How to use a Spotify QR code generator

Last updated:   August 05, 2022

Spotify QR code generator is used to generate Spotify QR codes that will instantly play the Spotify music/podcast once scanned. 

But as millions of Spotify users are into Spotify codes, other campaign users opt to use Spotify QR code’s convenience.

Since the demand for the internet has become a necessity we can’t live without, direct access to online platforms has become increasingly demanding.  

In this article, we’ll give you a thorough guide on how you can generate a Spotify QR code using a Spotify QR code software and share your music files instantly through QR. 

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What is Spotify?

spotify qr code Spotify is an online platform that contains digital music, podcast, and video streaming service with 180 million users. 

Using this platform, you can access millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world.

What is a Spotify QR code generator?

Spotify QR code

Spotify song code generator, as we’ve mentioned, will convert your video/music/podcast in Spotify into a QR code. 

The Spotify QR code is a QR code solution that embeds your Spotify music/podcast/video link into a QR code that will instantly play your file once scanned. 

This kind of solution enables you to share music from Spotify without downloading the Spotify codes app anymore.

If you want to know how to make QR code for Spotify playlist, you should first copy or get the link of the music or the audio that you would like to generate in a QR code. 

Here’s how it works

1. Open your Spotify

The first step is to open the app on your smartphone gadget or desktop devices. Spotify is available through the app and through their website.

2. Search the song you want to share 

spotify playlist qr code Once you have opened the app, search for the song you want to share and convert it into a QR code.

To search for the song, just go through the app’s search tab and start typing the music or podcast you would like to share. 

3. Click the share icon.

Sharing from the desktop version of Spotify

Sharing from the desktop version of Spotify 1. Using your mouse, drag the cursor towards the audio album image.

2. Right-click the image.

3. Select the share icon.

Sharing from the mobile version of Spotify

Sharing from the mobile version of Spotify

1. Tap the search icon and enter the title of the song or audio

2. Select the audio image of the song you search for.

3. Open the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

4. Select the share icon.

5. Select the copy link field.

Now you have found and selected the share icon on your Spotify audio on mobile and desktop devices, click the copy link field.

After choosing the copy link field, you are now ready to copy-paste that link into the Spotify code generator online.

How to make QR code for Spotify playlist using a Spotify QR code generator online?

Now that you have copied your Spotify audio link, you can now generate your Spotify QR code. Just follow these five simple steps.

1. Go to and select the URL category and paste the Spotify audio link

spotify qr code softwareSpotify QR code is under the URL QR code solution as the Spotify audio link is a URL itself.

Paste your Spotify audio link in the URL section.

2. Generate dynamic instead of static

generate qr code spotify Spotify QR code in a dynamic mode will allow you to:

  • Redirect your Spotify QR code to another music/playlist/video/podcast (or even to another URL)
  • Track your Spotify QR code scans (convenient if you are using the Spotify QR code for marketing purposes so that you will know the demographics and behavior of your scanners)

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4. Generate and personalize your QR code

personalize spotify qr code

Once you have clicked the generate QR code button, you can customize your QR code like the image shown above.

5. Test your QR code

Test your QR code

Before you print and distribute your Spotify QR code, do a scan test to see if it correctly redirects you to the correct audio file or podcast. 

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6. Download and share

As long as you have found no errors in redirecting your Spotify QR code to a specific playlist, you can now download and share your audio file QR code from Spotify. 

Benefits of Spotify QR codes 

Accessible right away using smartphone devices

QR codes are accessible right away using the smartphone device in the photo mode or by scanning it from a QR code reader app or social media apps that can scan QR codes such as Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more.

Spotify QR codes have wider compatibilities than the Spotify code as they can be scanned using different QR code scanners apps without installing the Spotify app. 

Scanners can quickly scan the Spotify QR code and listen to the track right away. 

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The Spotify QR code can be accessed both on print and online platforms.

spotify qr code on TV or in signage

QR code solutions such as the Spotify QR code can be accessed when printed in marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, or billboards, and they are also scannable from any computer screen.

You can personalize your Spotify QR code.

QR codes are customizable in their appearance. You can customize your QR code and make its aesthetic appealing. 

Why should you generate your Spotify QR code using a dynamic Spotify QR code generator?

You can edit your Spotify QR code to another URL, audio or video file

You can change your Spotify QR code to another landing page and the QR code remains the same.

You don’t need to generate or print another one.

spotify dynamic qr code

Spotify QR code in a dynamic mode can redirect your audio file to another audio even if you have already printed or distribute your Spotify QR.

Suppose you generate your Spotify QR code in a dynamic mode.

In that case, you can redirect your Spotify QR code to another audio file or Spotify playlist without the need to produce another QR code.

You only have to click on the “track data” and update your QR code

Once you update your Spotify QR code to another audio, it will automatically redirect you to the new playlist.

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Store your Spotify’s QR code data in the Spotify code generator

Your dynamic Spotify QR code will be stored in the QR code generator dashboard where you can keep and organized all of the data you have generated into a QR.

Track your Spotify’s QR code scans in real-time

Using the dynamic Spotify QR code, you can track your QR code scans in real-time.

This is useful if you are using your Spotify QR code for marketing and advertising purposes.

Track your spotify’s qr code scans in real-time

If you are an influencer or an aspiring influencer in the music and podcast industry, generating a dynamic Spotify QR code is great marketing and advertising tool to have.

Tracking your Spotify QR code is essential to understand better your audience demographics. 

With dynamic Spotify QR codes, you will unlock important data of your scanner such as:

  • The number of scans – these are the number of scans you made in total.
  • Timeline of scans – the total number of scans you make in a day, week, month, or year.
  • Demographics of your scanners – the scans’ location includes the region, country, and city of the scans made.
  • The device used in scanning your Spotify QR code – what is the device used by your scanners? Are they scanning from Android, IOS, or PC?

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Flexible to use in marketing and advertising campaign

Because the dynamic Spotify QR code is updatable, you can change your audio link to another link/URL and show a different landing page to your scanners, allowing you to have a flexible marketing campaign.

edit url dynamic qr code

Dynamic QR codes are economical and money-wise

As we have mentioned, you don’t need to reproduce another QR code if you want to edit it.

You can quickly go to your QR code generator dashboard and change your audio URL file to another URL, allowing you to save money from all the printing costs.

QR code has an error correction feature. 

QR code can withstand the test of time; even if it has been slightly damaged or has worn out, it still remains scannable.  

How to use a Spotify QR code 

Promote your audio/podcast in your Spotify account

spotify qr code on gym or in a signage

Suppose you are an aspiring music artist or a motivational speaker and use Spotify to share your talent and inspire other users.

In that case, Spotify QR codes are a great tool to promote your audio content outside the platform.

Using it, artists and content creators can expand their promotion even outside the platform and promote their talent in different media advertising forms to attract a wider audience. 


People learn differently. 

Some learn best through reading, and others learn better through listening.

Spotify’s podcast feature is built to educate users through the audio file.

Because of that, many subscribers can learn something new by listening to podcasts about science, literature, philosophy, news, and anything that will educate them. 

With the growing popularity of audiobooks and Spotify, Spotify is one of the best go-to platforms that a student can use.

use spotify qr code in education

If you are a professor, instructor, or teacher, you can create your podcast about a subject using the Spotify platform and share these podcasts with your students. 

Moreover, if you can convert your Spotify link into a QR code, you can be more organized and store this file in one place. 

Play the music instantly by scanning a Spotify QR code

Music, as they say, is food for the soul.

One great and simple way to inspire and alleviate people’s moods is by listening to a piece of relaxing music or podcast. 

Studies show that 75 percent of people surveyed agreed that listening to music improves their mood and can reduce stress. 

By using a Spotify QR code, you can simply use it in gym stations, the workplace, or even make a giant billboard out of it with a call to action that says, “Scan to brighten up your day!” 

Use a Spotify song code generator and instantly play a song using a Spotify QR code. 

Since Spotify is one of the top audio streaming tiers, using digital tools like Spotify QR codes can help you maximize your audience and share music seamlessly through QR code. 

If you have more questions about QR codes, you can contact us today and we would be happy to assist you.   

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