How to Use a QR Code for Web3

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Use a QR Code for Web3

Web3 is the evolution of the modern internet, and the next thing to look out for in the virtual world is using QR code for Web3 experience. 

The foundation of Web3 is decentralization, which means everyone owns online communities and shares information with transparency.

The versatility of QR codes in various industries proves they are a powerful tool for the Web3 domain to share and encrypt data easily. 

Provide a safer and seamless portal through Web3 by using a credible QR code generator.

You can use it when you need to link a QR code to an NFT or access Metaverse, among other things.

With QR TIGER, you can generate secure, customizable QR codes with data-tracking features for a smooth Web3 experience.

What is Web 3.0?

What is web3

Web 3.0 is an idea by Gavin Wood, one of the founders of Ethereum. He started in 2014 to solve the problem early crypto adopters had when the web often required permissions. 

More than 5 billion users depend heavily on services involving the internet that tech companies offer.

To make things easier, decentralized protocols like blockchain will shape the Web 3.0 revolution.

Users can access their data through the Web 3.0 platform. So, people can give each other services and control how they use the internet without having to depend on big tech companies.

Here are the key characteristics of Web 3.0.


Web3 characteristics

Instead of storing information in giant databases like Google, information will be shared and stored for free in many places called “distributed computing.”

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are groups made for one purpose and run by the community that shares every piece of information. 

Each member of a DAO works in the group’s best interest to reach a common goal.


Blockchain is a fundamental part of decentralization, as the ownership of things on the internet will be recorded. 

The blockchain is a public and open data system that lets anyone see what is happening.

It stores Web3 data so that no single system can access it, and is spread out over many different platforms.

For instance, people use blockchain to register digital assets and tokens, which makes it easy to transfer digital goods without knowing who the other person is. 

Users only have to share their real names if they link their blockchain wallets to their personal information.


In Web3, users can access the Internet without needing special permissions. Users will only have to give out personal information to use certain services. 

There will be no need to give out any other information or give up any privacy.


Web 3.0 is safer than Web 2.0 because it is less centralized, which makes it harder for hackers to target specific databases.

Web3 vs Metaverse

Several necessary technologies like connectivity, interfaces, and advanced technology help keep the ecosystem running in the Metaverse.

The goal of Web 3.0 is to make a decentralized web that runs only on the blockchain. Blockchain lets people connect to online services run by a decentralized peer-to-peer network.

QR codes for Web3 

The Web3 QR code makes buying and paying for crypto quick. Because it lets you deep-link scanners to your WebVR experience and AR NFT gallery, giving them instant access.

This way, users can access their data through the Web 3.0 platform using QR codes so people can give each other services seamlessly. 

Using an NFT QR code generator, you can link your NFTs for sale, embed your library, or promote your new releases.

It offers dynamic QR code that allows access management, password protection, scan analysis, and redirection based on the device.

Furthermore, you can find information like the number of people who scanned it, what device they used, the user’s location, etc.

The most advanced QR code generator is the best solution for Web3 QR code, whether an NFT QR code to display your gallery or a mechanism to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

You can have an NFT QR code distribution for your collection without worrying about security.

Because QR TIGER is ISO 27001 certified, it guarantees your data is safe and protected. It is a compatible software for Web3’s secured domain

Create any design on your QR code for Web3, like the currency’s logo or brand, for a more personalized touch using QR TIGER. 

How to use QR code for Web3 

Metaverse QR code access

Support embedding other technologies like NFTs with QR codes to catch up in the metaverse and create a new way for people to acquire the assets of the future.

The user-friendly interface of a metaverse QR code generator allows you to create QR codes without a hassle. 

Functional merch 

Web3 QR code

Custom NFT QR code design printing on clothing helps establish wearable Web3.

Using QR TIGER, you can create high-quality and customized QR code for your merch and avoid pixelated ones by downloading them in SVG format.

The SVG format ensures the quality of the QR code image when used on different platforms and materials. 

Add your own NFT QR code design to your merchandise for an exciting wearable Web3 experience. 

NFT QR code distribution

Nft QR code

Like the metaverse QR code, Web3 also offers digital artists, musicians, and content creators a way to secure digital assets through non-fungible tokens or NFT. 

With QR codes, sharing your NFT collection is smoother than ever.

Users can get your NFTs or buy them immediately by scanning an artistically designed QR code like your work.

QR TIGER offers advanced customization features that let artists modify their NFT QR codes to match their art style and appeal to viewers and possible buyers.

Cryptocurrency QR code payment 

QR codes are a fast, easy, and safe way to share a wallet address when transferring crypto assets from one device or wallet to another or using crypto as payment.

Using a cryptocurrency QR code generator makes buying, selling, and buying things easy.

You no longer have to copy and paste a wallet address and worry about losing money if you make a simple mistake. 

Instead, you can scan or take a picture of a QR code and upload it to finish the transaction.

Discover customer insights

Using the QR code tracking feature, you can test and understand what motivates customers to engage and where they spend their time.

The comprehensive analytics include:

  • The total number of scans.
  • The user’s location.
  • The device they used to scan your QR code.
  • The time scanned.

Tracking your QR code’s engagement is essential to improve your NFT content or WebVR experience and marketing campaigns.

Create an interactive Web3 experience with QR codes

QR codes make it easy to connect the real world to the virtual universe as we move further into this digital era. 

McCann Worldgroup says that by 2026, about 2 billion people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse to work, shop, go to school, or meet people.

With the integration of QR code for Web3, creators and business owners can provide a seamless experience for users to enjoy the brand-new Web. 

Make an exciting portal to the Web3 domain using the best QR code generator, QR TIGER. 

QR TIGER is the ideal partner for your Web3 projects, from NFTs to cryptocurrency payments.

It provides advanced data tracking features and customizable, secure, high-quality QR codes. 

Make your custom Web3 QR code with us now, or contact our customer support for more information.

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