How to Create a QR Code and Get the Most Out of It

Last updated:   October 18, 2022

To create a QR code, simply use custom a QR code generator online such as QRTIGER.  

Most people ask how to create a QR code when these 2x2 square of pixels look too technical.

QR Codes are getting used worldwide, but still, many business brands don't understand how to get the most out of them and more importantly how to make people scan them.

A common mishap that we see is that people make their QR codes too small or push them out in corner of their promotional or marketing materials.

The most essential key factor is that you want people to scan these QR codes. When your QR codes look worse than a barcode then forget about catching the attention of your target audience.

With QRTIGER, you can customize and design your QR code to follow your branding.  

In this article, we will talk about a few aspects that make your QR code marketing much more effective and fun! We'll also give you QR code campaign tips to make your campaign successful. 

Let's have a closer look at the image and learn. 

How to make a QR code?

  • Go to
  • Choose from the menu the types of QR you want to generate
  • Select Static or dynamic
  • Click Generate QR code
  • Customize
  • Do a scan test before downloading your QR code
  • Download and print

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QR code campaign tips and how to create a QR code that gets more scans 

1. Add a Logohow to create a qr code

Add a logo of your brand on your QR code design and make it stand out.

Your logo doesn't always need to be in the middle, it might be too small to see, you could as well put it on top or integrate the QR code in your design.

You can even cover a part of the QR code, but remember to test well if your QR code can still be scanned. If you already did, then test a few times more.

2. Call for actionhow to create a qr code customizable

Add a "Call for Action" along your QR code design to get 80% more scans. If there's one thing you should learn when you create a QR code, it's using the right call to actions that go along with your QR code.

People are indifferent when they look at a QR code. Adding a CTA such as SCAN! Watch Video! ...  will make them understand what to do. 

Too many brands still forget to do this. 

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3. Customize your QR codehow to create a qr code dynamic

One of the QR code campaign tips you should remember is to make a colorfully designed QR code.

Integrating your branding makes it FUN.

Black and white QR Codes feel absolutely soulless, and un-worthy of scanning.

The most important thing here is to not use light colors such as yellow. Light patterns tend to be difficult to scan.

We also recommend always use a white background or a light background. 

4. Put your QR code in a strategic location

Put your QR code central on your flyers, packaging so it straight jumps in the eye of your target customers, it will be more successful.

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5. Choose Dynamic QR codes

Create a 'dynamic' QR code, you can edit your URL behind your QR code at any time, even when printed, saves you time and money on printing.

Plus you can track data of your dynamic QR codes, which makes you better understand when and where to people scan. Doing marketing without understanding data is hard to measure your success rate. dynamic qr code generator

6. Make your landing page creative

Have an engaging mobile-friendly landing page where people quickly can understand your offer or what to do.

Most brands fail into delivering this what gives a bad user experience and make users click away. Test your QR code good!

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More QR code campaign tips you should follow 

  • To make your QR code campaign get more scans here’s a list of QR code campaign tips you should follow: 
  • Customize your QR codes but do not over-customize 
  • Do away from inverted QR code colors 
  • Put enough contrast in the colors of your QR code colors
  • Do not make your QR code blurry 
  • Generate your QR code in dynamic form to make the appearance of your QR code less dense 
  • Consider the sizing of your QR code 
  • Place your QR code strategically 

These are just some of the QR code campaign tips you should follow. You can read this blog to learn more. 

Learn how to create a QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator

When using your QR codes for marketing, it is important to put these simple steps in mind, we have done several tests to see what works best for our clients.

QR Codes are an unmissable tool on your advertising material as they give a digital dimension to anything. Make your own custom QR code design for free on QRTIGER

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a QR code have to be black and white? 

A QR code does not have to be black and white. QR codes are customizable in appearance using a customizable QR code generator. 

How to make a QR code stand? 

Using an unbreakable plastic Acrylic QR code standee to display your QR code outside your retail stores, you can make your QR code more visible and sophisticated-looking at the same time. 

White Acrylic QR codes stands can be used in shops and offices.  

brands using qr codes