QR Codes on Graves: Preserve Memories in 7 Meaningful Ways

Update:  October 27, 2023
QR Codes on Graves: Preserve Memories in 7 Meaningful Ways

QR codes on graves offer a modern yet meaningful way to honor our dearly departed, adapting to the evolving landscape of memorial traditions.

These QR codes go beyond traditional grave inscriptions. They open new avenues for reminiscing memories and paying tribute to loved ones who have passed. Visitors only have to scan them with their smartphones to access them.

Using a reliable QR code generator, you can make a QR code as a digital gateway to photos, videos, stories, and heartfelt messages for a rich and enduring memorial.

Explore the different ways to use QR codes for gravestones below.

What are QR codes for gravestones?

An engraved QR code for headstones is a small, square barcode affixed to a tombstone or memorial marker.

But how do QR codes work?

They can store more than links to a website; QR codes can lead to various digital content, including files, images, and more.

QR codes have changed how we pay tribute to our departed loved ones by introducing a new genre of headstones—the living headstones.

The digital storage capacity of QR codes allows families to include various memorabilia. They won’t have the inconvenience of fitting everything in limited spaces.

These innovative memorials seamlessly blend the enduring tradition of granite headstones with cutting-edge technology.

Meaningful ways to use QR codes on graves

Adding QR codes to gravestones takes memorialization to a whole new dimension. 

Let’s delve into seven meaningful ways to use QR codes on headstones to transform how we honor and celebrate the lives of those we hold dear.


When we lose someone we love, we often wish to revisit their life story whenever we want, and QR codes can make this possible.

By linking a URL QR code on the headstone to your loved one’s biography, you’re not just offering visitors access to a memoir; you’re granting them the gift of immersion into a loved one’s remarkable life journey.

You can include their remarkable achievements and important milestones in the biography. Share their unforgettable travels and the exciting adventures they dove into.

Beyond merely preserving a biography, it’s a chance to safeguard a lasting legacy. This way, their memory provides inspiration and a profound connection to those who hold them dear.

Virtual memorials

People can use a file QR code converter to preserve and treasure the special memories of those who passed.

It’s an endearing way to share what meant a lot to them—their favorite books, movie lines they couldn’t get enough of, or even inside jokes that were your little secrets. You can also add fond memories with their close friends or beloved coworkers.

When visitors see these after scanning, the memory of the departed will be alive once more in their minds.

This brilliant idea allows the ones left behind to contribute to preserving the memories of the departed and ensuring that their presence lives on. And the best part? It’s a way to honor them and bring everyone who remembers them closer together. 

Photo galleries

QR code on grave

A picture holds the power of a thousand words, and with an image gallery QR code, a headstone becomes a gateway to photographs that capture treasured memories.

Using an advanced QR code generator, you can add pictures of family gatherings, scenic landscapes from memorable trips, or any other cherished photos and compile them in a customized landing page. 

It’s a way to bridge the gap between the past and the present, allowing everyone who visits the headstone to form a deeper connection with the person it commemorates.

Your loved one’s spirit and legacy come to life through these images, providing comfort and inspiration to all who honor their memory.

Educational information

Offering educational information through QR codes on graves is a profound way to celebrate the expertise and passions of the departed individual. 

Say the deceased was a botanist. The QR code could direct visitors to a digital library of their research papers, detailed information about the plant species they studied, and virtual tours of botanical gardens they were involved in.

It preserves their legacy and fosters a deeper understanding of their work among the curious and the next generation of botanists.

Songs and playlists

Music possesses a remarkable power to stir emotions and unlock cherished memories.

You can harness this potential by integrating an MP3 QR code that plays the favorite song of the departed. You may also create a landing page QR code leading a thoughtfully curated playlist of their most loved hits.

When visitors engage with this musical tribute, they can do more than listen; they can immerse themselves in the melodies and rhythms that bring back memories of their loved ones. 

Through music, your loved one’s essence and the emotions they held dear continue to thrive, offering solace, inspiration, and a bridge to their enduring memory.

Charitable donations

Take a meaningful step in preserving your loved one’s values and passions by connecting a digital legacy QR code to a charitable donation page.

By engaging with a contactless donation QR code, visitors can contribute to these meaningful causes, perpetuating the positive impact your loved one had on the world. 

It isn’t just about remembering; it’s about actively honoring the causes and organizations that held special meaning to the person you want to commemorate.

Digital guestbook

You can add QR codes on graves to direct visitors to a guestbook. This offers a contemporary spin on the conventional condolence book.

Family and friends who visit the grave can scan the code and record their attendance. After that, they can leave heartfelt messages, share cherished memories, and express their condolences digitally.

This approach isn’t just modern; it’s incredibly accessible and all-encompassing. It’s a means to safeguard the shared love and support of everyone who visits the gravesite.

Create a QR code for gravestones using a QR code generator in five steps

QR TIGER is a wise choice for creating QR codes for gravestones. With this easy-to-use software, you can have a customized QR code in less than a minute.

Here’s how you can create a customized QR code: 

1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator. Then, select a QR code solution.

2. Enter the information into the empty field.

3. Select Static QR or Dynamic QR. Then click the Generate QR code button.

4. Customize your QR code. You can:

  • Choose a pattern style and eye shape
  • Modify the colors
  • Add an image or a logo
  • Use a frame with a call to action

5. Run a scan test on your QR code. Download to save your custom QR code.

Tip: Download your personalized QR code in SVG format to adjust the size of your QR code without compromising its quality.

Real use cases of QR code integration on graves

Curious about the global applications of QR codes on graves? Look no further, as these real-life examples illustrate the transformative power of technology in preserving and celebrating the lives of our loved ones.

The QR code on a gravestone in Ireland

Ireland has experienced a remarkable trend of integrating QR codes into headstones as an art form.

In this region, gravestones now have QR codes meticulously etched onto their surfaces thanks to the innovation of the Entrepreneurial Network of the University College Cork. 

These QR codes are gateways to online profiles and memorial websites, offering an immersive and comprehensive perspective of the individual’s life. 

The QR code forges a connection between the physical and digital worlds through biographical narratives or captivating photo galleries. This ensures that the stories of the departed remain vivid and easily accessible.

Vietnam Veterans Park

Veterans QR code

Vietnam veteran Randy Ark has undertaken the noble mission of developing the Veterans Park in downtown Springfield. 

His primary goal is to preserve the detailed memories of local men who made the ultimate sacrifice in American wars through the innovative use of QR codes.

Ark’s dedication extends beyond securing funds for the memorial installations; he has also meticulously overseen the content for the QR codes on each virtual memorial. 

This hands-on involvement ensures that each code is a gateway to the past. For passersby, engaging with this interactive tribute is as simple as scanning the codes with their smartphones. 

This action unlocks a link brimming with photographs, historical context, and the names of the veterans commemorated by the monument.

Chinese memorials adopt QR codes 

Some Chinese cemeteries have embraced QR codes, enabling mourners to access virtual obituaries in a modern twist on memorial traditions.

When scanned with a smartphone, these QR codes offer a digital tribute for the deceased. 

This innovative blend of technology and tradition provides a unique and interactive method for remembering loved ones, offering a fresh perspective on honoring the departed.

Companies offering QR codes for headstones

QR codes for headstones

If you want to incorporate QR codes into gravestones, you might wonder which companies provide this service. 

While they’re gaining popularity, QR code engravings on tombstones have yet to be widely available through local providers. 

However, several online memorial providers specialize in this option. Here are some of them:

1. Memorial Stories

Benches offer comfort as you reminisce the memories of your loved ones. But Memorial Stories believes that these benches can go beyond mere seating. 

They offer stainless steel plaques with an engraved QR code leading to a remembrance page honoring the life and legacy of the departed.

You can upload their stories, share photographs, add interesting facts, and provide insights into their life. 

For as low as $49, you can create a tribute that can last a lifetime with Memorial Stories, offering comfort for you and future generations. 

2. Quiring Monuments

Quiring Monuments offers a unique and innovative solution with its patented Living Headstones memorial.

This concept skillfully combines the timeless tradition of granite headstones with the interactive capabilities of a digital memorial.

Notably, Quiring Monuments’ Living Headstones have received acclaim and recognition from respected sources, including NPR, USA Today, and ABC News. 

If you choose Quiring Monuments for your memorial needs, you’ll find the process straightforward. You can easily enhance any monument by adding a QR code for the funeral and memorial website, with pricing starting at $75.

3. Catholic Memorials

Catholic Memorials provides self-adhesive, laser-etched plates featuring QR codes particularly designed for urns or headstones. 

These plates are discreet and durable, making them ideal for seamlessly blending with any existing headstone while withstanding various weather conditions.

This option offers an affordable starting price of just $40, making it a budget-friendly choice for incorporating QR codes into memorials.

4. LivingTag

LivingTag is a scannable QR code that can endure outdoor conditions and is waterproof.

It’s adaptable for use with various grave markers. With a reasonable starting price of $39, this choice empowers you with the creative freedom to design a unique and enduring tribute that genuinely reflects the essence of your loved one.

Explore crafting your own scannable LivingTag on Amazon for a more personalized touch. 

5. Legacy Marker

Legacy Marker introduces an intriguing twist to using QR codes for headstones. They offer printed plaques designed to attach to any surface rather than engraving the QR code directly onto the headstone.

These versatile plaques fulfill multiple functions, ranging from assisting in the location of headstones to granting access to digital information and memorial pages. 

This innovative approach not only preserves the aesthetics of the headstone but also enhances its functionality, making it a practical and meaningful addition to the memorialization process.

QR codes for graves: Digitalized memories that will last lifetimes

Today, where memories are captured in pixels and effortlessly shared with a single click, it’s only natural that our way of honoring the departed leaps forward by including QR codes on graves.

As we reflect on the power of QR codes in preserving and sharing memories, consider incorporating them into your offerings. 

If you’re in the memorial industry or simply looking for a unique tribute, QR codes can add a meaningful touch.

Discover the limitless possibilities of QR codes with QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator. 

Our user-friendly platform makes it simple to generate QR codes, even for those with limited technical expertise.

And here’s more: we offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create QR codes that perfectly reflect the memories and sentiments you want to preserve.  

Subscribe to QR TIGER today and venture on a path to creating heartfelt digital tributes.


How do you display a picture on a grave?

You can choose from various options when viewing a picture of a grave. You can select grave markers designed with dedicated photo slots or secure weather-resistant photo frames directly onto the grave marker or headstone. 

Another choice is customizing memorial plaques with engraved photos for a personal touch. Additionally, you can take a tech-savvy approach by incorporating QR codes onto the grave marker to provide digital access to pictures and memories.

Brands using QR codes

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