The Best QR Code Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Update:  January 12, 2024
The Best QR Code Marketing Campaigns of All Time

The best QR code marketing campaigns are those that take the marketing world by storm and leave a lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

These pixelated marvels have found their place on billboards, social media posts, runways, blockbuster movies, and even in the night sky. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the best, most controversial, and wildly successful QR code marketing strategies, all made possible with the help of an online QR code generator software. 

Get amazing QR code campaign ideas and learn from big brands across industries to maximize campaigns using QR codes.

Table of Contents

  1. 2023 Highlights: Best QR code campaigns of the year
  2. All-time best QR code marketing campaigns
  3. QR code marketing ideas: How can QR codes be used for marketing campaigns?
  4. Why using dynamic QR codes in advertising is better
  5. Looking ahead: The QR code revolution goes beyond
  6. Kickstart your QR code marketing with the best QR code generator—QR TIGER
  7. Frequently asked questions
  8. 2023 Highlights: Best QR code campaigns of the year

    Best QR code marketing campaigns

    Discover how these big brands turn these versatile squares into a treasure trove of various information.

    To wrap up the year, take a look at these amazing QR code marketing ideas and discover what makes them the best QR code marketing campaigns in 2023:

    Hershey’s QR code: Scan & Send a Kiss

    The global chocolate brand showed wise use of QR codes on their Kisses chocolate packaging to make gift-giving hassle-free during the holiday rush.

    Hershey’s QR code campaign idea brings a sweet surprise to consumers. But how did they do it? They added two QR codes: One for the giver and one for the receiver. Here’s how they work:

    • The first QR code lets the giver select a video filter and record a video message for the receiver.
    • The second QR code lets the receiver watch the recorded video message. Receivers only have to flip the first QR code to reveal the second QR code behind it.

    These QR codes transform the product into a love-note factory, churning out personalized messages wrapped in animated kisses that float across the screen.

    What started as a simple chocolate treat has become a digital Cupid’s arrow, piercing hearts and generating buzz with every bite.

    What makes it the best:

    QR codes are simple. Yet, Hershey’s made them fun and engaging. Their campaign shows one of the many brilliant QR code applications.

    Using QR TIGER, they were able to engage their consumers in a new, sweet, and memorable way.

    It consistently ranked as the top QR code platform on G2, SourceForge, and Trustpilot, making it one of today’s best QR code companies.

    AI QR code

    Anime-inspired AI-generated QR codes were also one of the most iconic QR codes this year. We’re talking about QR codes that are not just visually stunning but also truly deliver results. 

    A Reddit user shared these creative QR codes, and they’re powered by Stable Diffusion AI and ControlNet extension, creating impressive images. 

    These visually captivating codes represent a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality within QR code designs.

    What makes it the best:

    AI QR code seamlessly blends with brand logos, images, and patterns, creating aesthetically captivating QR code designs, taking QR code technology to the next level.

    They have skillfully merged and harnessed both leading-edge technologies–an ingenious way to give users a more memorable and interactive QR code experience. 

    WWE QR code

    Transitioning to our third campaign, we immerse ourselves in the realm of wrestling.

    WWE, renowned for keeping fans on the edge of their seats, unveiled a QR code in 2023 hinting at the return of “The Fiend,” portrayed by Bray Wyatt.

    Flashing during a WWE SmackDown episode, the QR code piqued viewer curiosity, directing them to a video on X (formerly Twitter).

    This teaser not only stirred a fan frenzy but also catapulted to the top of the trending list on the social media platform.

    What makes it the best:

    QR codes unlock a world of excitement and surprise. Their campaign proves you can use these tools for any occasion and event.

    They have operated QR codes with a sense of playfulness, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. This whipped the anticipation of the fans, driving their engagement and excitement ahead of a major storyline in the WWE universe. 

    Flying purple QR code

    Our fourth campaign whisks us to the skies of London with a mysterious flying purple QR code orchestrated by a fleet of drones.

    Hundreds of drones artfully formed shapes over the Thames, leaving onlookers in awe and anticipation.

    Comprising around 400 drones, the formation eventually settled into a scannable image linked to a marketing page for the insurance company Beazley.

    While the attendees grasped the purpose, curious bystanders outside the event found themselves compelled to scan the code, creating an engagement.

    What makes it the best:

    A perfect example of a mega QR code marketing stunt. Beazly has integrated a grand and innovative approach to its marketing campaign, sparking the interest of people all over the board.

    They have shown the versatility of QR codes and their fascinating connection with art, technology, and marketing, making it an impactful experience for anyone who witnessed it. 

    Regardless of scale, its usability remains constant.

    Louis Vuitton QR code

    Transitioning to our fifth campaign, where the worlds of fashion and the future converge. A LinkedIn user shared a video featuring an interactive QR code for Louis Vuitton.

    The video unveils the seamless synergy between augmented reality (AR) and QR codes in creating an immersive experience.

    Fashion enthusiasts can scan the QR code to witness a display of LV clothing.

    Thanks to the power of AR, they can visualize how the garments look on someone, transforming the experience into a high-tech personal fitting room.

    What makes it the best:

    Another example of two next-gen technologies joining forces to give consumers an immersive shopping experience. QR codes provide access to detailed information, while AR brings a tangible market engagement. 

    LV employing AR and QR codes in its marketing strategy solidified its position as a leader in the luxury fashion industry. 

    Netflix’s “Leave the world behind” QR code

    Prepare for a cinematic adventure with our sixth campaign. In the Netflix film “Leave The World Behind,” a clandestine QR code introduces an enigmatic twist to the storyline.

    Discovered on a map of the United States within a scene on TV, this Easter egg QR code spurred discussions on the X social media platform.

    Investigations revealed that it led to a website featuring the Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park in Mercer County, West Virginia—a location not explicitly mentioned in the movie.

    The QR code opened a subtle hint at a potential cause or origin of the unexplained events in the film, inviting viewers to explore the mysteries further. 

    What makes it the best:

    Given the remarkable advantages of QR codes, Netflix has harnessed this tool to give the movie another layer of interactive and mysterious elements. 

    They have demonstrated a clever use of QR codes as an augmenting factor that enhances the storyline of the TV show, encouraging a deeper sense of viewer participation. 

    Roku Barbie QR code

    Now we step into the world of Barbie, which undeniably dominated 2023. Warner Bros.

    Pictures and Mattel joined forces for an innovative marketing campaign utilizing the Roku streaming service as a pivotal platform.

    Commandeering the screens of Roku users, they presented a QR code enabling viewers to purchase tickets for the Barbie movie.

    The ability to acquire tickets directly from the TV exemplifies a stroke of genius in marketing ingenuity.

    What makes it the best:

    A brilliant and resourceful advertising concept with QR codes that streamlined the accessibility of ticket purchases.

    Warner Bros. eased the struggle of manual searches and payment processes in movie theaters, making everything convenient and efficient for viewers.

    McDonald’s QR code: Crave & Claim deals

    Select McDonald’s branches in the Philippines displayed giant QR codes outside their stores to bring huge discounts to passersby and diners alike.

    Scanning the code led to the McDonald’s app, where customers can get app-exclusive Crave & Claim deals. This promo had people saying, “I’m lovin’ it,” as they enjoyed discounts of up to 40% on select menu items.

    Their QR code campaign ran from January 5 to January 15.

    With a quick QR code scan using a smartphone, customers can get their McDream meal online, then unlock juicy discounts and a chance to win free food for a year.

    What makes it the best:

    Fast and easy—that’s how people roll these days, especially when it comes to their food. And with QR codes, fast food restaurants can bring their services to a new level.

    The way McDonald’s used QR codes to promote their app, products, and deals while offering customers the fastest and easiest way to get them makes it one of the best QR code marketing examples in 2023.

    Using QR codes is always a win-win strategy. They effectively promote their app, and customers avail exclusive deals in just seconds.

    Limit Break Super Bowl QR code

    Limit Break, a Web3 gaming startup, disrupted the Super Bowl commercial scene with a $6.5 million ad spot featuring the Ethereum-based NFT-game project DigiDaigaku.

    The 30-second commercial placed a QR code at its core, encouraging the viewers to scan it for a chance to win one of 10,000 free digital collectibles.

    Though various opinions on the ad’s quality and intent circulate, it’s undeniable that the QR code effectively grabbed their attention.

    Even though the ad didn’t work as it should have, some viewers got their hands on free non-fungible tokens.

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are blockchain-based digital assets. It can include digital drawings, music, books, photos, videos, or valuable artwork. These can be sold or traded for money or cryptocurrency.

    What makes it the best:

    QR codes let scanners grab the chance to win collectibles in just a few seconds. The compact pixels turn their campaign into a fun and engaging ad.

    The Limit Break’s Super Bowl ad shows that QR codes are a brilliant addition to advertisements. It’s a smart tool that offers viewers a new ad experience that ultimately boosts engagement.

    Avocados from Mexico

    In their Super Bowl ad, Avocados from Mexico took an innovative approach, envisioning a world dominated by avocados.

    They strategically placed a QR code on a billboard within the ad. When viewers scan it, they can instantly tweet about the brand.

    This clever integration of a QR code within a humorous context reinforced the brand’s identity and invited viewers to shape the narrative.

    Avocados from Mexico showcased a commitment to interactive marketing beyond traditional advertising boundaries, allowing audiences to play an integral role in the brand’s storytelling.

    What makes it the best:

    The way Avocados from Mexico shows that QR codes can instantly take your target market to your brand’s social media. This proves that integrating QR codes in advertising can help in buzz marketing.

    Its portrayal shows that QR codes are an effective way to get your target market hooked. With QR codes in the game, you’re not just advertising; you’re telling a story.

    The Servant Foundation

    Allocating a staggering $100 million for their Super Bowl 2023 ad, the American nonprofit Servant Foundation introduced the “He Gets Us” campaign with a 30-second ad.

    The ad invited viewers to scan a QR code, leading them to a website with detailed insights into the campaign, the third-way theme, and avenues to engage with their church. 

    Despite receiving mixed reviews, the strategic use of a QR code by The Servant Foundation suggests successful audience engagement.

    The foundation’s ability to leverage a QR code in a high-stakes Super Bowl setting indicates a forward-thinking approach to connecting with audiences and creating meaningful post-ad interactions.

    What makes it the best:

    Ads should be quick, easy to digest, interactive, and memorable. And that’s how The Servant Foundation maximized their 30-second ad with QR code technology.

    Despite its short air time, the QR code ad still managed to hook viewers and allow them to access the content on their smartphones.

    Their campaign didn’t just entertain. It also drove traffic to the website and boosted audience engagement in just a short period.

    All-time best QR code marketing campaigns

    If you’re wondering how industries use QR codes for marketing to promote their brands, pay close attention to how these companies have skillfully executed their QR code campaigns for successful marketing:

    Yuengling: The world’s largest QR code

    Yuengling QR code

    America’s oldest brewery made headlines with their enormous QR code project in August 2022, spanning a staggering quarter mile by quarter mile—equal to 20 football fields! 

    This massive QR code paid tribute to the American Armed Forces. Scanning it from an aerial perspective led to various actions. Scanners can:

    • Donate to Team Red, White & Blue—the brewery’s charity partner
    • Engage with Stars & Stripes’ digital content
    • Watch the music video of country star and Yeungling ambassador Lee Brice
    • Win concert tickets
    • Shop at Yuengling’s online gift shop 

    Adidas: A ticket to FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

    Adidas, the official brand partner of the FIFA World Cup 2022, captured the hearts of sports enthusiasts with their ingenious QR code ad campaign. 

    They unveiled a QR code in a captivating short film featuring Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh.

    Scanning this code allowed sports fans to win a 4-day trip to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, stirring excitement among the audience.

    Budweiser’s scavenger hunt for FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets

    An effective QR code marketing campaign catches people’s attention and curiosity, getting them to engage and participate. This one’s a worthy example.

    Budweiser, the official beer sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022, set off a QR code-based scavenger hunt on August 13—100 days before the event. 

    Scattered strategically at locations meaningful to Budweiser’s sponsored athletes, these QR codes built excitement among soccer fans. 

    A teaser featuring soccer superstars Messi, Neymar Jr., and Sterling further fueled anticipation. Lucky scanners could win signed memorabilia, a year’s supply of beer, and free World Cup tickets. 

    NBA 2k22: Scanning to score free NBA star cards

    Nba QR code

    NBA fans across six states in America embarked on an extraordinary journey to scan QR codes for free NBA star cards. 

    The National Basketball Association (NBA) released six QR codes, each tied to the home city of NBA stars—Boston, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Dallas, New Orleans, and Portland. 

    Scanning all six QR codes rewarded fans with coveted Amethyst Giannis and Devin Booker cards.

    These collectible player cards serve as invaluable pieces for fans and collectors. For them, they’re considered assets or investments out of their hobby. These cards can also be sold or traded for money.

    The NBA’s QR code campaign made a slam dunk in connecting with its target audience.

    Coinbase’s Super Bowl QR code ad

    Cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase grabbed attention during the Super Bowl with an eye-catching 60-second QR code ad. 

    The ad featured a QR code floating on the screen, changing colors when it hit the corners during the commercial break—reminiscent of the early 2000s bouncing DVD screensaver. 

    It directed users to an exclusive Super Bowl promotion on Coinbase’s landing page. Those who scanned the QR code could score cryptocurrency prizes and snag unique discounts on trading fees.

    Surprisingly, the Coinbase ad garnered over 20 million scans in just one minute, causing a brief crash in the website due to the massive entry of visitors. 

    As a result, Coinbase’s mobile app escalated from a modest 186th place to a remarkable 2nd place in the App Store charts. 

    UCF football team’s jersey QR codes

    The University of Central Florida (UCF) Spring Game players made waves by replacing traditional jersey numbers with custom QR codes. 

    Scanning these QR codes led fans to the players’ profiles on the UCF athletes’ website, offering access to social sites, websites, and branded merchandise. 

    Huge QR code in the sky for Halo promotion

    On March 2022, a massive QR code formed by a fleet of 400 drones appeared in the night sky at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

    Paramount+ collaborated with ad agency Giant Spoon in organizing this mesmerizing aerial display as a promotional stunt for the sci-fi series Halo.

    The QR code redirected intrigued onlookers to the series trailer on YouTube.

    Love, Death + Robots: Scan QR codes for NFT art pieces

    Fans and viewers were in for a treat as Netflix released the third season of the  Love Death + Robots series. There were nine QR codes hidden within the episodes, social media posts, and display ads. 

    The Love Death and Robots QR code leads to a collectible NFT artwork when scanned, unlocking a new dimension of engagement for fans and collectors.

    Marvel Series: Unveiling QR code secrets

    Marvel series QR code campaign

    Marvel’s use of QR codes is a remarkable illustration of how to captivate fans exceptionally.

    They hid QR codes in shows like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. When scanned, the codes led people to free, downloadable digital comics. 

    These strategically placed Easter eggs delighted fans, prompting them to share their discoveries on social media, Reddit, and the press.

    The results were staggering. For instance, the Moon Knight QR codes got 2.5 million hits on its landing page and an impressive 750,000+ downloads of the bonus comic book.

    Central Saint Martin BA Fashion Show: QR codes on the catwalk

    During the Central Saint Martin BA Fashion Show in May 2022, all 115 graduating fashion students unveiled their creations on a two-story runway. 

    The spectators marveled at the avant-garde, sculpted, and monochromatic designs, but what stole the show were three huge boxes printed with QR codes.

    Christie Lau was the genius behind this fashionable ploy. Each QR code led to an Instagram filter showing an augmented reality of her designs.

    Fashion meets technology in this stylish and tech-savvy showcase.

    Amazon QR code: Share a smile campaign

    Amazon had an ingenious twist on QR code marketing with the heartwarming “AmazonSmile” program.

    The global e-commerce powerhouse didn’t just stop at delivering packages; they also delivered a sense of community.

    They added their unique QR codes with their logo to their packaging. Customers can scan and shoot a brief video sharing their delightful Amazon experiences.

    These snippets were woven into a heart-melting montage, creating an Amazon user community like never before.

    The campaign didn’t just boost brand loyalty; it made the online shopping adventure a spectacle that spreads smiles as shoppers scrolled through products.

    Heineken QR code: “Scan to win Heineken for life”

    Leading global brewery Heineken uncorked a new level of engagement with its QR code campaign.

    The tagline,”Holiday cheer, lifetime of beer,” was hooking enough for their market.

    But what makes their campaign even better is the Scan-to-win mechanic using QR codes. Scanners can grab the chance to win a $63,400 cash prize, equivalent to a 12-bottle pack of Heineken every week for 60 years.

    Heineken didn’t just sell beer; they offered an immersive, entertaining ad experience that went beyond the traditional sip-and-swirl routine. It was a toast to innovation.

    QR code marketing ideas: How can QR codes be used for marketing campaigns?

    You can join hundreds of big brands using QR codes as dynamic and interactive elements in marketing campaigns, reflecting the latest QR code marketing strategies. 

    Here’s how QR codes provide you an edge for successful campaigns:

    1. Quick and easy customer engagement

    QR code marketing ideas

    QR codes are the core of the best QR code marketing campaigns, offering an instant connection between your audience and your brand. 

    With a quick smartphone camera scan, potential customers can access your website, product information, exclusive offers, and more. It’s one of the best digital marketing tools to grab attention and drive engagement.

    2. Seamless mobile experience

    There are 6.93 billion smartphone users worldwide today, and this whopping number has driven businesses to optimize their campaigns for mobile users constantly on the go.

    And since it only takes a smartphone to scan them, QR codes can help improve the mobile user experience.

    You can guide your customers to mobile-optimized landing pages, simplify app downloads, or immerse them in interactive content like engaging videos and insightful surveys. 

    It’s not just about convenience; it’s about crafting a frictionless journey for your valuable audience. 

    Using QR codes empowers your users to seamlessly access what they need when needed while enhancing their overall engagement and satisfaction.

    3. Contactless marketing

    The rise of contactless interactions in a post-pandemic world has made QR codes a safe and preferred choice for delivering various information, such as marketing content. 

    Customers can access your campaigns with just a quick smartphone scan. And if they find anything appealing or exciting, they can tap buttons leading to your website or online shop.

    4. Analytics tracking

    Dynamic QR codes are advanced QR codes that have tracking features, allowing you to monitor the scan metrics of your QR code campaigns. These include:

    • Total and unique scans
    • The time a user scanned the code
    • Top locations where scans came from
    • The device type used in scanning

    This handy QR code tracking feature lets you easily track the engagement your campaigns are getting from target audiences—be it printed or digital.

    You can determine whether your campaigns are doing well with these essential data. And when you see that they’re not, you can quickly develop clever solutions or improvements.

    5. Boost offline-to-online integration

    QR codes are the ultimate link between your traditional offline marketing strategies and the digital world’s vast opportunities. 

    They provide a direct and engaging connection for your audience to explore, interact with, and engage in your brand’s online presence, promotions, and content.

    6. Gamification

    Marketers can enhance engagement with fun games that will get people intrigued and involved. And they can seamlessly integrate QR codes to provide quick access to these.

    For instance, they can incorporate hidden QR codes in promotional materials. These codes can lead to intriguing puzzles or mind-boggling riddles, and a special prize awaits once users solve these.

    Encourage customers to scan and discover exclusive discounts or access unique content, turning your marketing strategy into an entertaining experience.

    7. Exclusive promotions and discounts

    You can use an advanced QR code generator to create QR codes that lead your customers to enticing limited-time offers, loyalty rewards, or special deals.

    Add these codes to product packaging, and ensure they’re on a spot that’s easy to notice and scan. And to surely engage consumers, add a compelling call to action that will catch their attention and make them curious.

    8. Product information and reviews

    Giving your customers valuable insights means providing them with information that enhances their understanding of your products or services. 

    You can use QR codes to connect them with comprehensive product details and authentic reviews that enable them to make more informed decisions.

    9. Event promotions

    Organizing or hosting a live event or a virtual gathering? An event QR code can help you with that. This contactless marketing tool can provide various tech-savvy benefits to guests.

    You can add QR codes to your event promotion materials so that interested people or those invited to the occasion can scan them to check important details.

    The QR code can lead to online registration forms, guides to the venue, event programs, and video conference access for virtual events.

    10. Enhanced customer feedback

    Feedback QR code

    QR code campaigns don’t always focus on product promotions. These can also aim to gather consumer feedback to improve your products and services.

    Gather valuable customer insights using a feedback QR code linked to online surveys and feedback forms.

    With this strategy, people can scan the QR code and quickly enter their reviews, complaints, or suggestions about their experience with your brand.

    Why using dynamic QR codes in advertising is better

    Real-time campaign insights

    In case you didn’t know, dynamic QR codes have tracking features. These trackable QR codes provide real-time insights into campaign performance. With dynamic QR codes, you can:

    • Measure engagement: You can check the number of scans, the location of scans, and the devices used, which helps you understand user behavior.
    • Optimize campaigns: Real-time insights give you the power to make data-driven decisions. Suppose you notice a particular aspect of your campaign isn’t performing well. In that case, you can adjust it to improve engagement and conversion rates.
    • Enhance user experience: By analyzing the data collected from dynamic QR codes, you can refine the user experience. It may involve optimizing the content you link to, ensuring it’s more relevant and valuable to your audience.
    • Maximize return on investment: Tracking campaign performance allows you to calculate your ROI accurately. This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions on where to allocate your marketing budget for the best results.

    Easy data updates

    Dynamic QR codes also allow users to update the embedded content from your marketing campaign without the hassle of creating new ones.

    QR TIGER is a user-friendly QR code generator that offers a streamlined experience through its intuitive dashboard, making editing easy. 

    It saves time and conserves resources, as you won’t need to print new codes continually for every campaign update.

    Versatile integration

    With dynamic QR code’s exceptional adaptability, marketers can incorporate them into various marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and product packaging.

    This adaptability guarantees that QR codes can effectively connect with your audience across various channels, optimizing your marketing efforts for the best QR code marketing campaigns.

    And here’s more: You can also integrate dynamic QR codes with software applications like Zapier, HubSpot, and Canva.

    These software integrations allow you to automate processes and connect different tools for more dynamic and personalized marketing efforts.

    Cost-effective subscription

    Investing in dynamic QR codes is a financially wise decision in the long run due to their adaptability in updating marketing campaigns without the expense of reprinting QR codes.

    This lets brands and marketers stay responsive to evolving market trends and customer preferences for a relatively small cost compared to other marketing tools. 

    It will also allow them to allocate their marketing budget more efficiently, allocating resources to other essential aspects of your strategy.

    Looking ahead: The QR code revolution goes beyond

    QR codes gained global popularity amid the pandemic as they were handy in contactless transactions. But most people believed they’d be gone by the end of this health crisis.

    Contrary to these expectations, QR codes have not only endured but thrived. In the current landscape, they have evolved into indispensable assets for the best QR code marketing campaigns. 

    Businesses and individuals alike have enthusiastically used QR codes in marketing trends to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

    You can find them on menus, magazines, TV shows, billboards, business cards, and product stickers—proof of their versatility.

    QR code expert and QR TIGER CEO Benjamin Claeys sees even more significant potential for this technology. 

    Claeys predicts that QR code usage will surge further by 2025. He envisions these codes facilitating mobile payments, online and offline marketing, and the growing popularity of augmented reality (AR) advertising.

    Many individuals now prefer mobile payments through QR codes, which is why the global QR code payment market has expected growth to exceed $35.07 billion by 2030.  

    As marketing digitalizes, QR codes will be pivotal in enhancing customer experiences and expanding market reach.

    By incorporating dynamic QR codes, your marketing strategy can stay agile and responsive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

    Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the potential of dynamic QR codes for your brand.

    Kickstart your QR code marketing with the best QR code generator—QR TIGER

    The best QR code marketing campaigns mentioned above have surely helped companies and brands make a mark in their respective industries and connect with their customers on a brand-new level.

    And just like them, you can also create a QR code campaign that will let you achieve your marketing goals, be it a boost in brand recognition, wider audience reach, or increased sales.

    Trust QR TIGER for your QR codes. As the most advanced QR code generator, it has a wide range of powerful solutions and advanced features that will surely help you.

    Discover the potential of this versatile technology and kickstart your marketing campaigns today.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the best QR code generator for business?

    The best QR code generator for businesses in 2024 and beyond is QR TIGER—the most advanced and secure QR code software in the market.

    QR TIGER has an unparalleled commitment to constant innovation and security. They’re constantly advancing their software and offerings from basic to advanced solutions.

    It’s also ISO 27001 certified, GDPR, and CCPA compliant to ensure the highest user data security.

    Are QR codes good for marketing?    

    Yes, QR codes are a valuable and effective tool for marketing. They provide a direct and interactive way to engage with customers and bridge the gap between offline and online marketing efforts.

    By using dynamic QR codes, you can have comprehensive tracking and analytics, surpassing traditional advertising methods. 

    They enable you to monitor essential metrics like scan rates, user locations, device types, and scan times, empowering data-driven marketing strategies and precise campaign measurement. 

    What big brands use QR codes?

    IKEA and Coca-Cola are among the many prominent brands that have successfully incorporated QR codes into their marketing strategies. 

    For instance, Coca-Cola uses QR codes on its packaging to provide consumers instant access to interactive promotions and digital content, creating an immersive brand experience.

    Similarly, IKEA’s QR code campaign lets customers scan the codes found around the store to access product information, pricing details, and reviews from other smartphone users. 

    This streamlines the shopping experience with essential information to make well-informed purchases.

    Brands using QR codes

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