Generate a QR Code for Links: Here's How

By:  Claire
Update:  September 22, 2023
Generate a QR Code for Links: Here's How

The rise of modern technology in e-marketing gives light to QR codes as an approach to storing information and website links to an embedded code.

However, how do you generate QR codes for links?

Websites of companies, brands, and influencers can be tedious to type in the search bar.

Moreover, using QR codes can make the job easier for you to know a company’s information in just one scan.

QR codes are a cheap way to advertise one’s company or brand. It easily tracks the audience engagements that scan the codes.

Most importantly, it is conducive to smartphones.

This is fresh news to technology! Not familiar with QR codes? Read more and discover how to use this for your company’s business, brand, and marketing.

QR code for links, and how does it work?

QR code for links allows you to convert your URL or any links online into a QR code.

Consequently, when a smartphone device scans the QR code, information will automatically appear on the phone screen with the URL/Link generated inside the code.

Promoting QR codes can be a cost-effective way to project to audiences.

Companies, brands, and influencers can use QR codes to have people’s engagements anywhere. Somewhat QR code is a good strategy to attract customers.

URL QR code

This is a convenient approach to marketing as the user does not need to type the URL address of the posted webpage.

You just simply scan the QR code that directs you immediately to the website.

How to generate a QR code for a link (URL)

Since QR code for links is upscale to various industries, generating and scanning a code is easy.

Here are the steps to generate a QR code for a link or URL

1. Go to QR TIGER and select the URL QR code. Paste the URL into the URL input box

Choose the URL QR code solution. Use this QR code to link scanners to websites or webpages you want to share.

Basically, copy and paste the URL address into the URL input box. Click “generate QR code” after.

2. Choose whether “Static QR Code or Dynamic QR Code”

Dynamic QR Code is recommended in making a URL QR code, for it is editable and allows you to retarget and track the embedded code.

On the other hand, a static QR code creates a permanent URL.

It does not allow you to alter changes to the information embedded in the code, and it is not trackable.

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3. Customize your QR Code

As a feature of Dynamic QR codes, you can add a logo and choose a different set of patterns, eyes, and colors associated with the code.

A customized QR code creates a distinct branding to your QR code than a simple black and white combination.

Be sure to create a simple customized QR code that is readable.

4. Download the QR code

Make sure to download and test scan the customized QR code you created.

After following these simple steps, you can explore the customized QR code you have made and deploy it to certain prints, flyers, brochures, or anywhere you choose.

Note: If you need to generate multiple QR codes for your links, you can also use the bulk URL QR code solution. 

How to scan a QR code for links

Smartphone devices are designed to adapt to innovations, creating the QR code detection feature in your smartphone’s built-in camera. Here are the easy steps to scan QR codes using your smartphone:

  1. Open your smartphone device and place the rearview camera towards the QR code to scan.
  2. When scanning is done, a notification will pop up. Most of the time, this will redirect to a link.
  3. If you failed to scan, go to the Settings app and enable QR Code scanning.

If there are errors in scanning QR codes with the built-in camera on your smartphone device, you can download the QR TIGER app on the Play Store and App Store to generate and scan QR codes.

Use-cases: How to generate a QR code for different types of links

QR TIGER has a range of Dynamic QR codes you can generate and customize. Here are the easy steps to generate a QR code.

QR code generator for social media links

Social media QR code

QR code solutions for social media links can incorporate all your social media platforms into one code.

With this QR code solution, you can generate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other profile accounts.

Social media profiles will be displayed after being scanned.

This is a convenient way to showcase all your profile accounts. Here are the steps to generate a QR code for social media online.

  1. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  2. Select the "link in bio QR code" solution.
  3. Enter the social media profiles you have.
  4. Click “Generate QR code” and customize it.
  5. Do a scan test.
  6. Download and print.

QR code for Facebook links

Like the social media QR code solution, a Facebook QR code solution uses the URL of your Facebook page or profile to embed in a code.

Facebook QR code

Here are the steps to generate a Facebook QR Code.

  1. Open QR TIGER QR code generator
  2. Click the Facebook QR code solution.
  3. Choose from “static” or “dynamic” QR codes.
  4. Click “Generate QR Code.”
  5. Customize.
  6. Test the QR code before printing.
  7. Download the Facebook QR Code.

QR code for video links

Since we live in a society where video tutorials and other video files are needed in business and other transactions, an easy way to access such is a tech-savvy approach to saving and disseminating files.

To store video links online, use the URL QR code to link scanners to your video.

Making a video link QR code embeds the necessary video link in Dropbox or in a Google file inside one customizable and trackable code. Here are the steps to generate one.

  1. Open the QR TIGER website.
  2. Enter the URL or the video link in the box provided.
  3. Choose from the “Static” or “Dynamic” QR Code. (Recommended to choose Dynamic)
  4. Tap the “Generate QR Code” icon at the bottom.
  5. Personalize and customize the code according to your style. (Remember to keep it simple)
  6. Download the QR Code.

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QR code for YouTube links

Are you a vlogger or a YouTuber? Or is it just an ordinary person who watches YouTube videos and wants to share them with friends and family?

Worry no more! You can make an easy QR code that embeds a YouTube link inside.

With the help of QR Codes, you can maximize the number of subscribers on YouTube using a YouTube QR code. You can also boost the visibility of your channel on this platform.

Moreover, if you are an ordinary person, you can scan easily when you want to explore a YouTuber’s channel.

Here are the steps to generate a YouTube Link QR Code.

  1. Open the QR TIGER website.
  2. Click the YouTube File in the solution category.
  3. Enter the URL of the YouTube video.
  4. Choose from the “Static” or “Dynamic” QR Code.
  5. Generate the Code.
  6. Customize.
  7. Download.

QR code links for online documents

Documents for classrooms and offices are tedious to arrange and file in order.

However, there is an easy way to save online file documents and disseminate them to students and employees using Dropbox and google files.

Here are the steps to generate QR code links for online documents.

  1. Open the QR TIGER website.
  2. Click the “URL” icon on the solution menu.
  3. Copy and paste in the URL solution.
  4. Generate the QR Code.
  5. Customize the URL QR code according to your liking.
  6. Do a scan test.
  7. Download the QR code.
  8. In addition, you can track the data of the QR code.

QR code generator for multiple links (QR redirection to Multiple Data in One QR)

The multi-URL QR code can make more than one URL embedded in the code.

It will redirect to a webpage based on his location, time, number of scans, and language settings. The QR code generator for multiple links can make this happen.

However, you can only generate every feature individually.

Features of QR code for Multiple Links you can access.

Location-based Redirection Feature

Different URLs on different location features of multi-URL QR codes create an option that redirects the audience from one place to another using two or more different URLs.

Furthermore, it forwards to a landing page based on the smartphone’s operating system.

It marketizes different products or services for people available in different cities, states, or countries.

This is cost-effective as it can solve language issues in different regions and is a quick way to international marketing.

Time-based Redirection Feature

Time/Date-Based Redirection is a multi-URL QR code feature that can redirect URLs based on the time of the day.

The links/URLs change as it is the best competency for a company.

It can develop one code that reveals different information depending on when it was scanned.

Amount of Scans Feature

Multi-URL QR Code has a feature in that the QR code changes its URL direction after a certain number of scans.

This is an excellent promotional strategy for different marketing qualities.

Different Languages Setting Feature

Multi-URL QR codes can reach an audience of different languages.

With this feature, you can create various and separate landing pages for multiple types of audiences.

You can market the products, goods, and others using a single QR code.

Here are the steps to generate a QR code for multiple links:

  1. Select the “Multi URL” QR code solution.
  2. Select the solution that you need (location, amount of scans, time, or language)
  3. Choose “Generate QR code” and customize.
  4. Do a scan test with your Multi URL QR code.
  5. Download and deploy your code

These corresponding link QR codes are a fast track to making e-marketing and e-commerce convenient and possible to use.

Generate a bulk QR code for multiple links

A bulk QR code is used mainly in businesses and other institutions where they can generate a QR code that saves files in bulk.

As an entrepreneur, you can generate multiple links in one go without making individual URLs.

Here are the easy steps to generate a bulk QR code.

  1. Select “Bulk QR” on the options provided.
  2. Create a list for your bulk QR code.
  3. Generate the bulk QR code. Customize.
  4. The file will be downloaded in a .zip file or compressed folder.

Bulk QR codes embed different solutions with the help of Microsoft Excel.

These QR solutions are URL, vCard, URL with the number and log-in authentication, number, and text.

Why should you generate your QR code for links in the Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR codes are the advanced type of QR codes that are flexible, editable, and trackable compared to Static QR codes.

These are designed to keep up with the new generation and digital marketing.

Hence, targeting customers while keeping a personality brand to the code and engaging with the young business corporates.

Dynamic QR codes redirect audiences to a landing page or any URL with relevant information.

Along with these features, you can have updateable content, trackable QR code scans, password-protected QR code, and an email scan notification.

Furthermore, Dynamic QR Codes are also for long-term use.

Updateable Content

With the Dynamic QR code, links containing contents embedded in the QR code are editable and updateable by the user.

It will keep the QR code up with the fast pace of technological advancement in e-commerce and digital marketing.

QR Code Scans are Trackable

Tracking your QR code scans can retarget the marketing campaign of your business.

You can monitor your QR code scans without regenerating them.

This is essential to QR code for links so you can track the location, amount of scans, device used, time, and date when the QR code was scanned.

You can track and understand the behavior of the target audience. Subsequently, you can see what time they get the most scans and what QR code campaign is gaining traction in the digital market.

With this feature, you can analyze the efficiency of the QR marketing campaign and improve the marketing strategy of using QR codes.

Accordingly, you can formulate new tactics or strategies with the data you have gathered from this feature.

Password Protect for QR Codes

A password feature is integrated into the QR code generator of QR TIGER.

This will allow the user to share the embedded information with authorized persons in your company or institution to access the code.

Enable email scan notification

Enabling email scan notifications in generating the QR code will help the owner to receive email alerts.

You can set the email notification depending on what frequency you choose.

It might be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

With the frequencies offered, you can be notified of the number of scans accessed by the QR code.

Moreover, you can also automatically receive a report on the campaign code and the date when the QR code was scanned.

URL QR Code, File QR Code, and H5 Editor QR Code are the three QR Code Solutions with a notification feature.

Advantages of Generating QR Codes for Links

In generating QR codes for links, there are some vital advantages as to how QR codes give relevance to a company’s websites and URLs.

The accessibility of QR codes is essential to today’s digital marketing.

Consequently, it is also important that the QR codes are optimizable. It is also scannable thru online and offline marketing displays.

Accessible and Optimizable for Mobile Users

As an advantage of QR Codes for links, it is hassle-free if the QR code generator can be easily accessed as to make codes regarding which solution it must fall in.

The feature is optimizable and indispensable.

You can update and add more content to the information embedded in the code.

Using your smartphone device, QR codes are accessed easily for marketing, advertising, professional, or even personal use.

With over a billion people with a smartphone on their hands globally from different age brackets, QR codes are a perfect tool to pump up and drive your mobile marketing strategy for all ages.

You can generate feedback using a feedback URL QR code, drive traffic to your website, and a lot more.

Scannable in Online and Offline Marketing Display

QR Codes are relevant in today’s digital marketing. As business owners engage in virtual and digital ads, QR codes greatly help.

Since QR codes today are already scannable online and offline, social engagements won’t be a problem for businesses.

This is a one-step towards innovative marketing, for it attracts customers, whether adults or younger, in the online and offline world.

This is a powerful, dual-type of advertising platform that allows marketers to get the most out of their campaigns.

Free QR Code Generator for Links

QR TIGER offers vast QR code solutions you can generate.

You can create a QR code for links; you may choose from multi-URL, Facebook, Instagram, video, and others.

To explore more of the Dynamic QR Code, the best QR code generator offers a trial version for you to enjoy.

These are QR codes that are updateable and trackable when being used.


As institutions move to innovative engagements, QR codes are empoweringly useful.

Since there are a variety of solutions you can choose from, QR Code for links is better fitting for businesses and schools.

Businesses and schools can generate scannable QR codes for their target market, whether customers or students.

QR codes are accessible, simple, and optimizable.

Most importantly, it attracts people to scan the code because its design engages the people as curiosity crawls in their minds.

QR TIGER is a QR code generator that gives better offers in generating a QR code. Visit the site now.


Can one QR code work for two different links?

As a feature of the Multi-URL QR Code, you can generate two or more different links like social media links, e-commerce apps, messaging apps, and other online resources in one QR code.

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Facebook QR code generator

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QR Text Generator

You can generate text QR codes not only individually but also in text QR codes in bulk with QR TIGER.

This means if you have many texts that you want to convert into a QR code, you can upload these texts by batch to avoid the hassle of generating a one-by-one QR code.

You can also put a text below your QR code.

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