Earth Day QR Code: Scan and Save the Planet

Update:  February 15, 2024
Earth Day QR Code: Scan and Save the Planet

The Earth Day QR code provides information on green initiatives, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day in a tech-savvy way.

On April 22, let’s celebrate our beloved planet by promoting environmental awareness with eco-friendly activities and events that drive change. 

Collective change is our focus. Businesses, educators, and communities are in a position to make that possible with today’s advancements in technology setting the stage for instant access to initiatives combating environmental issues. 

In this article, we offer inventive ways to showcase your Earth Day celebrations with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator to make a lasting impact toward a greener planet. 

Earth Day 2024

On April 22, 1970, the modern environmental movement ‘Earth Day’ was born, inspiring action to protect our planet. 

It serves as a day wholly dedicated to highlighting environmental issues like climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution while promoting collective actions to reverse these detrimental effects. 

Earth Day 2024’s theme is “Planet vs. Plastics,” a campaign calling for widespread awareness of the health risks of plastics with the ultimate goal of reducing 60% of all plastic production by 2040. 

We believe Earth Day celebrations and information sharing can be done in ways that adhere to this year’s theme and increase the visibility of important environmental work.

Why is it important to celebrate Earth Day?

Human impact on the planet

Earth Day is our annual reminder not to let environmental concerns fade in the background, bringing critical issues to the forefront of our minds. 

It prompts corporate accountability, government policy-making, and worldwide collaborations that inspire sustainable actions. 

At the end of the day, we all unite for one common cause—protecting our planet. 

9 useful Earth Day QR code ideas

We live in a time of advanced trackable QR codes where we can track a product’s sustainability journey and gain access to interactive and environmental information. 

QR codes can make your Earth Day celebration more fun and impactful, so here we have nine ways you can use them:

Poster-making contests 

Organize an Earth Day-themed digital poster-making contest. You can use the Google Form QR code solution to facilitate a seamless method for collecting poster submissions.

Participants only have to scan the QR code to access the digital form, where they must enter their contact details and upload their digital poster.

You can also create a Google Form QR code for people to vote for their favorite poster submissions. You can give prizes to selected voters to encourage more votes. These include reusable bottles, bamboo straws, or tote bags. 

Making a Google Form QR code isn’t the difficult part. Getting people motivated to create without using colored paper, glitter, and glue is.

Here’s one way to solve this: Explain to audiences how the environment benefits from making a digital Earth Day poster instead of one made from paper.

Let people know their role in sharing vital information about our planet through their work. 

Earth Day quizzes 

Suppose you’re a teacher. You can assess your student’s knowledge of current environmental issues by creating a URL QR code linked to an online quiz platform like Quizizz. 

Include multiple choice and open-ended questions in your Earth Day quiz to know students’ opinions and use them as discussion points in your next class. 

You can also reward students with prizes to add an element of friendly competition or design a follow-up activity like an Earth Day presentation. 

Green campaigns on socials 

Green campaign custom QR code

A good digital green campaign includes eco-friendly initiatives and environmental awareness. 

For example, you can initiate green challenges and hashtags on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram to encourage sustainable habits. 

Businesses can also create green discounts that reward customers for choosing options that support environmental causes. 

You can make a Link in Bio QR code with logo so people can find all your social platforms in one place. This simplifies sharing Earth Day information and enhances visibility for marketing campaigns.

With this initiative, you can use your social platforms for a worthy cause while potentially increasing your audience reach and follower count.

Read-aloud calendar 

With Canva, you can find calendar templates related to Earth Day.

You can attach pictures of book covers onto each reading day for visual appeal and add YouTube links to your chosen read-aloud books. Choose relevant ones like Earth Day Every Day, The Lorax, or Litterbug Doug.  

Make learning fun, educational, and safe for younger audiences by using sites like SafeShare to minimize ads on YouTube videos and control privacy settings. 

Then, use a QR code generator to allow your calendar to be shareable with kids and their parents by scanning a QR code. 

Links to online resources

Compile a list of Earth Day-related articles, videos, green platforms, documents, and more to help your students with research projects or gain easy access to assigned readings. 

You can create a QR code landing page for this compilation. This QR code solution lets you make a webpage instead of an entire website, and you won’t need web hosting services to get this page running.

Add the title of your landing page, a short description, and web design elements such as font, images, videos, text, links, and more.

Virtual field trips 

You can provide people with an immersive experience from the comfort of their homes. Below are a few virtual field trips that you can connect to through an Earth Day QR code:

  • NASA’s Eyes on the Earth is a nifty interactive tool with attractive graphics and real-time data. You can track the climate, atmospheric states, and sea levels across different regions. 
  • The Amazon Rainforest is the subject of many virtual field trip videos online. These will aid in learning about biodiversity in the world’s largest rainforest.
  • The Earthquake Explorer lets you discover seismic activity worldwide. You can also use this tool to discuss safety measures in the event of an earthquake. 
  • The Nature Conservancy is an organization that designs virtual field trips for kids ages 9-15. Each trip includes a video, a teacher guide, and student activities for holistic learning. 

Must-watch documentaries 

Documentaries have visual and narrative elements that make them compelling resources about our planet’s detrimental challenges. 

Many free and high-quality documentaries are available on YouTube, such as “Our Planet” (2019), narrated by Sir David Attenborough, “Before the Flood” (2016), “The True Cost” (2015), and more. 

To make your watchlist easily accessible, use a QR code generator to generate a free QR code that leads people directly to your chosen videos.

After an appropriate amount of time, you can lead discussions about the recommended videos, encourage critical thinking, and develop practical solutions. 

Tree planting drive 

Custom tree planting QR code

Earth Day is as much a time for action as for celebration. 

There is a dire need to preserve wildlife and ecosystems by combating deforestation. 

Get the community involved by organizing a tree-planting drive. Choose a location and a tree species appropriate for the local climate and ecosystem. 

Work with local organizations or community groups, schools, and businesses to increase resources and outreach. 

You can create a Google calendar QR code that will prompt attendees to save the date and time of your tree planting drive to their Google calendar.

Earth Day product information

Are you in the business of using sustainably sourced materials, offering special discounts for Earth Day, or using green transportation methods? Let consumers know of your green efforts. 

With consumer packaged goods, 20% of brands are now placing QR codes on their packaging for sustainability information as more consumers are considering which companies support green initiatives.

The 2021 Global Sustainability Study reported that 85% of consumers have shifted to a “greener” attitude when purchasing, while 34% are willing to spend more on sustainable goods. 

Showcase your dedication to the environment by incorporating an Earth Day QR code in your packaging that links people to detailed information about your environmentally friendly products.

How to create a QR code for Earth Day with a QR code generator for FREE

Make eco-friendly decisions and incorporate QR codes into environmental education with QR TIGER. With this advanced QR code software, you can do this for FREE in only six steps. 

  1. Go to QR TIGER and select any of our free solutions. For starters, you can go with the URL or Google Form solutions.
  1. Enter the required details to make your QR code.
  1. Choose Static QR and select Generate QR code. 
  1. Customize your QR code until you’re satisfied. You may include a logo, frame templates, or apply other customization features. 
  1. Test-scan your QR code to see if it works. After that, select whether you’ll save it in PNG or SVG, then click Download. This will take you to our Plans & Pricing page.
  1. Once on the page, scroll down and find the box that says, “Your free QR code will be sent to your email.” Enter your email in the blank space to receive your generated QR code.

Pro-tip: You may also opt for QR TIGER’s freemium plan to get three dynamic QR codes for free, each with a 500-scan limit. This advanced QR code type allows data changes and offers cutting-edge tracking features. 

Benefits of using an Earth Day QR code 

  • Education. Link anyone to videos, articles, and resources about environmental issues and green practices through QR codes. 
  • Sustainability. QR codes and sustainability go hand in hand. Using these codes means less paper consumption and printing costs. It can also guide people to more eco-friendly lifestyle options. 
  • Awareness. This year’s Earth Day theme is Planet vs. Plastics, and modern QR code technology can be an ally in advocating for a plastic-free environment and getting the word out to more people. 
  • Fundraising. QR codes simplify the donation process as these streamline contributions to Earth Day 2024 causes.
  • Community. QR codes can facilitate information about neighborhood clean-up drives or tree-planting events to ensure as much community involvement as possible. 

QR code technology is driving green initiatives

Here are some real-use cases of brands using QR codes to reduce waste and promote environmental awareness & sustainability innovatively: 

Manchester Gin 

The Spirit Of Manchester Distillery partnered with The Label Makers to make unique QR codes for each bottle of their premium Manchester Gin. 

Users who scan the rear label can access information about the company, distillery, procedures, and ingredients. 

Manchester Gin gains customers’ trust and purchase by giving consumers a trail of each bottle’s carbon footprint. 

Another Tomorrow 

As a sustainable clothing company, Another Tomorrow embodies this in its philosophy, policies, materials, and suppliers.’

They partnered with London-based software company EVRYTHNG to create an information database about the production of each piece of clothing before designating a QR code on care labels. 

When scanned with a smartphone, a webpage appears to give a piece’s sustainable journey visually. 

Another Tomorrow’s Seamed Waist Jacket, for instance, uses ethically sourced wool whose origin, processing, and shipment locations are detailed in seven clear steps. 


Packaging using QR codes

Indie skincare brand Cocokind reinvents its secondary packaging by featuring sustainability facts. This includes carbon emissions, production, packaging, and recycling instructions. 

Every Cocokind product also has a QR code on its box. This redirects customers to more sustainability resources on their brand’s website. 

QR codes for a Greener Earth Day

Earth Day celebrations are made more eco-friendly by embracing QR code technology.

QR TIGER, an advanced QR code generator, is a smart and tech-savvy tool that helps reduce our environmental impact, enhances awareness, and streamlines fundraising initiatives.  

With an Earth Day QR code, events can forgo paper payments, physical promotional materials, and invitations that emphasize Earth Day’s overarching goal and what it stands for.

Frequently asked questions

Do QR codes work globally?

Yes, QR codes are compatible and functional across different countries and regions. Many countries around the world have adopted QR codes as a means of payment, marketing, and information distribution.

How are QR codes used in everyday life?

In recent years, more businesses have been using QR codes to give their customers the convenience of scanning QR codes for mobile payments and information.

What were QR codes originally used for?

QR codes were originally made in Japan for the sole purpose of tracing automotive parts during manufacturing. They soon became widely adopted in various industries and integrated into everyday life. 

What is an Earth Day QR code?

It is a QR code designed to promote Earth Day activities and initiatives. 

People can create QR codes with a QR code generator to promote eco-friendly practices, environmental conservation, and green drives.

Brands using QR codes

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