How to use QR codes on Flyers & brochures

Last updated:   August 25, 2022

Advertising and marketing tools have taken exceptional forms and mediums over the past many years.

For example,  QR codes on flyers and brochures, are one of the most attractive and tangible means to communicate with your customers or target audience is a way to connect with them even more enticing. 

The general public like a tangible advertisement that they can hold with them and use at the time of need. Flyers and brochures serve as a decent reminder for the people to keep in their offices and homes.

However, most of the time these flyers and brochures end up in the trash once the people have scanned through them. 

Therefore in order to make these flyers and brochures more beneficial, QR codes can be inscribed on them. Let’s see the details of it. 

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How to make a QR code for flyers and brochures 

  1. Go to
  2. Click the type of QR code solution you want
  3. Choose Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)
  4. Click “Generate QR code” and customize
  5. Test your QR code if it scans
  6. Download and print your QR codes on flyers and brochures! 

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QR code basics

static and dynamic qr code When you generate your QR code, you can either select a static or dynamic QR code. Now, what is the difference between the two? Let’s find out! 

Static QR code

When you generate your QR code solution in a static model, the URL or landing information of your QR is permanent and you cannot track your QR code scans. 

Dynamic QR code

When you generate your QR code solution in a dynamic mode, you can edit the landing page or URL to where your QR code points you even after printing which makes them cost-efficient.

Moreover, you can also track the data of your QR scans. 

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How to use QR codes on Flyers & brochures

Following are some case studies and modern ideas to use QR codes on flyers and brochures for better customer engagement.

1. A connection with the customersqr codes on flyer fashion

QR Codes can be efficiently used to create the perfect blend of conventional and online marketing tactics. For all the businesses these days, it is important for you to provide mediums to your customers through which they can connect with you.

And this is fairly easy if the QR Codes are properly used on the flyers and brochures.

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2. Promotional discountsqr codes on flyer

If a new restaurant decides to use coupon QR codes, event QR codes, and Social media QR codes, they can allow the customers to avail of discounts, get the details of the new upcoming event, etc.

Similarly, these QR Codes on flyers or any marketing materials can be used for gaining more and more followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

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3. Business details for the ease of the customersqr codes on flyer architect and style

It is vital to add all the details of your business on the flyers and brochures, for example, the website, phone numbers, and email address to make sure your customers know how to connect with you.

For example, if your business has nominated a certain individual to be contacted, you shall opt for vCard Plus.

Similarly, you should use QR Codes on flyers for your business to give more details about your business such as opening hours, the services offered, and your signature products.

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4. Customization of the flyer & codesqr codes on flyer for ordering online

It is easy for you to customize the QR Codes according to the size. Once you have decided about the theme and scheme of the flyers and brochures, it becomes relatively easier to use the QR frames accordingly.

These codes can be conveniently placed on the flyers and brochures to suit the needs of the customers and attract them simultaneously. 

5. It makes your flyers stand-out

QR codes on flyers set an edge apart from other plain-looking flyers and brochures. It connects the offline world to the online dimension! 

How to make QR codes on flyers and brochures?

Step. 1 Go to www.qrcode-tiger .com

qr codes on flyer generatorStep 2. Select from the category the type of QR code you want to create 

There are many QR solutions you can choose from and you can choose which types of advertisement you want to print along with your QR codes on flyers. 

Step 3. Click Static or Dynamic (Dynamic QR codes are better to use)

Static QR codes are free to create and QRtiger provides unlimited scans. Your static QR code will never expire and will be valid for a lifetime.

However, dynamic QR codes are better to use as it allows you to update or edit the information on the QR code even if it has been printed on your flyers and brochures! 

This allows you to save money form regenerating another QR code and printing your flyers. Furthermore, Dynamic QR codes allow you to track your QR code scanning activity. 

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Step 4. Click “Generate QR code” and customize

Click Generate QR code to start generating your QR code for your flyers. After that, you can customize your QR code to make it more attractive! 

Step 5. Test your QR code if it scans. 

Before printing your QR code, always make sure to test your QR if it scans or if it leads you to the correct information. 

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Step 6. Download and print your QR codes on flyers and brochures! 

After doing a test scan, prepare to download and print your QR code! 

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How to design your QR codes on flyers and brochures? 5 best tips! 

1. Make a visual QR code

undefinedVisual QR code will pique your target audience’s curiosity!

We are visual beings and we usually turn to something that stimulates that senses. 

Customize your flyer QR code and make it attractive for your target audience. Create a brochure QR code that will leave a visual impact on your scanners once they see it.

Steer away from plain-looking QR code does as it does not get much result you want. 

Custom design your QR code and add colors, set unique edges, choose the patterns, and your preferred layout to make it more personalized. 

Remember: Make your QR code as noticeable as possible without compromising the scan-ability of your QR code. Do not invert your QR code colors.

One rule of thumb is making the foreground color darker than the background color. Avoid light colors such as yellow and pastel colors, as it is not suitable for scanning. Darker colors and a white background are an ideal color combination. 

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2. Add a logo, image, or icon

Make your QR code a part of your overall branding.  

A QR code with a logo, image, or icon looks more professional, inviting, and legitimate and steers away from the impression of being a spam-looking QR code.   

It gives your scanners confidence and security when they scan your QR code and leads to a higher conversion rate, lasting impression, and retention among your scanners.

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3. Add a frame and call to action in your QR code. 

One way to bring life into your QR codes is by adding it with frames. Adding frames makes the overall appearance of your QR code stand-out. Frames come with a different, customizable call-to-action (CTA). 

It encourages scanning among your target audience as well-designed frames give your users an idea of your QR code’s content. 

Add a customizable frame and a clear call-to-action give a “nudge” effect to scanners to scan your QR code you if you instruct them what to do and what they will get when they scan your QR code. 

Note:  Only implement the action that you are promoting in the QR code and avoid unnecessary extras that might lead to confusion. Make a unique QR code for every media you are advertising. 

If your QR code contains video information, put a call-to-action that says “scan to watch a video” and nothing else. Make the user experience, concise, and on point. 

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4. Consider the right size 

A QR code gives digital information. Printing your QR code the right size and appropriate to its advertising environment is a must, so you will not miss any potential scans.

A QR code will differ in sizes from product packaging, a digital menu, a magazine, billboards, business cards, etc. The further you place your QR code, the bigger the size should be. 

From close proximity, make sure the QR code is at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension for people to scan it!

Note:  If you want to scale up your QR code to any sizes you like without affecting its quality, download your QR code in SVG format. 

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5. Maintain a clutter-free QR code

tips for qr codes on flyerQR codes have two types: Static QR code and Dynamic QR code. 

The information embedded in a static QR code is stored in the code’s graphics and can only be limited. That’s why it gets pixelated the more data you put in it. 

When this happens, your QR code becomes hard to read. If you have information that you want to store in your QR, dynamic QR code is a better option. 

Dynamic QR code does not directly store the data in the graphics. It contains a short URL that redirects users to online information.

The QR code data is stored in the QR code generator online, where scanners can edit the information and track the data of his QR scans.

You can do this even if you have printed your Dynamic QR codes along with your flyers and brochures. 

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The inclusion of QR codes on flyers and brochures and brochures will exhibit your up-to-date advertising techniques and will help you create a differential edge against the competitors.

Similarly, these codes create a strong linkage between the customers and the company, the regular feedback will help you achieve new heights in the business.

In today's marketing game, QR codes are seen in various marketing materials such as  tickets, banners, lottery tickets, table tents, flyers, etc.

Note! It is very important to add a call for action along with your QR code like scan me or scan now!

Also important to make use of dynamic QR code as they can help you in updating all your information behind your QR code like URL instantly and Dynamic QR codes allow you to track valuable consumer data!

Make your QR code on QRTIGER: 


How to create a flyer with QR codes?

To create a flyer with QR codes, you need to use a QR code generator online. The code generator generates all types of QR code solutions as needed. There are two types of QR codes. Static and Dynamic

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Can I save my QR code flyer template? 

You can also save the template of your QR code flyer in case you might need to use them later or for future references. 

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How shall QR Codes be printed?

As a business owner, you must strategize the advertising techniques according to your market niche. The design of your flyer will define the goals of your company.

For instance, if you are using a glossy or fine paper, it will exuberate luxury as well as determine the financial strength of the company.

However, the wise choice of your flyer will make the scanning for your QR Code easier.

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