25 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2024

Update:  December 12, 2023
25 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen in 2024

The best marketing podcasts in 2024 are coming your way, each offering fresh insights on how you’ll make this year productive and bountiful.

Today, podcasts are making noise in the digital environment as a new way of learning new things, keeping updated with trends, and sourcing innovative ideas.

Marketing podcasts often cover the hottest topics—from NFTs to QR code generator platforms and other software—to show companies how they can improve their marketing strategies.

We have compiled 25 podcasts you should listen to and stream to learn how the best marketers guarantee success so that you’ll also achieve your marketing goals for 2024.

25 best marketing podcasts you should listen today

SpotifyOn the hunt for new marketing strategies and ways to improve your campaigns?

Check out these top marketing podcasts to listen to on Spotify and other streaming platforms:

1. Stay QRious

Stay QRious podcastHost: QR TIGER

Topics: QR code marketing, sales, and marketing

The Stay QRious podcast focuses on releasing the best marketing content revolving around QR codes—their best use cases, sales and marketing strategies, and more.

They tackle topics on different QR code solutions, including how to use QR codes in various industries and how to best promote products by creating QR codes using the most advanced QR code generator online.

Expand your marketing knowledge by tuning in to this podcast and learning to implement modern marketing strategies with QR codes.

2. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social media marketing podcastHost: Michael Stelzner

Topics: Social media marketing

Stelzner collaborates with social media marketers and experts on this podcast to discuss successful marketing strategies.

Aside from offering tips to optimize social media marketing strategies, they also happily share insights and opinions on the latest news in social media marketing.

3. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online marketing podcastHost: Amy Porterfield

Topics: Online Marketing

This podcast provides practical advice for business owners wishing to expand online, covering various digital marketing topics, including content and email marketing.

Amy Porterfield shares her experiences to determine what worked and what she would do differently.

She also invites marketing experts to share their perspectives on developing a successful digital marketing strategy.

4. The CMO Podcast

Cmo podcastHost: Jim Stengel

Topics: CMO, Marketing

The CMO Podcast dives deeper into the role of the chief marketing officer. 

Jim Stengel, the former CMO of Procter & Gamble, aims to discuss and give insights to understand the CMO’s function within a company and how this role impacts the entire consumer experience.

He has collaborated with the top marketers at major companies, such as Crocs, The UPS Store, and Deloitte.

5. Social Pros Podcast

Social pros podcastHost: Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Topics: Social media marketing

In this podcast, Jay Baer and Adam Brown sit with weekly special guests to discuss the secrets to success on social media.

Throughout 430 episodes, they interviewed marketers from businesses like Ford, MTV, and IBM to provide a variety of social media perspectives across industries and target audiences.

6. The Marketing Book Podcast

Marketing book podcastHost: Douglas Burdett

Topics: Latest marketing literature

This podcast channel discusses the most recent marketing literature by interviewing various authors about their most recent book releases regarding marketing or sales.

Burdett digs into each book’s key ideas, gains additional perspective on facts that caught his attention and develops a rapport with his guests during the sit-down, giving you just enough information from the book’s content.

7. Marketing Over Coffee

Coffee podcast Host: Christopher S. Penn and John J. Wall

Topics: New media, marketing & technology

Hosts Christopher S. Penn and John J. Wall discuss the most recent developments in technology and marketing each week on their podcast channel.

They also invite experts to talk more about interesting and relevant topics, like how to time content or organize a virtual event.

They also provide questions that can help direct your marketing plan.

8. The Digital Marketing Podcast

Digital marketing podcastHost: Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers

Topics: Current trends and tools

Professional marketers Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers tackle the latest marketing news, tools, techniques, and strategy developments by interviewing global experts and sharing their insightful thoughts.

As one of the best podcasts for marketing, this channel provides advice on content production, audience intelligence tools, and more subjective debates about social media toxicity and business culture.

9. Happy Market Research

Happy market research podcastHost: Jamin Brazil

Topics: Market research

With a focus on all facets of market research, Jamin Brazil speaks with guests about turning discoveries into plans.

During the session, Brazil focuses on each guest’s area of expertise to give the audience essential advice and noteworthy takeaways.

10. Perpetual Traffic

Perpertual traffic podcastHost: Kasim Aslam and Ralph Burns

Topics: Paid traffic on Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords, and social media platforms

In this podcast, Kasim Aslam and Ralph Burns discuss effective ways to generate leads and sales using paid traffic.

They interview guests who bring their expertise to the program and share their experiences in their fields.

Their podcast channel gives listeners a practical and all-around view of the latest paid media news and trends.

11. Marketing School

Marketing podcastHost: Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Topics: Marketing, current industry trends

If you’re looking for the best podcast for modern marketers, listen to the Marketing School podcast channel by Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

This podcast delves into a wide range of relevant topics and current trends, including hiring procedures, marketing and advertising strategies, business tactics, branding, content development, and more.

The co-hosts examine market trends and provide practical marketing advice by drawing on their experiences as marketers and business owners.

12. This Old Marketing

This old marketing podcastHost: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Topics: Current industry trends, marketing

This Old Marketing covers the latest news in media, marketing, content marketing, and digital content weekly.

It also discusses different aspects of marketing and gives you helpful information that will help you understand marketing and current trends.

Listen to this podcast to see their expert analysis of current market developments.

13. Unthinkable

Unthinkable podcastHost: Jay Acunzo

Topics: Creativity, Marketing

Unthinkable has top-notch production standards and storytelling, which makes it a highly recommended marketing podcast.

The atmosphere is an ideal fusion of case studies and friendly conversations; you’ll hear the opinions and experiences of people from many facets of the business and creative professions.

14. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone hates marketerHost: Louis Grenier

Topics: Marketing, product marketing, branding, content marketing, CRO, marketing psychology

In this podcast, Louis Grenier teaches marketers how to produce strong results without turning to sleazy approaches in his weekly episodes.

It covers timeless issues like consumer research, marketing strategy, and brand positioning.

15. Market Your Genius

Market your geniusHost: Nikki Nash

Topics: Marketing and brand-building

Marketing guru Nikki Nash encourages listeners to learn more about marketing and brand-building on her podcast by sharing worthwhile episodes on various marketing topics.

The idea for the podcast came from her book of the same name, which serves as its foundation: bringing out your inner genius to achieve successful business results.

Key themes include increasing productivity and developing a positive outlook.

16. The Product Marketing Show

The product marketing showHost: Content Beta

Topics: Product Marketing

You’ll hear a variety of viewpoints from thought leaders and marketing experts interviewed in each episode of The Product Marketing Show.

On this channel, you learn about various areas of product marketing as they discuss how to develop strategies, scale up, and grow through product marketing and customer education.

17. Generation Builders

Generation buildersHost: Mariam Hakobyan

Topics: Growth Marketing

Generation Builders is a promising marketing podcast that deals with various growth marketing topics.

They feature talks with the most talented personalities in product, growth, and community.

18. Ethics in Marketing

Ethics in marketingHost: Mikhail Myzgin

Topics: Marketing ethics

If you’re looking for a podcast to help you achieve your marketing goal without compromising moral standards and consumer beliefs, this is your top choice.

In this podcast, he explores the “boundaries of persuasion” in marketing and spreads awareness about unethical marketing practices.

The episodes give marketers a brand new perspective on marketing more ethically.

19. Everything Is Marketing

Everything is marketingHost: Corey Haines

Topics: Marketing

Debuting in early 2021 and having more than 50 episodes to its credit, the Everything is Marketing podcast by Corey Haines—the founder of the online marketing platform Swipe Files—is an extension of his expanding online marketing community.

A range of guests and topics are covered in each episode, from Laura Lopuch’s discussion of cold email outreach strategies to Daniel Mitchell and Andrew Gazdecki’s discussion of purchasing and expanding a Shopify SaaS app.

20. The Copyblogger Podcast

CopybloggerHost: Tim Stoddart

Topics: Digital marketing, writing, SEO

This podcast generally revolves around content marketing, hence the word ‘copyblogger’ in its title.

It also covers paid advertising, email list-building, the craft of writing, SEO, and creativity, among others.

This channel draws inspiration from various sources, including trending news stories, popular Twitter threads, and guests who defy convention.

21. The Smart Marketer Podcast

Smart marketerHost: Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, John Grimshaw

Topics: Digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing

This is one of the best digital marketing podcasts. You can learn from the hosts’ shared experiences and success stories—Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, and John Grimshaw.

The previous episodes covered paid advertising tactics, book recommendations for business professionals, and email marketing tactics. 

22. Niche Pursuits

Niche pursuitsHost: Spencer Haws

Topics: SEO, Affiliate marketing

This podcast unveils the secret to finding niche business ideas, ways to make money online, and side hustles.

Host Spencer Haws talks with niche website owners about their successes, failures, and strategies in each episode, which lasts about 60 minutes.

Try listening to this podcast, which might be your go-to source to learn how to make money with niche affiliate websites.

23. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Duct tape marketingHost: John Jantsch

Topics: SEO, Branding, entrepreneurship, content marketing

This podcast revolves around business marketing strategies, resources, and tactics, such as developing a network of strategic partners, branding with purpose, and devising clever ways to fuel your referral system.

Each episode lasts more or less 20 minutes. John Jantsch invites influential guest speakers to discuss more on branding, entrepreneurship, content marketing, and SEO.

The topics also extend beyond marketing to inspire and motivate listeners, which makes listening to this podcast channel worthwhile.

24. The Martech Podcast

Martech podcastHost: Benjamin Shapiro

Topics: SEO, mobile app marketing, content marketing

This podcast combines marketing and technology, diving into various topics in both fields.

It also highlights the world-class stories of influential marketers in different industries.

Expect to learn advice on scaling business processes, selling mobile apps, and enhancing your content production strategy with SaaS.

25. Marketing Speak

Marketing speakHost: Stephan Spencer

Topics: Digital marketing, content marketing, copywriting, SEO

Marketing Speak features expert guests, each covering a specific marketing topic.

Listeners will broaden their knowledge and develop skills in various digital marketing facets.

Along with the entertaining stories are helpful tips, tricks, and valuable insights from the top digital marketers.

Why you should start listening to the best podcasts for marketing today

Get away from the outside noise and feed your brain with marketing insights and the latest trends by listening to podcasts.

No matter the time of day, you can listen to podcasts that spark your interest.

It’s free and available on popular audio streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

Expansion of marketing knowledge is just one thing to gain from listening to podcasts. And there’s a lot more to gain.

Here are some reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today:

1. Learn from experts in various fields

Listening to podcasts is the perfect way to learn about various topics from leaders in different fields.

You get to gain knowledge and insights from their experiences.

Many podcasts exist for marketing, finance, fashion, business, technology, and more industries.

You can learn something new and noteworthy with podcasts every day.

2. Productive leisure time

You can listen to podcasts whether you’re taking a break from work, doing household chores, making breakfast, or whatsoever.

Whether it’s a chill day at home or a work day, podcasts can make your time worthwhile.

As marketers, fueling your creative juices and staying on top of things is important.

It’s a good thing you can do it in your leisure time.

You can learn while doing other tasks since you can play it in the background anytime and anywhere.

You can check things off your to-do list and learn new things simultaneously.

3. Source of inspiration and motivation

Some podcasts focus on sharing inspiring and motivational content.

People share valuable and remarkable stories on podcasts that inspire and motivate listeners.

Marketers experiencing creative blocks can get fresh ideas and perspectives from industry experts.

They can then apply these ideas to their strategies.

Feel free to listen to podcasts if you feel down or burned out from working.

4. Mental health improvement

According to studies, podcasts improve attention span, stimulate mental imagery, and boost mental health.

Many people also find podcast listening more therapeutic than reading or watching. 

It’s also worth noting that many podcasts now focus on promoting mental health improvement.

5. Better listening comprehension

People frequently struggle with effective communication; everyone wants to talk, yet they aren’t willing to listen.

As communication is a two-way process, it is imperative to develop better listening skills.

Most people don’t realize that listening is also an active process since you must digest the information and create ideas and opinions—all while listening to the stimuli, which in this case, is a podcast.

You get to be more attentive and pick out the crucial details, especially with interesting and intriguing podcasts.

6. Keep up with current trends

Stay informed about trends and news worldwide and in your field by listening to podcasts.

You can obtain up-to-date information about current issues, controversies, timely and valuable discussions, and events in your industry and worldwide.

With podcasts, you’re on top of the trends and will never be left behind as people strive to share the latest and most relevant content.

7. Contributes to self-development and overall growth

Podcasts help you have a broader perspective in various areas of knowledge.

Many podcasts promote self-development and overall growth by sharing the most helpful and valuable tips on achieving the best version of yourself.

Different podcasts tackle different topics—personal growth, career, or financial freedom.

Whatever phase you’re in, there’s always a relevant episode for you.

8. Free education and entertainment

“Learning is not confined to the classroom.” Multiple media for learning now exist, from videos and infographics to audiobooks and podcasts.

Streaming a podcast is just like listening to a teacher in class.

The difference is you get to choose the time, place, and pace of your learning. And by the way, it’s free.

There are also entertaining podcasts about comedy, storytelling, and shared hobbies like cooking and gardening.

9. Best digital marketing podcasts are accessible and convenient

With podcasts, you don’t have to go out, pay, read, watch videos, or join lengthy lectures just to learn or get entertained.

You don’t have to buy books or resources.

You can easily access various information.

You only need the Internet and any device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

And the best part is you can download and save episodes on your device to listen on the go—while you’re jogging, doing house chores, or riding the bus.

10. Reduce screen time

What’s great about podcasts is that they’re a fun substitute for visual media.

It’s an escape from mainstream media, which likely strains your eyes or triggers sensory overload.

Podcasts need little to no exertion.

Since you only need to listen, you can do plenty of productive things rather than browsing the Internet on your phone or devices all day.

QR code generator as a tool for modern marketing strategy

The constantly-changing market trends and customer behavior challenge marketers.

To make things even harder, most consumers have extremely short attention spans, averaging only 8 seconds.

Most people use smartphones daily for many purposes, including communication and information access. 

They have become used to living fast and on the go, so marketers must adapt and realign their strategies to meet this new standard.

Here’s when QR code marketing comes along. 

Adding QR codes to print or digital media allows consumers instant access to campaigns, promotions, and special offers. 

And the best part? It only takes a smartphone to scan them and access their data.

QR codes in marketing campaigns offer information with a single scan.

For marketers, this is an excellent strategy to launch engaging promotions, monitor the efficacy of the ads in real time, and retarget consumers.

Today, marketers use QR codes in various marketing campaigns and collaterals, such as magazines, flyers, brochures, TV ads, billboards, posters, banners, merchandise, product labels, and more.

Many marketers, advertisers, and brands have recognized the power of QR code marketing strategy

Big brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, Lacoste, Nike, and Zara have used QR codes in their marketing campaigns.

The purpose and uses of QR codes are in alignment with ever-evolving consumer behavior and their modern demands, which is why it is best to use them as part of any marketing strategy.

Modern uses of QR codes

QR code usesHere are some modern QR code uses you can try:

Podcast channel

You can create a URL QR code for your podcast channel to lead scanners directly to streaming platforms.

They can instantly listen to a newly-launched episode with just one scan.

Rich banner ads

Promote all your social media channels by adding a social media QR code on your rich banner ads to boost reach and engagement.

Video kiosks

Encourage people to interact with your brand by integrating visually attractive QR codes on your video kiosk. These will help catch people’s attention.

'For Sale' signs

Provide more details on products or services using QR codes.

It could lead to an image gallery to showcase the details of the product for sale.

Email newsletters

Increase email newsletter engagement and increase sign-ups by integrating QR codes.

Email marketers can create QR codes and add them to promotional emails to lead readers to the email newsletters sign-up page.

Wine bottles

Use your wine bottles to explain the delicate process of making and aging your wine to guarantee the best for your consumers.

You can embed a video in a QR code and print it on the bottle label.

Tags on clothes

Depending on the material, there are different ways of washing and caring for clothes.

What works for cotton may not work for silk.

Provide detailed instructions or tips by adding QR codes to clothing tags.

Coffee cups

Promote your company, brand, and coffee products using QR codes on your collectible coffee cups.


Use a vCard QR code to give details on vehicle services and contact numbers to maintenance personnel so people will only have to scan when needed, especially in emergencies.

Recipes in magazines

You can provide a video tutorial on recipes, as people lean more toward videos when it comes to cooking. They just have to scan the QR code to watch the video as they cook.


Tattoo QR codes are a thing, and they’re a brilliant way to embed a hidden meaning, story, or memoir.

Here’s a tip: you can use a dynamic QR code to change the embedded data still even though the tattoo is already permanent on your skin.

You can do that by using an advanced QR code tattoo generator for seamless QR code customization. 

Wedding invitations

Modernize your future wedding invitations with QR codes to show details like specific directions to the venue, motif, attire, and even prenup videos.

Invest in QR code marketing with QR TIGER QR Code Generator today

The best marketing podcasts can be your new source of fresh ideas and valuable insights to improve your marketing strategies.

Enjoy listening to experts in various industries as they tackle a wide range of practical and relevant topics. Also, don’t forget to take note of helpful tips while listening.

Listen to Stay QRious, a podcast by QR TIGER QR code generator, to learn more about QR code marketing and ways to improve your sales and marketing strategies.

Prepare to say toodles to lousy and boring marketing campaigns in 2024 and embrace the modern and creative way of delivering the best value in the market.

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