9 Creative Ways To Use Cool QR Codes

Update:  March 06, 2024
9 Creative Ways To Use Cool QR Codes

Cool QR codes are like the tech version of your favorite aunt – they always seem to be the most stylish and friendly at any given time and are ever-ready to entertain.

These black-and-white squares have transformed from bland to beautiful, with a diverse range of customization options available at our fingertips. We’re talking vibrant colors, different shapes, and interactive designs.

This article is your ticket to taking your business, students, or your curious self to the digital world with imaginative QR codes that make everyday experiences better. 

Finding the best QR code generator to do your bidding is the first step to discovering all of the exciting things these unassuming codes are capable of. 

Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know!

What are cool QR codes?

It’s a way of describing QR codes that go beyond their traditional look and function and step it up a notch by incorporating visually appealing elements, enhancing user experience, and attracting more attention (and more users). 

These special QR codes can be tailored to specific brands, campaigns, or themes that make them more memorable. On top of that, they’re editable and foster creativity in various industries. 

Cool-looking QR code design tips

Play with shapes

When you’re at the stage of tweaking the QR code minimum size try to avoid stretching and distorting the overall shape, and keep it proportionally square. This ensures it stays readable and has the advantage of familiarity. 

Depending on the QR code generator you’re using, you can change the corners or the “eyes,” pattern, and frame of your QR codes while keeping their functionality intact. 

Include your logo

Strategically speaking, incorporating your QR code with logo can be the best thing you can do for your brand. It elevates awareness around your business by communicating who your QR code represents. 

Always use images that are sharp and place them at the center of your QR code. 

Embrace color

Static and dynamic QR codes

Color is one of the most important aspects of design, as it sets the tone of your QR code and influences how people feel about it. 

That said, we suggest opting out of the standard black-and-white QR codes and adding a splash of color instead. For personal use, it can be ones that go with your desired aesthetic. 

And for business purposes, you can match it to your branding to catch consumers’ attention. Experiment with different color combos to find which ones make your QR codes with a design look the most lively and attractive.

One thing to note about a color QR code is this: contrast. When scanning, codes that are too monochromatic or too light may be difficult to read. We highly recommend going for a dark foreground and a light background, directly contrasting each other. 

Let it shine

Figure out where your QR code should lie in relation to other elements. For instance, if you have a large poster for a promotional campaign, you can’t overwhelm your QR code with everything else you’re trying to draw attention to. 

Try to find a place for your QR code at the center, make it large enough to be seen, or even add a call to action (CTA) to your QR code that says “Scan Me!” or “Contact Us Here” so it has zero chance of going unnoticed. 

What are the cool uses of QR codes?

Dazzle people with your attractive QR codes with these nine fun ideas: 

Make packaging interactive

You can make interactive packaging with some really cool QR codes specially designed to enhance customer experience. 

Many successful brands have led their customers to personalized marketing campaigns and dedicated landing pages that offer product information, exclusive content, usage tips, and more. Some use dynamic QR codes to track scan rates and gain insight into customer behavior.

Cool, right? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what QR codes are capable of!

Hide messages in art 

Are you an artist who wants to add a digital and interactive element to your art pieces? Including QR codes is a surprisingly easy and fun way to allow viewers to participate in your craft.

You’ll have to first make your hidden message with your weapon of choice (e.g., text, URL, image, etc.) and link it to your QR code using an online QR code generator. You could even link a song related to your piece with an MP3 QR code to capture your artwork’s vibe. 

Consider blending your hidden message QR code within your piece, encouraging anyone who views it to search for it actively. 

Digitize restaurant menus

Partnering with an interactive restaurant menu software like MENU TIGER is perfect if you’re in the food service industry and want to take your business to the next level. 

You can forget dirty paper menus and amaze customers with a contactless experience by creating a QR code menu. You can change the food items and prices anytime, cutting printing costs and adding translations to make them more accessible. 

Connect with style

A vCard QR code allows anyone to save your contact information with just a scan. You never have to worry about someone losing your email address or phone number, and what’s more: you can link your social media platforms as well. 

Adding a cool-looking QR code to your business cards is a fun and modern way to add a touch of modern flair while still being practical.

Send special gifts 

Sending QR code gifts

QR codes can be a great way to curve the predictable greeting cards we expect every birthday or Christmas and make for a unique and memorable surprise. 

You can work with a free online greeting card maker to unleash your creativity and make some beautiful greeting card designs with heartfelt video messages for all occasions. 

Plan treasure hunts 

Add a whole new layer to treasure-hunting adventures by turning them into modern quests. You can create a map of QR codes that lead participants to your digital clues. Each clue, containing riddles and fun facts of each location, can be hidden in secret places. 

You can also ditch the physical map altogether and generate a Google Maps QR code that takes everyone directly to their first clue, where the hunt will begin!

Share social media platforms

social media QR code eliminates the struggle of spelling out your usernames and instantly connects new friends, customers, and clients to your online presence. 

There are also a lot of advertising opportunities ripe for the taking. For example, putting a social media QR code on a coffee cup lets the code do all the talking. It provides customers with a convenient way of reaching you, nurturing online visibility. 

Enhance museum exhibits

One of the cool ways to use QR codes is by implementing them in museums. Fossils and bones are teleported to the Information Age and can talk to visitors themselves with QR codes.

Place QR codes next to exhibits so that when scanned, people can access helpful information about interesting artifacts, historical contexts, audio guides, or even interactive games related to the exhibit.

Transport people online

Train stations and bus stops are using QR codes worldwide – Transport for London, for example, places QR codes at bus stops to lead people to information about bus routes and schedules. 

In Japan, train stations provide passengers with QR codes to access ticket gates and offer information about their journey.

Real-use cases of brands using a customized QR code

More businesses and marketers are using a branded QR code to attract clients and add a touch of intrigue to their marketing campaigns. 

Here we have three real-life examples of brands customizing QR codes to showcase their identity:

Taco Bell & Frito-Lay

Custom QR code campaign

Taco Bell, an American fast food restaurant, partnered up with Frito-Lay, and introduced Doritos Locos Tacos – a crunchy combination of a shell made with Doritos Cheese chips with beef, lettuce, and cheddar cheese inside. 

This delicious pairing was made even better with a QR code attached to the shell’s packaging, taking customers to a delightful surprise of an exclusive augmented reality (AR) experience; and contests and prizes, with the chance of winning Taco Bell merchandise. 

National Geographic

National Geographic launched a campaign called “Purchase with a Purpose” that centers on directly supporting their vital work, including exploration, research, education, and conservation initiatives worldwide. 

The main idea is to empower people to make a meaningful impact through their consumption and deepen their connection to National Geographic’s mission. 

Where do QR codes fit in this? Well, National Geographic cleverly uses QR codes to personalize each purchase’s impact, leading to landing pages, videos, articles, and interactive content about related topics that emphasize tangible impacts. 


M&M’s celebrated four iconic albums with exclusive packaging, paying tribute to breakthrough musical artists from different cultural backgrounds to ensure fans feel represented. 

The packages are designed around album art themes from Kacey Musgraves’ “Golden Hour,” Rosalía’s “El Mal Querer,” H.E.R.’s self-titled album, and David Bowie’s “Aladdin Sane.”

On each M&M’s pack are mascots resembling the artists and a customized QR code that customers can scan to take them on a curated “music experience.” This means they’re directly linked to the album on the packaging. 

This campaign is a brilliant way to stay in touch with your audience and add an interactive element to a classic candy. 

Benefits of using cool QR codes 

Boosts engagement 

Personalized QR codes with vibrant colors, unique shapes, and an irresistible call to action make users feel like they’re made just for them, increasing the likelihood of new scans.

Dynamic QR codes are especially handy if you want to track scanning behavior and demographics. They can help you collect valuable insights to refine marketing strategies and make campaigns that resonate, thus increasing engagement. 

Instant information access

QR codes are an incredibly convenient, cost-effective, and versatile way to access information. Simply pointing your smartphone camera at a QR code can automatically link you to websites, PDFs, social media profiles, and more. 

Brand recognition

Branded custom QR code

Placing QR codes on packaging or billboards encourages people to explore a brand’s social media, website, or other digital platforms. 

Louis Vuitton is a great example of using the customization of QR codes to their advantage and reinforcing their brand recognition. Working with renowned anime artist Takashi Murakami, they invite people into a ‘fantasy world’ of their making. 

How to create the coolest dynamic QR codes with the best QR code generator

Don your artist’s cap and put your imagination in the trusty hands of an advanced QR code generator to help you create captivating QR codes that will impress anyone. 

Here are only five steps you can follow:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and sign into your account.
  1. Select a QR code solution (e.g., URL, vCard, File, Link in Bio, etc.) and enter the needed information.
  2. Click Dynamic QR, then choose Generate QR code
  1. Customize your cool and dynamic QR code by changing the colors, pattern, and frame, adding your logo or an image, or choosing among the many templates offered. 
  1. Test-scan your dynamic QR code. If it works fine, click Download to save it. 

How to sign up on QR TIGER

  1. Go to QR TIGER and click REGISTER. You can either sign up with your Google account or complete the registration form.
  1. Provide your name, email address, and password, and select your industry (e.g., marketing and advertising, arts and design, etc.)
  1. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Register

Leave a lasting impression with creative QR codes

In the fast-moving world of technology, QR codes have kept up with the times nicely. They are emerging as invaluable copilots in swiftly delivering information and making a lasting impression.

Remember, making cool QR codes requires a balance of functionality and style. Don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries of design and interactive elements to make your QR codes pop. 

Whether you’re an artist or business owner, QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, specializes in aesthetics and reliable scanning. They have all the advanced features you could need to create some fantastic QR codes. 


What is a catchy phrase for a QR code?

It depends on what your QR code is for, but you can go the quick and intriguing route with a call to action, saying “Scan & Shop,” “Scan for a Surprise,” “Connect with Us,” or “Special Offers!”

What are cool QR codes?

They are QR codes that share some key characteristics, such as having bright colors, differently-shaped eyes, integrating logos and images, and adding subtle patterns. 

Usually, they’re also more interactive, serving a purpose beyond their “cool” looks, driving engagement for marketing campaigns, offering exclusive content, and facilitating social media connections. 

How do you make a cool QR code?

First, choose among the many free and paid QR code generators online that offer user-friendly interfaces and many advanced options.

Select the kind of information you want to link your QR code to (e.g., your website, location, Google Form, video, etc.), customize your design to capture your creativity, and then download your awesome QR code.

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