How to use a QR code digital business card generator

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

A QR code digital business card generator lets you create a virtual contact card or a vCard QR code that allows your recipient to download your information automatically to their smartphone device when they scan the QR code.

Business cards are often aimed at giving your clients or business partners a brief introduction about yourself and your company.

One way to add a value to your static business card is by adding a digital business card or vCard QR code to it. 

By using a QR code generator, you can create your vCard QR code to make an online version of your business card, which would give you a big edge in marketing yourself to your clients.

Read this article to know how and why the QR code business card generator is the next big thing.

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How to create a digital business card QR code? 

  1. G0 to
  2. Click vCard in the file menu
  3. Enter your contact details
  4. Customize your business card QR code
  5. Do a scan test before your download and print it

Information you can store in your vCard using the QR code business card generator

QR code generators vary in the type of services they offer. 

However, when you create your vCard QR code in QRTIGER, you can add a lot of information as you'd like in your QR code (see below). 

Moreover, you will  also be able to update your vCard information without the need to re-print or re-generate your business card again, as it is a dynamic type of QR and you can also track your vCard QR code scans. 

scanning business card qr code

This means, you will also be able to save your money with all of the printing expenses which makes it convenient in the long run!

The following are the data you can embed in your vCard QR code using QRTIGER’s digital business card generator

  • Name of the vCard holder
  • Name of the organization
  • Title 
  • Phone number (private and work and mobile)
  • Fax, Email, Website 
  • Street, City, Zipcode
  • State, Country, Profile Picture
    Personal description 
  • Social media accounts and more

Check out the example of the vCard QR code here. 

Generating vCard QR codes in bulk

create bulk qr code for business card

Should you need to generate multiple vCard QR code for your employees, you can also use the bulk vCard QR code software so you don’t have to generate vCard QR codes individually.

Using the bulk vCard QR solution, you can generate multiple unique vCard QR codes in one go.

The digital business card setting today using a vCard QR code

business card with qr code

More often than not, your business cards or the business cards you received from someone you just met ends up housing in the trash bin, without delivering its right purpose. 

Because in all honesty, only a few percentage of the business cards printed every day would really serve its purpose.

Let’s be frank, if not for the content, business cards are there to be a piece of paper to be scribbled, take an unexpected note while you’re in a rush, etc.

These common situations primarily happen because these cards are so conventional and unappealing for the audience that their worth is only that of any other paper.

They have been reduced to a paper carried inside a wallet or bag ready to be picked up and scribbled on.

However, the advancement in the latest technology led to the development of QR codes which can absolutely alter this situation for all of us.

QR code business card generator is a digital innovation to give this conventional paper a hint of advancement and once again give its purpose back.

People can grasp attention to much extent by using these codes on business cards. These QR codes can be scanned, for instance, the vCard Plus QR Code.

This article will enlighten you about how these codes can be used on business cards. 

QR code and QR code generators

Quick response codes are simple black and white boxes. They mainly look like white noise with around three squares on the top right, left and the bottom left as well.

These codes are categorically designed to be scanned and almost every type of smartphone can do this. The users must access a QR scanning app for this purpose. 

Nowadays certain industries use QR codes in certain ways; a number of food and other packaging companies are using these codes on their products for better advertisement and customer reach, magazines have integrated QR codes to offer an interactive way of reading, physical stores are placing QR codes on their window stores which redirects to new promos, discounts, when-worn videos of their products, etc.

Similarly adding QR codes to business cards can benefit the job seekers as well as the employers. How? Let us walk you through.

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How to maximize the use of vCard QR code in business cards?

scanning business card qr code

There are a number of advantages of using QR codes on business cards. One of the most obvious ones is using them on your business stationery.

This will instantly enable you to create a channel for your network in a smooth and effortless way. When you place these QR codes on business cards (also called cards), any connection can, in one click, load all your contact data to their smartphone, which is a super-efficient process.

Are you already interested? Here are more benefits listed down below on why you should get a QR code for your business card.

1. Add a link to an online portfolio

link business card qr code to resume

If you want any straightforward link to some online resume or portfolio, adding a QR code on your card would allow you to do it.

By using these codes, you can redirect people about the exact location of your curriculum vitae or resume on the internet.

Precisely it can be done through any LinkedIn page, some website that is being created with Wix, or by using a PDF QR Code.

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2. Exhibit your creativity promptly

link business card qr code to portfolio

If you are a creative genius, getting a traditional business card might not very efficiently help you.

But by using a QR code, it would be really easy for you to show your new animation, funky illustration, graphic design, or doodling to potential clients.

QR code in your business card can become a portal to your portfolio or your previous projects. This quick response code is going to alert your contacts about your exclusive skills.

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3. Alluring digital business card using QR code generator

business card with qr code

If you want to get a creative business card, a QR code generator can be of your utmost help.

This unique technology offers the required tools to create spectacular business cards.

These cards will not only fetch attention but also create the ease that a traditional card can never do.

4. Placement of the QR codes on your resume

scanning qr code on a resume

By placing a QR Code on your resume or CV, you can link it to your projects, references or any other pertinent material.

You can also print the vCard QR code in your resume that will allow your prospective employer to save your contact details automatically on their smartphones. 

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5.  Linkage with potential customers

business card with qr code

The placement of QR codes on your business cards can create a bond with the customers.

There is no doubt that using marketing tools such as online videos, blogs as well as websites can greatly work customize your business but convincing the customers to go through all this is a hassle. 

However, QR codes solve this issue. Take a look at the example of our vCard template

Using a vCard QR code, you can also track the data of your QR code scans and who have scanned it! 

Create a digital business card QR code with QRTIGER today

By using a QR code generator for business cards, you can generate a vCard QR code in your very own style. This code will eventually be embraced by people from all walks of life because of the ease and personalization they offer.

There are many QR code business software waiting to help you become the most efficient job hunter, freelancer, the employer you can ever be.

It’s essential to make use of dynamic QR code for your vCard as they can help you in updating all your information behind your business card QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allows you to track valuable consumer data! Make your QR code on QRTIGER: 

If you want to generate your business card in bulk, you can also contact our website today for more information! 

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QR code business card for free 

QR code for business cards are generated in dynamic QR code as it stores a heavy amount of information which static QR codes cannot do.

To generate your vCard QR code, just go to QRTIGER, input your information and make your QR code for business cards.  

brands using qr codes