Batch QR Code Generator: Create Multiple QR Codes

Last updated:   March 01, 2023

Generating hundreds of QR codes with different data individually can be time-consuming. Create QR codes that contain different data at once by generating a batch QR code.

With a batch QR code generator, you will no longer have to repeat the same process of generating and customizing QR codes one by one.

What is a batch QR code generator?

There are various ways to use QR codes. They can be used as a marketing tool, an inventory product label, a digital business cards, and many more.

But what if you are mass-producing products daily or have hundreds of employees with which you want to provide a digital business card using QR codes? 

How can you provide each product a QR code label or your employees a QR code digital business card?

Creating individual QR codes for your labels or employees can be exhausting and time-consuming.

With a batch QR code generator, you can create QR codes in batch.

You will no longer have to generate and customize the QR codes individually with a QR code generator.

All you have to do is provide the information needed for each QR code and generate it in batches at once.

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What QR code solutions can you generate into a batch QR code?

There are five batch QR code solutions you can generate in the QRTIGER QR code generator. And each solution has its template for generating them in bulk. 

Bulk URL QR codes

Suppose you want to generate QR codes for various websites or URLs. You can conveniently create QR codes for all the URLs at once by generating a batch URL QR code.

This way, you won't have to repeat the generating process. First, download the template for the bulk URL QR codes here. 

Bulk vCard QR codes

If you want your employees to have their digital business card QR code or vCard QR code printed on their IDs and physical business card, you can also generate a batch QR code for digital business cards for all your employees.

Individually generating a QR code for each of your employees can be time-consuming. 

By generating a batch QR code for hundreds of vCards, you can save more time.

Download the template for the vCard QR code here.

Serial number bulk QR codes

To generate multiple serial numbers in one, go into a QR code used in product labels, contest numbers, or inventory management; you can use the serial number in the bulk template. 

Text in bulk

This solution generates plain texts that may include numbers or emojis in bulk. Download this template for text QR codes in bulk. 

URL with the number and log-in authentication

You can also create a QR code for the URL with the number and log-in authentication. A QR solution to verify and authenticate products,  documents, etc. 

Note: After editing the template you need for bulk QR code, save it as a CSV file. Then you are now ready to generate your QR codes in bulk using QRTIGER. 

How to create multiple QR codes using a batch QR code generator?

Log in QRTIGER QR code generator account.

You first need to log in to your QR code generator account to create a batch QR code. If you do not have an account yet, visit

Download the template

Once you have logged in, download the batch QR code solution template you want to generate.

There are five QR code solutions that you can generate in batch, URL QR code (URL QR code template), vCard QR code (vCard QR code template), URL with the number and log-in authentication (template), number QR code (number QR code template) and text QR code (text template)

Fill in the templates

After downloading the template of the QR code solution of the batch QR code, you want to generate.

You can now fill the template with information you want to embed on each QR code. Don't forget to save the file as CSV. 

Click Bulk QR code

On your QR code software account, click ‘Bulk QR code’ located at the top of the webpage. You will then be redirected to the bulk QR code generator interface.

Upload the template

You can now upload the template that you’ve filled up by clicking ‘Upload CSV template’.

Generate and customize your QR code

Download your generated batch QR code

After customizing your QR code, you can now download and print your QR codes. Your QR codes will be saved in a zip file on your computer and in the QR code generator dashboard. 

Should you use static or dynamic for your bulk QR? 

Static QR code

The data embedded in the static QR code is static or fixed.

Therefore, they cannot be changed or edited, and you cannot update the data in your bulk QR code as the data is embedded in the code's graphics. 

If your QR code redirects to a broken link, or if the information has typos, you can no longer rewrite or edit these QR codes.

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Dynamic QR code

The data is saved in the dynamic QR code generator dashboard, where you can update the file/s of your bulk QR codes in dynamic. 

Furthermore, it also allows the user to track the data of his bulk QR code scans. 

Practices you should know before creating a batch QR code

Limit the entries on each template to 100

To create quality QR codes in batch for any of the QR code solutions, you must limit the entries of each QR code template to 100.

You can upload another QR code template if you want to create more.

Save the URL template in a CSV file

Before you upload the template on the QR code generator, do make sure that the template is saved in a CSV file.

After filling in the template, choose the CSV file type before you save the file.

Generate a batch QR code using QRTIGER today

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QRTIGER QR code generator is efficient and easy-to-use, allowing you to generate batch QR codes in five different solutions.

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