Social Media QR Code for Swiggy App: Increase Your Orders

Last updated:   March 21, 2023

A social Swiggy QR code is a QR code that houses your restaurant profile on Swiggy as well as your other social media profiles. 

By using a social Swiggy QR code, you can get more out of your Swiggy delivery QR code.

This QR code connects your delivery platform to other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

This QR code allows you to get more customers and future engagements by maximizing your visibility online through the social Swiggy QR code. 

COVID-19 has greatly affected a lot of businesses, especially restaurants.

Due to constant lockdowns, some restaurants suffer financial loss and are forced to close permanently. Because of this, millions of employees lost their jobs.

The pandemic has also affected our daily lives. And many people nowadays are afraid to go out to eat because of the outbreak.

Thus, restaurants can have more customers through online food ordering and delivery services like Swiggy.

It also provides contactless services allowing customers to have a safe and hygienic way to order their favorite food.  

What is a social Swiggy QR code, and why should you use this solution?

A social Swiggy QR code is a QR code that allows the scanner to be instantly redirected to your restaurant on the Swiggy platform once customers scan the QR code.

This QR code allows customers to easily order from your restaurant on the Swiggy website without manually typing your restaurant location and name.

Furthermore, using a Swiggy QR code, you can also maximize your social media presence by connecting your social media business page in one QR code. 

How to get your Swiggy URL before you generate the QR code

  • Go to the Swiggy website – To get your restaurant or store URL on the Swiggy website, the first thing that you should do is visit the Swiggy website.
  • Log in to your Swiggy account – After opening the website, log in to your Swiggy account.
  • Search for the place where your restaurant is located- After you have logged in, search for the location of your restaurant. Type in the area or street name where the restaurant is located on the search bar, then click the search icon.

The website will redirect you to a webpage displaying restaurants nearby.

  • Search for your restaurant- – When you are on the webpage that displays different restaurants near you, click the search word on the top of the webpage. Type in the name of your restaurant and click the search icon.
  • Tap your restaurant profile – After you’ve searched for your restaurant, the website will redirect you to your restaurant profile. Click your restaurant profile.
  • Copy the restaurant URL- Once you tap your restaurant profile, you will be redirected to your restaurant’s website, which shows your restaurant menu. Copy the URL of the webpage.

How to generate a social Swiggy QR code

Generate your own social Swiggy QR code by following these simple steps.

  • Use the best QR code generator software – To generate a social Swiggy QR code, you first need to use a QR code generator. Start generating your QR code using a QR TIGER QR code generator online. 

QR TIGER is a fast, secure, and easy-to-use QR code generator that allows you to generate various QR code solutions.

  • Click the social media icon – Once you have opened a QR code generator software, click the social media icon on the top portion of the webpage.

  • Choose and click the Swiggy icon- To generate a social Swiggy QR code, click the Swiggy icon on the bottom of the QR code generator webpage. 

  • Move the Swiggy platform to the top. To emphasize the Swiggy platform move the Swiggy icon to the top by clicking the upward arrow of the icon navigation button.
  • Paste your copied Swiggy URL- After you click the social media icon, paste your copied URL from your restaurant’s Swiggy webpage to the designated Swiggy URL bar on the social media QR code generator.
  • Add your other social media accounts- Social media QR code allows you to add multiple social media accounts to your QR code. If your restaurant has other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can also add these platforms to your social Swiggy QR code. This will not only be able to provide easy access to Swiggy delivery but can also increase your social media followers as well. 
  • Generate a QR code - After adding all your social media platforms you can now generate a QR code. The software will then generate and display the QR code that embeds your  Swiggy as well as other social media platforms.
  • Customize your QR code – After the QR code is generated, you can now customize your QR code. Choose the color, QR code eyes, and pattern that matches your brand graphics. You can add your brand’s logo and a call to action (CTA) tag.
  • Test your QR customized QR code – Test your customized QR code by scanning it using your phone’s QR code scanner and check if the QR code redirects to your Swiggy webpage.
  • Download – After testing the readability of your QR code, you can now download your customized QR code.
  • Display – You can now integrate QR codes into your food packaging, flyers, posters, and many more.

How to scan Swiggy QR code

  • Open a Swiggy QR code scanner – To scan a social Swiggy QR code, you first need to open a QR code scanner. Most smartphones nowadays have built-in QR codes in their cameras.

But if your phone does not have a built-in QR code scanner, you must launch a QR code scanner app.

  • Direct the scanner/camera to the QR code – Once you open the QR code scanner, direct the camera or the scanner to the QR code. Make sure that the QR code is flat and does not have creases. The creases may distort the QR code image, which will eventually affect the QR code’s readability.
  • Click the popped-up notification – After the QR code is scanned, a notification that contains the QR code URL will pop up on your phone. Tap this notification to be redirected to the restaurant webpage on Swiggy. This webpage shows the restaurant Swiggy profile and the restaurant menu.
  • Order from the restaurant – Once you are on the restaurant’s webpage, you can order from the menu.

Benefits of a social Swiggy QR code

Allows People to order without searching for your restaurant online.

People nowadays want to find a convenient way of doing things.

By generating a QR code for your Swiggy platform, customers will no longer have to type in and search for your restaurant online.

Customers can just scan a QR code to order from your digital menu.

Can be displayed in online and offline marketing campaigns


One of the great features of QR codes is that they can be scan from any materials from brochures to a personal computer.

Allowing you to display your QR code in any marketing campaign, thus increasing your audience and brand exposure.   

Increase customers


Due to social distancing restrictions, restaurants can now only accommodate lesser customers compared to before the pandemic.

By generating a social Swiggy QR code you can allow easy access to your online menu.

You can also display this QR code in different campaign materials, thus exposing your QR code to a larger audience and eventually increasing your customers.

Can be customized to match your brand

You can also generate a customized QR code. Match the QR code color and pattern to your brand graphics. You can also add your brand logo to your QR code.

This way you can create brand awareness through your QR code.

Boost your Swiggy platform

Not all the people that are aware of your physical restaurant know that you also have a delivery platform online.

By placing a social Swiggy QR code on your printed ads, customers will also be aware of your online delivery platform on Swiggy once they scan it.

How to increase your restaurant’s customer base using the social Swiggy QR code

Print a social Swiggy QR code on your food packaging

When people order food, the first thing that they will see is the food packaging.

Stick or print your social Swiggy QR code on your food packaging, where customers can easily see and scan the QR code.


By printing a social Swiggy QR code on your food packaging, customers can easily order again from your restaurant without the hassle of finding your restaurant on the Swiggy website, thus, improving customer retention.

Print your social Swiggy QR code outside your restaurant

Swiggy platform now allows takeaway. Customers can now order from your restaurant and pick it up when they have time.

By displaying a social Swiggy QR code outside your restaurant, customers can now order without entering the restaurant.


Customers who have important things to do and do not have the time to wait for their orders can now order by just scanning the QR code displayed outside your restaurant and picking up their orders when they have time.

People who want less interaction can also order by scanning this QR code.

This way, customers will no longer have to wait in line with strangers.

Display your social Swiggy QR code in printed ads such as marketing flyers


You can also print your QR code in your printed marketing materials such as flyers. People who received the flyers can scan the QR code to order from your digital menu on the Swiggy website.

This way they can easily order from your restaurant without manually searching for it on Swiggy.

Display your social Swiggy QR code online and social media platforms

One way to increase your customer base is by integrating a QR code into your online platforms. Display your QR codes on your company website and all your social media profiles.


This way your social media followers and website visitors can easily order from your restaurant by just scanning a QR code.

Create a dynamic QR code for your Swiggy app using the best QR code generator online


Track the effectiveness of your QR code campaign by using a dynamic QR code. Dynamic QR codes gather and track your QR code data, such as: 

  • The total number of scans made
  • The devices used to scan the QR code (android or IOS)
  • The location where the QR code was made
  • The time when the QR code is made

Dynamic QR code also allows you to edit your URL and change the website where the QR code will redirect without changing the QR code.

It also allows you to correct any mistakes in your URL without retracing your printed QR code. 

Social Media QR code: Connecting all your online platforms, including Swiggy, in one scan

The social media QR code of QR TIGER allows you to link display all your online platforms, from social media profiles like Facebook to food ordering platforms like Swiggy.

You can promote all your social media platforms in one scan by displaying a social media QR.

Make your QR codes with the QR TIGER QR code generator today

QR TIGER is a fast and reliable QR code generator that lets you make different QR code solutions.

This QR code generator also allows you to generate a customized QR code.

Thus, allowing you to create a QR code that matches your brand graphics.

For more questions visit the QR TIGER QR code software now. 

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