Post Office QR Code: Delivering Smart Services

Update:  June 14, 2024
Post Office QR Code: Delivering Smart Services

A post office QR code is a special type of QR code designed to streamline post office operations. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code for real-time delivery information and more!

So, step aside, boring barcodes; the postal renaissance is here, powered by today’s unsung hero: the tiny yet mighty QR code — it’s just what the business needs. Gone are the days of dusty suggestion boxes and paper avalanches. 

You can level up your post office by transforming it into a customer-centric haven with QR TIGER, the best QR code generator for smooth QR code generation. 

Get ready postal pals, because we’re about to reveal some innovative ideas for your post office business needs. 

What is a QR code for the post office?

To put it simply, a QR code is a modern twist on the barcode. When you scan a QR code postcard with your smartphone, it leads you to a world of information, services, and resources. 

The QR code for postcard is designed for post offices and can be displayed on counters or posters, which, when scanned, take customers to your social media platforms, service details, or online surveys, saving everyone some time and transforming the typical postal experience. 

How post offices can use QR codes

Make your post office pop with these nine clever QR code ideas: 

Point customers in the right direction

How can anyone visit your post office if they don’t know where it is?

Guide customers directly to your door with a Google Maps QR code placing them in strategic spots, so anyone passing by can see it. 

We suggest putting your QR codes on postcards, flyers, or posters, making them visible even from afar. You can even partner with local authorities to place your QR codes with Google Maps links on bus stops, train stations, or taxis. 

Track and trace with a tap

Improve your post office tracking services by providing customers with real-time updates. Use a dedicated tracking website or app that gives information about a package’s location, status, and estimated delivery time. 

Once you find the tracking platform that works best for your business, you can link customers to their package’s journey with a URL QR code.

On top of improving customer experience, implementing QR code tracking for packages is both cost-effective and reduces the inevitable barrage of questions.

Share your contact details

QR code business card

Go above and beyond, and show your customers you’re there to help with their postal concerns and questions.

Create a vCard QR code and add all the applicable information, such as your post office’s name, contact numbers, address, a short description, your logo, or even add links to your business’ social media.

Include a call to action (CTA) to your postal QR code saying “Scan for Contact Info” or “Click to Call” to compel customers to scan and find the answers they’re looking for. 

Gamify the long wait 

Waiting in line at the post office can be a snoozefest, but it doesn’t have to be!

Turn these dull moments into a fun and interactive experience for customers by gamifying the wait. Find games you can relate to your business, like multiple-choice trivia with postal fun facts and history or crosswords with postal themes. 

Link your creative games to a QR code displayed on a large poster or a table tent on the counter – anywhere it’s noticeable by antsy customers looking for a good distraction.  

Grow your audience

Forget carrier pigeons, and flap your digital wings all the way to the modern world with a social media QR code for maximum engagement!

Whisk your customers away to your social media pages, and have them giggling at your witty tweets and gushing over employee appreciation posts. 

Suddenly, you’re not just another chore on their weekly checklist but a cool and connected business they’re curious to learn more about and revisit. 

Offer discounts and coupons

Seasonal coupon QR code

Treat your customers to deals sweeter than a same-day delivery with a post office QR code made specially for coupons and promotions. 

You can design a seasonal coupon QR code, placing your surprise discounts on holiday cards or wrapping paper. Or, reward app users with special deals on postal services by scanning an in-store or package notification QR code. 

Collect customer feedback

Leave the dusty suggestion boxes and awkward in-person surveys behind and transform your post office into a feedback haven. 

Create a Google Form QR code that captures your customers’ attention by including fun questions, bright visuals, and even emojis. 

Remember, happy customers are like a walking marketing campaign in and of themselves. Understanding their needs and making them feel valued is a surefire way to keep loyal patrons and invite potential new ones. 

Become an accessibility advocate 

Make information readily available to everyone who frequents your post office by adopting the remarkable power of QR code technology. 

Help break down visual barriers by making an MP3 QR code to direct customers to an audio recording explaining how your postal services work without waiting for assistance. 

For customers with dexterity or cognitive disabilities, a QR code postcard can link them to online forms featuring text-to-speech that they can easily fill out in their own time. 

Deliver digital gift cards 

Some people are notorious for being late gift-givers. There is a near-hopeless community of folks who are well-meaning but are either too busy or too forgetful. 

Then, in swoops, the trusty QR code to their rescue. Your post office can work with a reliable video greeting card platform to anticipate your customer’s inevitable dilemma. 

This makes your post office stand out as a business that goes above and beyond the traditional ways of sending heartfelt gifts to loved ones and anticipating your customers’ needs. 

Speak every language

Bridge communication gaps and become a language chameleon by creating a multi-URL QR code to detect users’ language based on their phone’s settings. 

When scanned, the QR code leads them to a pre-translated webpage to provide customers with general information like services offered and FAQs. This ensures everyone gets the message and eliminates pesky language barriers. 

Real-life post offices harnessing QR codes

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a service called Label Broker that allows you to print shipping labels free of charge and without needing a printer of your own.

How does it work? On the USPS website, you can purchase postage for your shipment and receive a unique Label Broker ID in the form of a QR code or alphanumeric code.

Then, you take your Label Broker ID to a participating post office or self-service kiosk to print USPS labels and attach them to your package. And that’s it! You’re all good to go for drop-off. 

For people who either don’t own a working printer or simply enjoy the convenience, this service is the perfect way to make sure your package is shipped easily and securely. 

Japan Post Holdings 

Post office custom QR code

Being a mammoth in the logistics and financial landscape, Japan Post Holdings is exemplary in what it does. In line with this, they welcome QR codes in a number of ways to enhance their services to the modern customer.

Yucho Pay, for instance, was launched in 2019 as a smartphone-based payment method linked to Japan Post Bank accounts. This successfully eliminates the need for physical cards by scanning QR codes and completing transactions online.  

In 2023, Japan Post also launched limited edition stamps with peelable seals that reveal a QR code. When you scan the code, you can access 39 songs on the popular music streaming service Spotify, including selected 1960s hits. 

A sheet of three QR code stamps designed with pink daisies (associated with gratitude in Japan) was priced at ¥500. This campaign was made in time for graduation season, being a great example of adding value and fostering engagement. 

Australia Post

Australia Post is another postal service that knows how to use QR codes to cater to modern needs, providing customers with a smart-sending toolkit. 

They have an online portal called MyPost Business where you can create and pay for labels, book a pickup, and save money on parcel sending. 

If you’re paying for postage at a post office, you can link your MyPost Business QR code to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app. When scanned, any savings are applied to your account automatically.

On top of that, Australia Post includes QR codes on their AusPost app for contactless access to Parcel Lockers for both pick-up and drop-off. 

For those who don’t know, when a parcel can’t be delivered to a customer’s address or returned to the nearest post office during opening hours, it is safely stored in a Parcel Locker within a kilometer of the customer’s address. 

Imagine that! We can all learn a thing or two from the Aussies’ post office prowess. 

Benefits of a post office QR code

Uses of post office QR

Modern post offices are embracing smart and innovative postal services, with QR codes leading the way. Here, we’ll name a few of the many benefits of incorporating QR codes in a post office: 

Modernizing the postal system

Adopting QR codes enhances your post office’s image, as it demonstrates technological innovation and positions your business as an adaptable service provider.

It also streamlines your postal processes, such as managing and tracking inventory; enhancing security with employee identification; facilitating automated parcel sorting, and making marketing an interactive experience. 

Convenience of a post office QR code

QR codes in post offices offer customers contactless interactions, promoting safety and hygiene and another option for anyone who simply prefers it. 

What’s more, it readily gives people quick access to information, such as service options, real-time tracking, and FAQs, providing transparency and overall enhancing customer satisfaction.

Security and protection

To minimize the risk of data breaches, password protected QR code generated by a trusted QR code generator compliant with data privacy regulations can work wonders for enhancing data security. 

QR codes can carry encrypted information, which minimizes the risk of data breaches, reduces fraud, safeguards sensitive information, and protects transactions. 

Post office tracking of data

Your post office can use QR code tracking features to reveal customer behavior and service preferences, guiding targeted improvements and marketing strategies.

How to create dynamic QR codes with the best QR code generator for free

Post offices benefit from using dynamic QR codes for flexibility, tracking, and multilingual support. QR TIGER, an advanced, user-friendly QR code software, is ideal for amplifying your customers’ postal experience.

Here are just five easy steps to create dynamic QR codes for your post office: 

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and log into your account.

Pro-tip: To test the waters, click Register in the upper right corner to sign up for a freemium account and generate three free dynamic QR codes, each having a 500-scan limit and access to advanced features. 

  1. Select a QR code solution (e.g., Google Form, multi URL, vCard) and enter the necessary information.
  1. Click Dynamic QR, then select Generate QR code.
  1. Customize your dynamic QR code with your preferred colors and patterns, and add your post office brand logo. 
  1. Run a test to ensure your QR code works, then click Download to save. 

The power of a postal QR code

Integrating QR codes in post offices isn’t widespread, but it’s steadily gaining traction. Currently, most postal services still rely on static QR codes or barcodes for basic information like a package’s ID. 

You can gain a competitive advantage, like the USPS and Japan Post, by embracing a dynamic post office QR code for seamless parcel tracking, convenience, security, and data-driven insights. 

Modernize your operations in this evolving digital landscape, and deliver personalized experiences to your customers that leave a lasting impression.

For businesses ready to embrace the new age of postal services, there’s no better sidekick than QR TIGER, one of the best QR code generator software online, offering some remarkably advanced features like robust QR code tracking and bulk generation. 

We hope to see you step into the future of postal services with the emerging power of QR codes! 


What is a post office QR code?

It is any QR code used by post offices in various ways to streamline operations or improve customer satisfaction. 

Post offices can enhance marketing strategies and boost engagement, for instance, by using QR codes to link people to their social media platforms and collect user data for personalized discounts. 

Why does my postage stamp have a QR code?

This is usually for a few common reasons: increased security, improved tracking of mail journeys, social engagement, and promotional offers. 

What is the best QR code generator?

This entirely depends on your specific needs and priorities. Some important factors to consider when choosing your ideal QR code generator include: offered content types, file format compatibility, pricing, bulk generation capability, and customer support.

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