11 Ways QR Codes Can Elevate Your Festival of Lights Experience

Update:  September 12, 2023
11 Ways QR Codes Can Elevate Your Festival of Lights Experience

A festival of lights QR code greatly contributes to reducing physical contact during onsite events.

It allows these celebrations to continue without putting visitors at risk. 

To date, QR codes continue to prove that they can do so much more than what the world is used to.

They help streamline on-venue services to guarantee guests’ safety and convenience.

This is why more event organizers now use the best QR code generator with logo to create QR codes to assist festivalgoers.

Learn how QR codes can make a festival of lights shine even brighter in this article.

Innovative use cases of a festival of lights QR code

1. Event teasers

Festival light QR code

Videos are an effective way to promote an event.

It provides a visual input for potential guests and can help increase people’s curiosity, which will encourage them to go.

Organizers of light festivals can create a teaser video for the event and embed it in a video QR code.

When used with the right call to action, the QR code will attract many people to scan the code and watch the teaser.

2. Ticket reservations

Festival event QR code

Most festivals encourage visitors to book and buy tickets online to avoid crowding at ticketing booths.

It’s also convenient for guests, saving them time from long queues.

A festival of lights QR code can then work as a gateway to an event’s official website, where people can secure their tickets.

Through this method, guests are safe from bogus websites that sell counterfeit tickets.

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3. Cashless payment

Due to decreased physical contact, businesses have started implementing cashless payment methods for their customers using digital wallets and online banking apps.

Coordinators of a festival of lights can use a QR code for payment on their website so that people can instantly pay as they book their tickets.

This can also work at food stalls or souvenir shops on the festival grounds.

4. Tickets and brochures

Organizers can integrate a festival of lights QR code on event tickets by using a bulk QR code generator. This feature allows users to generate multiple unique QR codes in one go.

When visitors arrive at the venue, they can present the ticket to the staff, who will scan the QR code to record their entry.

Coordinators can also upload a printable brochure on their official website that people can download after buying a ticket.

They can then add a Google Maps QR code to the brochure. It can guide guests to the festival venue and a locator’s map of the event grounds.

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5. Interactive attractions

Festival event tools

Festivals used to be for the eyes only, but with today’s technology, they are now more interactive.

Event organizers can place various QR codes across different points in the venue, such as an mp3 QR code that will play a special festival song when scanned.

They can also create a PDF QR code that contains special greetings or a set of suggested activities that guests should try.

6. Multilingual content

Foreign tourists from different countries often come to festivals of light. When they do, the language barrier can affect their experience.

A QR code for language is a suitable solution for this problem. This festival of lights QR code can route visitors to different landing pages depending on the language detected on their smartphones.

For instance, a guest with Chinese as their smartphone language will find content translated into the said language when they scan the code.

7. Social media presence

After taking selfies and snaps at festivals, visitors post them on social media sites. Organizers can take advantage and use this to promote their event for free.

They can then set up official pages across different social platforms and create a social media QR code to go with them.

Upon scanning the code, visitors will find all of the event’s social handles on one landing page.

Guests can then tag the event’s official page on their posts and tweets. They can even leave their reviews, comments, and suggestions.

8. Food ordering

Food stalls and pop-up stores are often present in festival venues to provide refreshments to visitors. To provide convenience to customers, shopkeepers can use a menu QR code.

People will see the shop’s offered items with their prices once they scan the code. Since this is a dynamic QR code, shopkeepers can change the PDF menu in the code to remove sold-out items.

They can also try using an interactive digital menu QR code software such as MENU TIGER.

9. Quick contact

Problems and emergencies can happen during festivals; organizers need to ensure that guests have easy access to authorized personnel who will aid them.

One way to do so is by using a vCard QR code to route scanning visitors to contact details that they can call for help.

10. Personalized greetings

Some festivals are of religious or cultural backgrounds, so people express greetings during these celebrations.

Event hosts can offer a personalized greeting service for visitors using a Landing page QR code. They can provide templates or let guests create their designs.

Once generated, visitors can then share the QR code with family and friends. The greeting will appear on their screens after scanning the QR code.

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11. Link to a virtual festival of lights

Some festivals offer virtual events to people who cannot go onsite.

Organizers can use a URL QR code to instantly route these people to the virtual event so they can still enjoy the festival despite not being physically present at the venue.

Festival of lights QR code usage in the USA

A November 2021 survey reveals that Christmas is the second most celebrated holiday in the United States. About 85% of responders to a Statista poll claimed that they would celebrate Christmas in 2021.

It is no wonder that Christmas-themed festivals of lights are a holiday attraction in the US. Drive thru Christmas lights shows boomed in 2021 after most of these were canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

These events have featured QR codes on their tickets. Designated staff on the venue grounds will scan the code upon guests’ arrival to reduce physical contact.

Here are three US-based Christmas festivals of lights that use QR codes on tickets:

1. The Lights of Christmas

Festival of lights QR code

Image Source

The Lights of Christmas is an annual event hosted by the Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center in Stanwood, Washington. It is also known as the Warm Beach Lights.

First held in 1997, the Warm Beach Lights was initially a strategy to attract more customers since business was slow for the camp over the holidays.

This 20-minute drive thru Christmas lights fest ran in 2021, and tickets for the 2022 show will be available in the fall.

2. Fantasy Lights

Event QR code uses

Image Source

The Fantasy Lights is another drive-thru Christmas lights show at Spanaway Park in Washington state.

It features a two-mile drive along Spanaway Lake, where guests can enjoy numerous shimmering light displays. This is why the show earned the nickname “Spanaway Fantasy Lights.”

Ticket sales will begin on November 1st, and the show will run from November 25th to New Year’s Day.

3. Magical Winter Lights

Lights event tools

Image Source

The Magical Winter Lights in Houston Raceway Park is another drive-thru Christmas lights show in Baytown, Texas.

It runs for 45 days at a 20-acre venue. Guests will marvel at fascinating lights, dazzling lanterns, and a fun carnival.

The venue also has an interactive dinosaur area for kids and kids at heart. On selected days, local talents and cultural acts perform to entertain the guests.

Festival of lights QR code usage around the world

There are many other festivals of lights celebrated in different parts of the globe. Most of these have religious or cultural ties with the local community.

Here are six events, each having an innovative use of a festival of lights QR code:

1. Christmas

Festival QR code usage

Image source

Real estate conglomerate Ayala Land and Make It Makati initiated the Festival of Lights: Virtual Edition 2021 in the Philippines during Christmas, the country’s most important holiday.

The two real estate giants launched the virtual event on their separate official Facebook pages.

QR codes were scattered across public places in the city of Makati to provide easy access to people. Scanning the code led people to the broadcast of the event.

2. Bonfire Night

Guy fawkes day

Image Source

The Bonfire Night is annually observed on November 5th in the United Kingdom in memory of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It is also known as Guy Fawkes Day.

During last year’s celebration, the Fire Fighters Charity launched a QR code-powered donation drive to raise funds for the UK’s fire services community.

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3. Loy Krathong

QR codes on events

Image Source

Loy Krathong is a significant festival in Thailand. Thais celebrate it under the full moon in the twelfth month of the Thai calendar. The festival’s name means “to float a basket.”

Locals create a krathong or a basket made of banana leaves and ornamented with flowers, fragrant oils, and a candle.

People then drift the baskets off on a river during the full moon, making a wish as the baskets slowly float away.

Last year, festivalgoers were required to scan QR codes at event venues using ThaiChana, a Thai contact tracing app.

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4. Chinese New Year

New year events QR code

Image Source

In 2020, the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) released its “QR code red packets” for the Chinese New Year.

Users scanned the QR code via the DBS PayLah! App so they could load cash values of up to $999 in the code.

They can then give the QR code to their family and friends and let them scan the code to receive the amount in it.

5. Lantern Festival

Lantern festival QR code

Image Source

The Yuan Xiao Festival or Lantern Festival is a holiday that marks the end of the festivities for the Chinese New Year.

The lanterns displayed during this festival come with riddles.

In 2019, QR codes made an appearance on the lanterns in Zhangjiakou, China. People answered the riddles by scanning the QR codes, and if they got it right, they would receive prizes.

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6. Diwali


Image Source

Diwali or Dipawali is the most important Indian holiday. This five-day festival began as a Hindu tradition, but it is now a national celebration enjoyed by both Hindu and non-Hindu people.

On its second day, people adorn their homes with clay lamps and rangoli; an elaborate pattern made using powder or sand in various colors.

In a 2019 rangoli competition, one entry used a text QR code that revealed the words “Happy Diwali!” when scanned.

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Make celebrations more fun with a festival of lights QR code

QR codes are truly flexible, but it’s still fascinating how they can streamline operations during a festival of lights.

The next time you go to a festival of lights, you can look forward to seeing more QR codes placed at different points within the venue.

This will definitely make your experience better.

When it comes to QR codes, QR TIGER is your best choice.

It is the most advanced QR code generator with a logo today, with a complete set of QR code solutions and fully customizable QR codes.

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