How to Use a QR Code for Language for Multinational Customers

Update:  April 30, 2024

A QR code for language helps global businesses connect with a diverse and multinational audience.

In launching worldwide campaigns, the language barrier is often a hindrance, considering each country or region speaks a unique language.

While English serves as the universal language, it is not enough to bridge communication gaps since certain countries lack proficiency, accuracy, and fluency.

Therefore, using this innovative QR code is a strategic move in overcoming these communication gaps, allowing global businesses to connect to a broader audience worldwide.

This article will show you how to create one using the best QR code generator online and how you can use it to strengthen your multilingual campaigns.

What is a QR code for language?

QR code for language

A QR code for the language, also known as a multilingual QR code, directs users to a landing page synced with the language of the device used to scan the code.

Therefore, a multilingual QR code routes users from different countries to a landing page in the language set in their smartphone, which is often their local language.

For instance, the QR code for language translation will redirect a user whose smartphone uses Chinese to a landing page written in the said language.

Consumers would feel a sense of involvement and inclusion if they were looking at online advertisements or websites in their native tongue, increasing a company’s chances of making sales.

This feature allows global companies to transcend language barriers in their campaigns to promote their products and services worldwide and boost their sales volume.

The secret: multi-URL QR code with multiple links for different languages

QR code generator

A QR code for language is made possible with the multi-URL QR code solution, which makes QR codes with multiple links.

The multi-URL QR code, also called a QR code with multiple actions, is a dynamic QR code that can redirect users based on the following data:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Number of scans
  • Language

How to create a multi-URL QR code for language with QR TIGER

The multi-URL QR code is one of the unique features of QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator with logo.

At present, only QR TIGER offers this powerful, multifunctional QR code solution.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to generate a multi-URL QR code:

1. Select the “Multi URL” icon.

QR TIGER offers a wide variety of solutions to generate QR codes. From the choices available, click on the multi-URL icon.

2. Choose “Language.”

Click the dropdown menu. You will see four choices: location, number of scans, time, and language. Select the “Language” option.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have prepared a landing page for each language you will include in your multilingual QR code.

3. Provide the required information.

Click on the “Type” dropdown menu and select “Language.” You will then enter the default URL, which is of utmost importance.

If the multilingual QR code cannot detect the language on the user’s device, it will redirect the user to the default URL instead.

After that, you can start adding URLs in different languages.

Select a target language on the dropdown menu and then paste the corresponding URL.

In this step, you must guarantee that the URL you pasted matches the language you chose from the list.

4. Click “Generate dynamic QR code.”

After putting all the target languages and their specific URLs, generate the QR code. Your QR code will appear after clicking Generate Dynamic QR code.

5. Customize your multi-URL QR code.

Customized QR code

Create a custom design for your multi-URL QR code to make it visually appealing and attractive.

Our customization tools let you choose a pattern, eye shapes, and colors for your QR code.

You can also add your brand logo to the code to match it with your brand’s image or color palette.

Furthermore, you can also add a frame and a call-to-action to the code to encourage more users to scan it.

6. Perform a scan test.

Scan your QR code with your smartphone first before downloading it.

If any errors or issues occur, you can easily fix them.

7. Download

Once the code is functional, download the QR code and start using it to cater to your international audiences.

How to use a QR code for language?

Product information

The product’s packaging was in Swedish, and Regina had no idea that the bars were actually for weight gain.

This is a common problem with marketing products worldwide.

Companies must make sure that their consumers understand the text written on their product packaging.

People examine products meticulously before buying them, and if they have no idea what the text on the product’s packaging means, they are more likely to ignore it and find another.

With a QR code for the language, your consumers would only scan the code with their smartphone to access a detailed explanation about the product set according to their device’s language.

Multilingual manuals

URL QR code

Companies must then make sure to provide manuals that their customers would understand.

One way to do this is with a QR code for language.

Since the QR code uses a language-based redirection, it guarantees that consumers will see a set of instructions that they can understand.

Inclusive customer service

You can use a multilingual QR code to route your global audience to a customer service page set in their device’s language.

This helps you accommodate your customers’ concerns in a better and more inclusive way.

Moreover, you can also use a QR code with multiple links to create multilingual survey forms.

You can create separate Google Forms in different languages so that your consumers will find it easier to

Benefits of using a multi-URL QR code for the language

Brand promotion

The more languages your QR code caters to, the more audiences you can reach and potentially convert into loyal customers.

QR TIGER allows you to add as many languages as you wish, which guarantees that you reach more people across the globe by providing them with content localized in their language.

Traffic increase

With a compelling call-to-action (CTA), you can quickly get people to scan your QR code, boosting your website’s traffic numbers and improving the company’s sales.

The more the site traffic is, the more likely you will attract many potential clients.

Search engine optimization

You will then see an increase in your conversion rate, and your site’s SEO will progressively improve.

Newsletter subscription

You can use a multilingual QR code to show off your events to clients worldwide and even urge them to sign up for your company’s newsletter.

The QR code will automatically route your clients to a landing page where they can understand the content.

Why you should use a dynamic QR code for the language

The multi-URL QR code solution is only available for dynamic QR codes, a paid service.

However, a dynamic QR code for language translation has two characteristics that make it worth the price:

Edit and add URLs in real time.

It is beneficial in correcting URL mistakes and updating web links.

Track relevant data.

Relevant data include:

  • Date
  • Location
  • The user’s device.
  • The number of scans.

It allows you to analyze the scanning activity of your worldwide consumers.

You can also use the data to figure out how to improve your delivery of services or what to improve on your multilingual QR codes.

Create QR codes for language with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator

It is undeniable that there are several QR code generators on the web, and it is pretty confusing to select one that would work for you.

When it comes to creating QR codes, especially multilingual QR codes, QR TIGER is the best choice for you. Here are reasons to show you why:

QR TIGER is ISO 27001 certified.

On the 29th of January 2022, QR TIGER received accreditation from ISO 27001 or the International Security Management System (ISMS).

The ISMS is a risk-management strategy that includes people, procedures, and technology to aid enterprises in preserving their information assets and managing all of their data.

This certification proves that your sensitive information will be kept safe. QR TIGER values your privacy by protecting the data you provide.

Customizable QR codes

A QR code may be an advanced tech tool, but its functionality heavily relies on users scanning it; therefore, it is useless if it does not attract people to scan it.

Create attractive QR codes with QR TIGER! It offers a wide array of customization tools to personalize your QR codes. You can even add a logo to it!

To further engage people to scan the code, add a call-to-action (CTA). A simple “Scan Me!” on the QR code already makes your QR code better than those without one.

Easy to scan

You now have an attractive QR code. However, it is only of mediocre quality, affecting its readability.

QR TIGER generates QR codes that can be easily scanned regardless of their format.

The outstanding quality allows you to deploy your QR codes on print media such as magazines, flyers, and banners.


Aside from being the best QR code generator with a logo online, QR TIGER also has integrations with other online software, making it even more functional.

You have to add your API key to your most used automation solution and create a seamless connection across apps.

QR TIGER has integrations with the following automation software:

QR TIGER: The best choice for QR code solutions

The world grows smaller as technology brings distant countries closer to each other.

It is only then essential to foster an understanding of cultural differences.

With QR codes for language, companies can accommodate the language differences of each country.

This innovation helps in creating an inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

QR TIGER is the best tool for creating a multilingual QR code.

It also provides you with other QR code solutions you can choose from.

Check out QR TIGER’s reasonable offers and start generating QR codes today.

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