6 QR Code Mistakes You Should Avoid

It's normal to make a lot of QR code mistakes when starting out on your QR code marketing campaign. QR codes are 2D barcodes designed and developed to be scanned using smartphone devices. They look simple to create, but then, you can also absolutely screw up in making one if you’re not mindful enough.  

If you want to have your QR Code quickly scanned, it is crucial to avoid these common mistakes in creating your QR Code. 

In this article, I am going to you teach you how to make your QR Code Generator with logo successful and effective by avoiding these mistakes. 

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QR code mistake #1: Inverting QR codes color is a no-no

One rule of thumb in creating your QR code is that always make sure that the pattern color is always darker than the background color. The example, as shown below, is a NO WAY to create a QR Code. QR Code readers are set to scan QR Codes with a darker contrast to the background.  

QR Code scanners will have a difficult time scanning this and can even take you century or worse, not at all! 

Below is a visualization of a wrong designed QR Code and the correct ones. 

QR code mistake #2: Create enough contrast to your QR Code Colors

It is crucial to choose colors that will create a contrast to the background and the foreground color. In this way, QR Code scanners will detect the code easily and quickly in a snap.  

Make your QR Codes color have contrast as much as possible and do away from the blending of the same light colors together. The similarity of the colors will make it difficult to decode QR Codes when you scan it. 

You can add creativity to your QR Code. It doesn’t always have to be the standard black and white to be scanned. 

QR Code Generator allows you to have your personalized design where you can embed various and multiple colors without affecting its scannability.  

The only important thing to remember is that the code color should generally be dark and placed against a light-colored background. 

Furthermore, you can also try to make your customized QR Code for free with this free QR Code Generator

QR code mistake #3: Do away from creating blurry QR Codes

This is one of the QR code mistakes you should avoid. Always make sure that your QR Code has a high-resolution whether in a big or small size format and that it is sharp in both screen and printed format. QR Code scanner apps will have difficulty detecting a QR Code if it is blurry. 

A blurry QR code can make it hard for QR code reader apps to detect the borders of the code.  This is one of the QR code mistakes you should avoid

QR code mistake #4: Regulate the amount of content of your QR Code

Have you ever noticed that some QR Codes are more pixelated compare to the others? 

It is because the ones with more pixels carry more content. And the more pixels it has, the harder it is to scan as it will shrink the size of the code in the corner where the scanners identify the actual code.  

If you have a lot of content to put, it is advisable to use the Dynamic QR C0de Generator to avoid overcrowding your codes. Consider uploading your content to a particular page or website and link your code to it. It is much more effective and efficient. 

The codes need to be readable, and size is vital for more points of view. 

QR code mistake #5: The right size of a QR Code is a must

One thing to remember about the QR Code is that it needs to be readable to have a high level of scanning capacity and efficiency. It is recommended when displaying or printing your QR Code to give your code size of at least 2x2 cm. 

The size of the QR Code depends on how much content you put into the code. The more content the larger the size, but if you are doubtful, it is advisable to always go for a bigger size just to be safe.  Also, the size of a QR Code is relevant, so your scanners will be able to see the code directly.

Present your QR Code at a high visual capacity level and make them notice it. Otherwise, they will not even know it exists.  QR Code printed sizes can vary from flyers, billboards, magazines, or posters as people will scan from different distances. So make your QR Code scannable according to the advertising environment. 

QR Code Mistake #6: Right Placement of the QR Code

One of the QR code mistakes a user makes is creating the QR Code, but placing it in the wrong places could make your QR Code go unnoticed.  

Make sure your QR Code is not overlooked! 

QR Code has no use if people don’t scan it. So place your QR Code strategically in the right location, place, or area that will make the people notice it right away!  

It will garner a high conversion rate! 

You have your QR Code to make the people scan it! So it is crucial that your QR Code, firstly, will steal the attention of the scanners and will make their eye go straight to the code!Remember: It's all about the speed of scanning and the location of the QR Code!  

It is essential to remember that your QR Code is at eye-level! If the code is too low or too high, no one will know it exists, and even if they do, they won’t bother scanning it. 

No more QR code mistakes! 

QR Code serves as a doorway to the digital world that links you to unlimited information online. Yes, it doesn’t look like much and looks simple to create, but if you are not careful and mindful enough of these mistakes, it could surely turn your QR Code into a disaster.  

Furthermore, choosing the Best QR Code Generator is a vital factor in customizing your QR Code that has so many added features, high-grade data tracking, and, most importantly, offers a reasonable price! 

Choosing the wrong ones can make or break your QR Code. Remember that. 

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