How to use QR codes on pharmaceutical packaging

Last updated:   December 21, 2021

QR codes on pharmaceutical packaging, prescription, and labels have been used to enhance and advanced printed medical drugs and communicate better to buyers in the form of using the QR code technology.  

According to the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, by utilizing new technology that prints each drug individually, the drug will be customized to meet the needs of each patient, rather than mass-produced. 

By integrating QR codes on medicine packaging, pharmaceutical industries can also combat fake drugs that can impose danger to people’s health.  

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What states are using QR codes on drug packaging and drug prescription?


India is one of the countries that is taking the battle of counterfeit drugs seriously. As a matter of fact, this country is pushing for the use of QR codes on medicines and drug packs.

Just last year, on February 22, a report came out that the Indian government is set to use QR codes on all of their pharmaceutical packaging ordered under the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) to push for fair pricing and combat fake product imitation circulating around. 


The government of Russia has also been made aware of the significant use of QR codes in drug packaging. In January, they started marking pharmaceuticals with QR codes that also aimed to fight counterfeit and smuggled drug items that may endanger people’s health.

Also, QR codes on medicines also provide consumers with high quality and legitimate products in all aspects. 


One of the pharmacies in Florida, Hobbs Pharmacy, uses QR codes so patients can quickly and conveniently access thousands of medication-specific usage videos and potential side-effect information. 

A step-by-step instruction through a video QR code is also being used to demonstrate medication regimes correctly.  

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Why should pharmaceutical companies include QR code on medicine or drug packaging?

QR codes offer multimedia content; in short, you can have different types of information embedded behind a QR code.

It could be a PDF QR code that leads to a PDF document, a video QR code that leads to a certain type of information, a survey form, an image, a website address that is generated using a URL QR code, a manual guide, and so much more.

The usual packaging on the product can have such limited space for product information. With QR codes, you can have the opportunity to expound and give valuable information to your buyers.  And this sets you apart from other competing brands.

You can also add extra information about your pharmaceutical company using QR codes. 

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How to use QR codes on pharmaceutical packaging

Add additional information or drug details on box or bottle packaging qr codes on drug packaging

We all know the traditional product packaging can only have limited space for product information for necessary details such as ingredients and expiration date.

Using a QR code, you can give more of your consumers’ an idea about product medicine and comprehensively laid out all details.

You redirect them to any content that may be essential for your consumers to know, such as the good and bad side effects of a medicine, and let them be aware of it.  

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Video Medicine QR code to show video information qr codes on drug packaging video information

Reading a medical brochure or manual is not appealing to most people, and scientific terms and its uses can be hard to understand.

But everybody would love to see a 20 seconds video demonstration to understand its uses, benefits, or advantages of a medicinal product even better.

You can also link it to reviews and feedback of the certified users using a video QR code. 

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Lead consumers to survey reviewqr codes on drug packaging reviews

You can lead your users to a survey form to rate your product and give their opinion on how it has helped them. This will leverage your brand quality and legitimacy.  

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Lead patients to product review 

Most of the consumers today will always opt to read reviews of certified users before they purchase a medicinal product or any products.

Reviews of certified users will help big on your brand, and people will be likely to trust the brand medicines you produce. 

Encourage your users to ask questionsqr codes on drug packaging questions

Using a QR code, you can allow your target users to ask questions or concerns about your product. You can redirect them to an email form where they can leave their questions for you.

Most consumers, when they buy medicines, usually don’t ask about the product much and more likely think of a question only after receiving it. 

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Verify product authenticationqr codes on drug packaging for authentication

QR codes on pharmaceuticals are mainly used for product authentication. Drug prescriptions with QR codes tagged in them will also secure its brand. Each of the items will have a unique digital identity. 

Over-the-counter drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are medicines sold directly to the consumer without a prescription from a doctor. QR codes can be used to inform the buyer about the health effects of the drug they are buying and what is it really used for before they intake it. 

Self-care products and solutions 

QR codes are not only limited to medicines and other pharmaceutical products, these codes are also widely used in the beauty and cosmetic packaging to make an interactive and informative content to their buyer. 

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How to create your QR code?

There are different types of QR codes solution available in the QRtiger where you can generate your QR code. You just need to go to:

  • Open
  • Select from the menu what type of solution you need
  • Enter the necessary data in the field below.
  • Choose whether static or dynamic
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and personalize your QR code. 
  • Choose multiple patterns, eyes, add a logo, and set colors to make your QR code stand out.
  • Download your QR code and test it

What QR code generator should you use to create a QR code on medicine packaging?

custom qr code

In choosing your QR code generator to generate your QR code, it is always best to choose the one that’s reliable for your pharmaceutical company like QRTIGER.

QR Tiger is a trusted QR code generator used by many brands around the world.

If you want to try and experiment on your QR code, you can also generate your free QR code using their static QR code, which also allows unlimited scans of your QR code. 

But- if you want to upgrade more of your QR code, you can use their Dynamic QR code generator, wherein you can make changes and update your Dynamic QR code’s information anytime you want and track scans. 

Using an unreliable QR code generator could put your company’s name in a compromise. 

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Why is a dynamic QR code better for your drug packaging?qr codes on pharmaceutical packaging dynamic

Dynamic QR code is always better to use in all aspects as it allows you to have complete and overall control behind the information of your QR code.

Using a Dynamic QR code generator online, you can change the data of your QR code’s data when it’s necessary.

For example, you can lead your consumers about a product video today, change it the very next day to a PDF file, or whatever type of information you want to embed on it. 

All you need to do is go over your Dynamic QR code generator online and click on the “edit” button. 

Moreover, with dynamic QR code, you do not need to regenerate your QR code even if it has been deployed. This technology is money wise to use and saves your time as well. 

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Securing pharmaceutical packaging with QR codes

QR codes have a lot of uses when integrated into pharmaceutical products. Not only it fights off fake products that will harm people’s health. But, using this advanced technology will bring your consumers into the experience that is not provided with the usual medicine production.

It’s time for the pharmaceutical industries to make a revolution using the QR code technology! 

If you have more additional questions on how you can use QR codes in your pharmaceutical packaging, drug and medicine label, just contact us today for information!

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