Social Media QR Code for Discord: Maximize Your Connections

Update:  February 09, 2024
 Social Media QR Code for Discord: Maximize Your Connections

A social media QR code for Discord will link all your social media channels in one landing page, including your Discord link, when you scan it using a smartphone. 

That said, you can promote your Discord page alongside your other social media accounts

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What is a social media QR code for Discord?

A social media QR code for Discord is a QR code solution that enables users to easily share their Discord server and social media handles at the same time.

In addition, there are at least 4.26 billion social media users worldwide. It is also estimated to rise to 6 billion in the next few years.

Moreover, the internet user’s daily social media usage is now up to at least 147 minutes

With that huge number, you can use one of the best methods to get these people to follow you in just a single scan.

Discord QR code

In addition, QR codes are known as one of the most reliable and low-cost social media marketing tools.

You can read here for more information about social media QR codes.

Notable use cases of a social media QR code for Discord

Now that you have a Discord account, you can use it to build a community server for your business. Or, let’s say you want to become an influencer and be seen more on Discord.

You can promote your other channels aside from Discord by using social media for Discord. Here are some of its notable use-cases.

It can digitize your restaurant menu

Now that almost everything we do involves smartphone devices, why not digitize your restaurant menu?

Using a social media QR code boosts one’s social media exposure.

Restaurant owners can also digitize their menu and easily share it with customers by scanning the code.

For instance, if your online page contains a menu, you only need to copy the link and embed it to your social media QR code.

In addition, you can also place all your restaurant’s social media handles. This will make it easier for your customers to find you online.

And not even that, you can have a Discord community where people can interact with each other regarding their food similarities.

Using a social media QR code to do many things can be possible.

However, if you want a more detailed digitized restaurant menu, you can use MenuTiger.

It can simplify your customers’ daily transactions with your restaurant as they can order and pay from it.

Moreover, you can customize and edit your QR code menu to get higher returns.

For easy information inquiry

If you want people to get the latest updates about your hotel promos, your hotel’s new restaurant menu, or your updated contact details, you can create a Discord server for this.

A Discord server will make it much easier for people to find the information they need.

If they ask, other people might be able to answer their questions.

However, if you want to boost your hotel’s social media pages alongside your Discord server, easily invite people, and get a maximum number of social media to share, the best way to do this is using a social media QR code for Discord.

You can add your hotel’s discord link in the social media QR code solution and your other social media channels for hotel promotion.

QR codes for gallery visitors’ guide

One good example of this is an Art Gallery in Vancouver, Canada. Upon re-opening, they released a new list of health and safety protocols. This is to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The gallery will be capping a guest capacity of 225 visitors at a time. So in a way to manage this capacity and to prevent crowding, guests have to purchase a timed-entry ticket from their website in advance of their visit.

In addition, they have placed QR codes that guests can download a copy of the Gallery’s Visitor Guide when scanned.

However, a Discord server containing different works of art is also a better idea. People no longer have to go to art galleries to see other artworks.

And those who live far from art museums can also enjoy seeing the beauty of these artworks by just scrolling through an art gallery community from Discord.

Now that the COVID-19 virus is spreading vigorously, putting yourself to safety must be the first thing to do.

Tracking the activity of your social media Discord QR code

The best thing about social media QR for Discord is that they are dynamic.

This means you can track the scans of your social media discord QR code and how many have engaged in your QR code campaign.

Are you getting enough scans and engagement? Is it a success or a flop? That’s when dynamic QR codes come into the picture to analyze the data for you!

Users can track the information about their scanners, like the number of scans, the location of the scanner, and its device.

That said, you can create an effective business campaign using dynamic QR codes as you can track your return on investment (ROI).

By understanding your QR code campaign, you can formulate strategies and adjust your technique based on your QR code dashboard campaign tracker.

How to generate a social media Discord QR code

Now that we’ve discussed some interesting ways to use social media QR codes with Discord, you might wonder, “How can I make one?” Here are a few simple steps to follow:

Create discord QR code

1. Go to the best QR code generator online 

One of the best online tools for making QR codes is the QR TIGER QR code generator online.

It lets you create a QR code that fits your brand and what you want to do with it.

In addition, QR TIGER has set up several policies and procedures that explain how to use and share information about customers and users.

2. Select the social media QR code solution

Once you’ve chosen your preferred QR code generator, choose the social media QR code solution.

3. Tap on the “Custom URL” to add your Discord’s server link

Paste your Discord invite link in the Discord QR code generator.

4. Add your social media pages

Aside from your Discord server link, add your social media pages and digital resources to the social media QR code solution.

On the right side of the block, you can see arrows.

You can use those arrows to move your social media blocks in the order you want.

5. Tap on “Generate dynamic QR code”

6. Customize your QR code

7. Do a scan test, download, and display

Social media QR codes are editable in content

Do you need to remove or add a social media page? Or do you have an online page that is no longer working, and you need to have it removed or updated?

But what if you already printed your Discord social media QR code and distributed it online?

You don’t need to scratch your head and worry about other printing expenses, as you can edit your QR code quickly.

Users change their code’s URL or content without printing another one. Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • On your screen’s upper right corner, tap “My Account” and click “Dashboard.”
  • On the social media QR code solution, look for the QR code you want to edit.
  • Tap on the “edit” button, and replace the URL.
  • If you’re done, click “Save,” and you’re ready.

And not just, aside from changing the URL on the QR code, you can also add other Discord servers to it if you have more than one.

Partner with QR TIGER to generate a social media QR code for Discord

Since most people use Discord a lot to talk to each other online, it is now easier for them to send invite links.

Using the QR TIGER QR code generator, anyone with Discord can easily share invitations by making a social media QR code for Discord that people can scan to be taken to their server.

This also helps you get more social media followers on other platforms.

Generate a QR code with the QR TIGER QR code generator today.

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