Convert YouTube to Mp3 QR Code Using QR TIGER

Update:  August 08, 2023
Convert YouTube to Mp3 QR Code Using QR TIGER
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In QR TIGER QR code generator, there are two ways you can convert your YouTube video into an MP3 QR code.

You can use the File storage menu services or the MP3 QR code category. 

Now, what is the difference between the two?

Using the File QR code solution

The file storage services menu does not only allow you to upload your MP3 file, but you can also upload an MP4 file, a PDF file, Jpeg, PNG, a Word file, and an Excel file and convert it into a QR code.

Now what’s interesting in this feature is that if you convert your YouTube video into an MP3 QR code, you can edit your Mp3 QR code to another file service the file storage category provides.

For example, from an Mp3 QR code, you can replace the file with a PDF file, a Word file, an MP4, Jpeg, or a PNG file, even without having to print or produce another QR code, as it is dynamic in nature. 

Using dynamic QR codes is how to change a YouTube URL in a QR code without creating a new one.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  2. Click on the File category and upload your downloaded Mp3 file. 
  3. Click generate dynamic QR code. 
  4. Customize your MP3 QR code 
  5. Test it before you download 
  6. Download and print or distribute your MP3 QR code 

Using the MP3 QR code solution

Unlike the file storage services, the MP3 QR code menu only enables you to upload the Mp3 QR code and replace the file with another Mp3 file.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator  
  2. Click on the MP3 QR code category and upload your downloaded file. 
  3. Click generate dynamic QR code. 
  4. Customize your MP3 QR code 
  5. Test it before you download 
  6. Download and print or distribute your MP3 QR code 

Create a QR code for an audio file

If you already have your Mp3 file or audio file prepared, you can directly convert it into a QR code.

Just follow the similar steps shown above on. 

Important Reminder: Mp3 QR code and file storage services QR menu are a dynamic type of QR code, which means you can replace your MP3 file with another Mp3 even though it has been printed or deployed, allowing you to save more money in the long run. Moreover, you can also track the scans of your QR code!

Moreover, the QR TIGER QR code generator also provides up to 20 MB upload if you’re a premium plan user and a maximum upload of 5MB if you have a regular plan.

Furthermore, an Mp3 dynamic QR code also allows you to track your MP3 scans, enabling you to know your scanners’ demographics and who have scanned your MP3 QR code. 

QR code basics 

QR codes have two types of static and dynamic QR codes. 

Static QR code

Static QR codes are free to create using a free QR code generator.

However, when you encode information in a static QR code or convert your files into this type of QR code, the MP3 file is permanently stored in the graphics’ of the code, and it will redirect you forever to the MP3 file you encrypted, and it is not editable. 

As the data is stored in the graphics of the code, it gets stretched or pixelated the more info you put in it.

When this happens, the dots around your QR code that carries its data shrinks, making it difficult to scan.

That being said, you can only put a piece of limited information in your static QR code.

Dynamic QR code

Dynamic QR code is suitable to use as you can update your MP3 file to another file. 

With this type of QR code for your MP3, the information is not directly stored in the QR codes’ graphics itself. 

It contains a short URL that leads the users to your MP3 file, making it less pixelated compared to the static QR. 

The dynamic QR code data is mainly stored in the QR code generator dashboard, where users can edit their data files and track the number of QR scans. 

Users can also upload more data with a dynamic QR code. 

Benefits when you convert your video on YouTube to Mp3 code in a dynamic QR

Saves you money

Dynamic QR code is an editable type.

This means even if you have printed your Dynamic QR code on your marketing material, you can still change the content behind it, allowing you to save a large portion of your expenses that goes to printing.

Editable content in real-time

Dynamic QR codes are editable in content even in real time, enabling you to have full control over your QR code marketing campaign.

Wondering how to change the YouTube URL in the QR code? Simply go to the dashboard.

Provides multimedia content using the file storage services

As we have discussed, if you use the file storage services to convert your MP3 QR code, not only can you replace your MP3 QR code with another MP3 file, but you can even redirect it to another file type such as PNG, MP4, Jpeg, PDF and many more without printing another QR code again.

Converting YouTube to Mp3 QR code in dynamic QR code is trackable

Dynamic QR code allows you to set up your QR code tracking system where you can track the data of your scans, what location they scanned from/city/country etc., where you get the most scans, and which among your QR code campaign marketing have been effective.

Tracking is also important for marketers to monitor how their campaigns perform and gain valuable insights. 

 According to ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing, 74% of marketers can’t measure or report how their efforts impact their business. 

However, with the rise of digital tools that can help marketers, such as a QR code generator,  there’s no longer an excuse for failing to keep up with real-time data.

Use cases of MP3 QR code

1. Audio Book Guide

Audiobook QR code

Audiobook guide with QR codes’ help is used to advance the digital print marketing world and give life to the print media industry.

Imagine, if you are a book author, you can provide an overview to your readers of what your story plot is all about. 

If you also have uploaded a short video on your YouTube and want to convert it into an MP3 file to attach it to your book, you can do it so quickly!

Using technology for books can make a huge difference for your readers by making their experiences unique, refreshing, and personal.  

You can also provide a brief greeting or introduction about yourself to connect with your readers emotionally and make your approach personal to them before they buy it. 

These codes are even used to build a classroom audio library that aims to help the students by giving them another option to learn. 

2. Converting video podcasts on YouTube to Mp3 QR code

Mp3 QR code

You can convert your long video podcasts into a QR code as well!

Since an MP3 QR code is dynamic, you will have no problem converting your 1-hour or 2-hour YouTube video podcast into an MP3 QR code.

3. Instruction guide in the product packaging or electronic packaging 

If you have your video file uploaded to YouTube about an instruction guide on how to use your product, you can convert it into an MP3 file and print it in your marketing materials.

You can just also opt to make a video QR code for better customer engagement.

4. Convert MP3 to QR code as an audio tour guide 

Tourism spots in cities are endless. Everywhere you turn your head, there’s always something to look at!

When COVID-19 happened, QR codes were used in the traveling period as one of the main tools to fill out health declarations to tourists. 

But QR codes do not only function that way, of course. 

You can use an MP3 QR code as a tour guide for visitors when they visit a particular place or location.

They can have the freedom to scan the QR code using their smartphones and learn for themselves about the origin or history of a place or a thing.

An MP3 QR code can be your digital tour guide! Moreover, they are also cost-efficient for tour agencies and organizations.

This can be used everywhere, including in museums, clubs, and art galleries.

5. Music event campaigns

You can use a QR code when you have a music campaign to give your audience a music preview or teaser about your upcoming music event or concert genre.

6. Promoting your city and culture

Travel guides in one of the tourist attractions in the UK town of Monmouth, Gibraltar, used a QR code to educate travelers about the town. 

The QR codes take scanners directly to a Wikipedia page of the relevant tourist attraction of the place. 

Not only that, when tourists scan the QR code, they will be redirected to a page customized for their language to address the issue of the language barrier. 

To even engage your foreign visitors to your city and showcase your city’s best-ofs, you can use an MP3 QR code

They can scan the MP3 QR code and listen directly to an audio file that will let them walk through the city’s history and culture, which can assist tourist guides.

An Mp3 QR code can turn their ordinary visit into a memorable experience that is worth sharing while promoting your city!

How to convert videos or MP3 from YouTube to MP3 QR code? A step-by-step guide

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR TIGER QR code generator online is one of the generators online that allows users to convert an Mp3 file into a QR code.

But unlike other QR code software, QR TIGER enables you to customize and add a logo to your MP3 QR code 

Click on the File menu storage services or MP3 category and upload your file

There are so many QR code solutions that you can find depending on your need.

But since you want to convert your Mp3 file into a QR code, just simply click on the File menu storage services or MP3 file category and upload your file. 

Click the generate dynamic QR code button

To start generating your QR code, hit the “generate dynamic QR code button.” 

Customize your MP3 QR code 

You can make your MP3 QR code appealing by adding a logo, image, or icon, or setting up the color that you want for your QR code.

You can also add a frame and a call-to-action in your QR. 

Test it before you download 

Before you download your QR code, make sure it scans and leads you to the correct Mp3 file 

Download and print or distribute your QR code 

Your MP3 QR code will be both scannable in print material and desktop screens, making them flexible to any marketing material. 

YouTube to QR code 

Users can also opt to convert their YouTube videos directly into a QR code by generating a YouTube QR code

The steps to do this are similar to converting an Mp3 file into a QR code.

Users only need to copy their YouTube Video URL and paste it directly into the URL category or YouTube category.

But theoretically, both are the same when it comes to converting any URL into a QR code.

YouTube file, though, is more particular about converting YouTube to QR code, so users don’t get confused.

Convert video on YouTube to MP3 QR code with QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR TIGER makes it easy and quick to make and convert an MP3 QR code, and you can also change the look of your QR code to fit your style, purpose, theme, or brand.

If you have more questions about the MP3 QR code, you can also contact us now.

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