How to Build Successful Connections with QR Codes for Networking Events

Update:  May 22, 2024
How to Build Successful Connections with QR Codes for Networking Events

Did you know QR codes for networking events can help expand your network and foster valuable business relationships?

QR code technology lets people quickly access your profile and contact information.

This is why it is an incredible networking tool for building meaningful and successful business relationships, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

A QR code-powered networking strategy unlocks opportunities that can lead you to success.

Learn more about QR codes and how to create one using an advanced QR code generator online.

QR code 101: static vs dynamic

There are two main categories of QR codes: static and dynamic.

A static QR code fixes the data onto its pattern. Hence, the data embedded in the static QR code cannot be changed or updated.

However, with static QR codes, the data size affects its code’s pattern.

The more data embedded, the more congested and dense the code’s pattern will be.

In contrast, dynamic QR codes are more advanced.

They store a short URL in their pattern instead of the actual data, allowing users to modify or change it in real-time.

It also prevents the data size from affecting the pattern.

Another advantage is that you can track the scan metrics of your dynamic QR codes.

This feature lets you monitor their performance and assess whether your target audiences engage with them.

A dynamic QR code is the better choice for networking.

It can contain big data without compromising the quality of the QR code or affecting its scannability.

How do QR codes for networking events work?

Vcard QR code

It may sound easy, but successfully building and fostering solid and valuable relationships is challenging.

Yes, meeting and passing out business cards to share contact information is easy but sometimes ineffective.

Did you know that 88% of printed business cards get thrown out in a year?

This could happen to your cards, too.

This data does not mean you should stop using business cards altogether but instead suggests that you should do something unique to make sure people will keep your cards and reach out to you.

An underrated technique: Making a striking first impression.

You can do this by innovating QR code technology into your business cards.

Grab every single opportunity hanging around the corner with QR codes for events.

Quick response codes—widely known as QR codes—are 2D barcodes that store information that one can access by scanning the complex patterns of black and white squares using a smartphone.

These versatile squares became widely popular due to their ability to provide instant access to information. QR codes can accommodate various data types, from websites to images and videos.

The vCard QR code

One unique type is the vCard QR code: a dynamic QR solution that stores contact details and various social media channels and displays them on a mobile-friendly landing page. 

vCard QR codes are an excellent networking tool that provides instant access to your contact information. After scanning the code, users can view and download these details to their smartphones.

And since they’re dynamic, you can easily update your contact details when you get a new phone number or email; no need to create a new QR code.

The changes also reflect right away.

You can create attractive vCard QR codes and other types using a highly-developed QR code generator with excellent customization tools to make it more appealing and interesting.

With this technology, people can easily connect with you without searching for you on various social media platforms or manually typing your details to save them on their devices.

It also creates a great first impression, shows your creativity and wit, and establishes an exceptional brand personality.

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How can QR codes expand your network?

With QR codes, you’re one scan away from connecting with people.

Networking with QR codes allows you to share your information with people in seconds.

And so, you can grow your network efficiently as it allows you to connect with multiple people all at once, optimizing the time spent sharing information.

With a scan and a few taps, they can connect and reach you without hassle.

Unlike the traditional method of handing printed cards, QR codes for networking bridge the offline and online streams.

There’s also a way for artists to expand their network during art events. QR codes for popup exhibits are a powerful solution to help promote artists and their artworks.

The tool gives digital dimension to their art pieces.

How to use QR codes at networking events 

If you want to impress people as you rub elbows with them, let QR codes do the work. 

Wondering how you can use them at networking events? Here are some examples:

1. Instantly share contact details

Instead of passing out lousy and boring business cards, captivate people with unique and attractive cards, and add a vCard QR code.

Store all your contact details, from phone numbers to social media links.

Then add your QR code as a unique design and a functional element to your printed business card.

You can also save your QR code image on your device and let people scan it to connect with them—a cost-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to printing business cards.

Bonus tip: if you’re a tattoo enthusiast, you can even tattoo your vCard QR code on your arm; imagine having a digital business card on your skin.

No need to worry; you can change the data anytime if you change your contact details.

2. Boost social media followers

Social media QR code

A detailed analytical report by Kepios shows that there were 4.76 billion social media users worldwide in January 2023, accounting for 59.4% of the global population.

This data revealed the growing popularity of social media today.

To take advantage of this, create a social media QR code to promote all your social media channels and grow your network effectively.

This dynamic QR code can store multiple social media links, links to your instant messaging profiles, and other websites. It then displays all your links on a mobile-friendly landing page.

Printed business cards with social media links are useless and impractical.

But with a QR code, people can find you on social media with just one scan.

This way, you can boost your social media reach and engagement as it allows scanners to like, follow, and connect with you on your social platforms.

3. Showcase your work and the company

Flaunt your skills and accomplishments with an H5 page QR code.

This dynamic solution allows you to create a customized landing page without buying a domain or building a website from scratch.

Highlight your projects and milestones by adding images and videos.

You can also place links to any published articles featuring your company.

With this QR code solution, you can make your business card a lot more engaging.

It now also links to your digital portfolio, making it easier for people to see your remarkable works.

And when they’re impressed with what they find, they can easily reach you via the contact details on your card and discuss a collaboration with you.

4. Link with multinational individuals

You’ll probably meet many people at networking events, even those from other countries with different cultures and languages.

You can create a multi URL QR code to bridge the possible language barrier so that you can still connect and build rapport.

With this dynamic QR solution, you can store multiple links in a single QR code.

The QR code will then redirect scanners to different landing pages depending on the following:

  • Device language
  • Location of scanner
  • The time when a user scanned the code
  • The device’s operating system

When you use the language option, the QR code will detect the language used on the scanner’s device and redirect them to a landing page set in that language.

For instance, a user with French as their device language will find a page using French when they scan the code.

But here’s the catch: for it to work, you must translate your landing page in various languages, copy each of their links, and store it in the multi URL QR code.

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5. Share promotional videos

Sharing videos is one genius way to use QR codes at events.

You can add a video to QR code on your business card to create a lasting impression on people.

Say you are at a networking event where startups can find potential investors.

Use the QR code to lead to a video presentation about your company and what you can bring to the investor’s table. 

This QR code solution creates an opportunity to showcase what you can do without actually doing a presentation. People can instantly learn about your company in just a scan.

6. Exhibit creativity

Turn your business card into a ticket to a digital gallery by adding an image gallery QR code.

You can then store images of your best works and accomplishments in your field to give people a reason to work with you.

It’s a unique way of connecting with people, allowing you to share your contact details and showcase your creativity simultaneously.

7. Drive traffic to your website

Putting your website details on your business cards builds credibility.

However, placing a link on your printed business card is useless. People would have to type them on their devices to search for them.

Go for a URL QR code instead.

People can view your website on their smartphones in just one scan.

Using a business card with a URL QR code can drive traffic to your website, which can help your Google ranking.

This way, people can easily build trust in your company, helping you build a successful network.

How to create QR codes for events using an advanced QR code generator

Start expanding your network with valuable connections using a QR code. And when creating one, you should trust QR TIGER, the world’s most advanced and reliable QR code software.

With its broad spectrum of advanced QR code solutions, features, and integrations, QR TIGER has everything you need for your QR code marketing campaigns.

If you’re wondering, “How do I create a QR code for an event?” Here’s a simple guide on how to create one:

  1. Go to QR TIGER and log into your account.
  2. Select a QR code solution, then enter the required data.
  3. Select Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code
  4. Customize your QR code to make it unique. Make sure to add your logo and use a frame with a call to action.
  5. Test your QR code, then download it in your preferred format (SVG or PNG).

QR TIGER QR code generator: Your partner in building a successful network

It’s wise to ride along with the QR code hype whenever and wherever possible.

QR codes are widely popular today, and for a good reason—they are versatile.

Stand out from the crowd with QR codes for networking events.

This will put your business cards on another level, taking people to the online world in just one scan.

And to guarantee functional and high-quality QR codes, you should go to QR TIGER.

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The list includes TikTok, Cartier, Lululemon, Samsung, Disney, Universal Studios, and more.

Start building a successful and meaningful network using QR codes with QR TIGER.

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