How to make a custom QR code design in 6 steps!

A custom QR code design is created using an advanced QR code generator online. This software was originally developed in Japan- which has now emerged as a major component of business marketing.

After fiddling with traditional QR codes and not getting much attention, you might have considered the modern visual QR code for better results.

Well, you have come to the right place, we offer free visual QR code maker where you can create customized, eye-catchy, and attractive QR codes in just a few clicks – it has never been easier.

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How to make customized QR codes?

  • Go to www.
  • Click from the category the type of QR code solution you wish to create
  • Choose if you want a Static QR code or dynamic QR code
  • Click the "generate button" and start to customize your QR code!
  • Test your QR code before downloading
  • Print and deploy your QR code!

What is a QR code creator or generator?

custom qr code design generatorA QR code generator or maker is used to create QR codes. A QR code is a 2d barcode type first invented in Japan that is used to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.

Many excellent QR code generators are available online as software that is either free or requires the users to have a paid subscription. The QR code has become one of the most-used types of 2D barcodes.

A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes such as numerical, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to store data information.

The Quick Response system became widely used outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and ability to hold a greater storage capacity than the standard UPC barcodes.

Custom QR code design: The new standardized way of producing QR code

custom qr code designUnlike before that, we can get only customized QR codes in a black and white format, QR code makers have now advanced into a custom QR code generators where users can personalize their QR codes and make them attractive.

Not only that, but individuals who wish to create their QR codes can also have a free-custom design QR codes where they can set the colors, patterns, layouts, and even add a frame!

Two Types of QR codes: Static QR code VS Dynamic QR codecustom qr code design for static and dynamic

Once you generate your custom QR code design in a static form, you cannot edit it. Static QR codes' information is hard-coded and you cannot change its data.

However, using QRTiger, you can make your customized QR code in a static mode for free and you can ALSO HAVE UNLIMITED SCANS OF YOUR QR CODE! Your QR code will never expire and it will be valid for a lifetime.

On the other hand, if you choose to generate a dynamic QR code, you can edit the data behind your QR code even if it has been printed or deployed.

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How does visual QR code work by QRTiger?custom qr code design for visuals

You can choose among various visual QR code types according to your brand strategies or requirements.

You can go for our QR generator, where an image is embedded in the code or our generator. The code is customized according to your brand customized design using unique graphics.

Select your QR code design from various stunning shapes, integrate your brand logo within it, and even change the code marks' colors.

In the end, finalize your code design and simply download your brand identity in SVG and PNG vector format.

According to our investigation, using a customized QR code can improve 30% scans as compared to a simple black-and-white one. Here's highlighting everything that you can do with our QR code generator.

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  • You can effectively create a visual QR code with an image inside it using our free visual QR code generator.
  • You can use your company logo to be used in the code or can select a custom picture to create a graphical QR code.
  • All these visual QR codes are scan-able with most mobile QR code scanners and are specially tested on both Android and iOS devices.
  • These creative visual QR codes attract users to grab and scan your product/service
  • Only one QR code can serve all app store links i.e. Google Play, Apple iTunes.

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Track who scanned your QR codecustom qr code design for tracking

QRTiger offers its customers the best QR code solution for business marketing. You can also track visits to your sites via a QR code if you have Google Analytics set up on your website. 

You can track your QR code visits using Google Analytics and our own analytics.  

custom qr code design tracking

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A custom QR code design gets traction!

Furthermore, after you have created your visual QR code with our generator, you will be able to access QR code analytics and keep track of each code to see how many people scanned an appropriate code in the last 24 hours, 7 days, or last 12 months.

You can also enable push notifications to keep track of each scan that hits your QR code. 

You may have come across various brands using QR code scans to drive traffic to their website – no doubt, this strategy is excellent.

But you still need those numbers that don't link to the website. QRTiger gives you access to the QR code analytics page that allows you to see which code is working effectively for you. 

Start your free QR code marketing campaign now!

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