IKEA QR Code: The Ultimate Time-saving Shopping Experience

Update:  August 12, 2023
IKEA QR Code: The Ultimate Time-saving Shopping Experience

IKEA, the world’s largest home furnishing retailer, has bid goodbye to the heavy queue of counter checkouts with a new inclusion in their app: the IKEA QR code.

Customers can enjoy full authority in their shopping experience with the benefit of expenditure transparency by simply scanning the QR codes on each product inside the store.

With this creative and smart initiative, IKEA upgrades the business and the entire customer experience.

Curious how this could be possible? Read this article to know.

How does the IKEA QR code-based checkout work?

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With the use of IKEA’s shopping app, shoppers will then have access to the barcode or QR code scanner.

They can walk around the store, scan the IKEA product codes on each item they will purchase, place the product in their shopping bag or cart, finish shopping, head to a designated checkout counter, and immediately pay for their items via QR code as well.

Each time shoppers scan the code, the app automatically records the item and adds it to the list of the shopper’s purchases.

Once they tap the Finish shopping button, the application will generate a QR code to be scanned on the check-out counter as an instant mode of payment.

Receipts will be automatically saved in the app once customers are done paying, too.

This digital way of shopping within the store saves customers time by skipping the queue and the long process of packaging their purchases.

Benefits from the digitalization of IKEA with QR code

IKEA’s take on digitalization focuses on growing the company and, at the same time, bringing comfort to the clients.

Here are the major benefits acquired by the world-renowned furniture company when it shifted to a QR code checkout method:

Provide a newer shopping experience with the IKEA app

The company’s initiative to create a phygital (physical and digital) undertaking is the pushing force for a fresher shopping experience for the customers.

A QR code-based checkout is highly beneficial to customers buying large furniture since it normally takes time and effort to scan.

Foster customer-centered service with an in-app IKEA QR code scanner

IKEA’s upgraded customer service conforms to the dynamic needs of its customers.

A more engaging and interactive digital and in-store shopping experience makes connecting to customers and purchasing furniture more laid back.

Increase in the company’s revenue

Since the launching of the IKEA QR code scan-to-shop operation and other digitalization, the company has seen magnanimous analytics.

QR codes have accelerated its revenue growth to 31% from the last three year’s 7% record.

Substantial customer insights

The client-centric and sustainable QR code usage strategy caused richer customer insights into IKEA, making it a household staple brand around the globe.

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How the IKEA app and product QR codes revamped the retail industry

According to Barbara Martin Coppola, former Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of IKEA, having access to the statistics from digital marketing allowed them to connect to their global market and provide better service easily.

The initiative to go digital with QR codes completely omits the struggles of IKEA’s patrons in lining up at the counter and induces a better and fresher shopping experience.

Rather than pushing heavy carts filled with furniture, a smarter mode of shopping and payment is provided by QR codes.

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Using digital tools, like QR codes, as means of finding client-centric business strategies is how IKEA upgraded its service.

Numerous world-renowned companies started to integrate digital codes in various campaigns that have skyrocketed to the top tier of the business ladder.

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