How to make a custom QR code design in 6 steps

Last updated:   June 28, 2022

An advanced and adjustable QR code generator online is used to create a custom QR code design.

QR codes were created in Japan and have become an important part of corporate promotion.

You may have contemplated the modern graphic QR code for improved campaign results after toying with traditional QR codes and not receiving much attention.

You’ve come to the right spot; we provide a free visual QR code generator that allows you to create customized, eye-catching, and appealing QR codes in just a few clicks – it’s never been easier.

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QR code with design: What is a custom QR code?

You may create, add colors, select layouts, patterns, and even add a logo to your QR code to make it look more professional and appealing with customized QR codes with designs.QR codes used to be black and white, and they didn’t garner much momentum back then.

However, as QR code technology has progressed, users may now modify their QR codes to match their theme, brand, goal, and purpose.

Why Is It Important to Have a Creative QR Code?

A business can benefit from a customized QR code design. It can dramatically boost a company’s brand recognition and pique clients’ interest in the product or service.

A decent QR code design is an important investment for businesses and marketers since it may attract a lot more scans than a basic black and white code.

Businesses and companies may create a customized QR code design with a logo that corresponds with their business goals and branding with a creative QR code design. As a result, customized QR codes can be used in their overall marketing approach.

How to make customized QR code designs?

A unique and customized QR code design can be a huge benefit to a company because it saves time and energy while also providing a clever way to engage customers.

The following are some simple steps to make one:

  • Go online and get the best QR code generator.

To begin, select the best QR code generator available, such as QRTIGER.

The QRTIGER QR Code Generator online is a practical QR code generator with an ad-free user interface that allows users to produce QR codes without the need for assistance.

This QR code generator includes a number of aspects that a user should consider before agreeing to terms with it; it can generate useful QR codes as well as a number of different options for use.

  • Choose the QR code solution you’d want to utilize.

Choose a QR code solution to generate after you’ve opened a QR code generator.

  • Fill in the blanks in the required fields.

You may now produce your QR code after you’ve chosen your desired QR code option.

For safe and practical QR code usage, we recommend finishing it as a dynamic QR code.

  • Customize your QR code

Choose patterns and eyes, add a logo, and change the colors of your QR code.

It is one of the most important aspects in creating a customized QR code since it may make your QR code stand out!

  • Perform a scan test.

Always test your QR codes by scanning them. You’ll be able to tell if your QR code is working properly this way.

  • Then you can get the QR code.

Rules to Follow When Creating Customized QR Codes

Don’t over-personalize your QR code.

Customizing your QR code will undoubtedly make it more appealing and visible. Exaggerating the design, on the other hand, renders the QR code unreadable for QR code scanners. Please don’t completely change the QR code pattern, as this will just make the QR code unrecognizable.

Keep the design of your QR code simple.

Avoid reversing the color of the QR code.

Inverting the hue of your QR code is something you should never do. Always make sure that the foreground color of your QR code is much darker than the background color.

Light colors should not be blended.

When personalizing your QR code, remember to select a color that creates enough contrast between the background and foreground colors so that QR code scanners can read it more easily.

Always use a high-quality image to print your QR code.

Make sure the quality of your QR code is clear and not blurry while printing it. QR code scanners can read your code quickly and efficiently if you have a high-quality image.

What is the purpose of a QR code generator?

QR codes are created using a QR code generator. A QR code is a form of two-dimensional barcode that was first developed in Japan and is used to track vehicles throughout the manufacturing process.

There are numerous outstanding QR code generators available online as software that are either free or require a paid subscription. The QR code has grown in popularity as one of the most often used 2D barcodes.

To store data, a QR code has four defined encoding modes: numerical, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji.

Because of its quick readability and ability to contain more data than normal UPC barcodes, the Quick Response system became widely employed outside of the automobile industry.

Custom QR code design: A new standardized method of creating QR codes.

Previously, we could only get personalized QR codes in black and white, but QR code makers have now advanced into custom QR code generators, where users can personalize and make attractive QR codes.

Not only that, but those who want to create their own QR codes can do so with free-custom design QR codes in which they can choose the colors, patterns, layouts, and even add a frame!

With today’s technology, QR codes don’t have to be dull and monotonous because there are a variety of QR code generators that can create a well-customized QR code with a logo and design that matches your goal.

QR codes are divided into two categories (Static vs. Dynamic)

There are two sorts of QR codes: static and dynamic.

Which is the better option? Let’s have a look.

Static QR code designs (Very Dense in Appearance)

A static QR code is a sort of QR code with a very dense pattern that is less scannable since the data or information is automatically stored in the code’s visuals when the user forms the code. The data and information on static QR codes are permanent, and they are free to use. The user can no longer edit it, and this QR code does not allow any modifications to the information that the user has stored on it.

Furthermore, the user is unable to keep track of the number of scans, and the scanners are limited to only one permanent piece of data. A static QR code, on the other hand, has the advantage of providing an endless number of scans.

Static QR codes can be designed in a variety of ways, including adding a logo, changing colors, and adding a frame.

Dynamic QR code designs (Less Dense in Appearance)

This form of QR code can be tracked and modified. It helps the user to keep track of and change the information saved on it.

Furthermore, because dynamic QR codes create shorter URLs that are stored in the dynamic QR code, they appear less dense than static QR codes. The scanners will then be directed to the internet material via the short URL.

A benefit of employing a Dynamic QR code is that the data and information can be changed even after the QR code has been printed.

It can also provide access to scan monitoring, as well as identifying the scanner’s location and device. Because some QR codes are only valid for a limited time, using a Dynamic QR code is advantageous.

Users can design Dynamic QR codes in the same way they can Static QR codes by selecting patterns and eyes, adding a logo, changing colors, and adding a frame.

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Why should you generate QR codes in dynamic?

If you’ve seen QR codes in business, advertising, or marketing, you’ve probably seen dynamic QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes are commonly used in business and marketing because they are not only changeable in content but also allow you to track QR code scans.

The following are some of the advantages of dynamic QR codes in business and marketing.

Editable content

As previously said, dynamic QR codes can have their content information altered and changed in real-time.

Scans are trackable

The ability to track users’ QR code scans is one of the most important aspects of a dynamic QR code.

Tracking is important in any business, but it’s more important if you’re using dynamic QR codes because it allows you to track your marketing performance and milestones while also allowing you to optimize your campaign.QRTIGER offers its customers the best QR code solution for business promotion. You can track visits to your website with a QR code if your website is set up with Google Analytics. QR code visitors can be tracked using Google Analytics and our own analytics.

Password-protected feature

QR codes with password protection are those in which the content or information encoded in the QR code can only be accessed and displayed after the scanner input the correct password.

Email Scan Notification

Email notification for QR codes is a dynamic QR code feature that allows owners of QR codes to be notified when their codes are scanned. When a QR code is scanned, the owner will receive an email alert with information such as the campaign code, the number of scans, and the date the QR code was scanned.

The notification will be sent to the owner’s registered email address automatically.

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Expiry Feature

The user can set the expiration of the QR code after it has been generated. With the expiry function, there are two ways to generate a limited-time offer discount. You can use either the expiry type for the number of scans or the expiration date type.

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Integration to google tag manager feature

Google Tag Manager is a tool for managing tags, or code snippets, connected with marketing campaign events. This tag management software tool allows you to add tracking tags to your website in order to analyze audience size, personalize, retarget, and run search engine marketing campaigns.

Integration to Google Analytics

When you combine your QR code generator with Google Analytics, you’ll get an all-in-one view of your QR code scans as well as your users’ behavior.

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Integration to Zapier and HubSpot 

QRTIGER QR code generator is an innovative QR code software online that also has an integration to Zapier and HubSpot software for marketing automation! 

How does QRTIGER visual QR code work?

Depending on your brand strategy or requirements, you can choose from a variety of visual QR code types.

You can either use our QR application or our generator to create a code that contains a picture. Using unique images, the code is personalized to your brand’s unique look.

Choose from a variety of attractive shapes for your QR code, add your brand logo, and even modify the color of the code marks.

Finally, finish your code design and save your brand identification in SVG and PNG vector files.

According to our research, a personalized QR code can increase scans by 30% when compared to a standard black-and-white one.

Here’s a rundown of everything you can do with our QR code maker:

  • Using our free visual QR code generator, you can easily create a visual QR code that contains an image.
  • You can use your company logo in the code or choose a custom image to create a graphical QR code.
  • All of these graphic QR codes have been tested on both Android and iOS devices and can be scanned with most mobile QR code scanners.
  • These visually appealing QR codes entice customers to pick up and scan your goods or service.
  • All app store links can be served by a single QR code, i.e. Apple iTunes, Google Play.

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Custom QR code designs gain appeal; create them immediately with the QRTIGER QR code generator online!

You’ll be able to view QR code statistics and keep track of each code after you’ve made your visual QR code with our generator. You can check how many people scanned an acceptable code in the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 12 months.

Allow push notifications to keep track of each scan that occurs when your QR code is scanned. You may have noticed numerous brands using QR code scans to drive visitors to their websites – this is a wonderful and clever technique.

Those numbers that aren’t linked to the website, however, are still required. QRTIGER provides you with access to the QR code analytics page, which helps you to determine which codes are most beneficial for you.

Now is the time to start your free QR code marketing campaign with us.

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