Webinar Marketing with QR Codes: Attract More People to Join

Update:  August 17, 2023
Webinar Marketing with QR Codes: Attract More People to Join

Start the promotional campaign of your webinar marketing with QR codes to encourage more attendance and engage interested attendees.

The Content Marketing Institute says that 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion.

Many businesses and marketers use Webinars because of various reasons. 

Webinars effectively generate leads, build thought leadership and connect to more audiences.

They are also excellent for boosting traffic, brand awareness, authority, and your list. 

Moreover, webinars speed up the sales cycle by reaching people wherever they are in your sales funnel. 

To effectively deliver a successful webinar, you have to use supporting tech tools such as QR codes.

This two-dimensional barcode is versatile and can be integrated into both offline and online mediums.

The increase in smartphone usage allows you to reach more audiences for your webinars.

What is webinar marketing?

Webinar marketing is a strategy that uses an online seminar to reach a wider audience and be able to promote a product or service.

Webinars are usually done by having a visual presentation followed by a Q&A session.

It does not necessarily a sales pitch to an audience but rather sharing valuable content or topics with an audience.

It encourages discussion and sparks interest among the audience without necessarily selling to them your product or service.

Ways how to promote your webinar and to have effective webinar marketing with QR codes 

1. Promotional video for your webinar

Webinar QR code

Create excitement and interest in your audience by sharing a promotional video.

To attract more audience during your webinar, you can create a promotional video that highlights the key topics and interesting parts of your webinar. 

To increase viewers of your video, you can convert it into a video QR code.

This way, your audience can easily access a video right away.

You can print your QR code on flyers or posters to invite more viewers to your video.

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2. Email marketing with QR codes

Webinar email promotion

As part of your promotional campaign, email marketing works best for your webinar

To encourage more attendees from your email recipients, you can incentivize them with discounted deals or offers, a free trial of the service, or lucky draw offers. 

Adding an attractive QR code in your email appeals to your audience and is more likely to increase your conversion rate.

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3. Event QR code on print marketing materials

Another strategy to promote your webinar is to share your event QR code and print it along with your print marketing materials. 

An Event QR code, when scanned, will redirect your audience to a landing page with all of the important event information of your upcoming webinar series. 

You can either direct them to an event banner, an image gallery, or videos.

To effectively convert these, you can use a file QR code solution. A file QR code converter converts any type of file, such as a Word file, MP4 file, image, video, or PDF document, into a QR code. 

When the file QR code is scanned using a smartphone device, it will direct the user to a document/file that you have embedded into a QR code, and it will display on the user’s mobile device. 

4. QR code for registration during the webinar

Webinar registration QR code

With numerous attendees during your webinar, you can keep track of your attendance using a QR code for registration.

To do this, create a registration template form first and then copy the URL. Then convert the URL into a QR code. 

The QR code for registration lessens the interaction and makes the process even more accessible and quicker. 

This is a convenient way to collect data or information from people using only their smartphone devices.

5. Feedback QR code

Reviews are a powerful form of social proof. Gathering your attendees’ feedback will give you meaningful data to improve the quality and responsiveness of your programs.

It will also help you understand your attendees and deepen the relationships you’ve begun with them. 

It also promotes having interactive webinar activities that make attending more fun.

That is why encouraging your audience to share their feedback after the event is important.

To easily share your feedback form, you can convert it into a feedback QR code.

When the code is scanned, it will redirect your audience to an online form where they can fill out their comments and reviews of the webinar.

6. Engage attendees with contests using a multi-URL QR code

Contests and rewards entice people to attend your event or webinar.

It also makes them more involved with your webinar. A creative way to engage your attendees is to let them scan a QR code to win a prize.

You can share the code with the attendees who are present in the webinar and allow them to scan it to get something of value.

Using a scan-based multi-URL QR code, you can give a prize to a specific number of scanners of your QR code. 

For instance, you can lead the first 20 scanners to a webpage that will prompt them to fill out their contact details so they can get a verification of the prizes. 

Just make sure to embed a start URL (it can be your company’s webpage of items on sale or a webpage for consolation prizes) where the remaining participants will be redirected to.

Why do you have to generate your QR codes for webinar marketing in dynamic form?

You have probably seen a QR code on posters, billboards, and packaging. Chances are, these are dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes are an editable type of QR code that allows you to modify the QR code content whenever you want, even after printing it.

This means you can save a lot of your resources, such as expenses for printing and distribution.

Moreover, you can also track the scans of your QR code.

For instance, if you want to know if your event QR code for your webinar is getting enough attention from your target audience, you can simply see the number of scans.

Kickstart your webinar marketing with QR codes

QR code technology has pushed the mobile-driven marketing strategy to a new level. Businesses and even the agricultural sector use the technology for varied purposes.

It is high time to use this technology and drive more registrants and attendees to your webinar with QR codes. 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact QR TIGER now.

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