QR Code Memes: Pixels with a Punchline

Update:  June 24, 2024
QR Code Memes: Pixels with a Punchline

Do you know what a QR code meme is? Well, there is a certain tech niche of memes quietly circling that involve, highlight, or poke fun at QR codes. 

Memes, in general, are a defining feature of Internet culture. They fan the flames of societal trends, spark conversations, and develop connections over shared humor, beliefs, and interests. 

QR codes are no stranger to this popular comical form of content, which uses a range of different kinds of memes to accentuate the code’s versatility. 

Keep reading to explore the hilarious and clever ways you can use a QR code generator with logo to create some fantastic memes out of QR codes.

What are QR codes commonly used for?

Most people may know QR codes from the interactive packaging of their favorite snacks or on restaurant tables. These codes give you a glimpse into the snack's journey across the supply chain or access to a digital menu experience. 

Businesses worldwide can also connect with a global market through targeted QR code marketing campaigns that are tailored to specific locations, times, or demographics.

But their applications don’t stop there!

You can get creative with your QR codes and go beyond their common uses by inserting them into media, such as music videos, films, and magazines, to lead users to even more content or activities.

Popular types of meme QR codes

Welcome to the world of meme-centered QR codes and their many different forms: 

Light social commentary 

Light social QR code meme

Social activism is the instrument that brings people from all walks of life together to drive societal change. 

And we’ve seen how powerful messages can provoke action in even the most neutral bystanders through creative expression, organized peaceful protests, and raising awareness. 

How do QR codes and memes fit into this equation? Well, most of us know the impact of viral memes, often shared and spread to thousands or millions of people at a time, as well as the versatility of QR codes. 

Activists can incorporate a landing page QR code on protest materials, such as a sign of a stock photo tree, that leads users to information about climate change and rising sea levels. 

Persuasive QR codes

Many brands use the art of persuasion in their marketing efforts, whether it’s through color psychology or observing impulsive buyer behavior.

In this case, persuasion in a QR code strategy might involve a carefully crafted call to action (CTA) or uploading a popular meme in the logo section of the code. 

Comparative memes

Comparative QR code meme

What are comparative memes? They’re a broad category of memes that often draw comparisons between two or more objects, people, or ideas using images, video clips, or GIFs. 

A comparative QR code meme is much the same. Sometimes it is an image made up of two panels that display a contrast related to QR code generation or features. 

But other times, it is a regular paneled meme with a URL QR code strategically placed, linking people to the meme’s source material like a trending song or movie. 

Evoking nostalgia

QR code meme histroy

The history of memes dates back to 1976 when a British biologist named Richard Dawkins introduced the term in his book to describe the self-replicating nature of specific chunks of information. 

The internet is especially saturated with memes, as they seamlessly deliver cultural, social, and political expressions in a way that many can understand and repurpose. 

Of course, this history brings along a wave of nostalgia for certain points in time, which QR codes can readily preserve via file, gallery, or audio QR codes. 

This can serve as your own personal time capsule that you can share with anyone and start discussions or commentary about classic games, 00s bands, and more. 

Incorporating pop culture

Pop QR code meme

Another creative use of cool QR codes is adding pop culture elements to your QR code design or content. 

Make a call to action that mimics or resembles popular catchphrases of fictional characters, construct your landing page content to resonate with a specific audience, or leave a lasting impression by leading users to the punchline. 

However you wish to frame your entertaining QR codes, remember to consider the prevalent beliefs, media, and art currently circulating. 

Funny QR codes

Funny QR code meme

This type of QR code plays on the expectation of finding serious or useful information after scanning but then being greeted by humorous content instead. 

For example, a subtle video or audio QR code can be used as a harmless prank that may lead friends to the infamous Rick Astley music video called Never Gonna Give You Up also known as Rickrolling.

Subtle and sarcastic  

Subtle sarcastic QR code meme

This is a meme format that makes subtle suggestions about an idea or making a point about something or someone. These types of memes use visual cues to deliver a sarcastic or unexpected punchline. 

You can use this understated format in your QR code campaigns to illicit intrigue and compel more people to scan it for further context to your meme. 

Informative QR codes

Informative QR code meme

An educational or informative QR code is somewhat the opposite of a funny QR code, as it relies on the allure of familiar meme formats to compel more users to scan it.

Different types of QR codes can be printed on comical yet well-designed posters. Scanners can then explore digital business cards, social media profiles, or official websites. 

Dramatic shift memes

Dramatic QR code meme

Almost everyone has seen the iconic Drake meme, which shows his disapproval in one panel and his ready acceptance in another. Or the meme of the distracted boyfriend and his scornful girlfriend beside him. 

This is a flexible format that uses a variety of situations to highlight the act of making an important decision between two or more options. 

When creating your QR code, you can incorporate this meme concept and position it as the “right” or “best” choice. 

Eager and enthusiastic

Enthusiastic QR code meme

These memes are all about expressing your excitement and enthusiasm for one thing and one thing only. 

Often, they consist of well-known characters with bright personalities who react or celebrate with high energy. Other times, it looks like the smiling Shiba Inu sitting in a burning room and saying, “This is fine.” 

However you want to incorporate this approach in your memes for QR codes, make sure to center your code as the object of desire.  

Tips on making high-quality QR code memes

Quality QR code meme
  • Add references to pop culture. These references create a sense of community and exclusivity through shared inside jokes or understanding, which makes for a more fun experience. 
  • Know your audience. Identifying who you’re creating your meme QR codes for makes it easier for you to cater to their expectations and create content that resonates with the majority of your target audience. 
  • Keep it concise. Today, many people’s attention spans can only tolerate straightforward information. Don’t stretch your idea too much, and make your point quickly. 
  • Include funny text. Add a lighthearted CTA to your QR code or sprinkle humor in the content itself. Brands especially benefit from this as it shows customers they don’t take themselves too seriously. 
  • Size properly. QR code best practices wouldn’t be complete without correct sizing. Remember to size your codes according to scanning distance so that your QR codes with memes work properly. 

Where to find memes with QR codes

These particular memes are admittedly quite niche, though the Internet never fails to deliver on that. Here are some places where you’ll likely find them: 

Social media platforms

Instagram, X, TikTok, and Reddit are a few social media platforms teeming with user-generated content (UGC) that are able to gain popularity quickly. 

This also makes them a hub for memes to thrive and circulate. 

Next time you’re mindlessly scrolling through videos and pictures of your favorite pages and creators, remember to look for those unassuming squares and discover where they may lead. 


Another place you might not think to look is on the gifts from a friend. 

Double-check whether or not they left any QR code pranks on the packaging, and scan the codes to see what mischief they have in store for you. 

Meme websites

Last but not least are websites designed specifically for sharing your favorite memes. 

Know Your Meme is a great place to start. It acts as an Internet meme database that documents everything from viral videos to folklore to, yes, memes about QR codes.

How to create QR codes for memes using the best QR code generator

Want to create your own meme-worthy QR codes? With an advanced QR code maker, you can easily do so in five simple steps: 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account, or select REGISTER if you don’t have one yet. 
  2. Choose a QR code solution that best suits your memelord needs and enter the necessary information. 
  3. Select Static QR or Dynamic QR, and then click Generate QR code.
  4. Customize your QR code to match your meme, brand, or theme. Play with the different colors, patterns, and frames on the platform. 
  5. Test-scan your QR code, then click Download to save it. 

Pro-tip: Create free dynamic QR codes to unlock advanced features like QR code tracking and editing by availing our freemium plan or signing up for a paid plan starting at $7.

Best-case scenarios to include QR codes with memes

To contextualize memes and QR codes in the real world, here are a few specific scenarios they can be used: 

Easter eggs

Place a seemingly random QR code in a short film, music video, or game as an Easter egg for fans of your work. A recent example of this is the QR code flashed briefly in the psychological thriller Leave The World Behind. 

The film’s QR code mysteriously leads viewers to a website of an abandoned park called Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park, which prompted intrigue and conversation among fans. 

Classroom materials

Everyone loves a good meme, but today’s kids are propelling them into existence like never before. 

That said, teachers definitely understand the assignment and are incorporating memes and fun QR codes in their learning materials to give their students a more engaging experience. 

Exclusive content

Artists can also include dynamic QR codes in their art to lead people to their social media profiles, where they can find exclusive content like work-in-progress photos or “draw with me” videos. 

This also gives users a glimpse into an artist's personality, creating a deeper connection between the viewer and the creator. 

Meme-worthy QR codes: Combining humor and technology

Who would’ve thought we’d find those recognizable squares in all too familiar meme formats? Not us, not us. 

You might not expect to find a QR code plastered on your next favorite meme, but they’re making the rounds and are becoming an incredibly useful medium for creating and sharing funny content. 

And with highly developed QR code software like QR TIGER, you can likely find yourself in the hall of fame for the most relatable, hilarious, thought-provoking memes the Internet has yet to see. 

It is considered one of the most advanced QR code generators available online because of the remarkable quality of its features, such as QR code tracking, bulk generation, and a wide array of customization options. 

What are you waiting for? Inject some comic relief into your QR code campaigns today.


Who made the first QR code?

In 1994, the Japanese company Denso Wave—a division of Denso and a subsidiary of the automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation—developed QR codes to track car parts during assembly.  

What is a QR code meme?

It can either be a meme centered on QR codes or QR codes that encode memes in its content. 

What does QR code stand for? 

QR stands for "Quick Response." Although QR codes may appear straightforward, they can store large amounts of data. 

Regardless of the content they store, a scanned QR code can provide fast access to information for the user.

Brands using QR codes

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