Free dynamic QR code generator (ultimate guide in 2022)

Last updated:   June 24, 2022

With all of the QR code generators that are emerging online, it can be a bit tricky to find the most reliable and free dynamic QR code generator you can use to make your dynamic QR codes.

With each one of them offering various services and features, looking for one is a painstaking process.

But before you go through that process, we’ve listed down the must-have features of the best and free dynamic QR code generator this 2022 and all the things you should consider!

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How to choose the best free dynamic QR code generator online

Before we give you the must-have qualities of the best free dynamic QR code generator online, there are the first steps you need to consider before using one.

Conduct good research first 

One of the first steps you should do is to conduct good and proper research.

As most of these services are paid (for advanced use) and can be available for free trial uses.

Dynamic QR codes (if not the trial ones) will cost you money if you are serious about purchasing one for your marketing and business purposes.

However, they are economically wise and beneficial to use in the long run.

How so?

Well, with its ability to be editable even after printing, it will save you money from all the printing costs.

Moreover, dynamic QR code scans are track-able, allowing you to see your return on investment using its data-tracking system.

Thus it is intensively essential to do good research.

Note: You can also search in the Google bar for QR code generator and try all the top 10 searches that appear on the first page. These ones are the best ones to use.

Credibility (are there brands using them?) undefined

If brands are using the QR code generator online you have selected, it one of the sure tell-tale signs that it is a reliable and credible service to use.

Explore the homepage of the QR code generator and look for the possible brands that are using them.

Does it have responsive customer support? undefined

One of the things that you should also be looking for in a QR code generator is efficient customer support.

Does it reply to your queries or do they ignore your concern? Having a responsive customer support team is important to guide and help you in your QR code campaign if in case you think something went wrong.

First, you should do is try messaging the company and see how fast they can reply to your query.

This will show how much importance they give regarding your concern and you can sense from thereon. It should not be for more than 24 hours.

Is the QR code generator regularly updating and innovating its services? undefined

One of the sure-fire signs to tell that a QR code generator is ideal to use is by its ability to do the constant upgrade and add features to their software to support their clients’ needs.

Nobody wants to use an old and outdated QR software, so it’s also very important that you subscribe to your email and see if they are sending you out email reports and updates about the software.

Make a comparison with the QR code generators’ prices and features.

If you are planning to use a dynamic QR code for serious marketing or campaign, then using the paid version with unlimited scans to unlock more features will be your best option. However, before you do that, always compare the prices and features.

Offers different printing formats  undefined

Even if the QR code generator offers a free dynamic QR code for use, the QR codes should still be produced in a high-quality image.

Moreover, there are two most important printing formats that you should consider in QR code software that should be available: the PNG format and the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format which enables you to print QR codes to various sizes like in billboards.

How to make a free dynamic QR code? 

  • Go to
  • Avail of the free trial dynamic QR code 
  • Register your email
  • Wait for the confirmation code 
  • Once received, click the activate button 

Must-have features of the dynamic QR code generator 

Free static QR code generator with logo and unlimited scans

If you are planning to use a static QR code generator that is completely free with unlimited scans., your QR code should never expire and should be valid for a lifetime,

Now, with most of the QR code generator with a static QR code, it only lasts for 14 days or so and it will redirect you to a 404 page.

With QRTIGER, you don’t need to worry about such as we are giving the static QR code free to use. You can also customize your QR codes however you want.  

The editable free dynamic QR code generator undefined

There’s nothing other than a free dynamic QR code generator that is editable! To make the most out of your QR code marketing using a dynamic QR, you should be able to edit or change the landing information of your dynamic QR codes and see for yourself the wonders it makes!

NO need to print another one! Just go to the QR code generator dashboard or track data button and do a quick update of your QR code’s landing page

Dynamic QR codes do not explicitly store data in the graphics of the code. It only contains a short URL that will redirect the scanner to online information.

The data is saved or stored in the QR code generator software which makes them editable anytime.

Unlike the static QR code, it is not updateable in content as the QR code’s information is directly stored in the graphics itself.

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Accurate conversion tracking capacityundefined

Having a conversion tracking system is not enough! They should be accurate!

An accurate QR code tracking system allows you to understand your target audience who are scanning your QR code. 

Where are your scanners from? Which dynamic QR code campaigns are working? What time do they usually scan? What is the device they are using? Are they Android or iPhone users?

If you are using a dynamic QR code with a poor tracking capacity, this can break your overall dynamic QR code campaign. 

You need QR code software that allows you to see your QR code scans’ real-time and even filter it from days, weeks, or even months, and other important statistics involved.

You can try QRTIGER’s free dynamic QR code generator and see for yourself how the tracking of QR code scans can be made possibly accurate!

Multiple designing options of the free dynamic QR code generatorundefined

Does the free dynamic QR code generator provide you with a customization feature to adjust for your campaign, brand, or purpose? 

A dynamic QR code generator must provide you with designing options more than just monochromatic QR codes. You should add your logo, icon, and image and choose your design patterns, colors, and more!

A customized QR code stands out even more than black and white QR codes. So make sure to stylize it according to your aim.

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Allows you to generate at least 3 dynamic QR code types 

To make the most out of your dynamic QR code implementation, you should be able to fully experience how the features work and what services do they provide.

For an advanced experience, you can try generating a social media QR code, Vcard, H5, or the webpage QR code which allows you to generate a landing page for mobile use.

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100 or more scans available of the free dynamic QR code undefined

To fully grasp your QR experience, 100 scans available would be enough to see how the QR code tracking conversion works.

QRTIGER allows you to scan your dynamic QR code to 100. All you need to do is avail of the trial version and generate your dynamic QR code.

QR Code Generator with a robust tracking system and data analytics + Google Analytics

Integrating QR codes with Google Analytics is possible.

QRTIGER’s QR Code software, when connected to Google Analytics, gives you valuable and more profound insights or statistics about every visitor on your website such as the device that they use to access your site, which browser, the demographics, and if users leave their contact information or details.

Subscription Types Available in QRTIGER QR code generator

Multiple QR code generator software lets you avail and use some features for free. Now, these are all okay for one-time usage or personal use.

However, to ensure that your QR code marketing campaigns and data are covered with immense security, editable/updateable, and are track-able, you need to look at some premium features or solutions that will surely provide and deliver.  

In QRTIGER QR Code Generator, there are four types of subscription you can choose which includes:

• Free Static QR code and dynamic QR code

• Regular

• Premium

• Advanced

Each QR Code generator has unique functions, and you can choose which subscription type is ideal for your need!

QR code generator with unlimited scans 

QRTIGER QR code generator provides unlimited scans of your static QR codes. The static type of QR is free and the validation lasts forever.

However, it is not beneficial for business and marketing as users cannot update and track their QR code. 

On the other hand, dynamic QR codes provide unlimited scans, considering that you have paid your subscription before it expires. 

Should you use a free dynamic QR code or the paid version of a dynamic QR code? 

Now, what is the difference between a free and paid QR code generator? Is it really worth it to use a paid dynamic QR code?

The short answer is: Yes. If you really are planning to use the dynamic QR code generator for a marketing campaign and to get the overall QR dynamic experience the dynamic QR code is for you.

They are ideal to use in the long run as it has unlimited scans and solutions compare to the free trial. Furthermore, you can track your QR codes anytime you want without having to worry if you have reached the maximum scans.  

But most importantly, to secure that your QR code marketing campaigns are safeguarded, track-able, and updateable even after printing, it is highly advised to use a premium QR code generator, as there have been some instances that the QR code has failed to function brought by the use of unreliable and unaccredited QR code software.

Free trial QR code generator 

For dynamic QR codes, you can avail the free trial in QRTIGER QR code software to explore advanced features such as editing and tracking your QR codes!  

Create your free dynamic QR code with QRTIGER and track your scans! 

If you are still unsure of purchasing the paid version of the dynamic QR code technology, you can opt to use first the trial version offered by QRTIGER and explore endless possibilities on how you can use it in your marketing campaign!

If you have more questions about the dynamic QR code, you can contact us directly on our website.

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