Scan-A-Sutra: How to Position QR Codes in Your Marketing Strategy

Update:  August 19, 2023
Scan-A-Sutra: How to Position QR Codes in Your Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like you’re not hitting the right spot with your QR code campaigns? What’s your favorite position when it comes to marketing strategies?

Is it the top, middle, or bottom of the funnel?

Different strokes for different folks. But when it comes to QR codes for marketing, we don’t believe that size really matters, and we don’t tolerate vanilla engagements, either.

We want our customers to take action, to feel excited.

We want to have them bite, claw, and crawl their way up to lead conversion.

So, it’s only right that we guide you through the best uses and positions of QR codes. There seems to be a dry spell in QR code creativity these days, and we need to shake things up.

Introducing the QR TIGER Scan-a-Sutra: The best QR code positions in marketing strategies.

Here are some of the best practices that you can use to spark creativity and reach more organic heights.

Positioning QR codes in marketing campaigns

3d QR code

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Businesses or individuals can use QR codes to tease their customers and pique interest when promoting a certain product or service.

The data is spread for users to see in real-time. Doll up your dynamic QR code and make it enticing for customers.

The more attractive your post and QR code are, the more chances your potential customers will scan it.

There’s just something about QR codes that arouses the interest of anyone who comes across it. Pair it with an attractive post, and you’re sure to engage more customers as long as you keep your post up.

In fact, a study on the impact of QR codes on purchase intention and customer satisfaction confirmed that:

“QR codes influence perceived flow, [and the] combined effects of them, in turn, influenced online shoppers’ satisfaction and, finally, purchase intention.”

The study further discussed that QR codes help businesses increase their sales volume because of their usefulness, feasibility, and acceptability.

QR codes easily connect customers to the shopping site and provide more information, all at a minimum cost.

QR codes have been effectively used in billboards, magazines, websites, and other marketing materials.

Recently, we’ve seen QR code drones light up the sky, and even more inventive, the use of QR Codes from the shadows of the midday sun made a buzz. 

People are just glad to use it. Gone are the days of offline advertising and long, boring pamphlets.

In the realm of online marketing, speed, and efficiency are the aphrodisiacs.

Here are the ways you can effectively use QR codes to track the performance of your marketing campaigns:

Take charge: drive customers to a specific landing page

Cosmetics QR code

Drive potential customers to a specific landing page and not just on your homepage.

You can generate a URL QR code to convert your landing page. When you scan this using a smartphone, it directs you to the URL you have embedded. 

Directing them to a specific landing page focuses on your advertisement’s purpose, leading a customer to take the right action once they’re led to that site.

For instance, you could lead them directly to your Contact Us page, your Discounted Items page, your Bookings/Reservations page, or to download your app.

How’s that for taking charge?

QR codes are the more effective gateway to that landing page, eliminating the need to type in long URL addresses or open a browser to click on a link. 

The use of QR codes for marketing makes it easier to convert your audience. 

Why? Because it’s a two-way street.

It’s enticing, it promotes consent upon scanning and motivates businesses to do better. That is, making that scan worthy for their audience.

As marketers, we know we only get that one shot to engage our audiences. Make it a good one.

Dominate: Lead customers to your social media pages

Social media QR code

Put your customers first, and they will come to you. Make it easy for them to follow your social media pages for future updates.

One way to promote your pages is to post a discount or promo on your social media networks using a link in the bio QR code solution.  

Make it fun, fresh, and creative. Set a colorful, dynamic QR code and write an inviting copy to get them to scan the QR code to your social media pages.

Lead: Share your company details using QR codes

Certain companies are using vCard QR codes to make digital business cards. It should represent your brand.

Done right, it can easily pique the curiosity of your network. 

You can share this with attendees at trade exhibitions and expos.

You will easily be remembered with your electronic business card in a sea of paper trails. 

Set up a QR code on your exhibit booth, and include your company address and contact details.

Alternatively, you can entice your customers by adding an attractive QR code to your business card. See how this compels them to pull out their phones and scan the code.

The second they scan your code, your business and contact info will automatically be downloaded into their smartphones. 

Turn them on: Show your business location

Location QR code

If you’re a restaurant or establishment that needs to invite more people to check out your shop, use the QR code for Google Maps.

To do this, just go to the QR TIGER homepage and choose the URL feature.

Paste your Google Maps link, and choose Dynamic QR.

Feel free to customize it according to your brand. You can even add your logo to the QR code, too.

The main point of this is when people scan the QR code, this will direct them to the location of your store.

Make them come. Don’t stop posting until more people visit your shop.

Leave your contact details in there, too, so they will know how to reach you if they need anything else. Done this way, even you would be surprised how many customers will come and visit your store.

Make them beg for more: instant deals and offers using QR Codes

Here’s your chance to create discount coupons using QR codes.

You can still keep your physical coupons, but having a digital coupon will make it easier for people to access and store your promo.

Now they won’t have a hard time trying to find where they put the paper coupon.

Slip and slide! Encourage them to share your promo online. Be it on their social media pages or DMs.

Your customers can easily share the post with the QR code, and it will reach many potential customers this way. 

This coupon QR code can also be printed on a poster, flyer, brochure, or posted in your newsletter. The possibilities are endless.

What’s important is that you start reaching more customers and activate online word-of-mouth with the coupon QR code.

We all know that these QR promo codes are easily shared across all social media and messaging apps.

How does this work? For one, the code will be applied at checkout or shown upon payment. You can even share a secret code for a more exclusive touch on your promo.

Businesses may also use this for retargeting customers on Facebook and Google.

If a regular promo code doesn’t work as well as you expect, colorful QR code coupons are always worth a try.

‘Did you like it?’ Get customer reviews using QR codes

To know if you’re a good performer, it’s best to get the feedback of your customers.

QR codes are one of the best ways to encourage customers to leave their reviews.

Attach a QR code to the tag of an item you’re selling. Make sure it’s attractive, so they can easily see and scan it.

You can put a CTA on it that says something like, “Scan code to rate us.”

When a customer uses their smartphone to scan the QR code, they will be redirected to the product’s review page. Easy peasy.

You can encourage more reviews by giving your customers rewards, say, a free smoothie, an eGift, or a discount code.

Find the sweet spot of QR codes in business and marketing

When it comes to QR codes for marketing, don’t be afraid to experiment. Take your time.

Explore the ins and outs of QR TIGER’s website and your account. There you’ll see a collection of features you can choose for any type of campaign.

It’s been proven time and again that QR codes, when done right, have the power to increase your revenue by growing your website traffic and helping raise your brand awareness.

The popularity of QR codes is here to stay, and it’s best to hop in on this paperless, contactless train while it’s hot. Be creative. Start a new and exciting QR code campaign.

This could surely create buzz not just for your business but in the marketing community, as well.

Email marketing

Competition is tight, but somehow, email marketing is still quite effective.

One of the best ways to include a lot of information in a short, attractive, and skimmable newsletter is to use QR codes in your email marketing campaigns.

Rather than reading through the email to get the information or offer they’re interested in, they can simply use a QR code to access the information.

QR codes for events promotion

Instead of wasting time and money promoting your company’s events offline, it’s time to take it online.

Generate a dynamic QR code, and post it on your social media channels. 

This way, you’re able to reach more people and inform them of the event details right away.

Your QR codes can appear on television, billboards, websites, social media, and print ads.

Effective marketing makes use of different senses. With this, it’s important to note that dynamic QR codes don’t just end with URLs and social media links.

You can also create an audio QR code that leads to music and/or audio announcement of your event.

This is one way to create fresh and exciting event promotions. One that will surely get talked about once you launch it.

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QR codes for TV advertisements

Whopper QR code

TV ads can be quite expensive. To make it worth every penny, place a QR code on your TV ad.

When a viewer scans a QR code in a TV advertisement, they are sent to a website where they can get further information about your business.

Innovative marketers may turn offline interactions into online conversions by placing QR codes on TV commercials.

QR codes for social media influencers

Advertise all of your social media accounts in a single QR code.

Link your printed campaign materials to your social media accounts by embedding them in flyers, posters, or brochures.

As a social media influencer, you can use this QR code solution to boost the number of your followers. Print it out and show it on your live videos.

Take pictures with your personalized QR code, and even ask your followers to share it.

There are just so many ways for social media influencers to use QR codes for their online marketing.

Use QR TIGER to create QR codes for your business and marketing

QR TIGER provides the best features you could ask for in a QR code generator. It lets you customize your code to match your brand, product, and purpose.

Learn how to be more creative with your marketing campaigns today with QR TIGER QR code generator online.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help your business with our generator.

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