QR code for google reviews: Improve your business reviews

Last updated:   June 29, 2022

A QR code for Google reviews automatically redirect scanners to your Google review page to make it easy for your customers to leave a review.

When they scan the google review QR code using their smartphone devices, this instantly redirects them to Google Business review page, leave a feedback about your business without the cumbersome process.

Google review is important for every business to make it stand out and to ultimately build trust among their customers in their locality.

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Google Reviews explained

Google reviews are essential to help provide your customers and valuable information about your business.

Furthermore, this helps your business stand out on Google search on your locality, improving your ranking and revenue.

Google business reviews appear next to your Business Profile in Maps and Search.

Why should you generate a QR code for Google review of your business?

Generating a QR code Google review for your business by converting the URL of your Google review business link into a QR code, is an essential tool that will take your customers directly to your Google business review link to leave their comments.

But how so?

Well, the QR code when scanned using smartphone devices will automatically redirect them to the link you have converted into a QR code which makes it convenient and above all super easy and handy for your customers.

You can have the google review QR code printed on your product tags, business website online or in your actual business place when your customers visit you.

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Why Google reviews are important for your business?

Improves your local visibility

Reviews on your Google maps listing increases your visibility as it helps to improve and boost your local SEO ranking.

With that being said, reviews will help you more to appear in searches and stand-out from other local businesses with the help of reviews.  

Good reviews make an impact to your business, thus, also giving signals to your local customers that you provide a better product or service more than your competition.

Builds trust and credibility to your customers

91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses before visiting their store or buying their products.

Online reviews play a key element on how your customers react or engage with your service as they reflect on the trustworthiness and credibility of a business.

Furthermore, studies show that businesses with more than 82 total reviews earn 54% in annual revenue than average.

Because Google is one of the most used and trusted search engines, people are willing to give that same level of trust and credibility to Google reviews.

Influences the purchase decision of your buyers

Online Google reviews can make or break your customers decision to buy your product or to avail your service or not.

A lot of times when consumers are reading Google reviews, they are looking for confirmation reviews which will signal them to purchase your product or say goodbye to it.

Businesses aren’t all about good reviews. There can also be negative ones that are bound to happen.

But still, the overall point of it is  that your customers would be able to see how effectively you manage and respond to these reviews and opinions and provide a solution.

Let customers market your services to their friends, family and colleagues

Positive Google Reviews are a great deal and people’s recommendations buzz around around the community like a hot topic.

They give a positive image to your products and services to potential customers. Ultimately, this creates brand awareness to your local customers in the long haul.

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How to boost your Google reviews

Be responsive to your customers review

Whether it’s a good or bad reviews, responding to your customer’s review will make them feel seen and heard.

Responding to reviews will make you appear polite and attentive to your customers’ opinions and that they matter to you what they have to say.

Provide a deal exchange

Deal exchange are always beneficial for both parties.

You can encourage your customers to leave a review when they scanned the your QR code for Google review and in exchange for that you can also give them a discount the next time they order or purchase your product or goods.

How to create a Google Review QR code

Step 1: Go to the Google Place Finder Tool and look up your business in the search box.

Step 2: Copy your businesses “Place ID” from the map’s tooltip.

Step 3: Modify the following Reviews URL and past in your “Place ID”:

https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=PUT ID HERE

Step 4: Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com

Step 5: Copy and paste your new Reviews URL into the URL QR code category

Step 6: Switch from static to dynamic

Step 7: Generate your QR code and customize

Step 8: Do a scan test before downloading

Step 6: Download,  print and use your QR code to start getting reviews!

Why should you generate your QR code for google reviews in dynamic?

QR code for Google reviews in a dynamic form allows you to track your QR code scans such as the time your QR is scanned, the demographics of your scanners and the device use by your scanners to scan your QR code.

With it, it lets you uncover valuable insights. Furthermore, your URL can be edited to another URL without reproducing and printing another QR code for your google review QR.

With static QR code, you cannot track and edit your QR code.

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Best practices when generating your QR code for Google business reviews

Do not invert your QR codes color

Have you ever scanned a QR code with a weird inverted QR color and it doesn’t scanned?

That is because, QR code readers have a hard time scanning or detecting QR with inverted colors so make sure to do away from this mistake!

Put a call to action (CTA)

Not putting a call to action in your QR code for your business review will not get any scans. Otherwise, how are your scanners going to know that they are supposed to scan your QR and leave a comment, right?

Putting a call to action like “Scan to leave a review” will prompt your customers to scan your QR and leave a review.

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Make a QR code for Google reviews with QRTIGER QR code generator today

With QRTIGER QR code generator, you can make a customized QR code for your Google business review page and boost your positive reviews!

You can print your QR code in your product packaging, receipt, leaflets or even have it displayed online.

For more questions about QR codes for Google review, you can contact us directly now. 

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