QR Codes for Tourism: 9 Ways to Improve the Travel Experience

Update:  August 13, 2023
QR Codes for Tourism: 9 Ways to Improve the Travel Experience

QR codes for tourism offer immense opportunities to enhance every stage of the tourist experience, from trip planning and bookings to on-site navigation and post-trip engagement.

This technology can bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms by storing extensive data accessible by a smartphone.

Travelers can instantly access information with a scan, be it locations of landmarks, the history of vibrant cultural spots, and other immersive experiences.

It’s a tool that offers convenience and efficiency, creating an elevated and smooth travel experience.

Incorporating QR codes into your operations can yield remarkable benefits for your business—whether running a hotel, restaurant, travel agency, or tourist attraction.

This article will explore QR codes and unveil how businesses can leverage a dynamic QR code generator to deliver value and new experiences to tourists.

9 innovative ways to use a QR code in the tourism and travel industry

Here’s the thing: You can use QR codes in any way possible, depending on your purpose and imagination. So, how are QR codes used in tourism?

Here are nine ways you can integrate QR code technology into your business to provide travelers with a seamless and hassle-free traveling experience:

1. Facilitate contact tracing

Contact tracing is an important health precaution post-pandemic to control or prevent further spreading of infectious diseases, especially when traveling.

Authorities can implement QR code-based individual tracking using a Google Form QR code. In one scan, tourists can easily access a digital form they can fill out with their smartphones.

It’s a more convenient, hygienic, and eco-friendly alternative to filling out printed forms. It’s also more organized since the Google Forms software records and keeps all responses.

2. Promote tourist spots through images

Tourist spot QR code

Images are the best way to showcase a destination’s beauty to fascinate and attract more tourists. And the image gallery QR code can provide a convenient way to do this.

This dynamic solution lets you create and customize a mobile landing page where you can add a slideshow of pictures.

You can also include other elements like audio clips and videos.

The best part about this feature is it doesn’t involve any coding or web hosting services. You can have a running mobile page after a few clicks.

3. Showcase video campaigns through video QR codes for tourism

Tourist video QR code campaign

Beautiful places deserve the spotlight, and videos are suitable and effective media for featuring these. You can then use QR codes to give people instant access to these videos.

After scanning the code, tourists can access and watch the promotional video on their devices. And here’s the best part: They can also download the video to watch it anytime, anywhere.

Boost the number of viewers by displaying your video QR codes on digital ads or printing them on your flyers and posters. This way, more people will see and scan the code.

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4. Attract tourists with local delicacies

A trip wouldn’t be complete without a bite of the sumptuous dishes and sweet treats at the destination. Tasting these local foods will take the travel experience to a new level.

You can use QR codes to show tourists mouthwatering photos of local delicacies. Once they see the images, they will surely want to try it out themselves.

Restaurants in the area can also use smart QR code menu software to facilitate contactless ordering and payments, making the dining experience more convenient.

This software can also offer multilingual menus—a feature that will help restaurants serve foreign customers more smoothly.

5. Establish a QR code travel pass system

Countries like China, Singapore, and UAE strictly implement a QR code-based travel pass system to ensure up-to-date and safe travel for travelers and the safety of the places they’ll visit.

Tourism authorities can update the traveler’s important travel data, such as travel history, health conditions during the travel, and their visit record.

Tourists can easily travel from one place to another without the need to bring or fill out loads of papers for health declarations and travel history at the airport.

6. Streamline hotel check-ins

Hotel checkin QR code

Hotel check-ins can be inconvenient, taking up travelers’ leisure time. Without a streamlined process, it can become a stressful experience for them.

To make it easier for travelers, hotels can incorporate online check-ins using QR codes. Combining this technology can help speed up the hotel check-in process.

With URL QR codes for tourism containing the website for online check-ins, guests can fill in their information in the most convenient and efficient manner.

This also applies to Airbnb. Hosts can also use custom QR codes for Airbnb to let potential guests book their place in the most convenient manner.

7. Direct to important resources

You may also wonder, “How do I create a QR code for a tour to provide additional resources?”

QR codes can also serve as a portal for unpacking information. They can contain files with information on tourist spots, historical attractions, travel guides, itineraries, or maps.

An example is Japan’s use of QR codes on manhole covers, so tourists can access its history by scanning the code.

Authorities can also use QR codes to share local hotlines in emergencies. This allows people quick access to mobile numbers of the nearest police stations, fire stations, and hospitals.

8. Send out greetings and welcoming messages using QR codes for tourism

Make every traveler’s journey fun and memorable by giving out inspirational messages.

Restaurants, resorts, and other establishments can use a text QR code to store unique and personalized messages that surprise diners or guests.

You can also add a heartfelt message to souvenirs, keepsakes, and other gift items to make them more special. This can encourage people to recommend your business to their family and friends.

9. Raise awareness of local conservation efforts and other movements

Donation QR code

Encourage visitors to contribute to the conservation of tourist spots by posting a QR code on key locations, allowing them to advocate and make donations to support tourism.

For example, the Cornwall Council puts up large QR codes on message boards at beaches and trails so people can scan them.

The code leads scanners to a donation page for local organizations responsible for the conservation efforts of the place.

5 Simple steps on how to get a QR code for travel and tourism industry

Creating a customizable QR code is easy with QR TIGER—the leading online QR code platform that offers a wide range of advanced solutions and helps businesses run QR code-powered campaigns.

QR TIGER offers affordable subscription plans. And if you get one, you can receive a welcome gift to enjoy a discount on any yearly plan. You can also opt for the freemium version with three free dynamic QR codes. 

With its intuitive user interface, even beginners can easily find their way through the software, from its generator and tools to its dashboard.

Here’s how to get a QR code for travel and tourism industry using the platform:

1. Log in to QR TIGER and select a QR code solution.

2. Enter the needed information to create your QR code.

3. Select Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

For editable and trackable QR codes, choose Dynamic QR. It allows you to make changes at any time and track its performance.

4. Customize your QR code and integrate your branding elements. You can change its pattern, eyes, frame, and colors. Don’t forget to add your logo and a clear call to action (CTA).

5. Scan your QR code for testing. If it works perfectly, hit Download to save your QR code.

Quick tip: Save it in SVG for a scalable QR code with the highest print quality. This format allows you to resize your QR code and maintain its quality and scannability.

Why should the tourism industry use a dynamic QR code generator?

The tourism industry can lift a nation’s economy. But it can be highly vulnerable to various external and internal factors.

QR TIGER understands the needs of the tourism industry for smart solutions, especially in challenging times.

Dynamic QR codes can foster an efficient and seamless travel experience, which ultimately helps in keeping the tourism industry afloat.

Here’s what you can enjoy when using the QR TIGER QR Code Generator:

Changeable QR code content

Dynamic QR codes contain short URLs that allow users to edit or change the stored information anytime. With one QR code, users can direct scanners to different landing pages.

You can provide up-to-date information by changing it anytime using one QR code. This feature is also handy for campaigns that require frequent changes.

For example, this feature can help travel agencies provide updated information on trip schedules, availability of services, or price changes.

Next-gen QR code tracking

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes can provide statistics on your campaign performance. It includes data on the number of scans, scan time, scan location, and device type.

QR code tracking can help optimize tourism campaigns, evaluate specific initiatives, and analyze tourist behavior.

In case of a health emergency, the government can benefit from this feature by implementing a dynamic QR code travel pass system so they can easily track the movement of traveling individuals.

Powerful GPS-based features

QR TIGER’s dynamic URL, File, H5 editor, and Google Form QR code solutions have GPS tracking and geofencing features.

GPS tracking lets users precisely track the locations of each QR code scan. They can view the device duration in specific areas on a heat map for a more accurate tracking process.

But QR TIGER values each person’s privacy, which is why scanners must first grant permission for the system to access their device’s GPS. This feature won’t work without the scanner’s consent. 

Meanwhile, geofencing allows users to control access to their QR code campaigns. Only those within the location range can access the information.

This way, tourism officers can run location-specific campaigns, ensuring that it reaches the intended audience and enhance their on-site experiences.

Sustainable solution

Booking.com’s report states that 83% of global travelers consider sustainable travel vital, with 61% saying that the pandemic has increased their desire to travel more sustainably in the future.

The tourism industry can promote sustainable travel using a dynamic QR code generator and adopting eco-friendly solutions like dynamic QR codes.

This technology reduces paper usage, ultimately helping to decrease the carbon footprint.

QR code technology is a cost-effective option for achieving sustainable travel as it creates an environmentally-friendly process for travelers.


Adapting to changes is necessary for any business, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

With QR TIGER’s smart solutions, you can be agile in an ever-changing economy at a low cost.

Dynamic QR codes are versatile solutions. They’re a multi-purpose tool that can help establishments allocate more budget to other important factors, such as sustainability and conservation.

Wider data storage capacity

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes contain short URLs that allow them to store extensive data.

This feature allows dynamic QR codes for tourism to store more than just links or URLs.

They can also embed rich media content such as files, images, videos, audio, custom pages, and more.

Here’s how it works: The short URL leads scanners to a mobile page to view and download the file to their devices. And for dynamic URL QR codes, it simply redirects to the link you embedded.

This unique feature also allows dynamic QR codes to store big data without making the code’s pattern congested and denser, maintaining its scannability.

Explore QR codes with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

QR TIGER can be your ultimate companion as you explore the world of QR technology. This reliable software has gained the trust of more than 850,000 brands from around the globe.

Our wide range of advanced QR code solutions enables the tourism industry to adapt seamless and efficient operations while ensuring tourists have a safe travel experience, especially during a challenging time.

QR code technology integration allows businesses to stay afloat, adapt to changing tourist behavior, and keep up with the ever-evolving economy.

Start your QR code journey today and sign up for our affordable plans.

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