Stay QRious: The QR Code Podcast With QR TIGER

Update:  August 01, 2023
Stay QRious: The QR Code Podcast With QR TIGER

The increasing popularity of QR codes, along with doubts about their ability to impact marketing, led to the realization of the QR code podcast with QR TIGER.

This year, the leading QR code maker software launched the ‘Stay QRious’ podcast to teach marketers how to use QR codes to improve their marketing strategies with QR codes. 

Despite the most innovative QR campaigns by top brands and companies—Burger King’s Whopper QR Code, Korean E-mart’s shadow QR code, and Victoria’s Secret’s sexy QR codes—many are still doubting the effectiveness of QR code marketing.

So together with the Head of Digital Marketing Kristel Seracarpio and best QR code generator CEO Benjamin Claeys, this podcast aims to educate, debunk myths, and share valuable insights on how QR codes can add a digital dimension even in offline marketing.

QR code podcast with QR TIGER: An episode recap

The Stay QRious podcast releases a new episode twice a month. As of writing, the QR code short podcast already has three episodes.

You can listen to or stream it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and RSS. Make sure to subscribe or follow the podcast to be notified of new episodes.

What went down in these episodes? Take a look at the recap below:

Episode 1: How can QR codes promote anything?

5 November 2022—QR TIGER released the first-ever episode of Stay QRious, which talked about how QR codes can promote anything, even the most bizarre product. 

The list included the Flamethrower, the Sriracha lip balm, and Pet Rock.

But despite being so odd, Claeys quickly developed a QR code-powered marketing idea for each product.

It shows that anything is marketable with QR codes as long as you can pair it up with creativity to construct effective out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.

As the QR code expert said, new products that want to penetrate the market must be able to cater to both offline and online audiences, and QR codes are the most suitable tool to achieve this.

Additionally, businesses must cut printed marketing expenses during an economic crisis or a recession, and QR codes are a cost-efficient and effective alternative.

It still works even when the paid ads are over.

As long as the post and QR Code are attractive and compelling enough to scan, you will continue to have more website visitors.

With a QR code generator subscription, business owners and marketers can integrate QR codes into their campaigns to boost engagement without spending too much.

Episode 2: Why menu QR codes are here to stay?

29 November 2022—The second episode of Stay QRious centered on menu QR codes, the technology that replaced printed menus and helped restaurants safely reopen at the height of the pandemic.

Now, an interactive QR code menu software exists.

This digital solution lets diners view dishes, place orders, and make payments.

“With a QR code menu…you can see how [the food] looks. [Restaurant owners] can [also] update the menu anytime,” Claeys said as he talked about the advantages of a menu QR code.

Despite the advantages of a menu QR code, Claeys acknowledged that one of its pitfalls is that people still need some time to adapt to this new technology.

In some cases, those who have become accustomed to print menus may reject this change.

The good thing about this is that the modern and traditional menus don’t have to compete against each other.

“This doesn’t mean that QR code and traditional menus cannot go hand in hand,” the CEO said. “I believe you can have a traditional menu with a menu QR code on it so people can still choose how to order.” 

But undoubtedly, restaurants can enjoy more benefits by using an interactive digital menu.

They can improve customer relations and make ordering and paying more convenient.

Episode 3: Questions when using QR codes

12 December 2022—In the third episode of the Stay QRious podcast, Seracarpio bombarded the QR code expert Benjamin Claeys with burning questions about QR codes that many would want to know also.

“QR codes were invented in Japan, where workers used them in the automotive industry for logistics,” Claeys said when asked about the origin of the now popular digital tool. 

Claeys further explained that a barcode no longer works when it gets scratched, but a QR code still works because of its error correction.

The versatility of QR codes made it successful, from being used only in logistics to other fields like marketing and education.

But for the best QR code generator CEO, what truly made QR codes successful is their ability to connect offline and online users; and how easy it is to create them.

Claeys offered the most straightforward explanation when asked what WiFi QR codes were and how they work: it lets you connect to a WiFi without typing in complex passwords, especially in bars or parks.

“Yes, and No,” Claeys answered when asked if QR codes expire.

He further discussed that static QR codes work forever while dynamic QR codes can’t.

But these QR codes can do more, like edit the data embedded in the QR code even after printing, making it more advantageous.

One QR solution that users wonder about is the multi-URL QR code. “A multi-URL QR code…redirects depending on certain parameters,” Claeys explained.

It offers four redirection criteria: location, time, number of scans, and language.

For the location, scanners with IP addresses from different places will be redirected to different landing pages, even if they scanned the code simultaneously.

With time redirection, the QR code can redirect scanners to varying pages depending on when they scanned it.

This is applicable in restaurants; users will be redirected to a breakfast menu when they scan in the morning.

The number of scan redirections works best for promos. For example, users are redirected to a landing page for discounts after ten scans.

Meanwhile, the language redirection detects your device’s language and redirects scanners to a page set in that language.

Claeys also discussed how URL QR code is becoming the most popular solution today, especially for brands with a website.

vCard QR codes are also a handy tool for business people like him. 

The social media QR code is also common among influencers as it helps them connect all their social media accounts on one landing page to gain more followers.

Claeys mentioned that your QR code is as necessary as your logo.

So you have to make it effective by customizing it and, more importantly, using a compelling call to action.

Using a QR code generator for podcast marketing

Did you know podcast creators now use QR codes to share and promote their content to a broader audience? With these digital tools, it’s easier for people to start listening.

Podcast marketing with QR codes is an effective promotional strategy today simply because almost all people use smartphones, which means they can quickly scan QR codes for instant access to the podcast.

After creating a podcast QR code, you can place it on print materials such as posters and flyers, then put these in places where many people will see them.

QR TIGER offers three possible QR code solutions that you can use to boost your podcast’s listener and subscriber count. Check them out below:

URL QR code

Tired of sending podcast links individually? You can use a URL QR code as an alternative.

Listeners only need to scan your QR code with their smartphones, and they can instantly access your podcast. It’s that easy; no need for typing and clicking or tapping on links.

It’s also much safer to scan a QR code than click a link.

When you scan a QR code, its embedded link will flash on-screen, and you’ll need to tap it first before you get to its landing page.

This means that keen scanners can still run the link through a website checker to see if it leads to a secure landing page.

MP3 and File QR code

With an MP3 QR code for a podcast, you can directly embed the audio file of your podcast.

Upon scanning, users can listen to the podcast on their smartphones and save it on their devices to listen to later.

But if you want to maximize podcast streams on music platforms, you can embed snippets or teasers of the podcast into the MP3 QR code.

Add the juicy and intriguing parts in the QR code so that users who are left hanging will stream the entire podcast.

You can also use the file QR code.

Its advantage over the MP3 QR code is its advanced features, such as adding a password.

Scanners need to enter the correct password first before they can access your podcast.

This is an excellent option if you want to keep your content exclusive.

Social media podcast QR code

The social media QR code is an all-in-one solution for your social media accounts.

This also works for promoting your podcast. With its custom URL option, you can add your podcast link on different streaming platforms and embed it within the QR code.

With this dynamic QR code, you can give your listeners a list of options on where they can access and stream your podcast.

They can also follow your social pages to keep updated with your latest posts.

How to make QR a code for a podcast with QR TIGER

QR TIGER is definitely your best choice when it comes to creating QR codes.

It offers various solutions, customization tools, and high-quality QR code image formats.

It has a simple user interface that’s easy to navigate.

It is also ISO 27001-certified, so you can guarantee that all your private information is safe.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a QR code for a podcast with QR TIGER:

  • Go to the QR TIGER homepage online
  • Select your desired QR code solution
  • Enter the necessary information and details
  • Click ‘Generate QR code’
  • Customize your QR code by adding a logo, colors, and CTA
  • Run a test scan to check if your QR code works
  • Download, print, and deploy your QR code


The ‘Stay QRious’ QR code podcast with QR TIGER is a must-listen for business owners and digital marketers as it’s filled with tips and tricks for a successful QR code campaign.

QR TIGER is the most advanced QR code online and is trusted by over 850,000 known brands worldwide—PepsiCo, Marriott International Hotel, Sodexo, Samsung, Disney, TikTok, Cartier, and more.

It provides the most advanced QR code solutions and integrations with other helpful software—HubSpot, Zapier, and Canva.

It lets you add logos and frames with calls to action to your QR code and change its colors, eyes, and patterns.

QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, offers four plans: Regular, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise.

Its freemium plan comes with three dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit. 

And on top of that, its customer support representatives are online 24/7 and are ready to assist you with your questions, problems, and other concerns.

Go to QR TIGER online and sign up for a free trial to experience the advanced features of QR TIGER.

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