How to Reset QR Codes in QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Update:  July 31, 2023
How to Reset QR Codes in QR TIGER QR Code Generator

In case you didn’t know, you could reset QR codes with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator.

If your QR code only accumulated 20 scans or less, you can reset it to delete all scanning data so you can redeploy it and test its effectiveness

With this feature, you can improve QR code campaigns that didn’t get enough engagement from your target audience when you first launched them.

You can then find out where you went wrong or what you lacked to relaunch a better campaign than the previous one.

Continue reading the article to find out how to use it for your campaigns.

Redirecting existing QR codes vs. resetting QR codes

Reset QR codes

People often need clarification on redirecting or edit a QR code and QR code reset.

Redirecting is when you change the link to the QR code so it would lead to different data.

This lets you create a new campaign using the same QR code. It’s simply editing the QR code’s content.

On the other hand, resetting a QR code is when you permanently remove the old data of your QR code scans so you can collect new data for your QR campaign.

How these two are interlinked

As mentioned, you can only reset QR codes with 20 scans or fewer. Having a few scans after quite a while signifies your campaign isn’t doing well.

When this happens, you will not only think to reset it—you will also consider redirecting your QR code to a more exciting marketing strategy to attract more scanners this time.

If your campaign lacks engagement, you may do more than just a QR code reset. Why would you stick to the same thing if it is not working?

Resetting and redirecting a QR code doesn’t need to happen simultaneously. Whether you should reset, redirect, or do both is your call.

The good thing is you still have the original QR code you created in the first place after doing all of this.

Why do users clear QR code test scans?

It’s hard to accurately track the total number of scans when the test scans’ data are still in the QR code.

Resetting your QR code clears all data, guaranteeing you can start from zero scans for your new campaign.

Remember that you should be at most 20 scans for testing.

If the scans go beyond that, you won’t be able to reset it.

Resetting QR codes can also mean ending a QR code campaign if it isn’t getting enough traction.

You can clear the number of scans to replace your campaign with a new, improved one.

How to reset QR codes in 7 easy steps

Steps to reset QR codes

After knowing how to create a QR code with QR TIGER, you must learn how to reset your dynamic QR codes on the dashboard.

If you haven’t subscribed to any tiered plan, you can sign up for a free trial to access this advanced feature.

Here’s how to reset your existing dynamic QR codes:

  • Log in to your QR TIGER account
  • Click My Account, then select Dashboard
  • On the left panel, choose your QR code’s category

    You can also search your campaign by typing its name or ID
  • Find the campaign you want to reset, then click Settings
  • Select Reset QR code from the dropdown menu
  • On the pop-up, click Save to reset your QR code

Why you should use a dynamic QR code generator to reset QR codes

Dynamic QR code generator

Resetting dynamic QR codes is a feature that’s handy and helpful, especially for companies who use QR codes for their marketing strategies.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are other advanced features of a dynamic QR code generator that can help your business:

  • Edit the QR code. Change your dynamic QR code’s content to redirect it to another data or update its information—no need to create a new QR code. You can also edit your QR code even though you’ve printed or deployed it.
  • Track QR code scans. Monitor your QR code’s total number of scans, the time and location of each scan, and the OS of the scanner’s device.
  • Multi URL QR code. This unique dynamic QR code can embed multiple URLs. When scanned, it can redirect users to different landing pages depending on four factors: their location, the time of the scan, the device’s language, and the number of scans.
  • Social media QR code. Another dynamic QR code solution that lets you add multiple social media handles, messaging, and eCommerce apps on one landing page. QR TIGER has so many QR code solutions to offer. 
  • Software integrations. QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code generator also offers integrations with HubSpot, Zapier, Google Analytics, and Canva.

How to optimize your QR code campaign 

Go for dynamic QR codes 

This one’s a no-brainer. From the ability to track scans to the option to redirect existing QR codes, dynamic QR codes are the better choice for your campaigns.

After scanning a QR code, the page should load in three to four seconds. Make your landing page visually appealing, but ensure it will not affect the load speed.

Include your brand’s image or logo

Advertise your brand using QR codes with your business logo on brochures, flyers, or posters with additional information to engage your customers.

Customers can verify and trust that a personalized QR code bearing a brand’s logo is legitimate and does not lead to phishing sites.

Add a call-to-action

A few examples include  “scan to watch a video,” “scan to get a discount,” or “scan to know the story.”

Consider the size of your QR code

Your QR code must be at least 2 x 2 cm to fall within the range. The scanning range of your QR code increases with its size. But this is only applicable to posters and brochures.

For bigger print ads, such as billboards, you need to maximize the size of your QR code.

Use a Dynamic QR code and reset your QR code scans in your campaign

The option for QR code reset is a huge advantage to digital marketers since it lets them test out their campaigns first before launching them.

They can also clear QR code scans of campaigns that didn’t get enough engagement, allowing them to release a more improved version of the said campaign.

This innovation—paired with the editing and tracking features—is another good reason to use dynamic QR codes for your business.

And when it comes to dynamic QR codes, QR TIGER is your best choice.

We offer tiered plans at reasonable prices to ensure you’ll find one that suits your needs.

Generate dynamic QR codes with the best QR code generator online today.

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