Jpeg QR code generator: Convert image file to QR

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

Jpeg QR code generator is used to create a Jpeg file or any type of image file into a to QR code and present that particular file to smartphone screen when scanned using the mobile device.  

Using QR code software, you can convert a Jpeg file, a PNG file, PDF, word, excel, video, or any types of file you may want to convert.

With many QR code solutions available in a QR code software for its specific solution, you can convert your Jpeg file into a QR code using the file QR code solution.

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How to convert image to QR code using a Jpeg QR code generator?

Here are the following steps you should do to convert your Jpeg file into a QR code

  • Go to 
  • Choose the file QR code category for a single image and H5 QR code to embed multiple images in a QR
  • Upload your Jpeg file/images
  • Click Generate QR code, which will then be generated in a dynamic type of QR
  • Customize your Jpeg QR code file
  • Do a scan test before downloading it
  • Download and deploy  

H5 QR code solution: Embedding and displaying multiple images in one QR

To embed and display multiple images using a single QR code, click on the H5 QR code category and click on slider images to upload your image files and generate a QR code. 

File QR code as a Dynamic type of QR (for a single image) 


There are two types of QR codes: static and dynamic QR. 

Static QR code encodes a piece of permanent information that cannot be altered or edited once generated. The data is stored directly into the QR code's graphic.   

Furthermore, it only stores a limited type of data, which is not ideal if you have more information to embed in your QR. 

On the other hand, the Jpeg QR code is under the category of file QR code, which is dynamic in nature and stores the data online using the QR code software.  

H5 QR code solution is also dynamic in nature. 

Editing/Removing/Adding or Replacing your image content to another file 

Dynamic QR code enables you to change your QR code's file with another file.

For instance, if you have generated a jpeg QR code or H5 QR code solution and have embedded multiple images in your QR, you can update/remove/replace your image/s anytime you want, even if your QR codes have already been printed in your marketing material or has distributed online. 

Using a dynamic QR code, the users can also track the QR code scans of their campaign using the data tracking system integrated into the dynamic QR.

Dynamic QR code tracking system and report undefined

You can track your number of scans using the QR code tracking system and report the dynamic QR code solution provides. Using this, you can unravel essential statistics to measure the effectiveness of your QR code campaign. 

This will reveal important reports and data such as: 

  • The time when you get the most scans of your QR which you can filter this by day, week, month, or year
  • The location of your scanners
  • Which devices do they use? Are they android users or iPhone users?
  • And the map view for a wider perspective of your scanners geographical location.

Measuring your QR code campaign is important to gauge your QR implementation's overall success and which are should you improve more.

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QR code generator with an embedded image 

Here's a complete step by step guide on how to use a Jpeg QR code generator to convert your image to QR. 

Go to www.qrcode-tiger.comundefined

Using QRtiger software, you can convert your Jpeg into a QR code and even customize your Jpeg QR according to your aim, purpose, or branding.

QRTiger is a customizable QR code generator online where users can enjoy customizing their QR however they want it to be.

Choose the file QR code solution.undefined

Jpeg QR code is under the file QR code solution. Simply select this QR solution intended to convert your file to QR then upload your Jpeg file.

For embedding multiple images in one QR, use the H5 QR code solution and click on the slider images and upload your image files. 

Click the "generate QR code" button.

After uploading your Jpeg file, click the green button that says "generate QR code" to start generating your QR.

Customize your Jpeg QR codeundefined

You can personalize your Jpeg QR code and add colors to your QR, select the pattern of your choice, and the eyes.

You can also add a logo, image, or icon.  

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Test your Jpeg QR before downloading or even before it's going to be printed

You must do a scan test first, even before printing your dynamic QR code. Make sure it leads your scanners to the correct information you want to show them.

Download and deploy

After checking your landing page's data, you are now ready to print or distribute your Jpeg QR code. Your QR code is both scan-able in print and online display, so you can do both marketing types. 

Edit or Track your QR code scansundefined

To edit and track your QR code scans, simply click on the track data button, which will then lead you to your QR code solution. 

You can edit this anytime you want to replace it with another data as you move along your QR campaign, or you can also choose to track the number of your scans by clicking on the "track data" button.

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How you can use your Jpeg QR code 

Show an infographic/ Instructional. undefined

Using a Jpeg QR code, you can generate a graphic info material that shows an instruction or guide to your scanners. You can even use this for your product packaging and make it interactive for your customers

Books undefined

Authors and publishing houses can use Jpeg QR code to alleviate their readers' experience and enjoy it to a whole new level by using digital integration powered by QR codes.

Not only can they paint thousands of imaginations to their readers' minds by reading the book, but they can also show characters, information, and data to make the experience even more realistic and absorbent.

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Marketing flyers, catalogs, and magazinesundefined

The print marketing industry is catching up to the fast-paced innovation of this world through technology.

Many print marketing agencies have also learned to adapt and embrace technologies that will help them advance in the marketplace instead of using the old traditional ways.

Many magazines such as The Cosmopolitan and Time Magazine can be seen integrating QR codes that lead their readers to more information online about the product or service presented in the print. This makes it interactive for their target audience more than ever.

Restaurant menus undefined

Out with the cardboard menu and in with the digital menus!

A digital menu powered by QR codes is one of the digital advances that happened among the global restaurant industry when the COVID-19 pandemic struck us.

Many restaurants opted to use a digital menu to avoid physical contact, and multiple exchanges hand exchanges of cardboard menu that could potentially carry a virus. 

With that being said, a sudden shift from a physical menu has turned into digital using QR codes!

To do this, you can upload a Jpeg image of your menu then generate them into a QR. Other options are generating a PDF QR code or making your own landing page using a QR code web page editor optimized for mobile devices.

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Tips when generating your QR code 

Add a call to action or a CTAundefined

Adding a call to action in your Jpeg QR code is essential to let your scanners know what they will get when they scan your QR. 

Are they going to be lead in a video landing page? A PDF document or an Mp3 file? Putting a CTA like "Scan me" "Scan to watch a video" is important to communicate your QR message. 

Make your QR code easily readable undefined

  • To make your QR code easily readable, here are the things you should avoid
  • Making the background color darker than your foreground color
  • Create enough contrast
  • Avoid blurry QR codes
  • Always print the right size

To know more about the guidelines in generating your QR code and what to avoid, you can also read 10 Reasons Why Your QR Code is Not Working! (Avoid these)

Convert your image using a Jpeg QR code generator today! 

File sharing and downloading has been made easy with the use of QR code technology! 

Have your multiple campaigns in one QR code using the file solution of QRTiger QR code software!

You can also avail of the free trial version of the dynamic QR code so you can explore more and try at least three dynamic QR code solutions.

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