How QR codes in the United Kingdom are a game-changer

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Do you wonder if QR codes in the United Kingdom are still thriving?

Here's a little recapitulation in the history.

When QR codes first started to surface in the market in around year 2011-2012, the use of the internet and smartphones were comparatively low as compared to the current situation.

Still, these codes were scanned 3.3 million times back then.

If we compare the figures, Smartphone penetration reached 76.6% from 44% in 2011, and internet usage also increased to 42.77% from 32% in 2013. 

It means that companies utilizing QR codes as a marketing tool are at a great benefit and one step ahead of their competition.

And most successful business marketers in the UK understand this prospect and have already used QR codes to boost their customer engagement.

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So How Are QR codes a Game Changer?

There are certain examples of how these codes are being utilized in today’s industries and government bodies. Some of them are as follows

  • To make payments of consumer energy bills.
  • To engage donors for charity and make their journey quick and easy.
  • To engage the audience in social media marketing campaigns.
  • To direct the customers to your landing page or website, or even your business number to send a message or contact you.
  • To improve in-store conversion rates and in turn, boost sales. 
  • To assist people with a location using QR codes’ integrated trails.

Game in QR code and how gaming companies use QR codes in video games

Gaming companies in various countries including United Kingdom are using QR codes to promote video games and even incorporate it in the game narrative.

For instance, Ubisoft Entertainment, a French video game company uses QR code that redirects Assassin's Creed players to a coupon landing page and earn an Eivor DNA fragments.

The players can recruit Eivor, a hero in the game as part of the Rebellion brotherhood. The QR code serves as an engaging tool to reward players a limited unlock of a hero.

Another  game company also uses app store QR code to increase downloads of their mobile game.

Sonic Dash, which is an endless runner mobile game by a Japanese game studio Sega use QR code so users can download the mobile game on their smartphone gadgets. 

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Government in United Kingdom uses QR code for contact tracing

The government in UK mandates all business owners and event organizers to create a QR code and display it in venues and establishments. Visitors can scan the QR code using the NHS COVID-19 app. 


qr codes in united kingdomBusinessmen, brand marketers, and industry analysis show that as QR codes become more effective, pervasive, and quick, consumers can be helped with their functionality in almost every field of life.

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