QR Codes in Video Games: Providing Immersive Gaming Experience

Update:  October 27, 2023
QR Codes in Video Games: Providing Immersive Gaming Experience

QR codes in video games are becoming a new tool to engage players because of their ease of use and reliability.

QR codes help game publishers and video game marketers alike to reach the new generation of players.

Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year market with a growing number of video game consumers.

These video game consumers have preferences about what video game to play and the kind of game narrative.

To keep up with the consumers’ preferences and to make a name in a highly competitive market, QR codes in video games can be a vital tool for game publishers and marketers. 

Moreover, QR codes in video games make an interesting storyline because you can easily integrate them into a video game interface. 

You can use QR codes to engage new players and improve the user experience.

Thus, QR codes in video games are an excellent digital tool that helps with gameplay and immersion.

Why QR codes for video games are important?

Video game QR code

Video game developers and game marketers have to work hand in hand to take advantage of varied QR code solutions to reach the untapped market, boost user experience, and drive revenue.

With the convenience and reliability that QR code offers, you can easily integrate it into your game story and marketing. 

Customizable QR codes do not destroy your design elements, making it easier for you to include them on your game interface. 

Moreover, players will no longer type a website (URL) to get their rewards or look for their newly released game in a gaming library.

They’re a very handy smart solution that revolutionizes the gaming industry. They can even transform traditional games like puzzles or use QR code-related terms as clues.

Washington Post did this by giving crossword puzzle enthusiasts the QR code recipients' crossword clue.

With a simple scan of their smartphone, they can access any information instantly. 

Thus, games QR codes are a promising technology for the video gaming industry.

Ways how to use QR codes in video games

Discover new ways to use QR codes in video games for a more immersive gaming experience.

1. Give in-game rewards using a URL QR code

Keep your players glued in the game by adding a QR code to your game story.

Players can collect items or treasures by scanning QR codes placed in different locations in the game.

You can convert your website redemption center or URL into a QR code, so the players will have to scan it to redeem the items or treasures.

For verification purposes, get the player ID and password. 

2. Add interactive video clues in your detective game story 

Another idea is to add a clue to your detective game story by adding a QR code in your game design once a player reaches a specific location in the game.

You can make a video of the clue and convert it into a video QR code (under the file QR code category). 

If you want to change the content format, you can also do that, as the file QR code allows you to change the file type without generating a new QR code.

You can change the file type to JPEG, PNG, doc, MP3, excel, or video. 

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3. Bulk URL QR code for downloadable content of your released video game

As a standard practice by many game publishers, you can include downloadable content (DLC) of your released video game.

You can offer loot crates, extra characters, weapon skins, etc., as part of pre-order bonuses, special edition bundles, and re-releases.

You can put a QR code of the DLC on that game interface to redirect the player to a website like Steam to download the DLC.

Make sure to copy the specific DLC link from your base game page to the URL menu of a QR code generator.

This way, players will no longer search for additional content. 

Don’t forget to add a call to action like “Scan to download free weapon skins” to increase scans and prompt the players to use the DLC. 

For large numbers of DLCs, you can use a bulk URL QR code, so you will not create a QR code one by one. 

Just download the template here for generating URL QR codes in bulk.

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4. URL QR code to easily access video games

Suppose you are launching a video game or promoting an existing one.

In that case, you can include on your marketing campaign a URL QR code of your video game that will redirect subscribers to a website like Steam (gaming library).

If your video game is available only on Steam, you can convert the video game URL into a QR code.

This way, subscribers will no longer have to type the link or search the game in their Steam accounts. 

5. MP3 QR code for video game soundtrack

Convert your video game soundtrack into a QR code by using the MP3 QR code solution.

An MP3 QR code solution converts a sound file into a QR code and, once scanned, will play a soundtrack.

This is convenient as players can play the sound file without the need for additional apps.

Using the dynamic QR code, you can also edit or modify your soundtrack’s link that redirects to another soundtrack. You don’t have to generate a new QR code or reprint a new one. 

Just head over to the QR code generator software and do a quick update of your file. 

If you would like to know how many people scan your MP3 QR code and their location (city or country), you can track this data using the QR code generator’s data tracking system. 

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6. Spotify QR code for video game soundtracks

If you’re concerned with copyright issues, you can also create an account on audio streaming platforms like Spotify.

Then create a playlist of your soundtracks.

For example, Riot Games, Inc. released the soundtrack of their League of Legends game on Spotify, where their users can listen to their video game soundtracks.

To easily share your soundtracks and increase your listeners, you can opt to make a Spotify QR code.

Your users will be redirected to a link to your soundtrack without the need to search for the soundtrack title.

To create a Spotify QR code, you have to convert the URL of the music in Spotify into a QR code.

Search for the song you want to share and click the share icon. Then select the copy link field.

Then go to a QR code generator and select the URL category.

Lastly, paste the Spotify audio link to generate the QR code.

If you want to promote different soundtracks using the same QR code, choose the dynamic QR code that allows you to make changes to your link and track the scans.

This way, there’s no need to reprint the QR code, as you only have to update the URL of your Spotify QR code. 

Another alternative QR code solution in promoting your video game soundtrack includes a File QR code (choose the MP3). 

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7. App store QR code to boost download

If you want to promote the mobile game version of your video games, you can also make games QR code that connects the user directly to the device’s default app store using an app store QR code.

Since the app store QR code will redirect your users to different URLs based on the user’s device OS, it is very convenient to promote your mobile games with only one QR code.

It can be for Android OS or iPhone iOS, so you don’t have to create two QR codes for each device.

Also, the users will not manually search for the name of their mobile game in the app store since they will be redirected to the URL of the game with a single scan of their smartphones.

Since the App Store QR code is dynamic, you can edit your URL without generating a new QR code. Hence, it saves you time and effort!

8. Do a contest for players using multi URL QR code

Whether you’re giving out free skins to your players as an incentive or promotion, a QR code is a good tool to make your video game contest activity fun!

QR code changes its URL after a certain amount of scans.

For example, if you want to reward the third player who scanned your QR code by giving free prestige skins, you can do this using the multi URL QR code.

Just choose the ‘amount of scans’ and then input a start URL that will redirect the first and second scanners to your webpage containing a consolation reward. 

Under the amount of scans tab, input “2” since this is the number of scans before a user switches to another URL or webpage that contains the prestige skins.

Then the third person who scans your multi URL QR code will be redirected to a webpage where he can redeem the prestige skins.

After generating the multi URL QR code, you can deploy it by using banner ads or doing in-game advertising. 

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9. Promote your partner streamers and gaming personalities using the Twitch QR code

Help your partner streamers build up their gaming audience by generating a QR code for streaming platforms like Twitch.

This way, you are not only helping your streamers gain followers, but you are also promoting your video game.

Furthermore, gamers can also learn tips from the streamer and interact with the gaming community.

To create a Twitch QR code, your partner streamers should create an account in Twitch. After that, copy the URL of the streamer’s Twitch profile.

Then proceed to your QR code generator online. Choose the URL category and paste the URL. Customize your QR code and generate it.

Gamers will scan the Twitch QR code to follow the streamer.

No need to search for the username of the streamer. 

Another alternative is to use the Facebook QR code or YouTube QR code if the streamers have an account with these social media channels. 

How to make QR codes in video games

Creating custom games QR code is fast and easy when you have a reliable QR code generator.

When you use QR TIGER to generate your QR code, follow these easy steps:

  • Open QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select from the menu what type of QR code solution you need for your video game
  • Enter your data in the field below the solution
  • Choose whether static or dynamic
  • Click “Generate QR Code” and customize your QR code
  • Choose multiple patterns and eyes, add a logo, and set colors to customize your QR code to make it more visually appealing
  • Download your QR code
  • Test if it works
  • Distribute your QR code

QR code in games use-case: Video game companies using QR codes for video games

QR code in video gamesUbisoft Entertainment, a French video game company, uses a QR code to allow Assassin’s Creed players to earn Eivor DNA fragments.

When the code is scanned, the players can recruit Eivor, a hero in the game, as part of the Rebellion brotherhood.

This is a creative use of a QR code to reward players with a limited unlock of a hero. 

Benefits of QR codes in video games

Coupon QR codeAlthough QR code is not the only solution to engage your players or upgrade your video games, it offers you various benefits for your video game. Read on to learn more about its advantages. 

1. Enhance playability 

One of the most significant user experience measures in gaming is playability, where a player should enjoy your game. 

A video game’s user interface design has a substantial impact on a game’s playability and user experience.

With the use of QR codes in video games, you can easily add them to your game graphics with minimal changes to your visual elements.

You can customize the color of your QR codes to complement the color scheme of the game interface.

2. Seamless information transfer

When you use QR codes in video games, you make things easier for players to access more information.

They only need to use their smartphones to scan the QR code to uncover what information is behind the QR code. 

3. Generate customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

When players are engaged in your video game because of the creative integration of QR codes in the game, you also make them become returning customers. 

When you eliminate the tedious task of typing and searching for accessing information from your players, they become more satisfied with your video game. 

Players will promote your video game to the gaming community and their peers because they trust your brand.

4. Data tracking for video game marketing

How many players scanned your MP3 QR code?

Are players scanning your printed QR code?

You can get answers to these questions using the real-time data tracking system of the QR code generator. 

You can measure your video marketing campaign and monitor how well your QR codes work using the metrics such as location by city or country, number of scans, and the device used. 

Tips on how to maximize your QR codes in video games

To maximize your QR codes in video games, here are five best tips:

1. QR code’s visual

To maintain your QR code’s scannability, don’t forget to customize it by following standard editing techniques.

Of course, you are free to experiment and apply your design skills to your QR code. 

But don’t forget the universal rule in customizing QR codes: the foreground color should be darker than the background color. 

2. Add a call to action

If you are using a QR code for your video game marketing, don’t forget to include a call to action. 

A call to action prompts users on what to do and gets them straight to the goal.  

As an additional tip, keep the location of the CTA clear and conceivable. Plus, make sure to have a good color contrast so that the CTA button is readable.

3. Add logo, image, or icon if applicable

Adding a logo, image, or icon makes your QR codes look more professional. 

For example, in your app store QR code, you can add an application logo for a higher chance of product recall.

Your users will easily remember your mobile game if they can see a logo. 

You can also add a logo or icon on your contest QR code to maintain a sense of branding and identity in the gaming community.

4. Right-sizing matters

Make your QR code easy to scan by following the minimum size: 2 x 2 cm or 0.8 x 0.8 in.

This standard sizing makes your QR code visible and easily seen by users.

But if you use printed QR codes on billboards or posters, their sizes may vary.

So make sure to consider the kind of advertising environment so that the QR code is still scannable. 

5. Proper placement

Do not make your QR code go unnoticed by placing it in the wrong places.

Your users or players will not scan it if they can’t see the QR code easily.

So make your QR code attention-grabbing when using it as part of the graphic elements in your game or your video game marketing. 

As a simple rule: just remember to display your QR code at a high visual level so players can notice it. 

Engaging gaming experience with QR codes in video games

Transport your gamers to a new and engaging experience with the use of QR codes. 

With the help of QR codes, your players can get more rewards, go to a website right away, or start following their favorite streamers right away.

You also create excitement for your players by incorporating QR codes into your game story.

It makes them wonder what they can get when they scan the QR code. 

Players can use it to unlock content like better weapons or protection, different equipment types, increased resilience, and many more. 

Promote your video game, or make it a lot more fun with QR codes! 

Contact us now to learn more about the QR code solutions that we offer.

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