Weebly QR code: How to create a customized Weebly QR code for your website

Last updated:   July 19, 2022

A customized Weebly QR code for your website is a smart tech tool that directs your scanners to your website and helps you drive more web traffic and conversions.

Today, having a website is as crucial as having a physical store or an office. Studies have shown that most customers expect brands to have content online about their business.

Now is the time to transition if you own or operate a business that hasn’t taken the step into the online world.

Furthermore, as most companies nowadays have their own website, there’s every chance you could be losing customers to your competitors by staying offline.

But creating a website is not the only aspect you’ll be taking into consideration. You have to engage your customers and drive more web traffic for sales conversions.

With the help of Weebly QR code, you can easily achieve these goals.

Let’s find out how to create a Weebly QR code of your website to increase your web visitors!

Weebly QR code: Why should you add a QR code on your website or homepage?

QR code brings users directly to where you want them to be. It serves as a portal to information that they can access instantly through their smartphones. 

However, with any use of QR codes, it has to make sense, serve the consumer, and fulfill your own marketing needs.

For example, it makes sense to display an app QR code on your website if you are planning to boost downloads of your newly launched app. This way, your users will be able to install the app instantly.

QR codes displayed on your website can definitely be a great tool to expand your reach and gain better conversions in your marketing and sales efforts.

If you also want to run future QR code campaigns, you can keep track of your QR code scans and other important data in real-time using QR code analytics.

Apart from QR code data tracking, you can edit your QR code campaign anytime as long as you generate your QR code in dynamic form.

QR code on website example: A company that displays QR code on their website

L’Oreal Finance used QR codes on their website to promote the latest version of their “L’Oréal Finance” app where users can access the latest financial information.

Once scanned, users will be redirected to the App Store or Google Play where the app can be downloaded immediately. No need to search the app name in the app store.

This is an effective marketing strategy to increase their app downloads and to inform current users to update their existing apps.

Ways to use QR codes displayed on your website

1. Add a coupon QR code

Planning to give out coupons to your customers? Why not display a coupon QR code on your website’s homepage.

This makes it easier for your customers to redeem coupons instead of going to a specific web page.

When they scanned the QR code, it will lead them directly to an online store with the coupon QR code applied at checkout.

2. Redirect to your app for boosting downloads

Are you planning to boost your app downloads? You can put an app QR code on your website homepage to make it easier for your customers to download your app.

As QR code expert, the more sites you place your QR Code, the more exposure it is for your app which means an increased probability for downloads.

Once the app QR code is scanned, it will redirect your customers to download your app. No need to look at your app name in the app store or android marketplace!

If you have a budget, it is also possible to put the app store QR code on display banner ads on your website.

This is a strategic move if you’re running a rollout campaign for your app.

3. Share contact details via vCard QR code

Make it convenient to share your contact details with your customers through the vCard QR code.

The vCard QR code will display all of your contact details on the customers’ smartphone screen. Once scanned, they can choose to download your contact detail right away. 

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4. Maximize your email list 

Get more sign-ups for your email list by placing a subscribe form QR code on your website.  The QR code will work as an opt-in for email marketing.

This way, you’ll grown your email list and gain more potential customers.

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5. Social media QR code

Build your social media presence by sharing a social media QR code. The social media QR code, once scanned, displays all of your social media accounts so your customers can easily follow, like, or subscribe.

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6. Provide your business location using Google Map QR code

Do you have an upcoming event or a physical store? Share its location by adding a Google Map QR code to your website.

Your customers will have an exact mapped location of your event venue or store once they scanned the code.

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7. Drive more traffic to your website

Convert your website/URL into a URL QR code and print it along with your marketing collateral like flyers, brochures, billboard ads, and even product packaging.

8. Add engaging content to your blogs or articles

Engage your readers using QR codes that contain videos or images on your blogs and articles.

You can redirect them to a video about the story or article using a video QR code and even redirect them to an e-commerce site to buy your products.

The possibilities are endless when you use QR codes in your website.

How to create a Weebly QR code of your website

Although you can create a QR code directly in Weebly, you can make QR codes in QRTiger using its wide selection of QR code solutions.

In QRTiger, you can customize your QR code to make it more on-brand and visually appealing.

These QR codes will help you drive traffic to your website, deliver engaging content, and increase sales once the printed or digital code is scanned by your customers.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create a QR code for your Weebly website using QRTiger.

1.  Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com

2. Choose the type of QR code solution you want to create 

As you get to the menu dashboard of QRTiger, you have to identify what information or landing page you want to share with your online visitors.

 Is it your social media pages? Or is it a link to your app in the app store?

3. Click “generate QR code” and choose dynamic

Then, click the “generate QR code” button. After that, generate your QR code in dynamic form so you can still edit the QR code and the information behind it even after printing or deploying it on your website page.

4. Customize your QR code 

Next up, customize your QR code. You can choose patterns and the eyes of your QR code.

Make it more on-brand or more relevant to your campaign theme by setting the colors and adding your logo, icon, or image.

From a marketing perspective, a personalized QR code will attract more scans and eventually convert to more sales!

5. Do a scan test before deploying your QR code

Before downloading and deploying your QR code on your Weebly website or in your marketing collateral, do a scan test first.

This is to ensure that the QR code correctly redirects to the desired information you have embedded in the code.

Benefits of using a QR code on your website

1.  Editable QR code saves you time and money

Generating a QR code in dynamic form allows you to change your QR code’s landing page to another URL without printing QR codes again even if you have already displayed your QR code in your website.

For example, if you want to redirect the URL QR code to your blog page, just simply edit the URL and redirect it to your target landing page.

Just go to the QR code generator dashboard to find all your QR code campaigns and select the one you need to edit.

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2.  Seamless information transfer through print and online QR display

Your customers want instant access to information. Using a QR code, information sharing is now quick and easy as they only need smartphones.

It is now possible to display QR code not just in print and in online.

3.  Ability to track your QR code campaign

With the smart data tracking system of QRTiger, you can track your QR code scans in real-time.

If you are rolling out your marketing campaigns, you can easily gauge and analyze their performance.

4.  In-depth data by integrating Google Analytics

For in-depth data, you can integrate a QR code generator with Google Analytics.

Once integrated, you will see data about your QR code scans and your website visitors’ behaviour.

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Best practices when creating Weebly QR code for your website

1. Only implement the action that you’re promoting in the QR code to your landing page

Do not add confusion to your audience by making the landing page of your QR code simple and easy to understand.

For instance, if your landing page redirects users to a website, then redirect them to a website and nothing else.

2.   Add a call to action

 Want more QR code scans? You won’t get them without the right call to action.

Add a call to action to your QR code to drive more action. Inform your customers what they should do, and give them the motivation to do so.

You can include a short CTA like “Scan to download app” or “Scan to see videos”.

3.   Always generate your QR code solution in dynamic QR form

It is recommended to generate your QR code solution in dynamic form.

It is because you can track and edit your QR code data without reprinting your QR codes.

Thus, it is economical to use and it can save you time.

4.    Mobile-friendly QR landing page

Your QR code landing page should be optimized for mobile use and must have a mobile-responsive design.

You don’t want your users to have a hard time navigating your landing page.

Make your landing page load easily and it fits mobile screens.

Weebly QR code: Drive more web traffic and engage customers in the online world

QR codes connect your customers in the physical to the online world. So make use of it in engaging them even on your website!

Make sure you use QR codes to leave a lasting impression on your customers to ultimately drive results.

Help your business website compete effectively in the online marketplace by using QR codes.

For more information about QR codes, you can contact us on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a URL QR code?

A URL QR code is a QR code solution that will help you convert your website or any landing page you want into a QR code. Instead of typing the URL manually, your users will just scan the URL QR code using a smartphone and instantly access your website.

How to convert a Weebly website to a QR code

First, choose a QR code generator. Then select the URL menu in the dashboard. Paste your URL or website address. Next, generate and customize your QR code. Print and deploy your QR code.

How do you scan a QR code from a website?

To scan a QR code from a website, just point the smartphone’s camera at the desktop. Then click the link that pops up. This will redirect you immediately to a website.

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