8 Best QR-Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants

Update:  May 29, 2023
8 Best QR-Code Contactless Digital Menus for Restaurants

There is a rapid change in the restaurant trend and technology.

What was relevant four years ago may not be as relevant today.

Labor and supply shortage, revenue losses, unpredictability in customer behavior, and the customers’ technology dependency started the era of automated and digitalized restaurant operations.

Enter contactless digital menus — a revolutionary innovation that provides solutions to the common challenges faced by restaurants.

Contactless menu

A contactless menu is a digital alternative to a handheld physical menu. 

It is enabled when customers scan the QR code restaurant menu and redirect them to the restaurant’s digital menu.pizza beer menu tiger table tent qr code  Additionally, restaurants can use an interactive digital menu to provide contactless restaurant transactions and automate their operations fully.

In other words, contactless digital menus help restaurants to improve their services without hiring additional staff.

A QR code-enabled interactive restaurant menu will redirect customers to an interactive menu or an online ordering page.

Customers can then browse, place their orders, and pay.

Benefits of using a QR code menu 

Many software solutions claim to be the best QR-code contactless digital menu software for restaurants. But what does it really mean to be the best QR-code contactless digital menu for restaurants?

Helps staff shortage

restaurant staff serve burger customers table tent qr code menuSince a contactless menu requires little to no staff assistance, restaurants can hire lesser staff. 

Restaurants experiencing staff shortages can use an interactive digital menu to allow customers to directly scan, browse, order and pay by themselves, lessening staff workload. 

Increases revenue

Restaurants might think that a digital menu is an additional expense. 

However, it is a good restaurant investment that generates a good ROI.

Moreover, a contactless menu supports a positive buying attitude by providing an accessible digital menu ordering system at the tip of their customers’ fingers.

Ensures safety and hygiene

staff disinfect table qr code menu table tentBefore the COVID-19 pandemic, a restaurant menu is one of the dirtiest surfaces on top of a restaurant table, with about 185,000 bacteria per square centimeter.

Hence, restaurants introduced contactless menu to their operations.

Contactless menus reduce contact between customers and staff and between customers and menus, ensuring safe and hygienic dining.

Faster and smoother service

With streamlined services and accurate order data, a digital menu enables restaurants to provide fast and smooth service.

Easy setup and update

tablet qr code menu setupSetting up a digital menu and menu QR code can take less than an hour.

Any tablet or computer device can update a digital menu anytime and anywhere.

Detailed menu

Restaurants can add a food image, food item description, preparation time, and sometimes even ingredient warnings to their digital menu.


Aside from hiring lesser staff, restaurants can reduce costs by not hiring web developers, menu designers, menu layout and printing costs, etc.

Restaurant users can easily use contactless menu software since they are intuitive and user-friendly.

Faster table turnover

restaurant customer eat burger table tent qr code menuWhen restaurant staff can serve faster, restaurant customers can also receive and consume their foods quicker, increasing the table turnover rate.

Data-based restaurant development

Restaurants can use interactive digital menu software that collects sales and customer order data.

Consequently, their sales and analytics data help in creating or changing their restaurant marketing strategy.

Attractive and convenient

Restaurant customers these days prefer to have everything at their convenience. 

Also, a bulky, outdated physical menu is uninteresting, especially if customers need to compete for a restaurant staff’s attention to take their orders.

Improves staff productivity

When you lessen your staff’s workload, you allow them to work on other things aside from handing menu and taking orders and payments, making them more productive.

8 best contactless QR-Code digital menu makers in 2022: Pros and Cons

1. Minimal Menu

minimal menuMinimal Menu is a simple digital menu software solution that enables restaurant owners to create and update their menus using devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. 

Since Minimal menu creates view-only menus, it does not support mobile payment integration

It also generates a menu QR code that customers can scan through their smartphones and redirects them to a digital menu. 

Pricing: $14.90 per month excluding VAT; view-only 

Cons: View-only menu 

2. scanour.menu

scanour menuscanour.menu is a digital QR code menu software that allows customers to view a restaurant’s menu by scanning their menu QR code.

restaurant users will have to register, add their location, and create their menu.

Moreover, scanour.menu provides them with contactless menu cards that customers can use to view the menu. 

Since it is a view-only menu, restaurant staff will have to collect customers’ orders manually.

Pricing: $25 to $45/month per location

Cons: No ePOS integration; View only menu


menu tigerMENU TIGER is a multi-feature interactive restaurant menu QR code software. 

Besides, this user-friendly end-to-end software creates a mobile-optimized restaurant website with a built-in online ordering page and a QR code-enabled digital menu for dine-in menu ordering.

Additionally, other features of MENU TIGER include menu QR code customization, contactless ordering, payment integration, multiple store management, sales and data analytics, scheduled restaurant promotions, etc.

Moreover, customers can order and pay through Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant mobile payment channels such as Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or cash.

Also, MENU TIGER’s restaurant menu and website support global currencies and different language localization for foreign restaurant customers.

A single subscription can create and manage multiple stores and add other users and admins.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER enables menu QR code customization.

Restaurant users can design their QR codes according to their brand by changing the pattern, color, eye shape, frame, and CTA text.

MENU TIGER is introduced by QR TIGER, one of the leading QR code online generators used by brands like Hilton, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Sodexo, AMAN, and businesses from over 147 countries.

Pricing: Regular plan is at $38 per month both with online ordering and QR code ordering features.

14-day free trial is available for all paid subscription plans. It also offers a forever Freemium plan with limited features.

Cons: QR code ordering is currently optimized for dine-in orders.

4. One2Menu

one2menuOne2Menu is an online menu builder that swears to create a contactless menu for restaurants.

It offers an NFC and QR code placed at tables, doors, or counters that redirects customers to a restaurant’s digital menu without downloading an app.

One2Menu also provides a mobile-friendly and easy-to-update digital menu to keep the restaurant’s menu.

Pricing: $99 to $299 monthly

Cons: It does not support multiple store management and restaurant owners cannot add additional users or admins.

5. Orderlina

orderlinaOrderlina allows restaurants to create a digital menu or upload their image or PDF menu and generate a menu QR code.

It also provides an online ordering tool that enables restaurants to link their website and social media accounts.

Orderlina’s digital menu allows an online table, pickup, direct delivery, and drive-through ordering and payment.

Pricing: $19 to $99 per month

Cons: Restaurants cannot create and customize their own branded website.

6. SpotMenus

spotmenusSpotMenus is free digital menu management and marketing platform. It can create graphics and text-based menus. 

Furthermore, the dynamic menu QR code allows restaurants to easily edit and update their menus.

Pricing: Payment is free but optional services subject to usage-based fees.

Cons: Restaurant owners cannot add admins and users. Also, SpotMenus does not support language integration.

Their digital menu is a view-only menu.

7. iMenuPro

imenuproiMenuPro allows customers to access and view multiple restaurant menus using a single menu QR code.

It also enables QR code customization by changing the colors and adding a logo.

Pricing: $15 per month 

Cons: View-only menu

8. menumodo

menumodo menumodo helps restaurants create an online menu and basic QR code, which contains a digital menu. 

Restaurant customers can scan the QR code menu and relay their orders to the restaurant staff.

Additionally, customers can like the menu item they want to add to their Favorites list for easy ordering.

Cons: view-only menu

Pricing: Offers a yearly subscription of $150 per year

Create a QR-code interactive contactless menu using the best digital menu software

QR code contactless digital menu is either a view-only menu or an interactive digital menu.

It helps restaurants automate their services, address staff shortages, and ensure the safety of their personnel and customers while increasing their revenues.

Also, a contactless menu is an attractive and convenient tool that improves staff productivity for faster services and table turnover. 

Finally, in choosing the best QR code contactless menu for your restaurant, choose the software that gives value to your money and provides solutions to your business needs.

Check out one of the best interactive digital menu software MENU TIGER and sign up now for free! No credit card is needed.

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