QR Code on Car: 11 Ways to Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy

Update:  June 08, 2024
QR Code on Car: 11 Ways to Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy

Imagine driving down the highway, and the car in front of you has a secret code waiting to be unlocked. A QR code on a car is more than just a trend; they are a gateway to a more redefined and breezy road experience.

Initially invented to track automotive parts, QR codes have become a versatile tool across different industries that serve beyond tracking.

There has been a decline in the efficiency of factories and automobile industries with information stockpiling. Businesses need help condensing product data in their system and identifying vehicle parts. 

Data warehousing would need a tool that can hold a universe of characters that doesn’t require much space. And people favor instant information access in a scan. With their versatility, QR codes are the best solution for this hiccup. 

Creating QR codes for cars is now easy with a reliable QR code generator. Read further to learn how this innovation works and how to use it for your car marketing strategies.

QR codes in action: How today’s top car brands use QR codes

QR codes are flexible. Whether used in online automotive promotions or even as a QR code car sticker, this tool can be a guaranteed efficient addition to your marketing strategies.

Many of the biggest names in the auto industry have taken advantage of QR codes in their campaigns. Check out some of them below.


Nissan Motor Corporation has operated QR codes in its marketing initiatives by linking detailed product information, images, videos, and accessories of the cars in stock in a QR code. 

They have launched these QR codes on car windows as stickers, starting with their Altima and Sentra models. 

Hyundai UK

Hyundai Motor UK has launched its next advancement of the award-winning Hyundai Workshop Automation system, working on a new, fully contactless digital aftersales process.

With QR codes, customers are offered a seamless process for service or repair work with a fully online system for repair authorization. Customers use these car QR codes on arrival at the dealership. 


Mercedes-Benz Group has adopted car QR codes to its operations and developed its digital rescue assistance in the shape of a rescue sticker QR code. 

These tools provide emergency responders with vital information for the quickest possible rescue and clarify all safety-related details for the vehicle – potentially saving lives. 

11 ways you can use a QR code on car and automotive events to fuel your marketing strategies forward

Transform mundane drives into interactive adventures and invite curious minds to scan your QR code to unveil a trove of development approaches. Like the brands above, you can also use QR codes to promote your business. 

Learn here how to inject some excitement into your promotion techniques and relieve the weight of your operations:

Car video demo

Showcase your car’s key features, quality performance, and technologies to interested parties and strengthen the likelihood of them becoming your customers. 

The video QR code is one key solution that can provide them with engaging and informative videos optimized for mobile viewing in showroom cars for sale. 

Foster a tech-savvy image and affix these QR codes on brochures, pamphlets, digital displays, or central elements of the vehicle. The salesperson can then encourage customers to scan the QR code for an enhanced buying experience. 

Direct contact with a sales agent:

vCard QR code
Make connections quickly at automotive events, car exhibits, or initial contacts, and effortlessly share your contact information without the strain of manual typing.

You don’t have to load up on physical business cards and take them wherever you go. With the innovative uses of QR codes like the vCard QR code, you can quickly transfer your details to the recipient’s device within seconds. 

People only need to scan your QR code using their smartphones and see your contact coordinates at their fingertips, including the links to your social media accounts. 

Classify automotive parts

QR codes offer quick access to a multitude of information. 

You can use them to give employees and customers access to comprehensive data in an automotive showroom. They will be able to see car components’ manufacturing details, maintenance processes, and installation instructions. 

With a swift scan of a QR code, technicians and car owners can easily retrieve details for accurate identification of automotive parts and efficient maintenance processes. 

Advertise car listings

The ease of use and accessibility of QR codes make them a dominant tool in advertising. They enhance print media ads or traditional banners showcasing comprehensive car lineup details, such as pricing and contact information.   

Employ QR codes on vehicles and take your advertising game to the next level. These bridge the online and offline marketing channels, allowing marketers to deploy interactive and engaging content. 

Customers can then gauge rich data media content and other digital materials for an elevated customer journey.

In-depth car dealership signage

Employing car QR codes on dealership signage enables fast-track reach to detailed information about your business and the type of cars you sell in your auto showroom.

Create a landing page QR code to bring customers to a sea of information about pricing, available models, and even a virtual tour of the cars, aiding them in decision-making.

You can also include additional multimedia content related to your car selection and embed videos, pictures, and audio to enhance the overall customer experience at the dealership.

This innovative QR code boosts your brand identity while providing complete details to potential buyers.

Quick inventory tracking

QR codes for inventory management
The capacity of QR codes to store vast amounts of data in a small, scannable layout makes them indispensable in inventory management, facilitating efficient tracking, quality control, and warehousing systems. 

Affixing a QR code for inventory management on car components streamlines the process throughout the manufacturing phase. This expedites time spent on data encoding and will improve the precision and validity of records. 

Other than speeding up the inventory process, the content within a QR code can also be edited, keeping the information up-to-date. 

QR codes also have built-in error correction—an essential feature for logistics. This ensures the codes stay scannable even when they bear slight damage from transport or weather conditions. 

Swift vehicle identification

Manual checking of vehicle titles and registrations is tedious and can lead to slip-ups. 

Integrating QR codes on certificates can streamline the involved processes, helping to authenticate important documents and prevent forgery. 

You can then turn car owners’ pertinent papers into scannable QR codes with a file QR code generator and efficiently share and access resources in no time.

A car owner only needs to download their respective QR codes, and the authorities only require a smartphone for scanning. 

Digitizing these documents optimizes the validation procedure, which is crucial when handling classified information. 

Guarantee passenger safety

Having a QR code on any part of the car can help ensure passenger safety when critical situations emerge.

Manufacturers can embed QR codes with essential information that could save drivers’ and passengers’ lives. Through a quick scan of a QR code on car units, immediate response to critical situations is within control. 

As a manufacturer, you can also add instructional videos of the do’s and don’ts when driving and provide a resource of possible actions passengers can take when common road accidents happen. 

Extensive emergency information

QR code on car

Let customers and car owners feel secure and equip vehicles. Place a QR code sticker and labels on any prominent spot within the car. After scanning, people can access emergency hotline numbers and instantly contact them.

Aside from that, the QR codes can also provide other information vital for emergencies, such as safety precautions, guidelines for applying first aid, and troubleshooting procedures for minor vehicle problems.

Seamless social media engagement

Connect with your prospects online and boost your engagement with a QR code for all social media platforms. It can store all your social media links in one customizable Link in Bio QR code. You can also include your online store and e-commerce links.

This saves interested parties the time of finding you across various online spaces. Once scanned, people will see a mobile-optimized landing page with clickable buttons for each social media link.

This lets customers efficiently engage with your social media platforms without going from one app to another. 

You can also embed interactive welcoming videos and meta tags into your QR code to provide extra content.

Comprehensive maintenance guide

Lodge a QR code on car components and equip drivers with complete, step-by-step guides for oil changes, battery checks, spark plug replacements, and other maintenance routines to keep the car in good running condition. 

Car owners can quickly scan the QR code with their smartphones to obtain guidelines on maintenance procedures. Mechanics can also use these to guarantee that auto repairs will go smoothly, avoiding further damage.

Get this done with a file QR code. This solution caters to formats like Word, Excel, PDF, Image file formats, and MP4 files, which are downloadable and hassle-free when sharing.

How to make a custom QR code for cars with the best QR code generator

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account. No account yet? Sign up for freemium with your email; no credit card required.
  1. Select the type of QR code solution and enter the required data. 
  1. Choose Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

Tip: Dynamic QR codes allow you to update and edit embedded data in your tool. It also has an exclusive tracking feature for monitoring each QR code’s scans.

  1. Customize your QR code and design it according to your preference.

QR TIGER’s extensive customization feature allows you to change the eyes, colors, patterns, templates, and frame. You can also add a logo for a more personalized look. 

  1. Test and scan your QR code before deploying. Click Download to save your custom QR dynamic QR code. 

What makes dynamic QR codes a best-fit marketing tool for the automotive industry?

Dynamic QR codes
The versatility of dynamic QR codes makes them a wise choice for manufacturers and automotive companies in their marketing and operational systems. Here are 3 reasons why:

Real-time edits

Although you can generate static QR codes at no cost, the content added to these QR codes cannot be altered. Thus, customers and workers will be directed to unchangeable data, which may cause complications, especially when handling an inventory.

An updateable data only works if your chosen solution is in a dynamic form and is generated using a dynamic QR code generator. 

This innovative feature allows you to edit a QR code anytime, even if it is running.  

Trackable data 

You can track and analyze the scanning activity of your tool with a dynamic QR code. 

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This advanced tool empowers companies to evaluate the overall progress of their initiatives and strategies. 

It allows businesses to see the total number of unique scans, the scanner’s device type, the scans over time, and the location’s scanner, making it an excellent feature for your marketing strategies

Advanced features

While all dynamic QR codes are editable and trackable, QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes come with additional advanced features that further improve their capabilities. Here they are:

  • Expiry. Set expiration dates on your QR code. Use this to your advantage when offering limited-time discounts and displaying updates to a specific timeframe. 
  • Password. Regulate access to your QR code by adding a password. This is suitable for sharing confidential files or limiting access only to authorized people. You can disable this anytime you want for a larger scope of access. 
  • Notifications. Get notified of QR code scans and monitor the activity of your QR code through emails sent daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature helps you track your campaign without much hassle.
  • Retargeting. Integrate your Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel ID to your dynamic QR codes to send tailored ads to scanners who didn’t proceed with your intended action.
  • GPS. Track scanners’ precise location—with their consent, of course. It also includes geofencing: It limits QR code access to specific map coordinates.

Create an on-the-go QR code for the automotive industry and enhance market outreach

Using QR codes on car components has come a long way from simply tracking automobile parts. Today, these tools offer a quality experience for the automotive industry, simplifying workload and boosting efforts.

And with QR TIGER, you can apply many advanced QR code solutions to ease your company procedures and fine-tune promotional plans. 

Don’t just drive by; offer customers a unique QR code journey using a trusted QR code generator. Get your plan or sign up for freemium today.

Frequently asked questions

Can you put a QR code on your car?

Yes, you can put a QR code on your car. You just need to use a reliable QR code software like QR TIGER, which offers extensive QR code solutions for all your needs. 

You can then choose to put it wherever you fancy. Just make sure it is placed in a good area for optimal visibility. 

How do I get my QR code?

You can get your QR code through an online QR code maker. Many options are available online, but choose the best one with full-scale solutions and features you can dabble in. 

Consider a QR code generator with a dynamic QR code solution and tracking feature.

Brands using QR codes

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