Real use cases: The purpose of QR codes in business and marketing

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

Since its dawning, the purpose of QR codes is already manifested in the field of business and marketing as it continuously helps companies boost their strategies digitally.

QR codes showed great potential in doubling revenues, increasing website traffic, and spreading brand recognition.

Nowadays, we see these modern-day pixelated 2D codes used in various advertising campaigns and other business-related functions.

With the continuous inclination of the QR code interaction and usage, it’s easy to infer that the population is actually using it.

And might even continue using it in the long run.

Ever wonder why this is happening? Read on to know more about the purpose of QR codes!

A brief backstory of QR code

qr code inventor

The surge in Japan’s economic growth in 1960 caused products to become readily available in neighborhoods.

And at that time, cash registers are still doing the manual labor of recording the outflows of goods.

This is the reason why barcodes and the POS system were invented. But this pairing isn’t enough.

Since barcodes can only carry a maximum of 20 alphanumeric characters, many users were dissatisfied and wanted a barcode that can hold more information.

To answer their demands, Masahiro Hara, a developer from Denso Wave Inc. (a former division of Denso Corporation), created a two-dimensional barcode that can code an estimated 7,000 numerals and Kanji characters.

After thorough surveying and testing, Hara concluded to use the 1:1:3:1:1 ratio for the patterns of the codes, making it a lot easier and quicker to read.

This is why you could say that it was not named Quick Response code for no reason.

And compared to the old school barcode, this newly invented 2D barcode is readable at a relatively faster speed due to its positional information.

Users can scan the QR codes either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. So, it’s so much easier to use.

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The purpose of QR codes use cases in business, marketing, and advertising today

Believe it or not, QR codes have somehow infiltrated the marketing campaigns of most businesses.

And this is actually a good thing!

Since marketers need a fast-acting agent to easily map out the growth of their business, QR codes become their focus when it comes to achieving their goals.

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These QR codes for marketing campaigns provide advanced features that function to carry out physical and digital marketing of any type of business.

And here are some ways you can incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategies:

Print media advertisement

qr code print media advertisementLeverage your print media advertisements such as brochures, flyers, billboards, magazines, and many others by printing a QR code on its surface. You can generate leads through this strategy.

When people get a hold of your visual prints, they will definitely come across your QR code.

Do not forget to add a call-to-action in your QR codes to compel customers to point their phones to the code.

You can set your business website or social media site as the landing page.

In this way, you’ll increase the conversion rate and traffic of your sites as well.

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Customer surveys and feedback

qr code customer survey feedback

In a recent study, results showed that 98% of customers read the reviews and other customers’ feedback before they decide on purchasing something.

That is definitely a relevant number to consider.

Sales and revenues are gravely affected by the feedback system of a business. This only goes to show how important acquiring feedback from your clients is.

To help you get on with this campaign, we developed a Feedback QR code.

This QR code solution allows you to seamlessly accumulate clients’ feedback in real-time so you won’t be having a hard time keeping a tab on all of the survey forms.

E-mail marketing

qr code email marketingAre you aiming to increase your newsletter subscribers? Or simply want to give your clients your e-mail address for an easy transaction?

Say no more with the e-mail QR code solution!

You just have to create a landing page with a sign-up form or your email address and other necessary information before you proceed to generate a QR code for this campaign.

This will allow your customer to effortlessly hit that subscription button or send you an email by simply scanning with their phones.

Interactive and contactless menu

qr code menu

To provide an interactive and safe dining experience, restaurateurs are converting to digital menu QR code software.

Creating this marketing medium allows food establishments to improve their service, accumulate better customer reviews, and increase their online presence.

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Mobile payment method

qr code mobile payment methodDid you know that you can now pay your bills and groceries through QR codes? Well, yes you definitely can.

In fact, in countries like China, almost every payment method has been switched to mobile or digital.

Customers can skip the heavy queue of check-out counters by simply scanning QR codes in just a few seconds.

Wi-Fi QR code

wifi qr codeWe know for a fact that it is very important to secure excellent customer service and experience. And with the Wi-Fi QR code solution, you can offer the best experience for your customers!

This efficient strategy allows your customers to easily connect to your Wi-Fi connection by just scanning the QR code with their smartphone devices.

You can eradicate your guests’ awkwardness of having to ask your staff for the Wi-Fi password from time to time.

Plus, you can ask them to tag you or share your social media profile so you can also increase your online traffic in return.

Social media and search engine optimization

social media qr codeThrough the social media QR code, you can smoothly fuse all of your social media profiles in a single QR code solution.

And through a QR code embedded on your website, you can also optimize your store’s official site.

This is because QR codes are very appealing to people.

And by just simply scanning them, you are also consequently generating leads, increasing traffic, and pushing your websites to the highest on the search engine.

On product packaging

qr code packagingThe last unit of your marketing strategies lies within the packaging of your products.

That is why it is necessary to give it your all so that when customers see them, they’ll be presented with information enough to entice them into buying it.

But the downside of this is that product packaging is not uniform in size and has very limited space. It’s not enough to elaborately discuss further information about what’s inside the package.

So, to save you the effort of trying to fit everything in a very cramped manner, QRTIGER presents to you a QR code solution suitable for product packaging.

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Easily promote events

qr code promote eventsInstead of investing in manual labor to promote your company events, it’s better and smarter to just generate a dynamic QR code.

Your QR codes can pop up anywhere like on TV, billboards, webpages, social media pages, print ads, and even on jewelries.

And when this happens, the public can effortlessly access the details of your events and they can easily sign up.

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Digital contact information

qr code vcardConvert your contact details into digital by generating a vCard QR code.

So, instead of presenting your clients with a cramped-up business card, you can just print your QR code into your contact cards and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Real-life examples of QR codes used in businesses

Here are just a few great examples of how businesses are making the most out of the marketing purpose of QR codes:

1. Burger King QR code

qr code burger king ad

The infamous Burger King found a way to urge their customers to have a taste of their equally notorious whopper with their QR Whopper campaign.

With every scan, customers are redirected to a landing page that presents free Whopper coupons that can be used for only a limited time.

2. FashionTV QR code

qr code fashion tv To showcase the latest fad in fashion, FashionTV QR codes popping on TV screens became quite the talk of the town.

Since the platform is used primarily for fashion and clothing lines, the QR codes were used as a redirection tool that will lead scanners to the official website of luxury clothing lines.

3. Coinbase Superbowl QR code

superbowl coinbase qr codeCoinbase, a crypto exchange platform, faced controversy when it publicized its QR code in a Superbowl ad.

The floating QR code ad redirected its scanners to the app that has soon crashed due to the overwhelming number of downloads from users.

The marketing strategy brought huge traffic to Coinbase’s site, a highlight in the cryptocurrency industry.

4. Diageo’s QR code

qr code diageoFocusing on providing a unique customer experience, Diageo enables its patrons to customize their whisky with a video message through QR codes.

5. Associated Media Publishing’s QR code campaign

Associated Media Publishing (AMP) introduced a faster and easier way to purchase their products on all of their platforms through QR codes.

The codes are plastered on publications such as magazines that allow a new shopping journey for all of its readers and consumers.

6. Parker Kligerman’s QR code for hoodies

qr code car hoodiesThe American stock racer Parker Kligerman's QR code gimmick became successful in a flash.

He got his car’s hood adorned with a QR code that lets anyone who scans it purchase a hoodie for only a dollar!

7. Puma QR code

puma shoes qr codeEquipped with an extraordinary augmented reality experience, the Puma QR code shoes can cater to the amusement and comfort of its wearer.

8. CyGames and Bilibili

drone qr codeThese two cyber platforms ornamented the Shanghai night sky with shining QR codes composed of 1,500 drones in celebration of the Princess Connect anniversary.

Spectators scan the QR codes and were redirected to an H5 page containing detailed information about the game.

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9. Wendy’s QR code

You see it on takeout bags or beverage cups at Wendy’s, and you probably might have scanned it and earned free food.

That’s how Wendy’s makes the most out of its QR code campaign. They increase their mobile conversions by incorporating QR codes in their packaging.

10. Scan-and-Shop at Tesco

qr code shopping experienceTesco made a move to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to the busy-bodies.

With their Scan & shop QR code campaign, customers can easily shop for their necessities by simply scanning the QR codes for each graphical representation of the products.

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generate custom qr code

How to generate a QR code with QRTIGER

Choosing QRTIGER as your professional QR code generator opens you to a wide variety of features that are highly functional in any business endeavor.

1. Visit QRTIGER’s website

Simply input on the address bar so you’ll be redirected to the website of the best QR code generator with a logo.

2. Choose the QR code solution you’ll be generating

There are over fifteen QR code solutions available at QRTIGER. So, you’ve got plenty of selections to choose from.

And the great news is that each of them is highly suitable for your marketing campaign.

3. Fill out the necessary information on the space provided

Depending on the type of QR code solution you want to generate, you’ll be required to fill out the information.

For instance, if you wish to generate a social media QR code, you’ll have to input the URL of your social media profile.

4. Click the ‘Generate QR code’ button

Once you’re all set, you can already generate the QR code for your marketing campaign.

5. Customize your generated QR code

What’s great with QRTIGER is that you can customize your QR code to align it with your branding.

You can choose the eyes, the patterns, and the colors. Plus, you can also add a call-to-action, color, and frame.

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6. Execute a scan test

It’s crucial that you must perform a scan test before introducing your QR code to the market.

Make sure that the landing pages and the URL are not erroneous and are in an excellent state.

7. Download, deploy, and print

Remember to download your QR code at the highest quality possible. This will make your QR code readable and scannable whatever the size it may be. 

Why should you use dynamic QR codes for your marketing campaign?

The world is revolving around rapid service and efficient solutions. With QR codes integrated into your marketing campaign, you can get efficiency, effectiveness, and readily get the results you want.

Employing a QR code lets you enjoy the following perks:

Editable URL

editable dynamic qr code The dynamic QR code, a type of QR code, allows you to edit out the encoded data and even the URL linked to it.

This feature lets you be worry-free with regard to committing errors while generating the QR code because you can update them any time you want.

Moreover, this is very cost-effective since you would be saving expenses on resources or additional subscriptions.

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Trackable scans

trackable dynamic qr codeWith the best QR code generator, like QRTIGER, you can track the scanning activities of your QR codes in real-time.

The dynamic QR code permits you to keep a tab on the demographics of your QR code scans.

And as people who work in the marketing field, it is very important to know the statistics to be able to make changes and do better. 

Scannable in print or in digital displays

Whether you decide to deploy your QR code on print media or on digital displays, your customers can still scan them with their smartphone devices.

This just proves that QR codes are all-rounders. So, you can be pretty creative with the placements.

But you have to make sure that they are visible enough so that your target market can easily see them. 

Easy retarget and remarket

qr code retarget toolSince QR codes can be dynamic, and you can track the scanning analytics, you can also easily retarget and remarket your audience.

With the right subscription plan in QRTIGER, you can already enjoy this high-end tool for your marketing strategy and help you boost your sales.


Yes, you read it right! QR codes are non-expirable, especially Static QR codes.

So, you won’t have to worry because your QR code marketing tools will still function for as long as you want them to.

Upgrade your marketing campaign and generate a QR code with QRTIGER!

QR codes have made it into the mainstream business industry and are benefitting from their features.

Without a doubt, it is empirical that these codes are becoming famous considering the multi-functional performance they can offer. Perhaps this is the main purpose of QR codes.

The various QR code solutions and features aid well in the intricacies of promoting a business either physical or digital.

Seeing how this is very advantageous and actually cost-effective for businesses, marketers used QR codes as their gateway to re-establishing their brands. They were indeed successful at that.

With QR codes popping in the business marketing and advertising, advertising and marketing are now so seamless and quite efficient.

Many businesses, from small-scale to world-renowned, have integrated QR codes into their marketing tactics.

Fortunately for you, QRTIGER offers the best deals to help you stand out among your competitors.

You can start your QR code marketing journey with us today!

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