of many, with pages designed for events, businesses, portfolios, and more. 

The catch is that it comes with a few restrictions like limited design options and storage space, but it more than makes up for it with exclusive access to popular apps like McAfee and Shippo. 


Webflow website builder

Webflow, similar to Dorik, is great for designers who know more than a thing or two about making a free one page website, but likely a bit tricky if you’re still a beginner. 

Here’s why: the customization options and features are ample. It gives you the choice to adjust height, vary fonts, add containers and buttons, and much more. 

Also, if you need a website builder with SEO-centered features, Webflow has you covered, allowing you to add title tags and a meta description. 

If you find some parts confusing, that’s okay because it offers a walk-through and tutorials via email so you can get acquainted with the platform’s features. 

Webflow isn’t the easiest platform to navigate, but once you spend some time getting to know its editing features, integrations, and widgets, this website builder can be an incredibly intuitive ally to have on your side. 


Design your own website with this sharp website builder. It’s a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike wanting to make simple and affordable one-page websites to establish a prominent online presence.

Strikingly’s core strength lies in building visually appealing single-page websites, perfect for beginners without coding experience. This platform, like many on this list, offers striking templates that you can personalize to make them your own. 

More importantly, it provides a free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that reassures visitors they’re entering a site with a secure connection.

How to create a one-page website for free with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Design and publish a modern single webpage complete with an attractive QR code to draw attention to it with an impressive QR code generator: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and sign into your account. 
  1. Select the Landing page QR code solution and enter your webpage content.
  1. Click Generate dynamic QR code.
  1. Customize your landing page QR code by tweaking its colors, patterns, and eyes, uploading a brand logo to build brand awareness or picking a template. 
  1. Test-scan your QR code to ensure it works, then click Download to save it. 

Pro-tip: If you’re still thinking, how do QR codes work and can my specific business benefit? You can explore QR TIGER’s wide array of informative blogs to help you kickstart your QR code journey. 

Signing up at QR TIGER

  1. Go to QR TIGER and click REGISTER. You can choose to sign up with either your Google account or fill out the brief registration form. 
  1. In the form, simply provide your name, email address, and password, then select your industry (e.g., marketing and advertising, arts and design, etc.)
  1. Carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Register.

Pro-tip: You can sign up for a freemium account to generate free dynamic QR codes or any of QR TIGER’s affordable paid plans to reap the benefits of their advanced features and boost your brand’s campaigns. 

How do I create a completely free website?

Create free website

The easiest and most obvious choice is using free website builders like Weebly or Dorik. These sites often have user-friendly interfaces with simple drag-and-drop functions.

You can choose from an abundance of free pre-designed one page website templates and customize them with your unique content, images, and videos to suit your personal style or branding. 

Alternatively, you can try a landing page platform to create a compelling landing page complete with an intriguing title to hook viewers and interactive elements like a call to action (CTA).

Empowering your brand with a free one page website 

In today’s digital landscape, establishing a strong online presence for your brand is no longer an option but a necessity. There are tons of software out there that can make this possible, though many drive a high price.  

Spiral no more because the answer is here: one-page website builders with free plans. They are emerging as the champions of accessibility, empowering both individuals and businesses to craft amazing websites regardless of technical experience. 

User-friendly platforms like QR TIGER, the best QR code generator with logo integration, and Wix, an uber-popular website builder, exemplify this by offering stunning templates, a drag-and-drop interface, and of course — they’re both free!


What is a free landing page?

It’s a single web page created using a free website builder to achieve specific marketing goals like promoting an event, showcasing a portfolio, or introducing a new product. 

The distinction between a free landing page and regular web pages is the singular focus on one clear objective. Oftentimes, the former contains a compelling call to action (CTA) button. 

Where can I find one page website templates?

There are many website builders online with free plans offering pre-designed templates that you can get creative with by adjusting elements like images, fonts, buttons, and more. 

You can also visit template websites that offer free downloadable one-page website templates.

Can I make a one page website for free?

Yes. Creating a free one-page website is easier than ever, thanks to the many free website builders online. Some integrate QR codes within your one-page website, while others are known for graphic design. 

What is a free one page website?

It is essentially a single, focused webpage made with a website builder offering a free plan. These builders have editing tools to design a website with a single-page format, condensing all the needed information onto one scrollable page. 

How can I make a one page website for free?

You can make a free one page website with recognized free website builders that have user-friendly interfaces and generous free plans. Look for a builder that prioritizes both design and function, so you can craft a captivating one-page website.

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