13 Incredible Ways to Use QR Codes for Institute Management

Update:  December 21, 2023
13 Incredible Ways to Use QR Codes for Institute Management

QR codes for institute management are a versatile tool that can unlock a world of innovation in educational institutions. These enable students to access a treasure chest of resources and empower educators to breathe life into their lessons.

With their ever-expanding ways, QR codes have gained popularity in the field of study to counter the deficiencies of traditional learning processes.

They offer a broad solution to challenges faced by institutions and help make the learning and teaching experience fun and engaging.

Hop on the movement and develop into a technologically advanced institution. Start integrating QR codes into educational processes using the best QR code generator online.

What is a QR code for educational materials?

Before anything else, let’s break down what QR codes are to understand the science behind them.

QR stands for Quick Response. This 2D matrix barcode can carry text, videos, files, website links, and more. To access the information, one only needs to scan it with their smartphone. 

This tech-based tool provides a remarkable method to spice up learning materials—digitizing resources for better accessibility, added convenience, and improved engagement.

QR codes come in two types:

Because dynamic QR codes are editable, they are an in-demand tool for educational institutions. They allow teachers to provide up-to-date educational content to students and the community.

How are QR codes used in education?

The flexibility of QR codes has revolutionized traditional teaching methods.

Because of their capacity to bridge the gap between physical and digital resources, they offer a more interactive and enhanced learning experience.

Wondering how teachers and school administrators can employ them? Here are QR code creative ideas for educational institutions:

School presentations

QR code creative presentation

Turn ordinary presentations into creative, interactive ones with a Google Slides QR code

This QR code creative idea provides students with a channel of lectures and expands their understanding through mobile-friendly presentations. 

Gone are the days of jotting down abundant information and taking pictures of slideshows.

Take your presentations to the next level and allow students to view and download lecture presentations with just one scan. 

Active learning

Get students’ attention and help them retain lessons by incorporating active learning strategies into discussions.

Create and share materials like videos, interactive simulations, educational games, and online quiz questions by placing QR codes on worksheets or lecture slides.

Make this happen by using a file QR code. This dynamic solution can store an array of file formats such as PDF, Word, JPEG, PNG, and MP4 for you to choose from. 

Engage with students

QR codes can help students get to know their teachers and vice versa.

Teachers can put a QR code on their classroom door. When scanned, students will find an introductory video about themselves and the class they’ll be teaching.

Conversely, teachers can create a student survey and share it through a Google Form QR code to ask exciting questions and be acquainted with them.

Access to course content

Offering convenient access to course materials can foster quick student engagement.

QR codes in the syllabus can link to different course materials, such as introductory readings, videos, or official school websites. 

It simplifies sharing resources, giving students an overview of subject outlines.

Using the best QR code generator, school administrators can let their students access materials and explore at their liberty in a quick scan.

School attendance

Teachers can use QR codes for classroom management tasks, such as attendance tracking. Students can scan them upon entering the classroom and fill them out to log in.

Google Forms will automatically record the data for the teacher’s convenience, easing the manual process of calling students individually.

You can also incorporate the GPS QR code feature in attendance tracking and the geofencing feature of dynamic QR codes.

This way, students have to be within the set radius to be able to scan the QR code. Besides determining the scanner’s location, with the geofencing feature, teachers are assured that no students outside the school premises can log in to an attendance. 

Enhance accessibility

Connect printed materials with digital resources and give students a wealth of information using QR codes in the classroom

Embed dynamic QR codes in textbooks or handouts and direct students to supplementary online materials such as articles, websites, or digital books.

This approach allows learners to delve deeper into the subject matter on their own time and have access to the right materials.

News and updates

Enhance the transmission of news and updates without printing many files and wasting time for distribution. Switch to dynamic QR codes to spread the word.

You can place these QR codes on posters, bulletin boards, and social media platforms to give the community easy access to breaking news.

Through a quick QR code scan, information accessibility is within arm’s reach for everyone.  

Digitized school directory

QR codes for institute

Make identification easier for students and faculty members when entering buildings and classrooms, using tools in laboratories, and accessing reading materials in the library.

Achieve this by upgrading IDs using the vCard QR code. You can put essential details into this QR code and customize it by adding a profile picture of the ID holder. 

Effortlessly search for students, staff, and parents from anywhere. This solution is also a valuable tool for navigating the school directory. 

Furthermore, in the event of lost ID cards, school staff can easily deactivate the QR codes, reducing the risk of unauthorized use. They can also locate the card using the dynamic QR codes’s accurate GPS tracking.


An advanced solution like the vCard QR code can encourage a quick incident response whenever emergencies arise.

QR codes extend easy identification of at-risk individuals and contacting guardians—empowering safety and rapid response.

Institutions can also create QR codes that provide instant access to a list of emergency contacts, like the school’s emergency response team, nearby hospitals, or law enforcement.

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of a student’s holistic development. Compliment academic learning with QR code technology to provide content about various subjects. 

Let students appreciate art by embedding digital galleries and activity programs into materials using a landing page QR code. 

A URL QR code for students can also lead to society websites or social media pages, allowing them to explore their interests and join exciting clubs and organizations.

Students can also scan Google Form QR codes to sign up for movements like environmental awareness drives or volunteer missions.

Campus maps

QR code for campus maps

Enhance campus tours and visits using QR code technology as a digital guide.

Institutions can place QR codes at key sites to offer independent tours to students and visitors. They can learn the captivating histories of buildings and the thrilling secrets around the campus using only their smartphones.

You can also grant aspiring students access to virtual tours with a QR code and allow them to get an initial view and feel of the campus layout and facilities.

Language learning

Take advantage of QR codes for institutions to make language learning easier and help students improve their language skills.

With QR codes, you can lead them to videos or audio where they can learn correct pronunciations, proper usage in conversations, and vocabulary.

Event invitations

QR codes make a good partner when giving out invitations for annual school events, activities, and programs. 

With a file QR code, you can give students and visitors a digital program of events containing information like the time and date, participant’s list, seating arrangement, rules and guidelines, and many more.

Advanced QR code solutions for institutes 

File QR code

The file QR code solution can convert documents, images, videos, and other materials into scannable QR codes.

It is a practical tool in education where Word and PDF files, images, and videos are frequently used as materials to reinforce learning.

There’s no need to send files to students manually. Experience a fast and easy sharing process with just a quick scan. 

URL QR code

Save students from the labor of manually typing lengthy links on their devices. Start sharing practically and inventively using URL QR codes.

This QR solution reduces the steps of opening web pages on a browser and provides quick and easy access to supplementary online resources.

vCard QR code

Why use ordinary ID cards when you can try an upgraded one using a vCard QR code solution?

Optimize faculty and student ID cards with a vCard QR code and enable sharing contact details in a single QR code scan, allowing scanners to save details on their device directly.

vCard QR codes also allow the recording of information in institutions for directory purposes.

Google Forms QR code

One of the most ingenious solutions to create a systematic data collection method is through a Google Forms QR code.

Design a digital dimension of fill-out forms and easily share online surveys or questionnaires with this innovation.

It is a viable QR code for institutions, especially in schools with a large population.

Landing page QR code

Make a custom webpage and help students land on specific materials or campaigns. This solution allows you to create a mobile page without coding or web hosting.

It is helpful if you want to advertise your institution’s services and facilities and encourage them to take action.

You can also employ a landing page QR code to create engaging activities as a supplementary learning resource.

Aside from its practicality, this stand-alone solution saves you time and money.

WiFi QR code

Simplify the process of connecting to WiFi networks and sharing internet access without printing Wi-Fi passwords and manually entering sign-in credentials. 

Through a swift WiFi QR code, people can instantly enjoy the leisure and productivity of internet networks.

How to create custom QR codes with the best QR code generator

Best QR code generator

Transform school administration with QR TIGER. It offers a variety of QR code solutions, making it an ideal QR code software for schools. And with its customization feature, enticing students with creative visuals is a piece of cake. 

Here is a guide to creating QR codes for institutes:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and create a dynamic QR code, the best choice for QR codes in education. 
  2. Log into your account and sign up for freemium; you’ll get three dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit. 
  3. Select a specific type of QR code solution that fits your needs, then enter the necessary information.
  4. Click the Generate QR code button.
  5. Customize the QR codes and make them more appealing. You can play with its colors, use a frame, or add the school logo, subject to your preference.
  6. Perform a scan test first to see if it works, then Download the QR code.

How to create bulk QR codes for institution management

QR TIGER offers a bulk QR code feature that lets you create up to 3,000 customized QR codes simultaneously.

This cutting-edge solution eliminates the trouble of creating individual URLs, files, and vCard codes for each student, employee, or stakeholder. 

Here is how to create QR codes in bulk with QR TIGER:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log in to your account. Note: You can access this with an Advanced or Premium plan. 
  2. On the topmost banner, click Product > Bulk QR code generator
  3. Select a CSV template, depending on the QR code type you’ll create
  4. Open the CSV file on your device and fill out the necessary information. Go back to QR TIGER, click Upload CSV, and select the CSV file containing your information.
  5. Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.
  6. Personalize your QR code and choose colors, patterns, and frames representing the institution’s palette. You can also add a logo to make your QR code unique.
  7. Choose a print format based on your layout choice, then click Download Bulk QR code.

Advantages of incorporating QR codes in the teaching and learning processes

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in different industries worldwide. As an innovative technology, it continues to advance and widen its impact.

Institutions and teachers are finding ways to make processes as easy as possible, and QR codes open up a lot of doors to possibilities. 

Here are some benefits of QR codes in educational institutions:

Seamless information sharing

QR codes help students access information within seconds and create seamless file sharing. 

With this advanced technology, students can know the latest news and upcoming activities on the campus through a quick QR code scan. 

Teachers can distribute resources quickly using the best QR code generator for schools.

Independent learning opportunities

Since QR codes for institutes can lead to various learning materials and educational content, students can use them to learn lessons at their own pace. 

They can either study in advance or review past lessons they didn’t quite understand. These codes can also facilitate smooth learning for distance learning models. 

Increased engagement

QR codes make materials and activities more engaging, especially since students today are now tech-savvy.

The QR codes can also promote cooperation as students can scan QR codes, leading to online group activities requiring them to interact with each other. 

Easy information updates

Dynamic QR codes let you save time and money in revamping, reprinting, and redistributing materials. Their editable feature allows unlimited content modification without generating a new QR code. 

You can update the information within the QR code at any time, and the details will reflect the QR code without you going the extra mile. 

Diversified learning

QR codes help teachers accommodate the unique learning needs of every student. 

Those who learn better when listening can scan a QR code leading to an audiobook. Those who prefer reading articles can scan the QR code for the materials. 

Encrypted data

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes have a password-protection feature that helps safeguard data within them, especially for sensitive data that should only be for authorized employees. 

Teachers can also use QR codes for institutions to give students access to class records. They can add unique passwords so only the students can access and track their records.

It is advantageous, especially when integrating QR codes into a sizable number of people, like educational institutions, to reduce phishing attacks and unauthorized access. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly

QR codes for institute management offer a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to learning material production and information dissemination. There’s no need to print hundreds of materials. 

Linking resources to QR codes helps conserve paper resources while adding convenience and functionality to teachers.

Enhance student and faculty experience with QR TIGER

Power up your teaching strategies, streamline access to information and resources, execute efficient communication, and implement interactive and engaging learning environments with QR TIGER. 

Enjoy and make the most of QR TIGER’s advanced solutions, customization features, and versatility, which are dedicated to improving the user’s life. 

Hop on the movement and develop into a technologically advanced institution. Start integrating QR codes into educational processes using the best QR code generator.

Frequently asked question

How do you create a QR code for school?

Create innovative QR codes with high-performing software like QR TIGER. 

Simply go to QR TIGER online > Select a QR code solution > Add the required data > Generate a QR code > Customize > Download to save your QR code.

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