QR Codes for Sustainable Fashion: Here Are 5 Creative Ways

Update:  February 07, 2024
QR Codes for Sustainable Fashion: Here Are 5 Creative Ways

QR codes for sustainable fashion are a set of QR code solutions that apparel brands can use to lessen their impact on the environment and people.

We are now in the world of fast fashion, where textile and clothing production and consumption have skyrocketed to 60%.

This resulted in environmental impacts such as carbon emissions and water supply scarcity.

That being said, fashion brands must develop solutions to minimize their environmental impact and encourage responsible consumption among their shoppers.

With QR codes, it makes transparency and sustainability campaigns possible.

Fashion brands can strategize more creative approaches using the various types of QR code solutions.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is about producing clothes, shoes, and textile by-products in an environmentally and eco-friendly manner.

Sustainable fashion

Besides the production side, sustainable fashion is also about educating consumers on sustainable consumption and use patterns.

These practices may vary but include sustainable consumption patterns, caring and washing practices, and overall attitudes to fashion.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

Studies have found that the fashion industry produces 10% of overall carbon emissions.

It is also the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply.

With these environmental impacts, apparel brands are starting to improve their impact on the planet and people in the supply chain.

Aside from that, several surveys show that millennials are willing to purchase sustainably produced goods.

Consumers also make better shopping choices by looking at apps such as Good On You, which lists and rates fashion brands on social and environmental parameters.

It stands to reason that brands have to employ practices to help lessen their impact on the planet while educating the customers about their supply chain and product information.

How can we make fashion sustainable with QR codes? Creative QR code ideas for ethical fashion

Direct customers to your website

Dynamic URL QR code converts a URL or a website into a QR code.

When scanned using smartphone devices, it redirects users directly to your website to know more about your products and how they are made.

This strategy also helps you boost your website traffic as the end-users will visit your website to get more valuable information.

Fashion business website

QR code experts recommend using dynamic URL QR codes to edit the URL still whenever you want to redirect your customers to new content.

You can also track the QR code scans to evaluate if your customers engage in your sustainability campaign.

QR code fashion lets you educate customers with a video QR solution

Connecting to your customers is now easy with scannable QR codes for sustainability tags on your clothing collection or apparel.

You can make videos on proper care, washing, and disposing of your product to avoid irresponsible consumption and wastage. Then convert these videos into a video QR code.

QR code fashionCustomers will surely not just appreciate your sustainability initiatives but the way you have improved their customer experience.

Product story with H5 QR code webpage

For apparel brands that do not have a website yet, you can create an interactive webpage using the H5 QR code editor where text, images, and videos of your product story can be found.

A QR code web page or QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that uses H5 technology to make lighter versions of desktop web pages.

You don’t have to pay for domain loyalties using this QR code solution.

Landing page QR code

This type of QR code can help users create and promote their marketing and event mobile pages.

You can put all the information, such as where the materials were sourced, down to the exact roll of fabric used in your product.

To make it interactive, you can attach a video of your transparency efforts by showing the production process.

Product information with PDF QR codes

You can also share your product details and other valuable information using a PDF QR code (under File QR code).

Product information QR code

Using a PDF QR code, you can generate your PDF document and convert it into a QR code.

The scanners can see and download the PDF document right away upon scanning the code using a smartphone gadget (as the document will show up on the smartphone screen after scanning). 

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How to create your QR codes for sustainable fashion?

  • Go to the best QR code generator online
  • Choose among the QR code solutions you need 
  • Click generate and always choose dynamic to edit and track your QR code
  • Personalize your QR code
  • Test your QR codes for sustainable fashion
  • Hit Download
  • Track the data of your QR code

Editing and tracking your QR code for sustainable fashion

QR code becomes an even smarter tech tool powered by dynamic QR codes. Dynamic QR codes are a flexible and advanced type of QR.

These codes are editable and trackable compared to their static counterparts.

Dynamic QR codes are used to redirect audiences to a landing page or any URL with relevant information. They can present new information to your targeted audience from time to time using a Dynamic QR code generator online.

This is how dynamic QR codes come in extra handy when launching your sustainable fashion marketing campaign.

You can edit your QR code’s content at any time of the day without having to print another QR code. 

Even if your QR codes have already been printed, you can save time and money. 

Furthermore, you can also track your QR code scans using the QR code analytics tool and gauge the demographics of your scanners. 

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Use-cases: Sustainable fashion brands using QR code fashion

QR Codes are becoming a supporting tool to increase transparency between consumers and sustainable fashion brands.

Let’s find out more about the fashion brands now using this game-changing tech tool for sustainability.

Another Tomorrow

Fashion brand Another Tomorrow uses QR codes by affixing them to the labels of their latest collection of clothing staples.

A webpage pops up upon scanning that visualizes the piece’s provenance journey and provides you with key sustainability facts.

Fashion brand QR code

Customers can access information such as where the piece was made, where its materials were sourced, and the exact role of the fabric used.

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Gabriela Hearst’s SS20 Collection

Gabriela Hearst’s SS20 collection makes its sustainability campaign come to life by incorporating QR Code labels into each garment.

Gabriela hearst collection

Shoppers who scan the QR code on the collection labels will access information about the materials used, country of origin, production process, certifications, and the inspiration of the garment. 

According to Gabriela Hearst, the campaign allows interested customers to engage with the product on a more detailed level to understand the origin and composition of the garment.

QR code fashion, as used by Diesel

The denim brand giant Diesel jumpstarts their sustainability campaign.

The company is working on a policy that allows customers to scan a QR code and be directed to Diesel’s website.

On that website, buyers will access a trove of information about how the product was made. 

Rudholm Group

Rudholm Group delivers a brand’s sustainability story in a more creative and intelligent concept using QR codes one of the longest-running Sweden-based fashion companies.

Rudholm group

Called as ShareLabel, it adds a unique QR code along with the identification number of the garment label.

Using a smartphone, the customer can scan that code and is directed to a specific URL where the story behind the clothes can be told the brand desires, whether through video, text, or images. 

That lends brands an opportunity to tell the unique story of where, how, and by who a specific piece of clothing was made.

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QR codes ethical fashion: Making sustainable fashion mainstream

Sara Swenson, Global Senior Manager Sustainability at Avery Dennison, says that although labels such as QR codes are by no means the solution that is going to solve everything in the apparel supply chain, it is the place that most people go to find more information on their environment.

That being said, QR codes are becoming an essential tool for keeping people connected to your brand and sustainability campaign.

With QR codes for sustainable fashion, you can easily, directly, and conveniently communicate key information to your shoppers about their clothing so that they can feel more informed and empowered about their purchasing decisions.

Start creating your QR codes for sustainable fashion today, and contact us today.

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