Must-have qualities of a reputable QR code generator (2021)

Last updated:   October 18, 2021

Why do multinational companies love to work with a secured, safe, and reputable QR code generator? How can you look for one? Is it worth the search?

With the norm of using QR codes in the post-pandemic setting, large businesses choose a reputable QR code generator.

As the growth for QR code interaction increases at 26% from 2018-2019, searching for a reputable QR code generator continues.  

To start the search, let us first learn the definition of what a QR code generator is all about. 

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What is a QR code generator?

the qr code generator
A QR code generator is either an online/offline software for QR code generation. It also stores information such as website URL, Files, emails, text and etc.

If you are looking for the best QR code generator, the online software is recommendable as it stores and secures data in real-time. The types of QR codes a QR code generator can generate are static and dynamic QR codes.

Static QR codes are sometimes called disposable QR codes. The use of this type of QR code is for relaying permanent and unchanging information such as news links and website URLs.

The information you store in your QR code is found on its graphics. In this case, the quality of the QR code depends on the amount of data stored.

The more data injected, the more the QR code’s quality is compromised. This is the reason why QR code experts dissuade the use of static QR codes for business and marketing campaigns.

To create visually appealing and quality QR codes, dynamic QR codes are highly recommended. With its data adapting features, you can monitor, change, or remove data in your QR code without the need of generating new QR codes.

In this way, you can assure that your marketing campaign with QR codes has a dual purpose, attractive and usable.

Why do large and multinational companies like to use reputable QR code generators?

As various QR code generators are now on the web, large and multinational companies opt to use reputable QR code generators. As a starting entrepreneur, here are 3 reasons why they choose these.

It is professional

For large and multinational companies such as Yakult and Midea, partnering with professional groups boost their companies’ interest and quality of their service.

In this way, they can ensure the deliverance of their products and services with the QR codes powered by reputable QR code generators.

Easy to use

Innovators make technology to unburden people from doing complicated tasks. With the use of QR codes, tasks such as inventory listingmarketing campaigns, and social media promotions become effortless.

This is one of the reasons why multinational companies keep their marketing goal as simple yet catchy to customers and business investors.

Ideal for long-term QR code usage

If you are starting your business and you want to follow experts call on sustainable business management, multinational companies can be your guide.

As large companies love to use software that offers stable and sustainable usage, there is no doubt that they choose the best QR code generators for their QR codes.

In this way, large companies will have secure data storage for their business and boost their partner QR code generator’s popularity.

This is the reason why multinational companies choose to work with a professional and reputable QR code generators. For they are ideal for long-term QR code generation and usage.

Ways on how to determine a reputable QR code generator?

Here are the key factors on how to determine a reputable QR code generator.


When choosing a reputable QR code generator, considering its credibility is a must-have task. In this way, you won’t have to worry about trusting the software.

To look at the software’s credibility, you must know if the site has an SSL certificate and has recommendations from notable multinational companies.

Through this, your business will stay afloat and have a greater chance of boosting your popularity.

Options Given

When citing for the best QR code generator, looking at the options is a big thing. Through this, companies can select what type of QR code encryption they will generate and share with customers.

By looking at the best QR code generator available online like QRTiger, here are some of the options you must take note of too.

Integration of Dynamic QR codes

qr code generator with logo Since QR code generators generate two common types of QR codes, static and dynamic; the integration of the latter is important.

Large and multinational companies favor the use of dynamic QR codes. In this way, they can ensure that their QR code marketing campaign can store different data without the need of generating new ones.

For marketing experts, the usage of dynamic QR codes in marketing helps marketers save enough materials and resources.

As it allows them to cut down manpower services and offer an interactive campaign between the product and the customer. In this way, the customer will learn more about the product’s information and possible usage.

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Conversion Tracking

best qr code generator 2020
As marketing campaigns work with dynamic QR codes only, QR generators’ software opts you to use this type of QR code. It may cost you money at first but the benefits it holds are beyond your expected ROIs.

One of the features dynamic QR codes hold is tracking. Tracking features such as real monitoring of the number of scans made, location of the scans made, and date of the scans are found inside a dynamic QR code.

This is the reason why you should consider its conversion tracking to ensure the flow of your marketing campaigns with QR codes.

In this way, you can gather enough data for future research references as well as to conduct a feasibility study on the particular region/area of interest.

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Multiple Designing Options

reputable qr code generatorOne of the things you should not forget in choosing the best reputable QR code generator is its designing options. As aesthetics is important in attracting more audiences, the need for having great multiple designing options in generating a QR code intensifies.

Reputable QR code generators such as QRTiger, also hold this feature. By personalizing your QR code, the QR code generator can let you:

  • Choose different design patterns
  • Personalize eyes at the corners
  • Add a logo or image of your brand/product
  • Customize colors per your brand

In this way, by generating your customized QR code, the chance to get more scans is high. By following the recommended guidelines in customizing your QR code, you can make a successful marketing campaign with QR code.

This is one of the reasons why large companies love to use a reputable QR code generator.

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Ability to generate QR codes in Bulk

undefinedLarge businesses such as multinational companies do corporate works such as paperwork into bulk generation.

By incorporating the use of spreadsheets and toggling different tabs for specific products, the convenience of bulk generation is visible.

This is the reason why you should generating QR codes in bulk is a must-have feature. Reputable QR code generators also hold the feature in generating QR codes in bulk.

In this way, multinational companies can generate QR codes with different usages in products and services and eases the burden in manually generating a QR code.

By following the correct steps in generating QR codes in bulk, problems that may occur when scanning a product will minimize.

Printing Formats

Having a wide array of printing formats is important for printing software compatibility. The same goes for printing QR codes, as users have different preferences in choosing the type of file format they want to download their QR code with.

Reputable QR code generators offer different printing formats such as JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF, PNG, etc. Through these options, users can choose what kind of format they want their QR code to be.

As much as users enjoy the benefits of having multiple printing formats options, multinational companies see this feature as an opportunity to post their QR codes in print and digital media.

Best tips on how to make the most out of your QR code generation with a reputable QR code generator

To make the most out of your QR code generation with a reputable QR code generator, here are 6 best tips on how to make it.

Keep an eye on the QR code’s visuals

undefinedApproximately 65 percent of the population are visual learners. Because of this, marketers and multinational companies are making visually appealing icons.

To make your QR codes more attractive and visually appealing to people, you should remember the golden rules in customizing a QR code.

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Here are some rules that you need to follow to ensure the QR code’s scannability.

  • Avoid using light colors such as yellow and pastel colors.
  • Avoid generating plain-looking QR codes as it lessens the chance to attract more scans.
  • Create a visual QR code that is readable, sophisticated, and pleasing to the eyes of the camera and the person who scans it.
  • Do not invert the color of your QR code.
  • Remember the rule of thumb; the foreground color is darker than the background color. A black foreground and white background color is a great example of blending colors for easy scanning.

In this way, you can create a visually appealing QR code and have a higher chance of getting it scanned.

Never compromise the QR code’s size

undefinedThis tip is important as the QR code’s scannability is tested with the distance and sizing of it. To ensure the QR code’s scannability, consider the universal formula in sizing your QR code.

The distance of the scanner from the QR code/10.

For print paper such as flyers, brochures, and magazines, the minimum sizing requirement is 3cm x 3cm or 1.81 in x 1.81 in. This way, your QR code will not look awkward on paper and secure the chance of getting scanned.

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Add your logo

best qr code generator 2020Multinational companies gain recognition by having a unique logo. By considering this step, you can also have a greater chance of gaining recognition from customers.

By adding your business logo on your QR code, people can easily recognize what company or business it belongs to.

Also, you can make your QR code look professional and will not be regarded as a spam looking QR code. In this way, your QR code will look enticing and legit to people.

Make an intriguing Call To Action and add a frame!

secure qr code generatorCall to action tags pique people’s attention. In this means, QR codes with witty Call To action tags draw more attention than the typical QR code placement.

By applying this method, you can integrate your marketing campaign into an eye-catching CTA in your QR code. In this way, you can add your brand’s unique personality through the use of Call to action tags.

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Always Make Quality QR codes

To a viewer, an image’s quality is important when absorbing new information. When a QR code has a blurry appeal to the public, people will disregard and may call someone to remove it.

This is the reason why making quality QR codes is important in businesses.

To ensure the quality of your QR code, its generation is crucial. There are two types of QR codes that you can generate.

First is the static QR code. When generating a static QR code, the quality of it depends on how much information you are going to embed.

Since the information is stored in the static QR code’s graphics, embedding a small amount of information is ideal. If you can’t avoid the use of large information, then the second type QR code is recommended.

The second type of QR code is a dynamic QR code. Using dynamic QR codes, you can enable the use of large information by compromising the QR code’s quality and design.

To be design-wise, dynamic QR codes do the job for you by using an alternative storing solution. Instead of using the QR code’s graphic in storing data, dynamic QR codes use an online short domain in storing data.


There are many reputable QR code generators that you can find online. To cope up with the post-pandemic setting, large and multinational companies put their trust in them.

By selecting the reputable and professional QR code generator, large companies can deliver their products and services efficiently and with no problem occurs in the future.

If you are planning to start your post-pandemic business with QR codes, you can go try and select some options here.

If you have more QR code questions, or should you need to generate bulk QR codes or have an API QR code integrated in your in-house system, you can contact us directly.