How to Create a Customized Digital Signage QR Code

Update:  June 08, 2024
How to Create a Customized Digital Signage QR Code

A digital signage QR code adds a gateway to a world of information and engagement to vibrant, interactive displays.

The strategic integration of QR code technology in digital signages invites individuals to scan and unlock exclusive content, promotions, and immersive experiences.

Even amid bustling retail spaces and cityscapes, these virtual signboards with QR codes surely catch the eye of consumers, a must-have immersive gimmick for businesses out there. 

Find out how this tech-savvy digital tool made with a QR code generator with logo online software helps you optimize your advertising strategies and build a strong brand identity.  

What is QR code signage?

Digital signage QR code

A QR code on poster ads, billboards, and digital display screens facilitates immediate interaction between consumers and the content, be it advertisements, promotions, or other campaigns. 

Upon scanning the QR code with a smartphone, consumers can instantly access a promotional offer, video, or website relevant to the product or service shown on the digital display or physical sign.

Such addition to QR code signs allows businesses to provide consumers with an interactive and informative experience without cluttering ad spaces, maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Can you put a QR code on a digital ad?

Definitely! You can add functional QR codes to your digital advertisements. You just need a reliable QR code software and graphic design platform to do so.

To put a QR code on a digital ad, you must create or generate a QR code first. Then, save your QR code in the highest print quality (PNG or SVG format) and add it to your advertising material.

How to create a customized digital signage QR code using QR TIGER

Follow this five-step guide below to create one:

1. Go to the best QR code generator online. Log in to your account or sign up for freemium.

2. Select a solution and input the required information. 

3. Select between Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

Tip: Use dynamic QR codes for editable data and trackable scan metrics.

4. Customize the QR code to match your branding. Change the color, add your logo, and a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) on its frame. 

5. Run a scan test and download in PNG or SVG format for a high-quality QR code image.

Once you have your QR code, integrate it into the digital advertising content you want to display.

QR code solutions from QR TIGER to use for electronic signage display

Dynamic QR codes can help you transform static digital displays into interactive portals for instant information access and enriched customer experience.

When creating QR codes for your digital signboard, here are some QR solutions you can use from the most advanced QR code software online:

URL QR code

Convert the link to your digital signage content into a QR code using the URL QR code solution. 

You can link your website, social media page, or mobile app to a QR code, allowing users to access the content instantly when they scan the code. 

This QR solution is also free to use, making it suitable for businesses operating on a budget. 

File QR code

Want to use a QR code that supports various multimedia content? The best QR code generator offers a file QR code that allows you to store various file types into a QR code—from static content like articles and images to more interactive ones like videos.

This QR solution supports the following formats: PDF, Excel, Word, and MP4. You can also store images in JPEG and PNG format using this solution.

When users scan the code, they can access downloadable files that provide comprehensive information and resources at their fingertips, building deeper engagement with your brand or campaign.

Social media QR code

Increase your social media engagement and presence by integrating QR codes into your digital signboard. 

The QR code for all social media profiles gives users easy access to follow or like your pages and engage with your content across various platforms.

Integrating a social media on QR code signs helps expand your brand’s reach and visibility.

Multi URL QR code

Enable users to access multiple web pages or resources using a multi-URL QR code for digital signage QR code.

This QR solution allows you to redirect users to a new landing page according to their location, number of scans, scan time, and device language. You can also use geofencing to limit access to different content depending on the users’ area. 

The versatility of multi-URL QR codes facilitates a personalized user experience and fosters deeper connections with the brand since you can provide them with options to explore different content. 

With a single multi URL QR code, you can optimize the space on signage while still offering a comprehensive range of information and maintaining a clean visual appearance.

App stores QR code

If you are a developer or marketer wanting to promote your mobile application in physical locations, then an app stores QR code is what you need to prompt users to download and engage with it. 

Select the App Stores QR solution on the QR code generator to link your mobile apps from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Harmony into one QR code. 

With just a scan of the code, users can access your application’s download page according to their device’s operating system. 

Menu QR code

Menu QR code on signage

Digitize your restaurant’s menu using a menu QR code and place it on a digital signboard. Doing so enables patrons to access menus directly on their smartphones by scanning the code. 

It also works as a promotional strategy to attract potential diners. They can scan the QR code to check the menu and see if they want to try out any dishes and beverages.

You can also easily update the food selections in real-time by modifying the digital menu the dynamic QR code links to. 

Using digital signage with a QR code eliminates the need to use traditional paper menus, making them a more cost-effective choice. 

Best practices for implementing a QR code sign for outdoor advertisement

Integrating QR codes on digital signboards requires planning to maximize visibility and engagement and ensure the success of your marketing or informational campaign.

Here are some tips you should follow to implement QR codes signs effectively:

Strategic placement

Choose prominent locations with high foot traffic and visibility for your digital signage with a QR code. More people seeing the code means more chances of scans.

Ensure the QR code sign is easily scannable without requiring individuals to strain or obstruct traffic flow.

For instance, you can put the signage QR code on a lamp post or wall by the street—two locations where more people will likely pass by. 

Optimal size and clarity

Ensure the QR code is large enough yet maintains high-resolution clarity for users to scan from a distance. Test the QR code’s scannability at varying points to guarantee readability.

Compelling call-to-action (CTA)

Accompany the QR code with a clear and concise call to action, instructing your audience on what to do. 

An enticing QR code call to action encourages users to scan the digital QR code and interact with the content and your brand, significantly impacting conversion rates.

Mobile optimization

Aside from the physical appearance of the QR code on the digital signage, ensure the landing page or content of the QR code is mobile-responsive. You must also check whether it’s compatible with various screen sizes and devices. 

Regular maintenance

Inspect and maintain the QR code sign to ensure it remains visible and scannable. 

You should also monitor its QR code analytics to assess engagement and make necessary adjustments to the content or placement when necessary.

Why your business needs QR codes for digital signage

QR codes can significantly enhance user engagement and brand visibility, especially when turning them into a digital QR code sign outdoor advertisement.

Here are the key advantages of incorporating QR codes into digital signage:

Instant information access

Adding a QR code on digital signboards offers immediate access to extensive product, service, or promotion information. 

With just a scan of the code, users can retrieve details instantly. QR codes facilitate quicker decision-making, boosting user engagement and increasing brand recognition.

Versatility and adaptability

QR code marketing campaigns are popular across diverse industries and scenarios due to the versatility and adaptability of these digital tools for businesses and organizations. 

QR codes can work in various ways. With their flexibility, you can easily use them for different purposes, like sales promotions or customer feedback.

They can also accommodate information of varying types and sizes, making them an efficient tool for maximizing limited advertising space.

You can also tailor the content using a dynamic QR code based on your audience’s preferences. This boosts engagement, resulting in more effective marketing initiatives.


Combining a digital electronic signage display and a QR code reduces printing costs since you can update the content without reprinting materials.

You can improve the interactivity and quality of your digital signage without spending too much.

Offline-to-online marketing

QR codes seamlessly bridge the gap between physical signage and digital content, allowing businesses to integrate offline and online marketing efforts. 

They direct consumers to websites, social media, or other digital platforms, ensuring a cohesive brand experience across channels.

This unique ability makes QR codes highly suitable for today’s fast-paced society, where people can already access various information with just a few taps and clicks.

Analytics and data insights 

A digital signage QR code allows you to collect valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. 

These analytics aid in refining marketing strategies, optimizing content, and tailoring offerings to suit your target audiences better. 

Industry-based applications of QR codes on digital signage

Businesses, institutions, and organizations across diverse sectors use QR codes on digital signage as a dynamic tool to enhance their marketing strategies and foster interactive consumer experiences.

Here’s how you can use digital displays with QR codes in various industries: 

Retail businesses

Retailers put QR codes on digital signboards in their stores to seamlessly connect offline and online platforms, enhancing the in-store experience and driving sales.

With just a scan of the code, users can instantly access product information to help with their purchase decisions. These may include ingredients, manufacturing details, and best-before dates.

Events and entertainment

An event’s digital signage QR code helps in its promotions, streamlines ticketing processes, and creates interactive experiences for attendees.

By scanning the QR code on the digital signboard, users can purchase tickets without waiting in long lines and check in at venues hassle-free.

You can also use QR codes on digital event signages to provide attendees access to event schedules, maps, artist profiles, or exclusive content, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.


You can find digital signage in hospitals and clinics with QR codes, which patients can use for appointment scheduling, patient information access, and health tips dissemination. 

This integration into digital displays minimizes physical interactions at reception desks, reduces wait times, and enhances safety during check-in processes.


Hotels and restaurants can use QR codes on digital signage to enhance guest experiences by offering touchless solutions for accessing menus, making reservations, or requesting services.


Tourist attractions use digital displays with QR codes to facilitate self-guided tours and informative displays.

Visitors can scan the QR code to access details about artifacts, monuments, and landmarks, enhancing understanding and developing appreciation.

Brands that use digital signage QR code campaigns

Let’s take a look at how these brands integrate a QR code on digital signage to bring their marketing campaigns to success.


Coca cola QR code campaign

Image Source 

The beverage company Coca-Cola integrates a QR code on their digital out-of-home (OOH) advertising for Zero Sugar to encourage consumers to interact with their “#TakeATaste” campaign.

When users scan the QR code, they can grab a digital bottle and a coupon, which they can use to redeem a free bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or its Cherry version at any Tesco store.

Videotel Digital

The digital signage solutions company Videotel Digital is turning touchscreens into touchless devices by integrating QR codes to facilitate contactless interaction.

When users scan the code, the screen from the monitor automatically transfers to their mobile devices, turning them into remote controls users can use to navigate the touchscreen. 


Chick-fil-A has seen a 14% boost in app downloads by showing a QR code on their digital signage. 

When users scan the code, they can directly access their mobile device’s app store to download the Chick-fil-A app immediately. 

QR TIGER QR Code Generator: Transforming businesses with smart QR code solutions

A digital signage QR code transforms how businesses market their products and services to the public by providing vivid and interactive content that captivates audiences.

With the integration of QR codes into these digital signboards, brands, and marketers can facilitate instant information access to guarantee consumers a more immersive and interactive experience.

You can also begin your digital signage marketing by creating a custom and functional QR code that fits your branding. 

Visit QR TIGER today and create a functional and attractive signage QR code for your campaign, increasing brand visibility and engagement in a scan.

Brands using QR codes

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