Create a QR Code Mobile Website Without Coding: Here's How

Update:  August 10, 2023
 Create a QR Code Mobile Website Without Coding: Here's How

Using the power of QR code mobile website technology, you can build your own landing page optimized for mobile users without programming or coding. 

When the QR code is scanned using smartphone devices or any QR code reading scanner, it will direct your scanner’s to the customized landing page you have created.

And with over 3.8 billion mobile users around the world and with most searchers coming from smartphone devices, running mobile marketing campaigns has become an integral element in marketing more than ever.

What is a QR code mobile website?

QR code mobile website

A QR code mobile website lets you create a landing page QR code using the H5 QR code editor solution, which is optimized for mobile users.

Instead of having to purchase your own domain name and hosting, which can be expensive when making your own website, you can do a quick set-up and make your own webpage for a mobile version using a QR code.

QR code mobile website: How to create a QR code webpage optimized for mobile users

Landing page QR code

1. Go to QR TIGER and click on the H5 editor QR code solution

The H5 editor QR code solution of QR TIGER allows you to generate a QR code mobile website where you can add web designing elements according to your need.

2. Customize and add a description

Customize your QR landing page. You can add photos, videos, text, and links and use all the available web designing elements in the H5 QR code editor.

3. Switch to the code view setting if you are planning to add a mini-program.

If you are planning to add a mini-program to your QR code mobile website, switching it to code view is a great way to do so.

With the H5 page’s ability to add mini-programs such as interactive content, companies, and marketers can create an immersive bond with their customers.

4. Generate your QR code

After you are done making your customized landing page for your mobile users, you can now click the “generate QR code” button to start generating your QR code for your mobile website.

5. Do a scan test of your QR code for the mobile website before downloading

Before you download, deploy or print your mobile page QR code, try scanning it first to see if you have set the layout of your QR code webpage correctly and have its final check.

6. Download, print, and deploy

You can print your QR code mobile website on magazines, flyers, and posters or even have it distributed and displayed on online platforms.

QR codes are scannable in two ways, both offline and online marketing campaigns which makes it ideal to use for dual-platform advertising.

How to use a mobile page QR code for your mobile marketing campaign


If you are running an event campaign, you can showcase your previous events using the mobile page QR code to attract more people to come and join your event.

Or- you can also make a QR code mobile website to create a landing page for your event with all the important information necessary for your potential guests to know.

You can include videos, links, photos, and more.

Real Estate virtual tours

Mobile page QR codes are a great digital tool for marketers to create an interactive marketing campaign for their real estate virtual tours.

With its ability to automatically let people view their marketing campaigns by scanning the QR code, they can give the information right away to their clients on one scan making it easy and convenient.

In this way, you can engage your clients with your real estate showcase when conducting your real estate virtual tours.

You can print the QR code on flyers, magazine brochures or have it displayed on your real estate website.

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Gadgets, electronic devices, and other consumer products

In the product packaging of your consumer products and electronic devices, you can make a QR landing page that will direct them to an instruction manual or how-to videos of the gadget to guide and instruct users on how to operate the product that they purchase.

Showcasing portfolio of past works

If you are a freelancer, a photographer, or you are doing job hunting to land a client or a job, you can make the best using a QR code webpage to store your past works and CVs and direct your prospective employer to your best work online!

Furthermore, it also shows that you are an innovative and techie individual who knows about technology.

You can have the QR code printed on your resume/ CV or have it displayed on your online portfolio or website like Upwork or Fiverr. 

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Consumer goods

You can let your customers access your unique product’s information with a mobile landing page QR code.

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Why use a mobile landing page QR code?

Editable in content

The QR code for mobile websites powered by H5 editor QR is dynamic in nature and is editable in content even after you have generated, printed, or have them distributed to your online campaign.

Dynamic QR solutions allow you to cut your expenditures from all the printing costs without having to generate another QR code.

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Your QR code scans are trackable.

This means you can unlock QR data analytics such as who had scanned your QR code, the time when they scanned, the location where they scanned from, and the entire map view of the world for you to get a comprehensive view of the geographical location of your scanners.

This allows you to analyze your QR code mobile marketing campaign and adjust your strategy based on your QR analytics results.

Scannable in print and online campaign

As what we have mentioned, a QR code allows you for a dual marketing platform as it is scannable when printed or displayed from a desktop computer or online, making you get the most out of it.

Best practices when creating a QR code for a mobile website

Do not make the color of your QR code mobile website inverted

Your landing page QR code will be harder to scan if the QR code colors are inverted. Always make sure that the foreground color of your QR is darker than its background color.

Put a call to action in your QR code mobile website

Not putting a call to action in your QR code campaign is a big mistake. Call to action prompts your scanners to scan your QR code!

Putting a call to action (CTA) in your QR, such as “scan me” or “scan for more information,” will make your scanners act and scan your QR code.

Otherwise, you are just wasting your effort if they don’t know what to do with your QR code.

Observe the right QR size

The minimum size of a QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension when scanning from a short distance.

However, if you want your QR code to be scanned from a further distance, for example, if you want to have your QR codes scanned from a billboard and target a wider audience, you need to make your QR code bigger as it should be.

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Create a customized QR code landing page for your mobile website with QR TIGER QR code generator today

With the advent of the QR code mobile website, most marketers have learned to integrate the QR code technology to power up their mobile marketing campaign and drive offline campaigns to online conversions.

Thanks to the development of the H5 Editor QR code, they can create a mobile-optimized landing page QR solution.

With QR TIGER’s H5 QR code generator, you can start creating your QR code mobile website and customize it according to your brand, aim, or purpose.  

For more information and questions about creating a QR code mobile website, you can contact us now! 

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QR code direct to the website

Create a URL QR code to direct the QR code to the website. 

On the other hand, if you need to make a QR code landing page where you don’t need to buy a domain name or hosting, you can use the H5 QR code editor to make your own QR code landing page that is optimized for smartphone users.

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