How to Create a No-Code Restaurant Website with a Built-In Ordering Page

Update:  May 29, 2023
How to Create a No-Code Restaurant Website with a Built-In Ordering Page

Setting up a no-code restaurant website is made easy with MENU TIGER. The features of MENU TIGER allow restaurateurs to build an online presence through a custom-built website on the software.

Building an online presence is important for a restaurant business since engaging customers online can greatly boost sales and revenue.

Statistics say that 77% of customers visit a restaurant’s website first before actually going there. Because of this it is highly recommended for restaurants to create an appealing website to attract more customers.

The restaurant’s website will be the medium for customers to see what you offer and what they need to expect.

Did you know that you can create a no-code restaurant website with a built-in online ordering page? Here’s how the features of MENU TIGER digital menu software can help you do just that.

The step-by-step guide to creating a restaurant website using MENU TIGER

no-code restaurant website menu tiger

Survey says that 70% of customers say that the custom restaurant website helps them decide whether to dine in at an establishment or not. 

Thus, it is important for a restaurant business to create a website that is engaging and easy to navigate by customers.

Here are the steps in setting up a restaurant website using MENU TIGER.

1. Open MENU TIGER account

menu tiger log inLog in to your existing MENU TIGER account.

2. Go to the Website section on your admin panel

website panel menu tigerOn the Website section, go to the General settings. Add a cover image, restaurant name, address, email address, and number.

Choose the restaurant language/s that your customer can choose when they view and order using your custom restaurant website or QR code menu. You can also set the currency your business accepts.

3. Enable Hero Section

website hero section menu tigerEnable the Hero Section and input your website heading and tagline. Choose to localize your restaurant in different languages.

4. Enable About Section

website about us menu tiger
In enabling the About section of your restaurant website, add an image and your restaurant history. You can also localize your About Section in different languages.

5. Click the Most Popular Foods

website most popular foods menu tigerEnable the Most Popular Foods and display your best-sellers, signature dishes, and special menu items of your restaurant.

Once the Most Popular Foods section is enabled, you can choose an item and put it as “Featured.” The Featured menu item will be presented on the homepage.

6. Enable Why Choose Us

website why choose us menu tigerInform your customers about the dining benefits in your restaurant.

7. Customize the fonts and colors

website customize font and colors menu tigerNavigate through the Fonts and Colors section to change the website fonts and colors of your restaurant website

8. Click the Promotions section

website promotions section menu tigerClick the Promotions section to set up the promotions you offer in your restaurant. The promotions you created will be reflected on the restaurant website page.

9. Now you’re good to go!

Now that you have created your restaurant website, you can share it on your social media channels or include it in your print ads. 

Have fun engaging with customers online and see how it helps boost revenue for your restaurant business.

Restaurant website design tips for your business

Creating a restaurant website with interactive restaurant menu QR code software is simple. A crucial feature of the menu QR code software is building a restaurant’s brand through a website.

You might include restaurant information on your custom restaurant website to provide customers with some background information.

Here are some additional strategies for improving your website.

Showcase your restaurant’s brand

ipad show restaurant website menu tigerLet your customers see the consistency of your restaurant branding through your personalized, no-code website. You create a custom restaurant website with the same concept as your brick-and-mortar establishment.

When a customer visits your restaurant website, they are entering your virtual space, and the presentation of your website will influence how they perceive the quality of your cuisine, location, and service.

Make sure your website is appealing. This is critical to bringing in more customers. Make an effort to set up nice photos of your food, and engage customers with your messages on the website. This will truly give you a competitive advantage.

You can give a little gist about your restaurant in the About Us section. Moreover, you can also let your customers know about your restaurant’s seasonal promotions.

You can do a lot of things to establish consistent restaurant branding through your website. 

Explore the features of an interactive restaurant menu QR code software and enjoy how it helps restaurant businesses elevate their identity.

Present high-quality images

high-quality food images menu tiger

It is undeniable that high-quality images of food and the architecture of your brick-and-mortar restaurant will pique the interests of your customers.

To truly compel them to have a look at your website, always go for high-quality photos. It can reveal a lot about your environment, food, employees, price point, and style. Put a large photo upfront, ideally as the intro’s background image.

You can present images in high-quality resolution to entice customers to really visit your restaurant.

Furthermore, once customers get interested in you, they will most likely visit your physical location and dine in.

Professionally captured high-quality food photos are highly recommended to set the mood right and in line with your brand. 

Write about your restaurant in the About Us section

Write something about yourself in the About Us section of the restaurant’s website as a strategy.

You may, for example, write a history of how your restaurant came to be. You may also use humor to pique your guests’ interest in your restaurant content.

In the About Us area, you can write about your restaurant in your own way. The About Us section is one of the best areas to promote, entice, and engage clients through storytelling.

Connect with your consumers and tug at their heartstrings by giving them a good introduction about your business.

Highlight vouchers and promos in the Promotions section

highlight vouchers menu tiger

A custom restaurant website can also present promotions to feature the best-selling and special menu items of its establishment.

For instance, you can create ice cream promotion ideas and put it in your restaurant website. In your ice cream promotion ideas, you can craft an enticing and striking promotional title that can attract your customers fondness of ordering in your restaurant.

Hence, ice cream promotion ideas is just one of the marketing schemes you can put on your online ordering page. But you can also put bar promotion ideas, July promotion ideas, or other types of gimmicks.

Intrigue customers with your consistent branding and delicious menu items. Offer them seasonal deals during scheduled business hours.

Furthermore, customers will be more likely to dine at your place if you let them know about your discounts and vouchers!

How to boost traffic to your restaurant website

There are different strategies for boosting traffic to your restaurant website. You can provide gimmicks that can let customers know about your business. 

Here are some ideas on how to boost traffic to your custom restaurant website.

Promote your restaurant’s interactive digital menu

smartphone show restaurant online ordering page menu tiger

A restaurant website can show customers your restaurant’s digital menu. You can also inform your guests about the menu QR code you create for each table in your restaurant to facilitate dine-in ordering.

MENU TIGER also allows customers to order on the website. This is an advantage for a restaurant business to develop a restaurant website since the website can offer the digital menu of your restaurant.

Customers can also place an order and pay through the website.

The digital menu of your restaurant can display a variety of items. You can create a menu and let customers decide what they want.

You may show your digital menu with visually appealing photographs and menu descriptions as an added benefit.

Link your restaurant website to a promotional QR code

In today’s digital marketing, QR codes are useful. QR codes are extremely useful for business owners who use virtual and digital advertising.

QRTIGER lets you embed a restaurant website into a QR code. The QR code can then be used as a promotional tactic in every spot you can post it. 

Embedding a link into a QR code is easy. Just open QRTIGER and choose the URL solution on the choices.

The URL solution lets you convert the link of your restaurant website into a QR code.

Social engagements will not be a problem for businesses because QR codes are already scannable online and offline. This is a step toward innovative marketing because it draws customers into both the offline and virtual worlds.

This is a reliable form of dual-type advertising. It’s proven effective to help marketers maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Expand customer reach through Facebook

A Facebook page is another effective social networking tool for raising restaurant brand awareness.

Creating a Facebook business page can help you communicate with customers while also offering basic information about your firm and the culinary abilities you have to offer.

Since the Facebook page needs you to write something about your business, you can share the restaurant website you created using interactive restaurant menu QR code software as a linked web to redirect potential clients to open and explore your website.

By making such gestures, you can reach a wider demographic and raise your restaurant’s image as something to look forward to in the restaurant sector.

Learn more about setting up a restaurant website with MENU TIGER today

Now that you know what features to include on your restaurant website, you can now easily engage with your customers online.

Reach more potential customers and invite them to dine at your restaurant.

To know more about setting up a restaurant website and other features of MENU TIGER, contact us today!

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