A Must-Check: Oktoberfest Restaurant Ideas for 2024

Update:  December 20, 2023
A Must-Check: Oktoberfest Restaurant Ideas for 2024

More than six million people annually visit Munich in Germany, to celebrate Oktoberfest.  

Most of them hail from the USA, Italy, Australia, and other parts of Germany. And each year, Oktoberfest guests consume about 2 million gallons of beer.

Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest and most well-known festivals, with celebrations held in other parts of the world, such as Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Austria.

It’s a great opportunity to increase and maximize. You can offer lots of beers, foods, and events and accommodate more guests with the right tools.

Here are all the facts and how you can celebrate Oktoberfest in your bar and restaurant.

What is Oktoberfest?

oktoberfestPhoto: Britannica

Oktoberfest is the largest German “Volkfest” festival, featuring different beers and a travelling fun fair. It is an annual 16 to 18-day festival celebrated in Munich, Germany, which runs from mid or late September up until the first Sunday of October. 

Festival goers enjoy traditional Bavarian music, open-air performances, grand entry and float parades, food stalls, beer halls, amusement and carnival rides, games, and competitions.

The Oktoberfest was last cancelled in 1949. It was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and yet again in 2021 for the same reason. This marked Oktoberfest’s 26th cancellation in over 200 years. 

What do you celebrate at Oktoberfest?

oktoberfest bar table tent qr code menuPrince Ludwig (King Ludwig/Louis I), the crown prince of Bavaria, married Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghauseen on October 12, 1810. Their wedding marked the beginning of Oktoberfest.

Locals often called the huge festival the ‘fifth season’ where people go to eat lunch or celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.

While it may have begun as a wedding celebration, Oktoberfest is now more broadly recognized as a holiday honoring German culture, notably through its food and drink. 

Did you know that only the beers from the 6 local breweries in Munich are served in Oktoberfest? The 6 breweries are: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten.

When is Oktoberfest in Germany?

Oktoberfest is officially returning this year. The 187th Oktoberfest will begin on September 17 to October 3 on the usual Theresienwiese in Munich, Germany. 

Following tradition, the mayor of Munich—Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter—will tap the Wiesn and yell the traditional phrase “O’zapft is!” or “It’s tapped,” marking the start of Oktoberfest.

The Wiesnwirte parade, traditional costumes and marksmen procession, open-ground concert, and fireworks are also back.

Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in Munich 2024?

Since its inception in 1810, the festival has been celebrated yearly at “Theresienwiese,” or Therese’s green/meadow in Munich, which is why locals call Oktoberfest “Weisn.”

Theresienwiese, a 100-acre primarily empty space, is located in the center of Munich’s Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt district, not too far from the Old Town.

Why is the Oktoberfest in September?

Though Oktoberfest originally started in October more than 200 years ago, the festival has moved ahead to September to make use of more favorable weather conditions.

Mid and late October weather in Munich has about 9-10 fewer sunny days, with only 2-3 partly sunny and 18-20 mostly cloudy days. 

Hence, the organizers moved Oktoberfest backward to September to make use of the warmer weather to better carry out events as the festival grew in popularity.

What to wear to Oktoberfest?

Like any festival, Oktoberfest is also a celebration of culture and tradition. You can show up to the event wearing Dirndl and Lederhosen, traditional Bavarian working clothing and a popular Oktoberfest outfit.

However, be respectful and avoid wearing an exaggerated or Halloween-inspired version. Be sure to wear the authentic dirndl and lederhosen. But if you can’t, wearing your usual clothes is not a problem.

Join the Oktoberfest excitement by using MENU TIGER in your bar and restaurant

Carry out the fun and festivity of Oktoberfest in your bar and restaurant. It’s the perfect time to introduce restaurant and bar promotions, add new food items, and create exciting events.

Since your restaurant needs to accommodate more customers than usual, it is best to use a QR code menu to make the celebration hassle-free and accessible. 

MENU TIGER, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software, allows restaurants to create and customize a QR code menu and a no-code restaurant website with an interactive menu for ordering and payment.

How MENU TIGER helps restaurants and bars carry out Oktoberfest restaurant ideas with ease

Simple mobile accessible menu

When you provide your customers with a readily available menu, you give them a pleasant dining experience, which helps them perceive your restaurant positively.

Also, a simple and accessible QR code menu on top of your customers’ tables encourages them to place more orders. They associate their ordering process with ease and comfort.

Faster and more accurate orders

Speed and accuracy rarely go together in crowded and busy conditions. Hence, provide your customers with a better alternative: independent ordering.

Customers can access the menu in less than two seconds using their phones, letting them place and pay for their orders without leaving their seats. 

Independent digital menu ordering lessens waiting time, ensures accurate orders, and provides comfort and satisfaction for customers. After placing their orders, all they need to do is wait.

Smaller menu, larger table space

Bringing physical menus back and forth each time the customer orders is a hassle, while leaving them on the table takes up space.

However, using a smaller alternative like the QR code menu allows you to leave the menu for the customers to access anytime without taking up too much space. Customers will also not need to share or pass the menu around.

Easier customer ordering and payment 

Most restaurants offer different QR codes for the view-only menu and digital payments.

MENU TIGER provides restaurants with a single menu QR code redirecting to the restaurant website. From there, customers can access an interactive restaurant menu to place an order, pay, and tip.

More customers, lesser workforce

You would never have thought that running a restaurant on busy days with a smaller workforce was possible. 

Instead of hiring more front-of-house employees, deploy a QR menu with an interactive digital menu. Customers can order through their phones, so you can assign some of your FOH staff to help out in the kitchen or deliver orders.

Celebrate Oktoberfest by maximizing MENU TIGER features

The best tool for your restaurant is the one you know how to use. Here are a few ways to maximize the features of MENU TIGER for Oktoberfest:

How to create an Oktoberfest special menu 

Go to “Menu” and select “Foods”menu tiger menu foods sectionClick “Add” beside the "Categories"menu tiger add categoryThen, fill out the menu category informationmenu tiger category informationThen, “Add” your Oktoberfest food itemsmenu tiger add food itemFill out the menu item informationmenu tiger food item information

Finalize and click “Add.”menu tiger add

How to create Oktoberfest discounts and promotions

Go to “Websitesmenu tiger website sectionSelect “Promotionsmenu tiger promotionsClick “Add” menu tiger add promotionThen, input promotion information, schedule running time, set the discounts, and choose applicable foodmenu tiger promotion informationLastly, “Savemenu tiger save

How to add users and admins

Select the “Stores” section. Click on the store where you want to add the users and adminsmenu tiger storesClick “Users” menu tiger usersThen, click “Add”menu tiger add userAdd your staff’s name, email, password, and select access level (user or admin)menu tiger user admin informationFinally, click “Add”menu tiger add user

How to enable digital payments

Open the “Add-ons” panelmenu tiger add ons panelThen, set up a Stripe account and/or PayPal payment integration

menu tiger stripe paypal

Read More: Stripe payment integration: A how-to guide in MENU TIGER for more convenient payment transactions

How to customize an Oktoberfest-themed restaurant website

You can customize an Oktoberfest-themed website to make it more attractive and festive. Update and change up some features on your website to display an Oktoberfest vibe in your online presence.

Add an Oktoberfest promotion website banner

Go to “Website” and click “General Settings”menu tiger general settingsChange your restaurant website's cover image menu tiger website bannerThen, click “Update”

menu tiger update website

Feature your Oktoberfest special menu items

Go to “Website” and click “Featured Food Section.”menu tiger website featured food sectionChange the heading and description

menu tiger featured food title description

Then, click “Update”menu tiger update featured food section

To add featured items,

Go to your “Menu” and select “Foods”menu tiger menu foodsOn your “Food Categories,” edit the food item you want to featuremenu tiger food categoriesThen, tick the “Featured” boxmenu tiger featured checkbox

To save, click “Update”menu tiger update food item

What can I serve at the Oktoberfest restaurant buffet?

Stay up late with your friends and colleagues during the celebration of Oktoberfest! This Oktoberfest Buffet Party guide details what foods and beverages you should display on your table.

Oktoberfest restaurant buffet food ideas

Good foods are a must-have on your buffet table, especially during parties. Keep your Oktoberfest theme authentic with decorations, a  playlist to set the vibe, and widespread German food on your table. 

Here are some foods you can serve during Oktoberfest.

Wiesn Hendl

wiesn hendlEating Wiesn Hendl or Roasted Chicken in Oktoberfest, is an important tradition that festivalgoers shouldn’t miss. It’s an uncomplicated dish with simple ingredients. 

Before roasting, season your chicken with salt or other herbs and spices of your choice, such as pepper, paprika, or rosemary. 


pretzelsWhat is a German festival without pretzels? This soft, knot-shaped treat is an all-time favorite loved by people of different ages. So go ahead and add pretzels to your Oktoberfest buffet menu. 

You can serve them as is or incorporate sweet and salty dips like Obatzda spread, cheese, honey mustard, hot crab dip, or chocolate dip.


kasespatzleServe up a German version of the macaroni and cheese platter with noodles-cheese and browned onions on your dinner buffet during Oktoberfest. 

Give your patrons and customers the chance to experience the rich flavors of different Kasespatzle traditional recipes from Swabia, Baden, and Allgau, especially during an important festival.


Offer some scrambled sweet pancakes on your dinner table during the celebration of Oktoberfest. You can intensify the flavors of this simple pastry with rum-soaked raisins, caramelized glaze, applesauce, fruit preserves, and powdered sugar.

Adults will most likely enjoy this light meal, but kids will also love it!

Roasted Almonds

roasted almondsAllow your guests to munch on some roasted almonds during your Oktoberfest buffet. This nut staple has been a crowd favorite ever since the holiday started. 

Roasted almonds are the best pair to a pint of beer when you just want a light snack that would excellently match your drink.


sausageWithout Germany’s most valuable treasure, what would Oktoberfest be? Over 1,200 different kinds of sausages are produced in this nation. An appropriate proportion of meat and fat is used in making these sausages. They’re easy to cook;you can simply grill or steam them.

Serve up the best German sausages like Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Blutwurst, Frankfurter Wurstchen, and Leberwurst. Pair these sausages with your favorite red wine or beer during dinner.

Oktoberfest 2024 Worldwide 

Frankfurt, Germany

Septemeber 7 to October 3

Cincinnati, Ohio

September 16 to 18

Munich, Germany 

September 17 to October 3

La crosse, Wisconsin

September 29 to October 1

Blumenau, Brazil

October 6 to October 24

Brisbane, Australia

October 7-9 & October 14-16

Make the grandest and biggest Oktoberfest bar and restaurant ideas with MENU TIGER 

Oktoberfest has truly withstood the test of time as it continues to be one of the most highly anticipated festivals in the world.

The global pandemic may have put the celebration on hold for two years, but it certainly will push through in 2024.

This year, celebrate the comeback of the well-loved Oktoberfest in your restaurants and bars. 

Attract and accommodate more customers without the hassle expected on a busy day with MENU TIGER.

It provides a simple and accessible menu and allows customers to order and pay using their phones for faster and more accurate orders.

Sign up for a MENU TIGER free trial today and celebrate Oktoberfest with an interactive digital restaurant menu.

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