Boost customer engagement using QR codes (that actually works)

Last updated:   September 22, 2022

QR codes are known for their ability to store and faster provide information for people.

Aside from serving as a vessel for storing important data, there are 10 QR code ways on how to boost engagements with customers.

In the business industry, planning and executing the best marketing strategy is one of the most difficult things to do.

As they need to consider the best marketing tool to deploy, using the wrong tool and technique can make their business lose more money. 

To avoid such losses, here are ten QR code ways on how to boost engagement with customers that you can employ.

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10 QR code ways on how to boost engagement with customers

1. Use them as a portal for your marketing campaign materials.

qr codes

One way to boost your customer engagement with QR codes is by using them as a portal to your digital marketing campaign.

As most print marketing campaigns cannot fit all the necessary information people need to learn more about, the use of a QR code is great to supply additional information.

By adding QR codes into your print marketing campaigns, you can engage your QR code scanners by creating a portal for additional marketing campaign materials and making it interactive. 

2. Direct your customers with your website

online shop qr code

Aside from using QR codes as a portal to your additional marketing campaign materials, you can also use them to direct your customers to your website using a URL or a website QR code. 

You can do it by attaching it to your thank you cards and product packaging.

This way, you can increase your customer engagements by directing them to your website.

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3. Run a product scavenger hunt with QR codes

One way to increase your customer engagement is by running an exciting event that they will enjoy. And some of the events can be a giveaway puzzle challenge or a scavenger hunt. Because of the excitement, the events can give to customers, you can place one event into a QR code and engage your QR code scanners. 

By placing one into your scavenger hunts, you can easily open their way to your scavenger hunt event by just scanning and viewing them.

4. Place a business card QR code for your customers

qr code business card

Another way to increase your customer engagement is by creating a business connection with them. And one way to do that is by giving out your business cards to them.

To share this, you can use a business card QR code to store your business information and let them connect with you by scanning the QR code.

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5. Get them in touch with you on social media using a social media QR code

qr code on social media

Since 51% of consumer interactions happen on social media, creating a social media QR code is one way to boost your engagement with them.

To connect with them, you can place your QR code in your products and thank you cards for them to scan and connect with you.

By doing this, your customers can easily get in touch with you without the need of typing your business usernames on different social media platforms.

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6. Share your product catalogs with them.

qr code on product catalogs

To increase your business customer engagement, sharing your product catalogs is one great way to indulge them.

For you to do so, you can embed your product catalogs into a QR code and engage your QR code scanners by providing them an interactive product catalogs where you can also place them on your promotion pages.

In this way, your customers will have easy access to all your product catalogs with just one scan.

7. Let them download your mobile app using an app stores QR code

qr code app

The 21st-century business framework has become more advanced and mobile-friendly. Because of that, it is compulsory to make an equivalent app for the product to get more interaction with their customers in the mobile community.

To download the app, you can use an app store QR code to store the app link.

By using the app store app, you can automatically direct your customers to download the app without the need of searching it in the App Store or Google Play.

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8. Place your QR codes in wearables and gadgets.

One way to increase your interaction with customers is by piquing their interest by adding a QR code in your wearables and gadgets.

Through this, your customers will scan the QR code and learn more about your company.

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9. Create an interactive landing page with your QR codes using a web page QR code 

Another way to increase your customer engagement is by taking them into an interactive page with your QR codes.

As most people unpack data from their mobile phones, the use of web page QR codes is great to use. 

By keeping your landing page interesting and more accessible for them, the number of customers engaging with your landing page increases.  

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10. Let them know about your business locations.

Once the customers are satisfied with their engagement with your business, they will want to know your business store locations.

By letting them know about your physical stores, they will go there and purchase the product that they have been scouting beforehand. 

To let them know the exact locations of the physical stores you have, you can put a Google Map QR code on your promotional posters, newspaper, ad pages, and more.

By placing the QR code in your materials, your customers will scan their way towards your physical stores.

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How to determine your QR code engagement? 

One way to determine how many have engaged and scanned your QR code is by generating your QR code solution in a dynamic QR form. 

In the dynamic QR code generator dashboard, you can see the data analytics of your QR code engagement such as how many have scanned your QR code in a day/s/weeks/months or years. 

Moreover, you can also see the exact location of your scanners and the device used when they scanned your QR code campaign. 

Tips on how to make the most out of your QR codes

Aside from the 10 QR code ways that can help you boost your customer engagements, there are 5 useful tips that you need to follow.

By following these five useful tips, you can ensure an increase in your customer engagements with QR codes.

1. Choose the best content you want to connect with your customers.

The first tip businesses should always follow when starting their journey with QR codes is to choose the best content.

By doing so, they can keep their customers engaged with them and increase their ROI. To carefully select the content you want to embed into a QR code, there are different QR code types available.

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2.Keep a visually appealing QR code design

The next tip that will help boost your customer engagement is by making a visually appealing QR code design.

To make one, you must select your QR code design theme from the QR code generator’s template. Another way to do them is by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

When making a visually appealing QR code design, you should also consider the theme’s color contrast for faster scanning.

To choose the best color contrast, you must see to it that the foreground color is darker than the background color.

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3. Make your QR code look professional

Another tip that you should do to ensure more scans is by making a QR code look professional. To make one, you can add your logo and call to action.

You can also customize your QR code with a template that is in line with your strong brand elements.

By making a professional-looking QR code, your customers will automatically know that the QR code they scan is owned by you and it is safe to scan them.

4. Choose the right size and placement

After making your QR code look professional and visually appealing, you can then proceed in choosing the right size and placement for it.

To choose the best QR code placement, it is best to place them in areas where people can easily see the QR code.

If you want to place them in a newspaper or magazines, place them in an area where creasing will never happen. It is important to place them on a flat surface to ensure faster scanning.

When choosing the right QR code size, you must first identify on which surface do you want to place your QR code.

For the minimum scanning distance, the minimum QR code sizing is 3 cm x 3 cm (1.18 in x1.18 in).

When putting them in a scanning distance farther than 10 ft, a QR code sizing method is recommended.

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5. Print a high-quality QR code output.

To ensure an increase in your customer engagements with QR codes, it is important to print them in high definition. Because if you choose to display a blurry or pixelated QR code output, your customers will become distracted or uninterested.

To avoid this, printing the QR code in a vector format like SVG is best for the print paper.

This way, you can print high-quality QR code output for your customers to scan and enjoy.

Boost customer engagement with QR codes with QRTIGER QR code generator online

As competition in getting more customers continues in the 21st century, the need for boosting business customer engagements intensifies.

Because of that, the use of QR codes has become their tool to maximize their engagements and humanizes customer experience.

Using a QR code software online like QRTIGER, they can start their QR code journey and improve their customer engagement smartly and productively.

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