6 Ways to use QR codes for auctions

Last updated:   November 23, 2022

QR codes in the auction is a tech tool that will add a digital dimension to your auctioned products.

The auctioneer can use QR codes for the items he is selling to take potential buyers to a piece of valuable information about the product.

QR codes are a common sight that can be seen everywhere such as in tickets, billboards, magazines, etc. And as a matter of fact, these Quick Response codes have swiftly taken their limelight during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the midst of the pandemic, QR codes were popular by providing contactless services such as contactless registration, QR digital menu, and many more.

But even before, these codes were already widely used when it comes to business and marketing for their ability to take offline users to the online dimension.

But how do these codes are also applicable when it comes to auctions? 

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Using QR codes in the auction and how does it work? 

QR codes can redirect auction attendees to any type of information.

QR codes or Quick Response codes are a digital innovation invented way back in 1994 and these codes are generated using a QR code generator online that embeds the information.

QR codes when used in an auction can provide many opportunities to make the organization’s gala interactive for guests and potential buyers.

When the QR code is scanned using a smartphone device, it will show the scanner’s information about the item.

This makes it easy for the buyers to understand the history and other valuable detail about the product that is being auctioned. 

QR codes can be used in both online or virtual auctions or even when printed using a print piece like brochures, posters, flyers, or any paper material.

QR codes embed any type of information such as videos, texts, URLs, social media, digital contact information, and many more.

QR codes in an online auction and QR codes in an offline auction (physical setting) auction 

For the online auction which is an auction held over the internet, QR codes can also be displayed and accessed from the online setting.

For auctions held outdoors or indoors, the auctioneer can print a QR code on the auctioned items. 

6 ways on how to use QR codes in the auction 

Use a QR code for sign-up forms

During the auction held across the metropolitan of Melbourne, auction attendees were required to check in using a unique QR code for both indoor and outdoor auctions following the Covid-19 outbreak.

qr code for auctions

To allow auction attendees and potential buyers to sign-up for the auction in a seamless and contactless way, the auctioneer can use google forms QR code to make a contactless sign-up form. 

Once the QR code is scanned using the camera, this will redirect the user to the online google form where he can fill out his contact information and other personal details.

QR codes that will lead to a video information

To leverage the engagement among bidders, video QR codes are an excellent tool to make interactive bidding. The video QR code can contain video information about the item that is being auctioned.

Promote auctions in social media using QR codes

If you are looking to get people excited and apprehensive about your auction ahead of time, the power of social media is going to be your best buddy!

qr code for auctions

To promote your auctions in social media, a social media QR code is a powerful tool that will house all your social media profiles and other digital resources online. 

For example, if you have Facebook event pages and other social media sites where you are promoting your auction, you can embed all your social media profiles using a social media QR. 

When this is scanned, your social media profile links will automatically show on the user’s smartphone device where this will redirect to the auction event you are promoting. 

Digital vCard QR code to make on-the-spot connections

Business cards are important in today's business world. They can be important to the marketer or business owners, but it may not be the case for the recipient, 

Studies show that 88% of business cards are thrown away in less than a week.

In today's digital age, adding a digital element to plain and static cards can be a solution to network with people through business cards efficiently. 

To make it easy for your auction event attendee to connect with you, a digital vCard powered by QR codes allows scanners to save your contact details on their smartphone devices when they scanned your QR code.

Unlike the static and plain business cards that are usually thrown out in dustbins and not serving their rightful purpose, adding a digital to the traditional business cards with QR codes enables on-the-spot connection and maximizes your network. 

You can contact and invite them to your next auction. 

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Redirect the QR code to a customized QR landing page 

If you don’t have an online website for your product’s information that is being auctioned, you can make a customized landing page powered by QR codes. 

qr code for auctions

You can embed all the valuable information about the item in the H5 or HTML QR code landing page solution which includes images, videos, links, and many more.

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WIFI QR code

If you’re doing an auction in a physical setting, you can use a WIFI QR code to make it easy for your participants to connect to the internet without having to type the WIFI password.

qr code for auctions

When guests scan the QR code, they will be automatically connected to the internet.

URL QR code during a live-stream event that will redirect to your giving page

qr code for auctions

In a live-stream event, a QR code can be presented to you to help attendees find the giving page or a live auction item.

Scanners can scan the QR code with their camera to go directly to the giving page for your organization.

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How to make a QR code for your auction? 

  • Go to QRTIGER QR code generator online  
  • Select the type of QR code you need for your auction 
  • Enter the corresponding data for the particular QR code solution
  • Generate a dynamic QR code to edit and track your QR code scans 
  • Customize your QR code  
  • Scan test if it redirects to the correct data 
  • Download and deploy your QR code 

brands using qr codes