Hershey's QR Code: Send Personal Video Messages in a Kiss

Update:  April 30, 2024
Hershey's QR Code: Send Personal Video Messages in a Kiss

The QR code Hershey added to the packaging of its bite-sized treats brings a sweet surprise to consumers for the holidays.

Any gift that comes from the heart becomes extra special. And what better way to show this than by sending your loved ones a present that comes with a heartwarming message?

This sentiment is what inspired Hershey’s to encourage people to put a little something more into their gifts. They partnered with QR TIGER QR code generator to make this initiative possible.

The product packaging of Hershey’s Kisses now comes with QR codes allowing consumers to record personal video messages, making every bite of the chocolatey treat even sweeter.

How the QR code Hershey added works

Hershey QR code

Hershey’s Kisses uses two QR codes on product packaging.

The first leads to a landing page that guides you in recording your messages. You can use different templates and filters to make your video creative.

You also have two options for making your video. You can either record on the spot or add videos from your device.

After saving your message, give your recipients the chocolates. They have to flip the QR code on the packaging to reveal a second one, which they’ll scan to access the video you made for them.

By using a QR code generator for this initiative, the iconic treat from The Hershey Company becomes more than just chocolate; it becomes a gift your loved ones will truly enjoy and cherish.

How to scan and use the QR code on Hershey packaging

QR code hershey

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you execute your Kisses video message smoothly:

  1. Scan the QR code on the packaging to access the landing page.
  2. Once on the page, read the instructions carefully. When you’re ready to shoot your video, tap Let’s Go.
  3. Choose your desired template. Once the popup appears, click Let’s Go.
  4. Start creating your video message. Press the red circle to start recording. You can also upload videos and images from your device.

    If you added the wrong media, click Delete to remove it.
  5. Use filters to add pizzazz to your video. You can also play with the video speed. 
  6. After creating your video, select Next. Once it’s ready to go, tap Submit.
  7. You will see a unique code onscreen. Grab your Hershey’s Kisses and flip the first QR code. Write the code in the blank below the second QR code.
  8. You can now give the gift to your loved one.

How to access the personal video message

  1. Flip the QR code on Hershey packaging to reveal the second QR code.
  2. Scan it with your smartphone using a QR code scanner or your Camera app.
  3. Once on the landing page, tap the hamburger icon on the top right corner and select Receive.
  4. Enter the unique code written below the QR code, then select Watch Now.
  5. The video message will pop up onscreen. Tap the kebab icon (three vertical dots) and select Download to save it to your device.

Most smartphones now have built-in QR code scanning features. But if your device doesn’t have one, you can download a free QR code scanner from the Play Store or the App Store.

How else has Hershey’s used QR codes for dynamic campaigns?

Hershey QR code campaign

Hershey’s has used QR codes in marketing before releasing the limited edition Hershey’s Kisses packaging. Check out these QR code use cases:

Hershey’s Kisses Love Edition QR code

This year’s Valentine’s Day celebration, Hershey’s did it again.

To celebrate Love Month in a memorable way, they added a unique QR code for video messages into their pink-themed packaging.

By scanning the Hershey’s Kisses QR code on the box using a smartphone, scanners are redirected to a website where they can record a video message and upload it after for easier viewing.

There’s no better way to surprise your loved ones with just a quick scan. It’s definitely a unique way of saying I love you!

Hershey’s limited edition SHE bars

For the 2023 Women’s History Month, Hershey’s rolled out its limited edition SHE bars, making it the third time since 2020.

The special wrap features inspiring words like kind, authentic, passionate, and persistent. It also has a QR code Hershey included that leads to a microsite.

Here, people can access information about Hershey’s support for Girls on the Run, a nonprofit that equips young girls with social, emotional, and physical skills.


In honor of International Women’s Day in 2020, Hershey Brazil partnered with BETC São Paulo to launch #HerSheGallery, a campaign highlighting the works of female creatives.

The chocolate’s packaging features six brilliant women. Among them were Yzalu and Bruna Mendez, two of Brazil’s talented singer-songwriters.

Along with their photos were Hershey promo QR codes leading to their latest singles, allowing people to enjoy their music.

 QR code leading to their crafts, allowing people to enjoy their artistry.

Hershey India celebrates “SHEROES”

Following the trail blazed by Hershey Brazil, Hershey India used the same initiative to celebrate 2023 International Women’s Day.

Eight women, or “SHEROES,” have their photos printed on the milk chocolate bar’s packaging. One of them is Captain Anny Divya, a pilot who became the world’s youngest commander to fly a Boeing 777 at only 21. 

The packaging of the Hershey candy bar also has a QR code. It leads to a microsite where people can create custom Hershey’s packaging dedicated to a special woman in their lives.

They can upload her picture and choose from the five appreciation messages.

Hershey’s adopts GMA SmartLabel QR codes

Hershey’s food transparency strategy has never been better with the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) SmartLabel program. This collaboration has allowed consumers to make informed purchase decisions.

It can show comprehensive information about—but not limited to—nutritional facts, ingredients, potential allergens, and safe handling instructions of the product.

To access these details, consumers only have to scan the QR code for food packaging with their smartphones.

How to use QR codes on product packaging

Hershey’s uses QR codes on the product label to facilitate a personalized marketing strategy that fits the holiday season.

While it’s a brilliant display of the wise use of QR codes, this technology has far more applications. Here are nine other ways to use QR codes on product packaging:

Product information access

QR codes allow manufacturers and business owners to add all essential product details to the packaging without occupying too much space. This also removes the inconvenience of reading too small texts.

The possibilities are endless for QR code users, whether for business or personal use. To spread the element of surprise, individual users can also add a QR code message gift to make it  even more memorable.

Loyalty programs

Companies can launch QR codes on item packages to facilitate loyalty programs. Shoppers can scan special QR codes to gain points, incentives, and other freebies. They can then exchange the points for products or offers like discount coupons.

Limited-time promotions

QR code uses

What makes exclusive deals even better? Accessibility. And you can achieve this by using a branded coupon QR code.

Just a quick scan, and your customers can redeem your special offer. It’s fast and seamless, making their experience more enjoyable.

Running discounts, special bundles, and other offers is a breeze with these codes. Consumers can scan codes on specially marked items to redeem these deals.

A few examples include two for the price of one, 50% off on certain purchases, or exclusive items.

Awareness campaigns

A February 2023 article from Sprout Social reveals that more than 60% of consumers want brands to speak out on social issues. They believe that with their massive platform, brands can make an impact that inspires change.

Companies can use QR codes to be involved. For instance, they can create a custom QR code landing page where they explain their stand. They may also include infographics, research, and relevant statistics.

To guarantee consumers will scan the codes, brands can place them in prominent spots on the product packaging.

Guides and user manuals

Product QR code

Some products come with user manuals that guide people on how to assemble pieces, how to take proper care, and what to do to troubleshoot any problems.

But one problem with these guides is their length. To save your consumers the inconvenience, you can use QR codes to give them step-by-step video guides instead.

A November 2021 TechSmith article reveals that 83% of users prefer watching videos to access information. And with QR codes, people can quickly access these video guides in one scan.

Feedback gathering

Feedback improves a company’s credibility and success. Make it easy for people to access your survey form and easily collect their insights using QR codes.

With one scan, they can find and complete the online form on their devices.

Pro tip: Add the words “Survey Form” or “Scan to Complete Survey” so people will know what your QR code is for. Better go for a QR code generator that comes with this customization feature.

Donation drives

A June 2019 Forbes article shows that consumers prefer brands that give back. It makes them feel that their money goes to a worthy cause.

Businesses can use QR codes on their products as charity channels. These will show shoppers the charitable institutions, organizations, and causes they actively support.

Companies can also include donation drive links to encourage their consumers to contribute any amount.

Social media promotions

Social media is an effective platform for engaging with customers. It also helps boost brand visibility, considering the millions of users on these platforms. 

You can effectively promote your various social accounts and pages with a Link in Bio QR code. Add these to your product labels and packaging. People can then find and follow you in just one scan.

This QR usage makes it easy for customers to connect with you and interact with your business. 

Customer support

Provide your consumers with a quick and easy way to reach you when they have questions, concerns, or suggestions. The instant access brought by QR codes makes them suitable for this purpose.

Customers can scan these to reach customer support via email or voice call.

How to create your own QR code for your next strategy 

If you aspire to recreate Hershey’s initiatives and put a unique spin on your marketing, you are in the right place. Here’s how to make a QR code using the most reliable QR software online:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER QR Code Generator and log into your account. You may also sign up for the freemium version.
  2. Choose the solution that suits your needs the best, then provide the necessary details.
  3. Select between Static QR and Dynamic QR, then select Generate QR code.
  4. Customize the code’s appearance. Add a frame, play with the colors, or add a logo. You can also add a CTA like “Scan Here” to the QR code.
  5. Run a test scan using your smartphone, then Download the QR code for sharing.

QR TIGER: Trusted by today’s top brands

The QR code Hershey added to its Kisses packaging shows the versatility of QR technology. These codes can make any strategy more effective and engaging for audiences.

Hershey’s is only one of the many brands that have jumped on the QR code bandwagon to give their marketing strategies a digital twist.

And with QR TIGER, you can join these companies. Sign up for a freemium account today and see how our powerful solutions and features can boost your marketing efforts.

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This QR software allows you to customize your QR code by adding color, logo, frames, and patterns and setting unique edges to accentuate your brand.

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