How to Log In to Discord Using a QR Code

Update:  October 02, 2023
How to Log In to Discord Using a QR Code

Are you sick of typing in your username and password every time you use a PC to access your Discord?

If you do, we have some excellent news for you. It's now a lot easier for a Discord sign scanning a QR code on a desktop.

In this article, you will be introduced to the procedures of Discord login, how to scan the QR code for Discord, and more about Discord QR code.

Read on and follow the instructions below.

How to use the Discord QR code to log in

You can now sign in to Discord on a new computer without typing in your email address and password.

With the QR code login, it can be much easier to log in to your account.

You’ll need a Discord app on your phone to use the QR login feature.

The QR scanning will work on both, whether you have an Android or an iOS phone.

After you log in to the mobile app with your email and password, use the QR code feature by following this quick guide:

1.) Go to on your laptop or PC and open your Discord app. On your phone, tap on your profile at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on “Scan QR code.”

Discord app

2.) Point your phone at the QR code on your computer’s login page.

Discord QR code

3.) Confirm your mobile login after scanning the code.

Login discord

And remember, you have to verify all of your login attempts using the QR code before you can use the app on your computer.

Doing this ensures that no one else can use this login feature to get into your account.

The advantage of Discord QR code login

Discord sign-in on any computer is now possible using Discord’s QR code login feature without typing in your username and password.

Aside from that, the Discord QR code scan login feature gives you complete control over login attempts. You can always refuse to accept a sign-in from a device that isn’t yours or that you’re not using at the moment.

Use QR TIGER’s social media QR code to share your discord server and promote your social media channels

Social media QR code

With a Discord social media QR code, you can integrate all your social media apps, including your Discord server, into one QR code.

When your Discord social media QR code is scanned using a smartphone device, your social media handles will display on your scanner’s smartphone screen, where they can instantly follow you on all social media sites.

That said, it will be easier for people to follow, subscribe to, and like you on your social media platforms.

You can grow your followers organically by adding a social media QR code to your offline and online channels.

Furthermore, the social media QR code can also help you easily share your discord server with your friends.

With a Discord social media QR code, you can also update your QR code.

This means that even if you have printed or deployed your QR code, you can still edit your social media QR code and update it to a new landing page/s.

Furthermore, you can also track many who have engaged and scanned your QR code using the QR code analytics dashboard.

How to create a discord social media QR code

If you want to share your discord server invite link with your social media handles. To generate a social media QR code with your invite link, here are some easy steps:

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator

QR TIGER QR code generator is one of the best online tools for making QR codes.

It allows you to make a QR code that fits your brand and purpose.

Regarding data and privacy security, QR TIGER has set up several policies and procedures that explain how to use and share information about customers and users.

Select the social media QR code solution

You can generate different kinds of QR codes, and you can also make a QR code for each of your online platform accounts.

But using a QR code for social media is helpful because it will connect all your social media sites.

Enter your social media handles and add a new block for your Discord server

Edit social media QR codeEnter the social media platforms you want to link in the QR code, then add a new block for your Discord server.

Paste your Discord invite link

Paste discord link

Generate a dynamic QR code

Click the green button that says “Generate QR code” to start making your QR code.

Customize your QR code

You can make your QR code look fancier by giving it a more personal touch. You can add a logo, or frame, set your design patterns, etc.

Scan, download, and display

Before you download and print your social media QR code, test it by scanning it to make sure it takes people to your social media profiles.

When your QR code has passed testing, you may download it, print it on promotional items, and even share it online.

If you’re curious about how to scan a QR code discord, simply open your camera app or the built-in QR code scanner on your phone.

Make a Discord social media QR code with QR TIGER today

With Discord being a popular virtual communication tool for gamers and tech fans, it is now easier for them to send invite links to their family and friends.

Using an online QR code generator, anyone in Discord can easily share invitations to their Discord server by making a Discord social media QR code that their family and friends can scan to be taken to their server, and at the same time, it boosts your social media followers in the digital space.

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